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A Dance Choreography By Team Naach on “Ghungroo”

Happiness only requires toe shoes, a tutu and a willingness to dance your heart out. We bring you the latest dance Choreography By Team Naach on “Ghungroo”.




Dance is the hidden language of the soul and it gives voice to the unspoken emotions of the heart. The recent trend of dance covers gives us the treat of different beautiful choreographies and dance styles.

Team Naach’s latest cover on Ghungroo is a beautiful treat with elaborate and mesmerizing choreography. As huge fans of Hrithik Roshan, both Nicole Concessao and Sonal Devraj perform this dance in admiration of him.

Ghungroo is the super-catchy song from the upcoming Yash Raj Film “War”. Sung by Arijit Singh and Shilpa Rao, composed by Vishal and Shekhar and the lyrics are penned by Kumaar, the music features Hrithik Roshan and Vaani Kapoor.

Presenting to you the beautiful dance cover “Ghungroo” by Team Naach.

Credits: YouTube (Team Naach)


Rhythmic Choreography, A Perfect Blend Of Music And Dance

A set of beautiful Indian Classical chereography that shows dance as an art form to liberate performing on some beautiful song choices.



Dance Covers

Dance is cathartic, it liberates. The act of allowing yourself freely moves to the rhythm of music breaks restraints. Classical Indian Dance unlocks the potential within almost encouraging us to let go of inhibitions and aspire to precision. The following set of choreography is performed beautifully with so much effort, meticulously presented for the audience to see the dancers’ potential. The synchronisation achieved blending so well with the music is what will leave you awestruck. Their movements are flawless as they become so fluid performing and doing right justice to songs as well.

Prachi Joshi

Joshi’s choreography of Shankar Mahadevan’s song Breathless will entirely trap them in the realm of intense kathak and lyrical beauty. Prachi’s presence is dominant as she swiftly glides across the stage. The way she expresses herself through her facial expression and the increase in pace as the music elevates also completely keeps you hooked. The storyline, the evident transitions from mundanity to escapism and back at it shows dance as a cathartic form of art.

Credits: YouTube Prachi Joshi

Simran Sivakumar

Team Anartana does a spectacular piece of performance on Dhanashree Thillana blending music and dance. The synchronisation between all dancers performing this classical piece is immaculate. Adored in black and gold jewellery the blend we see between them as they manage to move along every beat is so appealing to the audience. The choreography paces according to the highs and lows of music with intense dance formation as a group. The coordination achieved almost feels unreal when they start looking like an entity distributed in different bodies. The way they facially express themselves making sure to portray what the music conveys is an art form on its own.

Credits: YouTube Simran Sivakumar

Beatles Entertainment

Drishya Raj gliding swiftly across the white tiles on the song Ore Piya will completely captivate you. Her subtle movement as she adapts easily to the lyrical composition of the song is spectacular. The white backdrop and her being so fluid with her movements looks like a piece meant to be cherished in peace. Her classical dance moulds according to the rhythm of songs. Drishya’s face as she depicts her performance makes it difficult to look beyond anything but her. A rhythmic dance aligning so well with the song shows the mastery of choreography.

Credits: YouTube Beatles Entertainment

Anu Ajikumar

The sheer joy is visible on the faces of the trio when they dance. The consistency they have throughout the dance will definitely keep you hooked. Every individual seems to be in their element performing their moves and making pleasing formations as well. The blending of their gungrus with the beats of songs shows precision. Their performance is so clean and well executed, your eyes almost glance at every dancer even if the union is shown beautifully. On the terrace, a tad windy weather just adds and builds up the performance better. Dheem To Dare is an iconic song and this unit does justice to it at its full capacity. Watch the mesmerizing performance here.

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Fusion Dance Covers by Budding Artists

Presenting an account of some enthralling fusion dance performances by the talented young generation of India, check them out!



indian Dance, Fusion Dance

Dance is said to be a language of the soul. With a plethora of dance forms existing in India, what could be better than a fusion of them! Fusion dance is a type of dance that combines elements from two or more dance styles or traditions. Overall, fusion dance is a versatile and dynamic form of dance that allows for creativity and expression through the blending of different styles and traditions. We proudly bring to you some amazing fusion dance performances that blend classical Indian dance forms into a unique and creative routine. These emerging artists are making it the talk of the town. Don’t miss to check out these performances and swoon to the tunes.

‘Mitwa’ Cover by Bhavya Jain

This dance cover on ‘Mitwa’ by the tremendous trio Shankar, Ehsaan & Loy is a sight to behold. Choreographed and performed by Bhavya Jain and Mansa Gautam, the performance will leave you awestruck. I bet you won’t have seen such a commendable fusion of Bharatanatyam from South India and Kathak from North India. 

