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Digital Illustrators To Keep An Eye Out For

Meet the visionaries who are making art accessible and relatable. And they are not afraid to experiment and switch it up a bit.



Digital Illustrations, artists, Illustrations

Art has always been part of life. With increased awareness about the benefits of art, it only makes sense to make it more accessible to the people. Without accessibility, awareness will only end up being a one-way street as it won’t yield any practical results. Hence enters digital illustration, an art form that’s not so grand that it needs to be confined in an art museum, yet so fun that it needs to be highly accessible to the larger mass to get the appreciation it deserves. From relatable and heart-warming to quirky, there’s a variety of illustrations available. And with digital art becoming all the rage it increases the accessibility of illustrations.

Below mentioned are some very talented digital illustrators to keep an eye out for:

Vishnu Narayanan

A graphic designer from Kerala, Vishnu is a self-taught digital and traditional artist. His illustrations range from everyday simple things to movie posters and portraits of well-known artists. By trying to bring out the various colours of reality in his art his illustrations are a sweet treat for the eyes.

Credits: Instagram (iamyourvn)
Credits: Instagram (iamyourvn)


An up-and-coming digital illustrator with a big focus on portraits, Sindhu’s works are here to transport you from one world to another. Some funny and some hyper-realistic, her work shows the variety of projects she has dipped her toes in and shined.

Credits: Instagram (sindhunrsi)
Credits: Instagram (sindhunrsi)

Naveen Selvanathan

An art enthusiast whose love for art made him continue with it even after completing an engineering degree. Naveen is a visual development artist with over 10 years of experience in illustration, game and movie concept art. Although highly acclaimed for his work with major animation companies such as Dreamworks Feature Animation Studio, Sony Picture Animation, and Disney Interactive Studios, his work on his Instagram page act as a beautiful collage of all our childhood dreams coming true.

Credits: Instagram (naveen.selvan)
Credits: Instagram (naveen.selvan)

Surio Petool

Another up-and-coming illustrator, Surio’s works add a touch of animation to everyday life. With a lot of focus on portraits, he manages to produce one-of-a-kind digital avatars for each of his muses. Complete with vibrant colours and sharp details his work will leave you in awe.

Credits: Instagram (surio_pentool)
Credits: Instagram (surio_pentool)

Anwesha Paul

With a mission to pour colours into a grey world, Anwesha is set on making this world more quirky and pretty than it was before. With funny and unique illustrations that highlight her motto, she is not afraid to experiment with different colours. Her work is featured on Vivel’s ad campaign and Reebok Classic India’s Instagram story as well.

Credits: Instagram (parkers_illustrations)
Credits: Instagram (parkers_illustrations)

Gokul G. Prasad

An Indian-based illustrator, product and graphic designer, Gokul is the kind of illustrator you would like to hire to give your work life and fill it with nostalgia. From pretty to funny to aesthetic his works have covered it all. With an amazing audience, there’s no telling how much he will grow in the coming years. 

Credits: Instagram (kaapicino)
Credits: Instagram (kaapicino)

Jumana vp

Jumana is a freelance artist and digital illustrator from Kerala, India. With skills extending beyond the realms of digital art and including sketching and painting, Jumana is an all-rounder in the field of art. The attention to detail and versatility that their work holds are what make them stand out.

Credits: Instagram (jumana__vp)
Credits: Instagram (jumana__vp)

Richa Bhembre

A graphic designer, freelance illustrator and designer based in India, Richa is an artist whose artworks are a breath of fresh air. From cute and heart-warming illustrations like the one showing an old man standing beside a bookstore on a rainy day to quirky and fun ones like the bored face of a reindeer, she is ever ready to play with different elements. 

Credits: Instagram (richaa_14)
Credits: Instagram (richaa_14)

Editor's Pick

Sir M Visvesvaraya: The Visionary Engineer

Sir M Visvesvaraya’s leadership and administrative acumen earned him the title of “the maker of modern Mysore.”'



Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya, otherwise known as MV, was a well-known Indian Civil engineer, administrator, and statement. MV’s illustrious career and remarkable contributions earned him many awards and honours, making him an iconic figure in Indian history.

