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Chasing the Ripples of Kuchipudi: An Interview with Dilip Diwakar

Exploring Kuchipudi with the elegant Dilip Diwakar and his journey from watching Indian Classical Dance performances to seizing mastery in it.



Dilip Diwakar

There’s this phrase that goes like, “When you really desire something from the heart and soul, all the universe conspires you to achieve it.” This is how it has been between Dilip Diwakar and Kuchipudi. Kuchipudi was meant to be embraced by him. The journey starts quite differently. He wasn’t pushed by his parents or friends to take up any arts, but rather, his grandmother, indirectly harnessed the roots of the classical dancer born in him. This was through the myriad of old films that her grandmother used to watch, which starred amazing classical dancers like Padmini, Vyjayanthimala, Kumari Kamala and so on. As a learning artist, Dilip Diwakar has ingrained and absorbed the beautiful heritage and cultural diversity of India as well. Through this talk, Dilip opens a window to his world of the Indian Classical Culture and Kuchipudi.

Early Life

Dilip Diwakar is a native of Kumbakonam but was brought up in Chennai by his father and his grandparents. He is a postgraduate in English and Comparative Literature from Pondicherry University and did his graduation in English from Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda College, where he is also currently working as an Assistant Professor in English in the Evening session. He has also completed level B2 in French from Alliance Francaise of Madras and Madhyama in Hindi from Hindi Prachar Sabha.

Being a single-parent child, his father has been his biggest supporter, his best friend, and mentor. However, his support from his grandparents is also immense in his life. His grandmother raised him by teaching the importance of culture, heritage and arts, and his grandfather molded him into the disciplined person he is today. Apart from them, his elder sisters and his aunt have been there for him emotionally, socially, and financially. Dilip’s gratitude for these people in his life, truly, cannot be expressed in words. 

When watching the old classical movies, a young child, Dilip, had in him the deepest desire to professionally learn these dances too. However, the financial status of the household didn’t allow for it, and neither there was anyone to take him to the classes. Fast forward to June 2012, a Bharatanatyam performance, ‘Bho Shambo’, by Nikolina Nikoleski, disciple of the Legend Smt. Saroja Vaithyanathyan enraptured him to the core. The choreography struck him so that he learned it visually and also performed it exactly. It was then that his father realized the depthful talent he had.

So, the hunt for a guru started, but who would have believed in a 16-year-old to learn the classics now? Dilip shares that people also didn’t accept him because amidst the toddlers, teaching classics to a teenager didn’t seem interesting and worthwhile. However, later he did find his Guru, Kalaimamani Sailaja, to whom he owes all achievements, successes and accolades. She never once wavered in believing in him and his capabilities.

Kuchipudi Through the Eyes and Experiences of Dilip Diwakar

Dilip Diwakar enlightened us about the many reversals that Kuchipudi has progressed. For instance, how it was a dance exclusively performed by the male brahmins, however now, it has spread to a large crowd. Or, how it was a dance drama, and now is a solo repertoire.

He also states, “Kuchipudi is relatively a fast-paced dance style, compared to other classical dances. Bringing out the grace and beauty along with the quicksilver footed steps ‌makes Kuchipudi challenging yet mesmerizing. Kuchipudi has everything that may look similar to other styles- linearity with the aesthetics of side bends, graceful twists and turns, flat-footed steps with sharp and quick flexibility, the architectural tribangis, etc. But, once the dancer understands the grammatology of Kuchipudi, it is a cakewalk. Apart from these, there are also interesting foot variations. Additional acrobatic techniques are dancing on the rims of a brass plate and dancing on a pot with holding lamps. The Vempati School of Kuchipudi does not follow the latter technique. Like the dance, the music is also fast-paced. The center fan of the Kuchipudi costume is long enough that it swipes the floor. The jewelries in Kuchipudi were previously made of light wood (which is used at Kondapalli). But now, it is the temple jewelry that is being used by many dancers.”

On the evolution of Kuchipudi and the influence of western tradition on the Indian Classical Dances, Dilip believes that evolution and experimentation are important, but without blending or losing its original traits. Doing this would kill the individuality of the dance form.

