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Aditeya Shukla is Here to Brighten Your Day with His New EP “Just Wait, Sunshine”

Indie songwriter and producer, Aditeya Shukla shares the creative process behind this groovy new EP and his musical journey so far!



Aditeya Shukla

Being an indie artist isn’t easy. Indie artists are independent, self-published artists creating music without a record label’s support. But being an indie songwriter and composer while also continuing college is even more difficult. However, passion and determination do pay off. And it sure did for 20-year-old Aditeya Shukla, whose latest EP “Just Wait, Sunshine” released yesterday.  

How it all began

Born in Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand and raised in New Delhi, he is currently an undergraduate student at Stanford University. He’s majoring in Aerospace engineering with a minor in Film Studies. But music has always been a part of Aditeya Shukla’s life with the heavy rotations of The Beatles, ABBA and Simon & Garfunkel constantly playing in their household.

At an age, as young as six, he started to learn the piano. Soon, he picked up the classical guitar and then the drums. His mastery with instruments merged with his raspy voice and humour/wit infused lyricism gives rise to delightful groovy music. His latest release, “Zodiacs Are Stupid” is a song about how nowadays, people rely on the idea of fate too genuinely. They categorize themselves into all these sun signs and develop preconceived notions and prejudices.

“I think the biggest factor in making sure you evolve as an artist is to always try and break out of your comfort zone.”

Aditeya Shukla

Though all his musical creations are unique in some way. As Aditeya Shukla further admits, he hasn’t yet found his “sound”. He is open to new sounds and techniques allowing him to try out something different each time he makes a new song.

The Creation of “Just Wait, Sunshine”

With his New EP “Just Wait, Sunshine” Aditeya Shukla broke out of his comfort zone and tried new, complex melodies and spent more hours on song writing. In fact, he began this project back in July and spent over 800 hours perfecting the sound of the entire EP. Hundreds of takes, edits and feedback loops later, he was satisfied with what he had created in December.

His vision of creating something upbeat and positive definitely worked out. He took inspiration from young artists like Boy Pablo and JAWNY. Not only that, but 80s Japanese City Pop with lust guitars and danceable rhythms also influenced his style in this EP. But he does admit that the creative process was a little different even for him. Considering this EP was made during the pandemic, between shifting online classes, that makes sense. He acknowledges his privilege as he tells us how the lockdown allowed him to spend more time, working on his music.

Apart from music, Aditeya Shukla confesses his obsession with Formula 1. He enjoys watching sports and reading about technologies. But most of all he enjoys curating playlists for his friends to cheer them up. Furthermore, this talented young man also fancies covering songs with Tea and Teacups! You can check out his covers ‘Sober’ by “Chai-ldish Gambino” and ‘She’s Thunderstorms’ by “Arc-Tea-c Monkeys” on his Instagram and YouTube.

“People tend to forget why they’re doing something in the first place…”

Aditeya Shukla

His advice for all other fellow dreamers is to simply have fun. He reveals how he often forgets that he started making music as a sense of enjoyment. But accepting that thought and then consciously reminding yourself otherwise is important. Every time he would remind himself to have fun while making music, he created something he loved. Constantly worrying about the future isn’t going to help. Genuinely enjoying what you create will allow people to connect to your art for everything it aims to be.

You can stream “Just Wait, Sunshine” on YouTube and Spotify by clicking the links!

Credits: Spotify


Valley Roots, Indian Voice: A Peek at Saveree Joshipura’s Journey

With miles between the place she was born in and what she fell in love with, Saveree Joshipura, gives us a glimpse into the path she walked.



Saveree Joshipura

There is always a grounding aspect to music, in spite of it being transcendental by its very nature. It can tie you to your roots, encapsulating the essence of your cultural identity in its entirety, while still being an unbound medium of creative freedom and expression. That is exactly what music has done for Saveree Joshipura. Originally from California, Joshipura takes a practical approach to music, one that is, simultaneously, an outlet for her creativity and also a pragmatic career option. There is passion here, but it is also tempered by a singular realistic perspective on her part. And that, alone, is enough to take a closer look at her journey and her work.

A data scientist by profession, Joshipura began her involvement with music at the tender age of 3. Her parents, both trained in Indian Classical Music, felt it was important for them to share the music they, themselves, had been exposed to. She began her formal training in Indian Classical Vocal Music at the age of 8, under the tutelage of Vidushi Kala Ramnath. It was around the same that she started doing local performances. Her big breakthrough, however, came at the age of 18, with the television show Rising Star India. It was an important moment in her life, one that was further compounded with the issue of her exams being just around the corner. Joshipura took her exams a week early so as to be able to go to Mumbai for the show. It was a risk, she states, well worth taking.

Saveree Joshipura - YouTube

Getting the opportunity to perform as the US winner of Rising Star India opened up numerous avenues for Joshipura, both in terms of getting more involved with the Hindi music scene and just building on her already established foundations. It was a whirlwind of a time for her back then. She went on to build her portfolio on social media, posting videos of her music on Instagram, judged multiple singing competitions, collaborated with other talented artists and, perhaps most importantly, released her first single ‘Main Agar Kahin’.

