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Exquisite Movements Filled With Grace: These Dance Performances Will Enrapture You

We bring you a selection of mesmerizing dance performances which will leave you smiling all
day long!



Dance Performances

Gifted and skillful, these dancers have not only mastered their style of dance – movement and expression but also are brilliant performers. The aesthetics of the set, costume and videography is as glorious as their technical skills. The amalgamation of these has taken the form of these delightful dance performances.  

We have hand-picked a selection of talented dancers who will charm your socks off with their graceful movements!

Nivi and Ishnavi

Niveditha And Ishanvi Hegde make up an adorable mother-daughter dancing duo under the channel name Laasya. Their Bollywood fusion choreography is set to the ‘Shershaah’ film song, Raatan Lambiyan. The transitions between the contrasting sets, along with their smooth movements and expressions, makes the dance performance an absolute delight to watch. And let’s not forget the cuteness overload with the matching outfits and big smiles!

Credits: YouTube (Laasya)


Ritu Hariyani choreographed this beautiful routine for the song, Ranjhaa from the film ‘Shershaah’, which is now uploaded on her YouTube Channel, Burritu. With her stunning expressions and elegant moves, she truly delivers a flawless performance. 

Credits: YouTube (Burritu)


This channel showcases the immense talent of Mohana Meem and Eshapriya Das. This particular choreography is a Kathak-Contemporary fusion on Ed Dil Ek Jaan from the film Padmavaat. Mohana Meem’s dance performance here is bound to leave you awestruck! It’s the lush greenery surrounding her, the gorgeous outfit and her skilful yet effortless movements that, when put together, are truly dazzling.  

Credits: YouTube (NRITYAM – Seeking Steps to Euphoria)

Kashika Sisodia

Dance truly is a medium of storytelling, isn’t it? In her flawless dance performance of the song ‘Ranjha’ from the film, ‘Shershaah’, Kashika does justice to this soulful piece of music. With an incredible outfit change, her graceful movements and apt expressions, she translates every word into a visual emotion and it is absolutely beautiful to watch. 

Credits: YouTube (Kashika Sisodia)
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The Spectacular Moves By These Kids Will Leave You Ecstatic

Here are some exceptionally talented kids to blow our minds with their phenomenal performance. Hats Off to these bundles of knack!




The passion, emotions and ardor groove out from the heart to disguise themselves in the dance moves. Dance is a treat for the eyes and soup for the soul. Eyes glued, heart reverberating and feet syncing with the steps, it makes us lose into a different denizen. Sometimes tickling the fantasies at other times fuelling us with passion, dance never escapes catering for the heart. Here are these extremely gifted kids, who make us astounded with their steps. From semi-classical to Bollywood, they have resplendently unfolded their talents. These juveniles showing up on stage will make our chests imbibe the pride, and the enchantment will seep through the heart. Please welcome them with a big round of applause! 

Nainika and Thanaya

The energetic steps of Nainika and Thanaya made us stand in awe. The moves synced with the beats and the expression up to the mark. Their grooves on the Telugu song Saami Saami from the album Pushpa-The Rise has set the stage on fire. Their impeccable makeover and the background have further added to the effect. The synchronization with the beats and coordination with each other is stupendous. They have captured the intricate steps flawlessly. They will undoubtedly make you jump off your seats in admiration.  Hats Off to these incredible pieces of talent! Head towards this absolute masterpiece. 

[Credits: YouTube-Nainika Thanaya]

Ishanvi Hegde

The team Laasya presented to us another package of knacks, Ishanvi Hegde. Ishanvi has astounded us with her remarkable performance on the track Kanha Soja Zara from Bahubali-2. She has performed semi-classical Bollywood style impeccably. The captivating countenance and the flawless performance has made our eyes glued to her. The exuberant skills at the age of 4, is unbelievable! Her traditional attire has further adorned the ambience. She has a plethora of talent! It indeed is a commendable performance. She will make your jaws drop in awe. What are you waiting for? Give a treat to your eyes, head on to a wonderful performance.

  [Credits: YouTube Laasya]


Here is another epitome of brilliance, Aditri. The tiny bundle of excellence, her dainty steps on 52 Gaj ka Daman has woven us with awe. The touch of tradition in her attire and props has enhanced the effect. The cinematography and choreography have also reached the heights of perfection. Energetic moves, flawless grooves and adorable expressions, she is a complete package! You won’t be able to take your eyes off her. All you would be able to say after the performance is ‘’Once More’’. Move on to watch this incredible talent.   