Credits – YouTube (Bhavya Jain)

‘Mere Dholna’ Cover by Kathakars Nz

You all must remember ‘Maunjulika’ played by Vidya Balan in Bhool Bhulaiya. Of course you couldn’t miss out on her iconic classical dance performance on ‘Mere Dholna’. But this dance cover by Charu and Shamayita can make you all praises for the fusion of Kathak and Bharatanatyam. This literally made us say ‘Kashmir tu main Kanyakumari, North South ki dekho mit gyi duri hee saari!

Credits – YouTube (Kathakars Nz)

‘Ghar More Pardesiya’ Cover by Mansi Modi

Here is another fusion dance performance blurring the lines between Kathak and Bharatanaytam. Personifying their names Manasi Karni and Mansi Modi succeed in making their heart’s voice heard through their choreography on ‘Ghar More Pardesiya’. Sung by the very talented Shreya Ghoshal, the song falls in place beautifully with the well synchronized moves.

Credits – YouTube (Mansi Modi)

‘Dheem Ta Dare’ Cover by KathakBeats

India is a land of gems, both metaphorically and really. Making it evident here is a power packed energetic fusion dance performance by Apurva Dani and Sanika Prabhu. The coming together of Kathak with Odissi dance forms puts up a perfectly curated and combined show. Not to forget the vibe and zeal of the song ‘Dheem Ta Dare’ that it brings on board with itself.

Credits – YouTube (KathakBeats)
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Indian Classical Dance Performances Poised With Grace

Embrace yourselves to witness a collection of Indian classical dance performances, the sacred, ancient, and magnificent art form of India.



Classical Dances, Kathak, Bharatnatyam, Mohiniyatam, Manipuri

The classical dances of India are the culmination of elegance and grace with an unbounding depth and aura of complexity. The eight recognised classical dances of India are Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Kuchipudi, Odissi, Kathakali, Sattriya, Manipuri and Mohiniyattam. Each of these dances are imbued with discipline, beauty, and storytelling. In the contemporary time period, there has been a fusion of the Indian and the western to bring an even more dynamic performance. Apart from this intermingling of the Indian and the west, classical dancers keep adding more variety to the execution of their dance and bring a refreshing perspective. On this note, we present to you some of these invigorating Indian classical performances.

Anisha Samanta

Anisha Samanta performs an Indian classic dance on the carnatic remix of Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape of You’. The song, as we all know, is not traditional Indian music. A classical Indian raga performance on the same, with so much precision, grace and eloquent body style is a must watch! Anisha Samanta doesn’t lack either the expressions or the poised arm and foot movements. The synchronization of the western and the Indian art form brings forth a creative enigma.

Credits – YouTube Anisha Samanta

Rukmini Vijayakumar – DISCOVERING DEVI, ‘Impressions of the Observer’

Rukmini Vijayakumar reincarnates Devi, the goddess of death and time, Kali, through her hypnotic performance. Self choreographed and performed, Rukmini emboldens the courtyard with a sacredness. The dance performance is brimmed with elegance and grace, along with a heavy feminine rage. Each dance movement, and each twitch of the facial muscles conveys a story. Rukmini Vijayakumar does a magnificent job at delivering a marvelous, exquisite performance, reflecting the true Indian art form and culture which has been on this land since many ages.

Credits – YouTube Raadhakalpa Dance Company

Shreewarrna Rawat

Shreewarrna Rawat delivers a tantalizing Indian classical dance performance between the sanctified walls of the temple. The graceful body movements on the soul-moving bhajan seems to incarnate another pure, flawless and refined realm of dance and spirituality. Shreewarrna Rawat adds the mystical and subtle in her dance presence, making it a must watch performance!

Credits – YouTube Shreewarrna Rawat

Sreeganga – Mookuthi Amman

Sreeganga musters up all the vigour, zest, dexterity in her body, mind and soul and delivers it in this brilliant performance. The dance is coupled with poignant expressions and an intense choreography. Sreeganga embodies divine power and an effervescent spark.

Credits: YouTube (Dance by Sreeganga)

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Refreshing Dance Performances To Get You Grooving

Dance elevates the art of music by infusing it with a visually stunning and emotionally captivating dimension to the performance.



Dance Cover, Alisha Singh

Dancing is a captivating form of art that allows individuals to showcase their unique personalities. Through the fluid movements of the body, dancers bring music to life, giving a glimpse into their soul. Indian fusion, retro and sitting choreography are just a few examples of the creativity and imagination that continues to thrive in the dance world. This art form deserves recognition and applause, as it takes exceptional talent, passion, and hard work to bring a dance performance to life. The dedication and emotion etched on the faces of dancers as they immerse themselves in the rhythm of the music, is a testament to the power of dance and its ability to evoke raw expression and captivate audiences.