A Journey of Lessons and Achievements

Dilip’s most memorable story from his journey is his debut performance on 22nd September, 2019. He started the normal repertoire of his Guru’s in the first half and did stree vesham (dressing up as female and dancing) in the second half. His audience was thrilled and awe-struck at his entire getup, graceful body language and expressions.

Dilip’s favourite artist is Ms. Shobana Chandrakumar, Actress – Dancer, whose videos he imitated a lot, and which now helps him under the perspectives of dance. However, his primary inspiration is and will always be his Guru Kalaimamani Sailaja. For him, she will always be the epitome of a Kuchipudi dancer. 

Dilip always had an interest in other classical dance forms as well. Through this, he learnt how Kuchipudi is similar and different from the other dance forms. Therefore, some other artists who have inspired him, and are his favourites, are Smt. Vyjayanthimala, Smt. Padma Subrahmanyam, Smt. Geeta Chandran, etc. in Bharatanatyam; Smt. Neena Prasad, Smt. Gopika Varma in Mohiniyattam; Smt. Swapna Sundari in Vilasini Natyam; Pt. Birju Maharaj, Smt. Vidha Lal in Kathak; and Smt. Sonal Mansingh, Smt. Madhavi Mudgal in Odissi. 

Dilip Diwakar’s Message for the Aspiring Classical Dancers

Dilip Diwakar compares art and dance with the universe, because both of them can be infinitely explored. He says, “when you explore one thing, it opens the source to another. Therefore, by default, dance makes us crave for more experimentation and is an unquenchable journey, which a dancer never hesitates to stop venturing.”. He also compared the worshipping of goddesses with the relationship between art and humans. That is, whatever a devotee does becomes an offering for her. This is exactly what Kuchipudi has done for Dilip, and consequently, it has become a spiritual journey for him. 

Dilip Diwakar also says that innate talent can never be present without its revelation. Only the eternal process of refinement can make us go from better to best, however the talent is.

For the aspiring artists, Dilip has a sweet message, “One can never fit into many frames. So, don’t try putting your leg into every domain. Choose the domain that interests you and embellish in that. It is always better to have 100% knowledge of one thing, rather than 5% of all domains.

You can approach the challenge in two ways: one, face and overcome it; two, don’t give heed to it. Either way, life happens. But your understanding of life and the way to be successful differs accordingly.”

Credits: YouTube Dilip Diwakar


Enthralling Dance Performances Amidst the Nature Unfurling Serenity

The beautiful coalesce of dance , lyrics and scenic setting creates an art leaving the viewers completely enraptured .




Youtube has managed to garner a large audience appreciating dance performances. Significant pouring support from the masses is an encouraging sign for dancers to excel in their choreography and further elevate the songs they choose to perform. A collaboration of dance and music together magnifies the essence of songs and graceful moves the dancers sway, in the process creating a greatly soothing and appealing video production setting the standards of performative art so high. The expressions and dance styles delivered by the dancers make you groove to the rhythm and beats and lose yourself in their fascinating world.

Here are some amazing dancers who have definitely made their presence known on Youtube.

Neel Digante – Sreetama Baidya

Sreetama gracefully delivers a Holi special with colours smeared across her face complementing the elaborate facial expressions in contrast to a dim white scenic setting. Swaying to Shreya Ghosal’s Neel Digante from the Gotro Album, she presents an immaculate performance elevating the lyrical beauty of the song through her elegant moves. Dancers like Sreetama never fail to channel the inner poise and captivate the viewers.

Credits: Youtube Sreetama Baidya

Mohe Rang Do Laal – Neelam Patel

Neelam Patel’s dance cover on Mohe Rang Do Laal is a phenomenal presentation of semi-classical dance immersed in the music. Her dance moves mould and flow so well according to the rhythm making her choreography so flawlessly put together and doing justice to the music. Throughout the dance, there is a lurking presence of ease and an inviting aura that you can feel. Energetic delivery by Neelam to show her potential and collect viewers’ love. As it turns out to be an apt source of entertainment derived from indulging in this beautiful portrayal of art.

