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Choreography on ‘Illegal Weapon’ by Jasmine Sandlas Ft. Prachi Tyagi



Prachi Tyagi, Illegal Weapon, Jasmine Sandlas, Garry Sandhu, Dance Cover

Prachi Tyagi, a final year law student. She is professionally trained in Bharatanatyam which is a pre-eminent Indian classical dance form presumably the oldest classical dance heritage of India. She has been practicing and learning dance since past 10 years.

Dance is not only her passion but is a way to give expression to her soul. She work hard and strive for excellence each day and try to learn other dance forms out of her comfort zone so as to be versatile in this wonderful art of dance.

According to her dance not only enriches one’s soul but world is a platform on which you dance, guided by your heart.

Recently she choreographed a dance on the famous song ‘Illegal Weapon’ by Jasmine Sandlas which features Hardy Sandhu.

Illegal Weapon is a Punjabi song sung by Garry Sandhu and Jasmine Sandlas. It has been composed by Intense while lyrics are penned by Garry Sandhu. The music video is directed by Sukh Sanghera and features Garry Sandhu, Jasmine Sandlas and Intense.

Watch it now.


“First They Laugh And Then They Copy”, Says Deepak Tulsyan’s Belief in Talent

Talent can turn you from a subject of mockery to the subject of respect, proves the story of popular youtuber Deepak Tulsyan.'/



Deepak Tulysan

Born and brought up in Muzaffarpur in Bihar, Deepak comes from a background which was not so supportive towards dancing. He used to run errands since he was 9-years old, owing to financial instability in the family. He tells and it is very inspiring that at the tender age of 13 he acquired financial independence and even started paying for his school and tuitions. He wanted to become a cricketer but had to drop the idea because of the lack of resources.

It was in 2010 when he performed at a family sangeet and was praised. This gave him the required push towards dancing. He dropped his college in 3rd year to pursue his passion of dancing as a profession. Although, he mentions, his family was initially hostile towards the idea of pursuing dancing as a career and it adds more respect to his bucket how he proved the opposite.

He believes that everyone has a hidden chest of talent within and he had it too. He says it’s his hard work and persistent efforts that helped him hone his skills and deliver him this success. As a dancer he is inspired by Hritik Roshan. He also mentions of being inspired by Swami Vivekananda’s ideologies.

In 2015 along with his friend Deepika and with all the scarcity of support he took a courageous step of opening his dance studio “G.M. Dance Centre”, investing all his savings from tuitions and home classes. Giving us an interesting glimpse into his life he shares an incident related to his you tube channel. He tells he was trolled and mocked for uploading videos on Bollywood songs and ironically with his success the same people began following his lead. This instance served as invocation of faith in his talent.

Conveying a message for all young seekers of passion he asks them to hold on the person who invests unconditional belief and with this support a person can achieve anything. “First they laugh then they copy” he concludes with this powerful message and a new ray inspiration for all.

Lets enjoy some of his best performances!

Credits: YouTube
Credits: YouTube
Credits: YouTube
Credits: YouTube

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Bringing Energy And Fervour Through Dance Performances

The dance covers are sure to entertain you thoroughly and help to revive you from boredom and monotony. Click here to watch them.



Dance Cover

Dance videos always fill us with this unprecedented energy and enthusiastic fervour. Even if we don’t feel like doing it ourselves, watching them is definitely highly entertaining. Moreover, you never know which move steals your heart and makes you want to prepare it for the next shaadi you visit! We bring to you these amazing dance videos by equally amazing dancers and choreographers. These dance videos are sure to entertain you thoroughly and help to revive you from boredom and monotony.

The Dancing Divas put up a colourful dance video on the song ‘Barso Re’ from the film Guru. Presenting a duo, their colourful and shiny lehengas perfectly complement their dhumkas, expressions and graceful movements.

Credits: YouTube (Dancing Divas)

Bollymadras put up their twelfth dance video while dancing on Mind Block. The moves of the two girls are highly energetic and are seasoned with sharp and fun expressions.

Credits: YouTube (Bollymadras)

Parthraj Parmar performs with Darpali Patel and Jal Acharya Govil on Nachi Nachi from the film Steet Dancer 3D. They give an enthusiastic performance with dance steps that latch on to every beat the song imbibes.