Sheilika Bhandari

Sheilika’s dance on the song Tere Bina does absolute justice to the music. The choreography involves movements and a steady flow throughout the performance. The videography is perfect solely focusing on her and the transition in different locations just elevates the appeal for spectators. Bhandari’s expressions are mesmerizing and completely in sync with the lyrics. The accuracy between the words and steps is well put together and presented beautifully. The variety in her expression throughout which stays tuned with the dance steps. This Indian fusion dance is a great collaboration of skills and art to display them.

Credits: YouTube Sheilika Bhandari

Alisha Singh

The perfect retro visuals on the song Ghodey Pe Sawar bring out a Bollywood essence. Alisha is known for her expressions and flawless subtle moves through reality dance shows and she shows her skills again with the short video. The choreography is a simply beautiful watch and can be learnt easily and done at home. The synchronised version with the other dancers and the way they use space and still manage to move the floor is amazing. The rhythm and moves completely collaborate well together. The vintage vibes throughout the performance the accuracy of the lyrics and the way movements link with the song is extremely graceful.

Credits: YouTube Dil Dosti Dance Season 2(Fanclub)

Anindita Patowary

The sitting choreography on Aa Re Sakhi by Dr. Anindita Patowary is breath of fresh air. A refreshing way to watch a new dancing format with only hands and upper body involvement. Her expression is what emphasis the lyrical beauty of the song and elevates the performance. The way Anindita depicts the song and embodies the song producing a graceful dance art is spectacular to see. Artists like Anindita truly solely appear to produce art through movements and direct the way people perceive it.

Credits: YouTube (Anindita Patowary)

Alice Joji

Alice moves like a fluid, she manages to encapsulate the rhythms and visualize through her movement and waves. Alice expresses the song through her Indian fusion, her center as she performs won’t make you look another way. The intricacies in her waves and rotation show the skills she possesses and chooses the platform to show them. Her enjoying the song and dancing to that depicting every single word is a skill to be appreciated.

Credits:YouTube Aliceforsure
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Embrace the Joy of Dancing

The passion to just dance while the world falls apart is truly commendable and the same is reflected in these dancers.



Dance Cover, Dance, Rohit Gijare, Urvashi Pardeshi, nidhi and neha, Renuka Deshpande

The art of dance is a powerful and transformative experience that has the ability to heal and bring a sense of certainty in uncertain times. Dancing has been used as a form of expression, therapy, and even spiritual practice for centuries. It allows individuals to connect with their emotions and bodies in a way that can be both cathartic and empowering. Dancers may have different motivations for why they dance. Some dancers may dance as a form of self-expression, using their bodies to communicate emotions and stories. Others may dance to achieve grace and poise, while some may dance simply for the joy of moving to music. Regardless of the reasons why they dance, all dancers share a deep passion for the art form. Today we bring to you such passionate dancers that you need to keep an eye out for.

Unholy X Apsara – Rohit Gijare

Choreographed by Rohit Gijare, this fusion is brought to life by Gijare and his team, Aaliya Islam, Anjali Mehta, Jeremey Davidson, Revati Mahurkar, and Sruthi Palanippan. Grooving to the mashup melody of “Unholy” and “Apsara” that took the Instagram reels trend by storm towards the end of 2023, this fusion acts as the perfect blend of tradition meets modern. The transition from “Unholy” to “Apsara” is so smooth that it makes one scream SLAY!  

Credits: YouTube (Rohit Gijare)

Ghodey Pe Sawaar – Renuka Deshpande

If this iconic song ever had a visual performance it would probably be Renuka Deshpande’s dance cover. Beautifully articulating each word of the lyric Deshpande gives the song a much-needed visual. From her eyes to her fingertips not even one bit is out of place. Dancing to the melody of such a hyped-up song is not an easy task, but Deshpande manages to make it look so effortless that it leaves the audience in awe.  

Credits: YouTube (Renuka Deshpande)

Varaha Roopam – Nidhi and Neha

Donned in the traditional Bharatnatyam costume from head to toe, the dancing sister duo Nidhi Ram and Neha Ram put on an elegant performance. Moving to the beats of Varaha Roopam from the movie Kantara, the synchronisation showcased by them is something that is achieved after weeks or months of practice. Gracefully transitioning from one stance to another, the sisters showcase how you can become one with the song through dance.

Credits: YouTube (Nidhi & Neha)

Raataan Lambiya & Ranjha – Urvashi Pardeshi

A mesmerizing performance by Urvashi Pardeshi brings to life the emotions that both songs carry. Just when you think all is happy and beautiful Pardeshi manages to leave you spellbound by transitioning from the happy phase of “Raataan Lambiya” to the sad phase of “Ranjha”. The transition is so swift yet gradual that it leaves you stunned physically yet moves you emotionally at the same time. 

Credits: YouTube (Urvashi Girish Pardeshi)

As the digital space is getting more and more accessible all over the world, the amount of inspiration a dancer can draw from it is endless. With such innovative dance covers coming out almost every day the possibility of running out of ideas seems impossible.

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