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A Dedication by an Indian Teen for Batman Vs Superman



A Dedication by an Indian Teen for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Mohammad Shadab , a 17 year old boy from Varanasi, made this sketch as a dedication for Batman v Superman. This sketch was from a combination of water and poster colours on a 42 cm x 29.7 cm drawing sheet.


Disclaimer  : We do not own and do not claim to own all the images appearing on our website/ Facebook page. The images belong to their respective owners, who have copyright over them. The images are taken from various different sources. If you feel that any image violates your copyright, please write to to have it taken down.

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Spreading Colors of Creativity through his Canvasses : Mrinal Dutt



Mrinal Dutt

Inspired by the highly acclaimed modern painter MF Hussain, Mrinal Dutt, a young promising artist making huge strides in the art world, employs his art as a medium for expressing his perspective and imagination. A self-trained craftsperson, he has many accolades and exhibitions to his credit, both in India and abroad.

Ardently passionate about his craft, his interest can be traced to his boyhood days when he particularly enjoyed sketching and painting. Ever since, he has closely held on to his passion, consistently refining his skills and perfecting his techniques in his growing up years and today, we know him as a stalwart in his field. His oeuvre is primarily reflective of the diversity of the Indian mythology and culture.

His mythical rendition of the lived experience of Indian life is exemplified in his work on the rural Indian women, for which he had won the gold medal at the Art Fest 2016, organized by Kala Aksar Group.

He was also felicitated in the Art Fiesta held last year from 22nd -26th December at Jawahar Kala Kendra in Jaipur.

Some of his work

Admiring his inventiveness and creativity, The Talented Indian is delighted to share a few paintings from his collections and wishes him the best in all his future endeavors.

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The Old Delhi : A Forgotten Story



Roaming in the streets of Old Delhi has its own charm. One who is staying or visiting Delhi, should walk in the streets of Old Delhi.

I went for a street photography shoot which I started it from Chandni Chowk Metro Station to Red Fort to Meena Bazar to Kinari Bazar to Nayi Sadak to Balli Maran and ended it at Jama Masjid.

Shooting in the weekend was a tough job today, because of the crowd. But it was worth struggling for.

As a photography enthusiast, the streets of Old Delhi gives me colors, concepts, culture, emotions, abstract and what not. Although cluttered frames seems as an issue but not a big one.

Well, I was impressed today!

So today, I played with lights, subjects, framing, colors, abstracts and what not.

Following are the shots which I captured on the streets of Old Delhi:















Images are subjected to Copyright. All Rights Reserved.

If you have any feedback, comments or suggestions, please let me know in the comment section.

Article Written by Nisha Singh

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‘Portrayal of Pre-EID Hustle’ by Nisha Singh



‘Portrayal of Pre-EID Hustle’ by Nisha Singh

Location: Goat Market, Batla House, Delhi.

Description: Eid- Ul-Adha (a Muslim festival) is celebrated for maintaining the tradition of sacrificing goats and for sharing the meat with their family members. To celebrate this auspicious occasion, this ‘Goat Market’ or Bakra Mandi is full of many bakras which are on sale these days. The price of each goat varies according to its health and age. The sellers come from different areas to sell their goats in return of good money. I have 3 kinds of portrayal to communicate my story:

A: Children

B: Oldies

C: Goats

FB_IMG_14736190726351: Gang 1 of Bakra Mandi – Progressive laughs.

FB_IMG_14736190793132: Gang 2 of Bakra Mandi – Variable poses in a single frame.

FB_IMG_14736190853513: Children resting on a charpoi and giving their intense look.

FB_IMG_14736190929994: Two children, being the most important aspect of pre- Eid hustle in the market, are feeding green leaves to their goats.

FB_IMG_14736190995305: ‘Umar Badi par bachpan hai’- Being one of my favorite subjects in this story, is, this Chacha who was too shy to get clicked, gave me his best expression.

FB_IMG_14736191112636: An old man, from Etah a village area in Uttar Pradesh, has come to sell his goats in Bakra Mandi in Delhi.

FB_IMG_14736191170657: A goat caretaker is spilling water so as to bathe it. These goats are being washed to be sold at the best price.


8: People are buying their goats and bringing them to their houses to maintain the tradition of the festival.

© Images are subjected to Copyright.

Disclaimer  : We do not own and do not claim to own all the images appearing on our website/ Facebook page. The images belong to their respective owners, who have copyright over them. The images are taken from various Different sources. If you feel that any image violates your copyright, please write to to have it taken down.

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Anangsha Das : A Born Photographer and a Sketch Artist



1017640_586236291397896_249196783_n(Anangsha while clicking a snap)

Anangsha Das a born photographer , poet , sketch artist and  an athlete. She has been involved with art and sports ever since her childhood days. According to her with the launch of Instagram it has helped her to showcase her photography skills to a larger audience. She further added that Instagram is an amazing platform for the young generations to showcase their talent.

Some Pictures Clicked by Anangsha

13095925_1118532074834979_4312894793160693217_n (Sunrise at Deoria Taal, Utharakhand)

13308644_1127730497248470_2077372062471501488_o(Night Sky at Triund, Himachal Pradesh)

1936250_1119463214741865_8084992116311365520_n(Mini Switzerland!! at Chopta Tungnath)

Art is the best form of vivid imagination be it photography, sketching, painting, illustration and writing. Perceiving an art form depends upon how the artist looks up to it. It has got no definition to it , for me most of the time it represents as an abstract form.

Some Sketches by by Anangsha


13062549_1104343939587126_4652250249288666069_n(Harry Potter Aka Daniel Radcliffe)

12891743_1082804008407786_5728053333355743226_o(Adrenaline rush for Superman VS Batman :Dawn of Justice)

She went on to advice to all the people that passion is all you need when you do something, do it with your heart and soul.

12006180_987232737964914_7178816724310018683_n(Anangsha playing Tennis)

For more  visit : Anangsha 

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Photography That Makes You Saw WOW by Pankaj Jain



Some stills clicked by Pankaj Jain





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