For Joshipura, music has always been a calming escape and a tangible motivating factor. However, motivation does not always go unchallenged. The degree of a challenge may differ, but it exists all the same. 

Music is one thing that calms the mind, and at the same time, brings us a purpose.

Saveree Joshipura

Joshipura asserts that, luckily enough, she has not faced significant challenges or setbacks. There have been times when she was reprimanded by her teacher for not practicing enough. However, that was only another driving factor in her journey on getting better. Indeed, she counts her teacher, Vidushi Kala Ramnath, amongst those who inspire her.

Inspiration is important. But, as Joshipura claims, inspiration coupled with innate talent is never enough. Her love for music and her own voice is something that she has religiously nurtured and worked on. For her, any talent or ability must be further made to evolve through dedication and consistent practice. Without dedicated work and effort, talent is just something someone might be mildly good at. It does not go on to become an actual skill if left unattended.

“I think everyone has a basic talent for something or the other. But after a certain point, it is all hard work.

Saveree Joshipura

Moreover, she reasserts the importance of not being blinded by your dreams. There is an impressionable importance in being able to have an option to fall back on, in case one has to put a brief pause in the pursuit of their dreams.

There is a sense of practicality in Joshipura’s words, not to be mistaken with pessimism. It is a pragmatic approach to life that balances reality and ambition. And, it is a beautiful balance at that.

Credits: YouTube (Nevil Productions)
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From Mohammed Rafi to Sachet Tandon – These Covers Will Warm Your Heart!

Watch these talented cover artists give your favorite hit songs a new and soulful guise and leave you chill bumped!




Covering songs require a lot of skill and the said talent is often overlooked by masses. To cover an already released which is also loved by the masses requires a lot of courage as well. To be able to completely mimic the artistry of popular artists and sometimes maybe also sprinkle some of our own flavor is an ability that definitely deserves more appreciation. We bring you these heart-touching covers of three of the most beautiful songs of their time.

In one way or the other, we have all been inspired by musicians or their music at some point in our life. Sniti Mishra pays a tribute to the legend Rafi Sahab with her cover of ‘Toote Hue Khwabon Ne’. With her voice that sounds so soulful which leaves goosebumps rising on your skin- we’re sure you’d not want to miss this! Her perfect falsetto and stable voice are totally the epitome of beauty!   

Credits: YouTube (Sniti Mishra)

One-sided love and its power shouldn’t be underestimated but it can also get tiring; at times like this we often go to songs that we can relate to and also get comfort from. ‘Mann Mera’ is one of those comfort songs and the brothers duo JalRaj have covered the song and given it a twist lyrically. Their voices blend so well together and are so comforting to listen to. This reprised version just reminded us how beautiful of a song ‘Mann Mera’ is. The ‘reprise’ also shows its ability to sound even better in a different semblence.

Credits: YouTube (JalRaj)

We all went through that phase where escaping ‘Beykhayali me bhi tera hi khayal aaye’ was just next to impossible. Keshab Dey has covered this heartbreak anthem and we just can’t seem to get enough of it. The cover is a ‘sad version’, Dey’s voice reflects the pain in the song. The strumming guitar in the background compliments the voice and the rearranged music really well. Comfort your broken heart.

Credits: YouTube (Keshab Dey Hindi)
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Bhool: Sanjana Devarjan’s Latest Single Is About Making Things Work

Sanjana Devarajan, a talented singer-songwriter from Mumbai, brings you her latest pop single ‘Bhool’, a song about love and forgiveness.



Sanjana Devarajan

Mumbai-based singer-songwriter, Sanjana Devarajan’s latest single, ‘Bhool’, takes her well-crafted pop cadence to speak about the complexities that come with a relationship. Often, our relationships do not resemble the picturesque stories we find in our fictional escapes. Sure, there are glimpses of it, moments of absolute peace and laughter that make everything seem okay. However, relationships rely on work, patience and, most importantly, the ability to forgive and move forward. Unconditional love only comes with the unconditional commitment to making things work. Produced under the banner of Victory Music, ‘Bhool’ is a track that speaks explicitly about the struggles of a relationship. And what better way to speak about love than music, itself?

Devarajan’s single continues the pop influences that you would find in her debut EP, ‘Mood’. ‘Bhool’ is a mellow pop track that lends itself to warm background beats and synchronized stringed leads. It is, quite literally, a song you send to your significant other when you can’t find the right words to ask for forgiveness. Mayur Jumani, as the producer for the track, has done an excellent job at building an instrumental base, laden with soft percussion beats and muted stringed backing, upon which Devarajan’s sound sits.

The official music video, released under the same banner as the track, is now available and features Avinash Mishra & Shivya Pathania. It is as much a standalone story as it is a depiction of Devarajan’s music. 