Visvesvaraya was born on 15th September 1861. He got an early education in Bangalore and went on to earn a Bachelor of Science ( BSc) degree from the University of Madras. Visvesvaraya pursued engineering studies at the College of Engineering, Pune, graduating with a Diploma in Civil Engineering. During his time at the Deccan Club in Pune, he was associated with influential figures like Sir R.G.Bhandarkar, Gopal Krishna Gokhale, and Justice Mahadev Govind Ranade, enriching his intellectual circle.

Engineering Marvels and Recognition:

MV’s engineering came to the forefront when he began working for the Government of British India in the Public Works Department, Bombay. He implemented complex irrigation systems in the Deccan Plateau and patented an automatic weir water floodgate system. It significantly improved water storage levels in reservoirs. His achievements led to the implementation of the same approach in various dams, like the Khadakvasla Dam near Pune. Visvesvaraya’s expertise extended to other regions as well; he implemented a water supply and drainage system in Aden while working for the British Colony.

In 1909, he was invited to serve as the chief engineer of Mysore State, and under the patronage of Maharaja Krishnraja Wadiyar IV. He made significant contributions to the state’s development. His achievements at this time were extraordinary. He established factories, institutions, and industrial places, like Mysore Soap Factory. Visvesvaraya played a key role in the founding of the Bangalore Polytechnic, Bangalore Agricultural University, and the Government Engineering College in Bangalore. He also oversaw the construction of various railway lines in Mysore Railways.

Dewan of Mysore:

In 1912, Visvesvaraya was appointed the 19th Dewan of Mysore by Maharaja Krishnaraja Wadiyar IV, a position he held for nearly seven years. As a Dewan, he continued to drive the development of the Kingdom of Mysore and furthered the cause of education and industry.

Legacy and Honors:

Visvesvaraya’s contributions are recognized both nationally and internationally. He was appointed a Companion of the Order of the Indian Empire in 1911 and knighted as a Knight Commander of the Order of the Indian Empire in 1915. After Independence, he was honoured with the Bharat Ratna in 1955. Throughout his life, he received several honorary memberships, fellowships, and degrees from various institutions. Many colleges and institutions have been named after him in recognition of his legacy.

An Enduring Impact:

Sir M Visvesvaraya’s dedication, technical brilliance, and integrity continue to inspire generations of engineers and administrators. His love for Kannada and his efforts to promote its improvement left a lasting impact on the cultural landscape of Karnataka. The Visvesvaraya National Memorial Trust preserves his memory at his birthplace of Muddenahalli, spotlighting his awards, personal belongings, and the models of the dams he designed. His legacy lives on, through monuments and the hearts of countless Indians who remember him as the true visionary and nation-builder he was.

Sir M Visvesvaraya’s life exemplifies the power of determination, education, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. His contributions as an engineer, administrator, and statesman have left a lasting mark on India’s development. Every year on 15th September we celebrate Engineer’s Day in India, Sri Lanka, and Tanzania in honour of this remarkable man. As we remember and celebrate his contributions and accomplishments let us draw inspiration from his life and work. Sir M Visvesvaraya will always be remembered as one of India’s greatest nation-builders and visionaries.

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Short Films

Golden Jubilee, Evokes Unresolved Questions Of Who Dicates Life

A movie questioning normalcy in society, last resorts and destined unfolding of lives through Mishra couple. A quest to find an answer.



Golden Jubilee

Golden Jubilee, is a story of love that fears mundanity and loneliness where euthanasia seems like the last resort. Written and directed by Pawan Kumar Nayak, has constructed the narrative provokes sentiments but also shows a comforting reality there is a stipulated time but life is worth it.

The setting of the movie reflects a familiar family. A family of old pair called Mishras, engaging in a habitual lifestyle. The eerie and unsettling question of death emerges from a crippling fear of loneliness. The Mishra is seen as each other’s only absolute reliance with unconditional love for each other. Love to some extent that the absence of either of them would negate the purpose of life. Abandonment issues and the trauma of isolation are intense when they are the sole individuals they have in their lives. Old age is dawning and time remains fleeting which forces them to take the leashes of death into their own hands. Thought of a scheduled painless is more comforting than life imposing that pain.

Golden Jubilee shows clashing beliefs of euthanasia as relief and elimination of pain from the couple’s side. Whereas societal prejudices of deeming it morally wrong and unacceptable insanity. The lawyer’s interaction with the couple shows the legalisation is still determined by certain criteria instead of the latter’s ‘living will.’ The movies attempt to show the unsettling dilemma of taking their own lives through instances which remain a failure. The cancellation of human will and dominance of fate of life becomes evident.