Credits: Youtube Neelam Patel

Ek Dil Ek Jaan – Sadhwi Majumde

The raw portrayal of emotions and lyrics through her expressions creates a dynamic hard to ignore. In other words, dynamic forcing viewers to dwell more on the essence of the song emphasised by Sadhwi’s striking moves. Sadhwi Majumde, a well-known figure in Indian dance realities show states the difficulty of shooting the dance in one shot because of the gravity the lyrics hold and the courage she had to muster. The effort to do justice and express the wrenching lyrics is clearly visible in this dance cover. Sole focus on her with the black background does not fail to capture viewers’ thoughts and make them exposed to what she wants to convey.

Credits : Youtube Sadhwi Majumder

Manike Mage Hithe – Sreetma Baidya

Sreetma Baidya inclines towards a folk dancing style keeping with the cover of popular Manike Mage Hithe folk mashup by Anirban Sur. Her delicate moves with neat hand gesture midst the pale green field and run-down building gives the video a rustic element as she moves with the flow. The video cinematography is so well done further adding and accentuating her dancing skills. In addition, to uplift the video her traditional attire change accompanied by her bold clear expression easily lures the viewers providing serenity.

Credits: Sreetama Baidya

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Going Back To Our Roots: Indian Folk Dance Covers

Here are some folk dance covers that give us a glimpse of the values, customs and traditions of different parts of our culture-rich country.




Folk dance

India is home to diverse cultures. From these diverse cultures are born the rich art forms that define our nation’s cultural heritage. Indian folk dance is one such art form that reflects the culture of a region. Like every other art form, folk dance also conveys the vigor and energy of our culture. Today, we live in a globalized world where Western ideas take the center stage. In such a world, we sometimes yearn to taste our culture. We can never completely forget the roots that tie us to our homeland. Even when we forget, we have our very own art forms that remind us of our roots. The diversity of our country has gifted us with many art forms that will never lose their luster. Here we bring you Indian folk dance covers from different parts of India. 

Bidipta Sharma

Bidipta Sharma taps her feet to the song ‘Monta Re’ from the movie Lootera. This baul-inspired song is composed by Amit Trivedi. It captures the soul of Bengali folk music. Bidipta’s dance cover is a feast to one’s eyes. Her movements and expressions will make you watch the video without taking a glance off the screen. This dance cover video captures her flowy movements against an excellent backdrop. The cinematography of this video also deserves appreciation. 

Credits: YouTube (Bidipta Sharma)

Ankita Pradhan

Ankita Pradhan brings us a Bengali folk dance cover of the song ‘Tapa Tini’ from the movie Belashuru. There are many remarkable elements in Ankita’s performance. The primary one is her flexible movements to the song. Ankita choreographed this lovely performance herself. Folk dances often repeat the same couple of steps innumerable times. But, Ankita gives a set of dynamic steps that are far away from monotonous folk dance routines. She gives a twist to her performance by bringing in her own unique elements to it.

Credits: YouTube (Ankita Pradhan)

Madhushmitha Paul

Madhushmitha Paul mesmerizes us with her Bihu dance performance to the song ‘Porbote Porbote’. Madhushmitha’s folk dance cover captures the soul of Assam. Dressed in traditional Bihu dance attire, she presents a spectacular performance. Set against the scenic beauty of Assam, this Bihu performance is a slice of Assam’s culture. Madhushmitha’s smiling face throughout the dance performance is striking. She is able to bring a smile to the viewer’s face as well through her performance.

Credits: YouTube (Madhushmita Paul)


Nrityaa choreography presents a beautiful Rajasthani folk dance cover. Riya Kushwah and Amrita Singh give a dazzling performance in eye-catching traditional Rajasthani attire. This dance cover is a noteworthy folk dance version of the song ‘Choudhary’. Adding to the vibrancy of the whole video is the location of the performance. The video is shot in what looks like the inside of a fort or palace. The dance, the song, the attire and the location brings you a piece of Rajasthan through this folk dance cover. 

Credits: YouTube (Nrityaa)

Chennai Beats

Chennai Beats bring you a Tamil folk dance cover of the song ‘Mannarkudi Kalakalakka’. Choreographed by Valli Prabhu, this folk dance cover would make you want to dance as well. The movements of both the performers keep up with the peppy beat of the song. The best element in this folk dance video is the energy level of the performers, Valli Prabhu and Shanthi Manchi. Another factor is the absolute sync in their movements. The dynamic choreography coupled with the unmatchable energy of the dancers and the vibrant song makes this folk dance cover a worthy watch.