[Credits: Youtube- Dancercise Studio]

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These Jaw-Dropping Dance Performances Will Steal Your Heart

Let us meet the dancers who stunned us with their stupendously special moves, poured in a lot of ecstasy and thrill.




Dance is an art that emanates from the heart, composes and soothes the hearts of its viewers. It is the execution of emotions that is not seen but felt and nurtured, it possesses the ability to soothe. It holds the potential to heal and nurture. The mushrooming love that is encapsulated disguises itself in the moves. The abode of the synchronized and rhythmical moves, where the beats of the heart resonate with the chords played. There lies a dancer’s heart. Countenance expresses the ecstasy of the heart, the unconfessed love or the festoon of desires unfulfilled. It is an articulation that whispers to the submerged passion beneath and awakens it to express itself. 

KS Chitra and P JayaChandran- Led us to the abode of flawless dance steps and elegant moves. 

Hamsika: The wings of dance brought to us these two amazing dancers. The synchronized, rhythmic moves on the Malayalam song Ariyathe Ariyathe made us bounce off our seats. The fluent grooves and the expressions made us venture into the musical endeavour with an awe-striking dance performance. The beautiful costumes with a touch of tradition in it further embellished the aura. The steps are truly intricate and well-executed. The amalgamation of elegance, grace, synchronisation and rhythmicity is all set to mesmerize its viewers.  

Credits: YouTube [Hamsika: With Wings of Dance]

Anna and Nikitha: The flabbergasting moves fueled with energized grooves

The impeccable energized dance steps of Anna and Nikitha made all of us swirl with the Tamil song Tum Tum. The wonderful execution and choreography will undoubtedly steal the hearts of its viewers. Their stupendous steps reverberated with the beats of the heart. The location and the costume did absolute justice to the dance. This exuberant performance will undeniably make the hearts swell with applause.

Credits: YouTube [INZYNC DUO-Anna & Nikitha]

Praseetha and Praveena Nandu; The fluent moves with the mesmerizing swirls that made us entranced 

The dainty bedazzling steps on the Malayalam soulful song Pavizha Mazha took us to the abode of soulful dance. The soothing moves pacified the heart. The equitable beautiful weather added condiment to their flawless swirls. The Nandu sisters made us drop our jaws in awe. The performance is a plethora of serenity that will soothe the souls and compose the hearts.

Credits: YouTube [Praveena Nandu]

Anna and Nikitha: The concoction of enchanting expressions and marvellous moves  

Anna Prasad and Nikitha Joseph once again captivated our hearts with this soulful performance. The countenance laced with words impeccably depicted the virtual meaning of the song. The background further adorned their execution. Be it the synchronization of the steps, or the expression, all of it allured us with charm. This glorious execution is all equipped to magnetize its admirers.

Credits: YouTube [INZYNC DUO-Anna & Nikitha]
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High on Dance: Some Enthralling Dance Choreographies

Passionate dance choreographers grooving to the music with the correct beats and performances will have you in awe.



Dance Covers

Dancing is an act of living. We have been exposed to it since our childhood. On days of great merriment, celebrations and fun, dance brightens up the occasion even more. Holding a different lens of dance, we see the art in it. Choreographers hold one of the pillars of this art form. Synchronising with the rhythms of the music, they design and create the dance steps and performances. A dancer, as well as a choreographer, truly, is not only flawless and in control of their body, but sensitive to music as well. Behind great performances at award shows, music videos, weddings, etc. is a dance choreographer. So, here we bring you some amazing dancers and their choreographies. 

Tenu Lehenga by Tejas & Ishpreet ft. Divya K. 

Tenu Lehenga has been a fan favourite since its release. On this upbeat song, Tejas and Ishpreet choreograph some fluent dance steps with just the correct touch of desi in it. From the easy yet creative steps to perfect expressions, the trio leaves the viewer energised and happy. The dance choreography did complete justice to the Punjabi song.

Credits: YouTube Dancefit Live

Manike Mage Hithe: Nrityam x Creative Illusion 

This collaboration of dancers and choreographers delivered a soulful folk fusion performance. This Bangla Folk Mashup will certainly liven you up. The music is beautiful and with the dancers’ touch, it rounds to an even more eloquent gracefulness and artistic endeavour. Classical music performances are always an exemplary experience.

Credits: YouTube NRITYAM – Seeking Steps to Euphoria

Debolinaa Nandy (Taal se Taal Mila)

Indian Classical Dance is the soul of India. It is one of the most beautifully crafted dance forms, which seeks the message of beauty and serenity. The fluent simultaneous feet and hand movements, with unmistaken synchronization with the music is immaculate. The excellent videography makes the performance even more cathartic. 

