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Desperate Times Call For Some Amazing Humour!

In the past few months, as things seem desperately incurable it will do us good to remember
that laughter truly is the best medicine.



Standup Comedy

Enticing laughter is truly one of the hardest things to do. Now, more than ever we could all do with a little guffaw or a smirk or even a simple smile. As we see the world spit out more and more disheartening headlines by the hour, some people take it upon themselves to spread joy and laughter because really, what else is life really about? A shared moment of happiness will make a home in your mind for the rest of your living days.

We bring you two such comics who, much like the alchemist’s stone, have turned our gloomy morose days into fun using amazing with and commentary. On September 21st, Munawar Faruqi released an eight-minute set entitled ‘Pubg, Arnab and Drugs’, which are definitely few terms nobody has been able to escape from in the last few days. Filled with witty commentary and hidden political discourse, this one will make you laugh and also feel energised about your place in the world and what you can do to make it as ethical as possible. Just on the brink of a million views, Faruqi’s skill and timing in this video stand apart on their own.

Credits: YouTube (Munawar Faruqui)

It is very difficult to streamline the world of comedy, there are a vast number of ways to make a person laugh and many comedians mould themselves into their unique ‘brands’. Some make it musical (a la Bo Burnham) and some like to keep it observational (like Kenny Sebastian), but there truly is no label that could encapsulate Gaurav Kapoor’s intuition and skill. In a video titled ‘Dollars and Happy Birthday’, he shows us a glimpse of a show conducted over zoom in which he tickles many funnybones of people from all around the globe. He brought forth a feeling of unity and togetherness tied through a string of jokes and punches. Surely, not one to miss out on!

Credits: YouTube (Gaurav Kapoor)

Disclaimer: The views, thoughts and opinions expressed in the performances belong solely to the artists and the performers and do not represent those of The Talented Indian. The platform is not responsible and does not verify for accuracy of any information contained in the performances. 



Breakup Tales: Some Lessons Through Poetry Performances

Today, we dive into the breakup tales narrated through these poetry performances, and learn some beautiful life lessons.




Breakups are often the worst nightmares for people. People perceive breakups as the dead end, a complete failure of themselves. True that betrayal, dishonesty, wrong timing, or any of the other reasons completely shackle us into little rooms of unhappiness and feelings of unworthiness, however, it is important to always see some good in the bad. On the internet, in books, in songs, you must have listened and read a gazillion rendition of breakup stories, moving on from breakups, or the heart wrenching effects of a broken relationship. Learning and growing are the processes of life, and many people express that through different artistic mediums. We present you two artists, not singers or songwriters, but poetry performers and storytellers, who have penned the experiences of breakup, love, and self growth in the most lyrical, warm and self introspective manner. Rachana Patil and Helly Shah, yet bring us poetry performance pieces worth listening to! 

Sorry, I Cheated On You – Rachana Patil 

Rachana Patil, through her effortless poetry performance, takes us on a story of ‘cheating’ in a relationship. This is not your conventional story of cheating through acts of adultery. Rachana Patil beautifully narrates how sometimes we lie to ourselves and our partners, and try to distort reality into moulding what love is and not. Rachana Patil puts a crucial question in front of us, “What is the definition of Love?” It is different for different people, and changes as we move from people to people. Therefore, how are we then not supposed to feel anxious about it? Rachana, through her story, takes the listener to a series of events and brings to spotlight breakup, cheating and love in a new perspective. Listen to her poetry performance now to have those eye-opening realisations.

Credits: YouTube Tape A Tale

Break Up Ke Baad – Helly Shah 

Helly Shah just debunked and sifted away all those google search advice on ‘How to get over a Breakup,’ Helly Shah, through her poetry performance, gives us an honest, raw and a much needed tale of self love and self worth. Like everyone else, she tried google’s advice to run away from her feelings of sadness and go on a trip, and so she did. Helly Shah found in this trip, and amidst the waves of the free-flowing rivers, the real answer she was looking for. In nature, and away from the city, in moments of fear and laughter, Helly Shah understood the secret to life and love. Helly’s lyrical and natural poetry performance is like a breath of fresh air.

Credits: YouTube Helly Shah
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Sharab Band, Zindagi Shuru: A Story On Overcoming Alcohol Addiction

Narrated by Neelesh Misra, “Shrab Band, Zindagi Shuru” is about the constant battle that an alcohol addict fights with himself.




According to National Crime Bureau, 139,123 people commit suicide in India every year, and 5.6% of these cases are directly related to alcohol and other substance consumption. The short film”Shrab Band, Zindagi Shuru” discusses the direct causal relationship between alcohol addiction and miseries such as strained family relations, mental disorders and frequent suicide attempts. 

“Sharab Band, Zindagi Shuru” and fourteen other such short stories are part of the “Meri Zindagi Campaign with Neelesh Mishra.” The campaign is a collaborative effort of ‘The WHO Southeast Asia Regional Office’ and Mr Neelesh Misra’s creative team. It brings forth the dangerous outcomes of alcohol or other substance abuse in front of the youth and guides them on how to quit it. The many audio stories released under the campaign discuss various aspects of alcohol use. 