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Classical Dances Performed On Popular Songs: Must Watch



Classical Dances

Indian classical dances are often praised and loved for their graceful and poise movements. Accompanied with gestures, details, and accuracy, the Indian classical dances have maintained their own stance and aura in the field of dances. Many of these classical dances are usually performed on certain curated and produced beats from instruments like tabla, sitar, sarangi and more. However, classical dances are also choreographed on Bollywood songs and other music.

We’ve some extraordinary classical performances on some of the most iconic and popular songs. 

O Re Piya – Shades of Kathak

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan doesn’t have a single skip in his discography. O Re Piya has reigned hearts since its release, and it’ll continue to stay everyone’s favourite. Shades of Kathak, which features Vaidehi Lachheta, Nandini Goyal, and Uditi Singhal, perform a delightful Kathak choreography on this song. In beautiful attires, the trio matched each rhythm and symphony, leaving the viewers mesmerised.

Credits – YouTube ShadesOfKathak

Aaoge Jab Tum – Sukruti Airi

Sukruti Airi choreographed and performed a sitting classical dance cover on the song, ‘Aaoge Jab Tum.’ A sitting choreography means only the upper part of the body dances or moves. Sukruti Airi’s body control and soft movements are beautiful! Each gesture and each expression are done delicately, as if narrating a story. An effortless dance cover, it also seemed to have therapeutic qualities to it. Surely, the art which Sukruti has delivered is one to hold close to yourself.

Crediyts – YouTube Sukruti Airi

Srivalli – Team Nrityam

Team Nrityam featuring the talented performers, Shristi Maharjan, Arsia Manandhar, and Riyana Manandhar, deliver a Kathak dance cover on the song Srivalli. The trio excelled at the coordination and the energy throughout is stupefying. Grace and elegance dripped dance cover, Team Nrityam again raises the bar!

Credits – YouTube Nepa Dance Academy

Mere Dholna – Nidhi and Neha

‘Mere Dholna’ of ‘Bhool Bhulaiya’ is a well-known song, and was used in one of the most crucial scenes in the movie. Vidya Balan gives a classical dance performance on this song. Since then several choreographies have been curated on this song. Nidhi and Neha choreographed a semi classical Bharatanatyam dance cover. Brimmed with enthusiasm and glimmer, the duo pour their heart into this dance cover.

Credits: YouTube Nidhi and Neha

Lagan Laagi Re – Vishaka Saraf

Vishaka Sarraf choreographed and performed a dance cover on one of Amit Trivedi’s most iconic songs, Lagan Laagi Re. A fusion of freestyle and Kathak, Vishaka Sarraf, shows the creativity of her choreography. The dance cover is shot beautifully, with some mesmerising shots and elements. The videography captures Indian culture in its entirety—Vishika’s dance and the architecture she’s surrounded by.

Credits – YouTube Vishaka Saraf
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Semi Classical Dance Covers Sprinkling Elegance and Grace

Presenting elegant semi classical dance covers which will lift up your spirits and replenish your admiration for the Indian dances and arts.



Semi classical dance

From music, melodies, and songs to history, dances and attires, India has a whole diverse collection of it. The rich and enthusing plethora of cultures, traditions and arts of India is a moment of exhilaration and pride. Semi-Classical Dance combines the Indian classical and contemprorary dances, bringing unique dance steps and beautiful formations. The Semi Classical dance form is not as intricate as the classical dance form, but nevertheless it has its own charm and grace, and one of the products of Indian arts and cultures.

Here are some must watch beautiful, semi classical dance covers. 

Nagavalli Semi Classical Dance Cover – Keerthy Ghevarghese

Keerthy Ghevarghese, dancing against a beautiful scenery of drizzling sky, delivers a mesmerising nagavalli semi classical dance cover. Bagging all the right textures of expressions and dance steps, Keerthy Ghevarghese does justice to the song and the dance form. Sprinkling more beauty on the dance cover is the exceptional cinematography and the editing, which complements with Keerthy’s graceful stature and rhythm

Credits: YouTube Dew N Fame

Shyama Meghame Nee – Ghungro Groves Choreography

The magnificent duo dances on the classic Shyama Meghame Nee. Attired in the traditional saree and hair adorned in a gajra, the duo deliver an experience of bliss and elegance. From the coordination to the graceful steps, the dance cover is a work of art. The Ghungro Groves duo self choreographed it and gave the song, shyama meghame nee, new colours.