Credits: YouTube (Parthraj Parmar)
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Zestful Dance Covers On Superhit Bollywood Songs

Emotions of happiness and excitement are often expressed through the act of dancing. We bring you small packets of such happiness in form of dance covers.



Dance Covers

What’s better than foot tapping Bollywood songs? Amazingly performed Bollywood dance covers! Today, we bring to you the exciting dance performances of some talented Indian artists.

Performing with Kings Unites, Kartik Aryan and Sara Ali Khan give a smooth dance performance on “Haan Mai Galat”. Packed with superb dance moves and jumps, the short video is an enjoyable watch. Similarly, ancing on the very famous song “Tume Milke Dilka Jo Haal”, Ankur Rathee and Sonal Devraj light the floor on fire with their exotic ‘dhumkas’ and thrilling choreography. Both of them perfectly complement each other with their enthusiastic dance moves. Aadil Khan and Krutika Solanki give a fun dance performance on Ole Ole. Their rich expressions and gleaming costumes add to their energetic performance. Jamie Lever and Rajesh Jethwa give thrilling performance on Muqabla. Their synchronized dance moves and dynamic dance performance fills the viewers with a zestful spirit.

Click on the links below to enjoy their dance covers!

Credits: YouTube (J O E J O S H I)
Credits: YouTube ( Ankur Rathee )
Credits: YouTube (Aadil Khan)
Credits: YouTube (Gyrate Dance Co.)
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Showing Their Dance Moves To The Beautiful Punjabi Tracks

Emotions of happiness and excitement are often expressed through the act of dancing. We bring you small packets of such happiness in form of dance covers.



Dance Covers

Emotions of happiness and excitement are often expressed through the act of dancing. There are definitely many types of dances which cater to various other emotions like sadness or loneliness. Some dances on the other hand try to tell or enact a story. However as a lay man, the instinct of dancing usually arises when one finds himself/herself in joyous occasions like parties, marriages, birthdays and so on. Thus, we bring to you some dance covers which cater precisely to the above-mentioned emotions of exuberance and jubilation performed on Punjabi tunes, which, we can definitely consider to be the epitome of enthusiastic carefreeness.

Incorporating various steps of Bhangra, Aadil Khan and Ankitta Sharma perform on Sauda Khara khara. Their cheerful expressions perfectly compliment their energetic dance moves and the short video is packed with loads of freshness. Aadil Kahn also choreographs another dance video on the song Aa Jana, featuring Priyamvada Kant. The duo can be seen putting up a highly enthusiastic performance with lively dance moves. Nidhi Kumar and Priti M perform a dance cover on the famous Punjabi song Lehenga. Giving the title of the song vivid importance, the two girls dance in shining Lehengas and win the hearts of their viewers. Manpreet Toor and Trisha perform beautifully and with great elegance on the song Laare.

Watching their graceful moves on the serene landscape is without a doubt, a blissful experience.

Credits: YouTube (Aadil Khan)
Credits: YouTube (Aadil Khan)
Credits: YouTube (Nidhi Kumar)
Credits: YouTube (Manpreet Toor)
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Tidbits Of Entertainment With These Beautiful Dance Performances

Dance performances of Melvin Louis, Himanshu Dulani, Team Naach, Akansha Vora and Ishpreet Dang bring moments of 60 seconds entertainment.



Dance Covers

Viewing life in tidbits is the trend of the Millenials. Today, entertainment comes in small packets of 60-second videos, bringing moments of laughter and joy. The latest trend of music and dance covers top the list of micro-entertaining performances.

Today, we bring you some shots of entertainment, that created a buzz this week, in form of dance performances by Melvin Louis, Himanshu Dulani, Team Naach, Akansha Vora and Ishpreet Dang.

Credits: Instagram (Himanshu_Dulani)
Credits: Instagram (TeamNaach)
Credits: Instagram (akansha.vora)
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A post shared by Melvin Louis (@melvinlouis) on

Credits: Instagram (MelvinLouis)
Credits: Instagram (Ishpreet_dang)
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