Give ‘Bhool’ a listen. Better yet, send it to someone you care about.

Credits: YouTube (Victory Music)
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Murtuza x Kimera: A Sensational Journey In Music Production

The fantastic duo who started as hopefuls have now made their mark in the world of music.




The year has started with a lot of hope and new horizons. And as we all look forward to better things, we can all be a lot grateful for the time we live in. We live in a time which allows for absolute creativity and invention. We live in a time where we can invest more freely in art and its pursuit. With so many new careers and opportunities, many talented Indians are making the absolute best of it.

Early Life

Born and brought up in Mumbai, Murtuza Gadiwala and Pratham Mehra (also known as Kimera) started as your run-of-the-mill boys who were destined for bigger things. Murtuza was a science student who was preparing for the NEET examinations when he found his calling for art. Right now, he is in his third year in Mass Communication! Like many kids today, he took up science in hopes of being a doctor but also learned some basic piano skills in 7th grade. In class 11th, he knew that it was right there and then when his life would change.

Murtuza Gadiwala

Kimera was pursuing commerce when circumstances allowed him to blossom into the man he is today. Also like many other kids in our country, his dream was to represent our country in the highest possible stage there is in Cricket. He played and trained for 13 years. But a back injury caused him to leave the game and pursue music instead! See, life is always full of possibilities!

Creative Process and Career

The duo scored the background music for the Dada Sahab Phalke Award-winning Short Film ‘Carbon’ featuring Nawazuddin Siddiqui. It garnered over 10M views on YouTube. And it was also featured in the Global Citizen Festival at New York. So what’s the secret to their success?

Murtuza’s creative process is highly unique. In that, he doesn’t have the same! He’s a jack of all trades and master of them too! From making content on social media to publishing his debut book at 18. He loves to gain inspiration from anything and everything!

Meanwhile, Kimera’s head becomes a jungle of ideas and visions. He starts with some basic chord structures and Voila! An amazing sound is created!

Pratham Mehra aka Kimera

Their latest song Roobaroo deals with a theme which resonates with many! As the Urdu word suggests- it is all about self-discovery. And in their own words, this piece came together in the most natural and quick way possible. Which completely fits the message of the song: when you know yourself, everything comes naturally! They are also very grateful for how accessible music is these days. And they greatly adore the works of  Lost Stories, The Local Train, Anuv Jain and many more.

When things feel lost and tough, both of them like to disconnect from the world and let it pass. They are not the kind of people who ‘force’ art, they let it flow through them! In the end, that is what it is all about!

Credits: Spotify
Their Message

Aren’t we all eternal young dreamers? All I gotta say is, ‘Hum sab mein hai Ek Parinda, Ek din Woh Bhi udega,’ so just believe in yourself and the universe will bring the right opportunities to you.

Murtuza Gadiwala

Being one of those young dreamers I just wanna ask them to be patient and wait for the opportunities to come and when they do. Just grab them and do your best!


We wish them all the very best in their future endeavours! Keep on Creating!

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Experience A Musical Affair With These Instrumental Covers

From Mohammad Rafi to Arijit Singh, these three artists perform beautiful instrumental covers of timeless songs.



Guitar cover

Musical tastes are a very personal affair. What sounds lyrically beautiful to someone may sound crass to another. It is a delicate subject to be broached, requiring some semblance of prudence and gentle prodding. Push something onto someone a little too hard and it can ruin the experience of listening to something new. Sometimes, it’s just better to let things speak for themselves instead of adding your own voice to it. Three artists, three excellent instrumental covers and some beautiful music from 1964 to 2019. It’s best if you just listen.

Yash Garg is a skilled practitioner of fingerstyle guitar. With the technique, itself, comes a whole host of opportunities in his music. Able to fit multiple parts of the musical arrangement in his solo performance, from harmonic melodies to deep chord progressions, Garg plays a beautiful instrumental rendition of Arijit Singh’s ‘Shayad’. There is a certain charm and ease in his instrumental cover, a sort of playful, laidback attitude that resonates through his cover.

Credits: YouTube (Yash Garg)

Soumyajit Pyne, in his guitar cover of Lucky Ali’s ‘O Sanam’, plays in an unconstrained manner. There is a fervency in his approach to music that is evident in his notes. With melodic flourishes and makeshift percussion beats that he assimilates into his acoustic cover, Pyne builds up to a dramatic climatic melody that is sure to catch your attention. This is a performance of undisguised and unbridled emotion.

Credits: YouTube (Soumyajit Pyne)

Kapil Srivastava’s instrumental performance leans towards some old world magic. Choosing to play a rendition of ‘Deewana Hua Badal”, a classic composed by O.P. Nayyar and sung by Mohammad Rafi and Asha Bhosle, Srivastava’s piece is a beautiful acoustic cover accompanied by a medley of backing percussion beats that complement his, otherwise, solo performance. It is as much a cover as it is an ode to older days.

Credits: YouTube (Kapil Srivastava)
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