Credits – YouTube Ghungro Groves

Saiyaan Semi Classical Dance Cover – Mansi and Nidhi

Kailash Kher has gifted us with so many beautiful and soulful songs. These songs will truly always stay legendary and evergreen. The talented duo, Mansi and Nidhi, perform a graceful semi classical dance cover on one of the most cherished and loved songs of Kailash Kher’s Saiyaan. The Indian classical fused with folk is executed perfectly, and the duo give due respect and justification to Kher’s vocals and India’s classical dance.

Credits – YouTube Mansi Deora

Madhura Murati Semi Classical Dance Cover – Santasree and  Jagyandatta

Talking about a wholesome, complete, and a mesmerising performance, the duo Santasree and Jagyandatta perform an enigmatic semi classical dance cover on the song Madhura Murati. The coordination and synchronisation by Santasree and Jagyandatta elevates the deep melodies of Madhura Murati itself. The background, the editing, and the videography are the cherries on top.

Credits – YouTube Shrinarthana
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Some Mesmerising Dance Covers That Rules Reels And Videos

Through dance covers, old songs regain power and to songs in repeat mode people fall for it again. Dance covers rules YouTube by viewers.




YouTube has become a talent with dance and music videos. The latest trend being dance covers. The large sum of people has been engaged in these art forms. This recovers dance as an art form and even our Indian songs could be watched by many abroad widening the scope of Indian art and culture.

Priyanka Mulchandani

Dholida song, has never stayed away from the limelight since its release. Peacock Culture famous for its beautiful choreography is here to enchant the viewers with their grace. The energetic Garba song is met with energetic dance. There is pure ecstacsy in the face of the dancers that they give out the right expressions and emotions during the performance. Inspired from Gangubai, a role played by Alia Bhatt in Gangubhai Kathiawadi-a role that gave her more fame and admiration from the fans, dance videos with the similar Gangubhai attire and dance steps rules the YouTube. Priyanka Mulchandani, who did the choreography and Kajol Malekar are performing to this beautiful song. Peacock Culture represents a team of dancers headed by Priyanka Mulchandani who is also the choreographer. They love Dancing and can make different dance covers in different styles including Bollywood, Hip Hop, Sei Classical, Fusion. Peacock Culture take dance classes in Mumbai and Sangeet Projects around the world.

Credits: YouTube ( Peacock Culture)

Arunima Dey

Arunima Dey had started making YouTube Videos from 2012. She has made reels and videos of dance performances. Most of them are loved by many and the viewers are hiking day by day. The current trend is Yaar Ki Mehfil, lyrics and music been made by Kunaal Verma. Arunima uses Contemporary style to meet with the agony in the song. Every minute step are taken in detail. She has also done Dholida song which has been a hit in YouTube. Arunima never fails to amaze the viewers. She brings every song to an upgraded level with her brilliant dance steps. Sometimes she presents with a team.

Credits: YouTube (Arunima Dey)

Nupur James Choreography

Raanjhana Hua from Benaras movie starring Tamil actor Dhanush and Hindi actress Sonam Kapoor was always a heart-warming song for many music lovers. Its covers are coming up with amazing dance performances. Nupur James has choreographed and presented one of the best dance performances for this song. Since 2010 she has been different kind of dance videos in YouTube. She usually goes outdoors to shoot these videos. Her attractive attires are also mind-blowing. Nupur

Credits: YouTube (Nupur James Choreography)

Himanshu Dulani

Himanshu Dulani- a channel in YouTube is loved by a lot of viewers. A trio comprising 3 boys- Himanshu Dulani, Aashish Lama, Hardik Bhutani  wins hearts these days. Subhanallah song is an all time favorite for all the Yeh Jawaaani Hai Deewani movie fans. Himanshu Dulani does the choreo and the video is taken by Gaurav Visuals. The performance is done at a Mediterranean background. The contemporary style dance is done with perfection. Their masterpiece video is Tere Liye. Every moves are graceful as anything and viewers are going crazy about their style of dancing. Some of them say U.S have Matt Steffanina and Indians have Himanshu.  ‘Pee Loon’ song from Once Upon a Time in Mumbai shows their passion for dance. One cant resist the charm that their dance synchrony radiates.