The short film “Sharab Band, Zindagi Shuru” is the story of Yash Badal, the hero who, after 17 years of severe alcohol addiction, successfully reclaimed his life from alcohol. It is the story of his family who chose to seek help from professionals. A supportive family who stood by him in bad and worse is essentially the reason behind his revival. 

Yash’s alcohol addiction started when he was in school. Under peer pressure, he started drinking every week and soon, this weekly habit turned into daily practice. His addiction didn’t allow him to complete his graduation, have a promising career like his friends, or even a stable married life. Daily skirmishes and violence were usual at home, and soon, Yash, tired of daily fights with family and his addiction, got trapped in the web of depression and attempted to take his own life. 

But, Yash’s story is not about the struggle he faced due to alcohol addiction. His story is about acceptance, second chances and breaking the stereotypes related to alcohol addiction by talking about it. With constant support from family, he finally accepts his addiction and how lethal it is for him and wins his battle with alcohol. 

Today, Yash’s relationship with his family has improved, and he enjoys a blissful married life. Now, professionally, he is a well-known certified counsellor who helps alcohol-addicted people reclaim their lives back from the jaws of alcohol. He has also presented papers on alcohol at European Council and a conference in Dubai.

Yash’s story shows that addiction is not limited to the poor or uneducated, and neither it is impossible to overcome. If only, as a society, we could talk about it more openly rather than brush it under the carpet by demeaning the addict. In that case, we can push the youth of our country in the right direction, which makes an alarming 35% of total alcohol consumers in the country.

Credits : Youtube Neelesh Misra
Credit : The Talented Indian
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Spilling Poetry and Tales: Some Must Watch Stand up Performances

Words that might resonate with your intricate feelings, these stand up performers narrate poems and tales of love, passion and everyday life




Writers and poets have the exceptional talent to describe incomprehensible emotions, be it the feelings of love, hope, desires, helplessness, in perfect and coherent words. It feels a sense of relief to see that complex knot untied with a few words on the paper, or even through spoken words. Writers and poets, and their work, are our driving force in our lives. In times of relaxation and wanting a companionship, a book, or spoken ghazals and poetries, become our recluse. Here we’ve some beautiful, and thought provoking, absolutely gratifying stand up performances, each with a unique tale, each speaking one part of our lives. 

Woh Keh Na Saka – Mehak Mirza Prabhu 

Mehak Mirza Prabhu launches a captivating performance with her exceptionally sweet and cheerful tale. A single artist, she plays multiple roles in this one performance, and what a delivery, what weaving of the story, and what presentation! Her grace and poise never left her, and she made her audience swoon, excite, anticipate and laugh at the same time. The story is written by Mehak Mirza Prabhu, and its narration is enthralling, and will immediately grasp you in. Who doesn’t get excited when listening to a sweet and coy love story? Like a cherry on top, Mehak ends her stand up performance by singing a ravish ghazal. 

Credits: YouTube UnErase Poetry

Harkat Nahin – Spruha Joshi

Spruha Joshi delivers a thought provoking and wondrous piece in Malayalam. This short poem talks about growth, differences, and love. As people, we’re always changing, adapting, learning, and acquiring new skills. We’re bound to change and grow, and while some view it in negative connotations, like the most heard statement, “you’re not the same”, one often forgets that growth is not necessarily about changing, but about becoming a better version of ourselves. Spruha Joshi, through her poem, talks about how love can still bloom in these moments of growth and differences. 

Credits: YouTube Kommune India

Lifaafa – Shilpa Varma

Lifaafa by Shilpa Varma is an honest and an eye-opening tale of a woman. Shilpa Varma, through her tale, represents all those women who are striving hard to achieve their dreams, but find themselves bound by the shackles of duties, commitments, and, well, the duties of being a woman. Shilpa Varma narrates her desire to pursue her higher studies further, but what of her duties as a housewife? One of the most compelling lines she says is, “Mansi Mishra. Lifaafe pe yeh naam padhkr kitna acha laga …. is par Monty Guddu ki Mummy ya fir Mrs. Mishra Nahi Likha Hai. Mera Pura naam likha hai. Mansi Mishra.” Women have somehow lost themselves in the household drudgery, as playing the role of a mother and a wife, and through this stand up performance, Shilpa Varma open our eyes.  

Credits: YouTube Spill Poetry

Woh Akhri Khat – Krishna Singh and Rakesh Tiwari 

Krishna Singh and Rakesh Tiwari have a beautiful way with words. Presented as a series, titled, ‘Alvida’, ‘Woh Akhri Khat’ is the last part of the series. Krishna Singh and Rakesh Tiwari immerse each other in the characters, and present a stand up performance on a love story, and the harsh realities of it. A love, even though honest, can not go on for a long time. Both Krishna and Rakesh just find the right words to explain the distressing feelings, the acceptance of it, and continuing one’s life, regardless.