Baldev Trehan and Usha Nagar have portrayed the Mishra couple depicting the crisis of life and death immaculately through their expression. Their performances make the character complex yet simple by making viewers more empathetic. The calmness they exert even when the subject of death is heavy is what provokes and elevates the movie.

The Golden Jubilee as the film comes to some conclusion when they are seen celebrating. The visible joy and love seem unconditional but it fades out immediately when their decision to end their life is brought into final execution. The strangeness that cinema manages to portray in those few seconds is simply not fathomable but leaves you with unanswered questions. The introspective existential question only leaves you spiralling and unsettled with more uncertainty. The movie blacks out and takes another turn when they are seen in a hospital with dawning aftermath and neck injuries. The normalcy showed through them finally accepting fate and still taking care of each other almost blurring their past. The courage to still live and make an attempt to thrive with given resources is all we can do.

The movie at the end of the day does encourage the idea to thrive and cherish. Strive for your desires but stay content just like the old couple. Life is big and the power to make it significantly lively relies on us. The contrasting shift of having limited power and attaining power still continues to provoke you. Indeed a beautifully made film addressing the complexities, a human brain can never fathom.

Credits: Vimeo
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The Elephant Whisperers: A Saga of Love

True love knows no bounds and who better to learn it from than mother nature herself? “The Elephant Whisperer” will make you reimagine your concept of love.



The Elephant Whisperes, Oscar, Guneet Monga, Documentary, Short Film

What is love? A question that has plagued humankind for centuries. Is it the feeling that makes you bring the entire world to that certain someone’s feet? Or is it the feeling that puts a smile on your face when you see them smile? Or is it the feeling that makes you want to take care of someone for no particular reason? If yes, is it always limited to just humans? “The Elephant Whisperers” will make you question just that.

The Elephant Whisperers: A Glimpse

Directed by Kartiki Gonsalves, “The Elephant Whisperers” is a short documentary that will make you marvel at the beauty of love. Shot in the lush forest of Tamil Nadu, it narrates the tale of Ammu and Raghu two baby elephant orphans who found a new set of parents in Bomman and Bellie. Belonging to the tribe of Kattunayakan, both Bomman and Bellie are tribal people. They take pride in knowing their way around the forest and are the proud caretakers of baby elephants.

Raising an adult elephant who already knows how to bathe and feed itself is hard, imagine raising a baby. Seems beyond impossible. That’s what the people at the Theppakadu Elephant camp, at the Mudumalai Tiger Reserve thought so too, until Bomman and Bellie came into the picture. By successfully raising two baby elephants, they became the first couple in South India to do so. And their secret; just take care of them as you would take care of your own kid and the rest will all fall into place.

The Elephant Whisperers: A Love Beyond Species

In a short span of 40 minutes, Bomman and Bellie taught us what it actually means to be a true parent. They showed us that if animals don’t discriminate while spreading their love to us then why should we limit ourselves? Bellie who lost her daughter not too long ago got another chance at motherhood. And Bomman whose love for elephants knew no bounds finally got another chance to care for them. 

One might think that given Bellie and Bomman are “The Elephant Whisperers” they must be quite prideful of their ability. But in reality, they thank their lucky stars every day that they were able to connect with these two kids and provide them with the love and affection that they were deprived of so early in their life. Their down-to-earth nature and humility help one understand the true essence of being a parent. The way the elephants attach themselves to them will make one question whether or not they are actually elephants. From scolding them like parents to tending to them and being there for them not only physically but also emotionally to ensuring they have the freshest grass for each meal, they are in every sense a true family.


Just like mother nature whose love knows no bounds their love is equally boundless. They are tribal people who are proud children of mother nature. They will not shy away from protecting it as and when the time comes. They ensure that their traditions are passed down to their children. This ensures that they continue to give back to nature as it tirelessly provides for them. 

Bringing in the theme of family, deforestation awareness, and what it means to truly love, it is no wonder that “The Elephant Whisperers” bagged the Oscar Award for Best Documentary Short Film at the 95th Academy Awards. Fictional movies heavily cover such themes. But it is very rare to stumble upon documentaries that capture such beautiful love in real life. It truly feels as if it’s mother nature whose love has won.

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