Credits: YouTube (Himanshu Dhulani)

 In the busy world today, these music and dance covers help people refresh themselves from the chaos. Entertainment industry is truly focusing on its purpose, to entertain the ever stressed minds.

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Safar : An Original Single by Bhuvan Bam Portraying Story of an Artist

Navaldeep Singh, The Red Typewriter, Short Film, Love Story, Touching Story
Short Films4 years ago

The Red Typewriter : A Touching Love Story by Navaldeep Singh

Dilbaro, Saloni Rai, Cover, Raazi, Alia Bhatt
Music4 years ago

‘Dilbaro’ From ‘Raazi Mellifluously Sung by Saloni Rai

Meri Maa, Musical, Short Film, Tarannum Mallik, Abhinay, Mother's Day
Short Films4 years ago

‘Meri Maa’ : A Musical Short Film Ft. Tarannum & Abhinay

Meri Maa ki Beti, Niharika Mishra, Poetry, Maa
Poetry4 years ago

‘Meri Maa Ki Beti’ : A Poetic Portrayal by Niharika Mishra

Call Center Ke Call Boy Ki Kahani, Rakesh Tiwari, Tafreeh Peshkash, Poetry
Poetry4 years ago

‘Call Center Ke Call Boy Ki Kahani’ by Rakesh Tiwari

Kajender Srivastava, Jawaab, Poetry, Poem
Poetry4 years ago

‘Jawaab’ : A Poetic Awakening by Kajender Srivastava

Tribute to Avicii, Indian Dancers, Avicii, Amit K Samania, Prakrati Kushwaha
Dance4 years ago

Tribute to Avicii By Indian Dancers Amit K Samania & Prakrati Kushwaha

Varun Agarwal, Million Dollar Company, Anu Aunty
Business Corner4 years ago

From Failing in Engineering to Co-Founding a Million-Dollar Company : Varun Agarwal

Dum Dum Dumroo, Sanaya Irani, Anil Charanjeett, Akash Goila
Short Films4 years ago

Dum Dum Dumroo : Think Before You Judge

Manpreet Toor's Laung Laachi
Dance4 years ago

Manpreet Toor’s Magnificent Dance on “Laung Laachi” is Mesmerizing

Music4 years ago

Mashup of ‘Treat You Better’ & ‘Mann Bharrya’ in Melodious Voice of Semal and Bharti

Aksh Baghla
Music5 years ago

Dil Diyan Gallan in Euphonious Voice of Akash Baghla

Ankit Kholia
Entertainment5 years ago

Reminiscing Classics In Ankit Kholia’s Mellifluous Voice

Sang Hoon Tere
Entertainment5 years ago

Sang Hoon Tere : Bhuvan Bam’s Original Single

Aranya Johar
Poetry5 years ago

“Why be biased to complexions?” Aranya Johar Questions the Society

Music5 years ago

Acoustic Version of Tere Mere Song by Dhvani Bhanushali

Short Films5 years ago

Tere Jaisa Yaar Kahan : A Tale of Two Best Friends

Music5 years ago

“Naino Se”: An Orginal Composition by Pushpendra Barman

Tere Mere by Saloni Rai
Music5 years ago

‘Tere Mere’ Female Cover by a Young Singer from Haryana, Saloni Rai

Every Skin Glows : Sejal Kumar
Editor's Pick5 years ago

Don’t Judge People on Skin Colour, Every Skin Glows : Sejal Kumar

Knox Artiste
Music5 years ago

14 Songs on 1 Beat Ft. Knox Artiste

Editor's Pick5 years ago

De Taali Nehraji Ft Ashish Nehra: Breakfast With Champions

Poetry5 years ago

To India: With Love by Aranya Johar

Entertainment5 years ago

Shiamak Davar’s Choreography of Despacito Ft. Justin Bieber