Credits: YouTube Half Baked Tales

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Listen to Neelesh Misra’s Jhoola: A Story on Alcohol Abuse

Using art to bring social change, the short audio story Jhoola discusses the wide-reaching consequences of alcoholism and a way out.




Consumption of alcohol is increasing day by day, and so do its unbearable consequences. As a result, according to the World Health Organization, 3.3 million people die every year due to alcohol-related problems and approximately 5.5% of the global burden of diseases results from alcohol consumption. The consequences of alcoholism don’t just end at depreciating health; it has far-reaching psychological, social, and legal consequences. These include domestic violence and strained relationships with family members to an unending financial crisis and even premature death. The intoxicated state forces people to indulge in violence, road accidents, and other serious conflicts. A study conducted by the National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS) in 12 major hospitals in Bangalore city found that nearly 28% of road accident injuries directly resulted from alcohol intake.


The short audio story Jhoola, written by Anulata Raj Nair, is a part of the “Meri Zindagi Campaign with Neelesh Mishra.” The campaign is a collaborative effort of ‘The WHO Southeast Asia Regional Office’ and Mr. Neelesh Misra’s creative team. It brings forth the dangerous outcomes of alcohol or other substance abuse in front of the youth and guides them on how to quit it. The many audio stories released under the campaign discuss various aspects of alcohol use. 


Jhoola is about a joyous girl Radhika who adores the village she recently got married in. She loves its fertile land, greenery, and mango gardens. But, dark reality of the town couldn’t evade her for long. Radhika observes that the alcohol-addicted village makes it impossible for women to go out after dusk while during the daytime, scars are to be seen on every women body . People are in a deep financial crisis that hampers the education of the female child, and daily quarrels are common after dark.

After a lot of hesitation and thinking, she starts a campaign with the village women. Together, they work towards spreading awareness about alcohol abuse and its brutal consequences. Initially suffering some resistance, Radhika and other women successfully convince the whole village and its head in favor of the alcohol ban.

Gradually, the nights in the town became equally blissful as days. Now women don’t hide their hurt bodies. Family relationships are improving, and better financial conditions allow girls to rejoin the school. The village youth is pushed in the right direction and now focuses more on getting a good job.
One step taken by Radhika changed the direction of villagers forever. It shows that sometimes all we need to do is take a step forward, and the rest will follow.

In collaboration with great storyteller Neleesh Mishra, WHO rightly uses this platform to spread awareness, help people quit alcohol addiction, and bring about a significant societal change.

Credits: Youtube (Neelesh Misra)
Credit: The Talented Indian
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Storytelling Sessions with Rachana Patil and Nayab Midha

Rachana Patil and Nayab Midha’s storytelling bring us snippets of their lives in a lyrical way, some lessons, some beautiful realisations.




As little children, we’ve often troubled our grandmothers to tell us bedtime stories. These stories were moments of exhilaration, excitement, and anticipation. Some people have a way of words with their storytelling. They make the most mundane experiences and moments of life significant and weighty. Storytellers create an atmosphere of delight, suspense and ignite in us the feelings of awaiting, Rachana Patil and Nayab Midha, each with their own unique way of knitting the rhythmic stories, bring to the table two distinct stories from their lives. These are the stories adorned with personal teachings, realisations, hopes, and lessons. 

Career Ka Kya Plan Hai – Rachana Patil 

Rachana Patil transports us to the crowd of the city of Mumbai. Her words, her metaphors, her expressions and tones, literally sets a scene around you, to completely engross you in her storytelling. Rachana Patil brings out the irony of the city of Mumbai, and the hypocrisy of our daily lives. Growing up, we’ve all been driven stressed by the question of ‘career’. The constant anxiety is only tripled when our relatives ask us about our career paths. Rachana Patil was posed with the same question by her uncle in the midst of a traffic jam in Mumbai. Later she takes the local train, and there witnesses an incident, a family, to be precise, which changes her whole perspective. She finds her vision in the hubbub of Mumbai. This new vision she gets is something we must all think about in our lives because it is eye opening and like a breath of warmth and comfort. Check out this episode of her storytelling to get to know what that moment of realisation was! 

Credits: YouTube Tape A Tale

Ghar Jaisa Ishq – Nayab Midha

Nayab Midha brings to her audience the realities of long-distance relationships. Many people hold love in high regard, that no matter the distance, love always prevails. However, here Nayab Midha lyrically narrates both the ugly and beautiful sides of long-distance relationships. Nayab Midha shares the story of childhood love, which blossomed into even a stronger love as the pair grew up together. However, life is driven by dreams. Some dreams which can only be fulfilled in big cities. Promises of meeting often are made, but as Nayab Midha says that a handful of memories can not always make up for the distance. The storytelling by Midha brings us to new facets of love, and how sometimes people have to give up on each other, on some dreams, and accept the realities. Do listen to Nayab Midha’s beautiful storytelling on love and dreams!

Credits: YouTube Tape A Tale
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