Credits: Debolinaa Nandy Productions

Himanshu Dulani (Tu Hi Mera)

Tu Hi Mera is a bewitching romantic song. One can only imagine soft and slow dance choreographies on it, but Himanshu Dulani, defied all odds. He produced freestyle hip hop choreography. The phenomenal quick dance steps, and the rhythmicity of his body movements are bound to have you speechless. The choreography and the performance will want you to dance as smoothly as him.

Credits: YouTube Himanshu Dulani

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Following the Taal and Rhythm: Presenting Surreal Dance Performers

These diverse set of dancers, through their adept dance performances, covers and different dance forms, make the beat follow them.



Dance Cover

When American Dancer Martha Graham said, “Dance is the hidden language of the soul”, she applied the truest definition to this art form. Human beings have invented numerous dance forms, each having its own specialty. Dance becomes one’s own personal claimed language. The chaotic energised dance performances in an Indian Baraat, the excelling dance performances on stages, dance covers posted online, in all these cases function as an expression of one’s feelings. Dance is always about celebration and merriment. It doesn’t have to be perfect all the time. Surely, some people are born with dexterous body movements. With grace, charm and energy, dancers add more serenity to the music they perform on. An enjoyable moment for some, and cathartic for others, nobody can ever deny an appealing dance performance. So here we offer you some magnificent, energetic and graceful dancers and. 

Debolinaa Nandy

Indian Classical Dance is the quintessence of beauty, power and grace. It is brimmed with tranquility and elegance. Debolinaa Nandy with Prity Biswas dance to the evergreen song ‘Taal se Taal Mila’, and leave our hearts calm and composed. The excellent videography amidst the green lush background increases its serenity. Debolinaa and Prity dance with fluency and naturalness which completes the entire performance.

Credits: YouTube Debolinaa Nandy Production

Jainil Mehta ft. Evan Matthew Stewart

Garba, the dance soul of Gujarat, is hailed as symbolic to feminine divinity. Jainil and Evan’s coordinated garba performance is loud with passion and perfection. Styling in the traditional Ghagra, each twirl and turn is perfect. The coordination between their footwork and the cooperation between the versatile flexible movements between them is fulfilling.

Credits: YouTube Jainil Mehta

Sneha Kapoor Gothi 

Dedicated Dancer, Sneha Kapoor, choreographed and performed a semi classical dance cover on the song, ‘Tum Tak’. The sheer poise in each step leaves the spectator in awe. The choreography is exceptionally beautiful and detailed. Every beat of the song is captured by Sneha through dance. There are some simple slow steps, and some other really quick and hard steps. The choreography is the work of a true dancer. A must watch semi classical dance cover it is! 

Credits: YouTube Sneha Kapoor

Damnfam Diwali Special 

Damnfam performed an energetic and fun group Diwali dance performance. Power packed, not misplacing a single step, they showed the dance’s true spirit that is enjoyment. Like the ever glowing Diwali days, Damnfam’s dance is glowing on their faces as well. Performing to Bollywood hits, they don’t miss a beat or an expression. Dance on Diwali days are exuberant, filled with thrill, and this dance performance crosses that standard. 

Credits: YouTube DamnFam!

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Tanishq Joshi: Blending The Best Of Bollywood With Hip-Hop

Crossing all the hurdles life threw at him, dancer Tanishq Joshi is an inspiration to all young artists who wish to pursue their dreams




Tanishq Joshi

Tanishq Joshi is a name quite familiar to all dance enthusiasts and aspiring hip-hop dancers. Hailing from Indore, he started dancing as a hobby while in school from a very young age. Watching Hrithik Roshan and Ganesh Hegde on TV, he quickly took an interest in it. He performed in school functions without any formal training. Though Joshi wanted to be a soccer player while in school, life had different plans for him. 

While he was in tenth grade,a car ran over him. This accident turned things around in his life. When doctors suggested physical activity for proper recovery he did not have to think twice about joining dance classes. That was the beginning point of his dance journey. The accident broke his left tibia, but not his spirit! He advanced very quickly through different levels in the dance class within a very short span. 


He moved to the US at the age of 17 to pursue his studies in Finance. But he did not give up his passion for dance. The perseverance he has is worth a mention. He took a number of classes at the university while working as a barista at Starbucks.

He describes the hectic schedule he had to follow for a few years during which he had to tackle 6-7 classes, work till 10 pm and had to do all the academic work by midnight. But even with such a tight schedule, he did not forget to find time for dance. He recalls going out to the streets at night after a long day “to freestyle, to learn, to choreograph”.

His dedication to dance started finding results soon. He was picked directly from his dance class, without an audition, by the dance crew Creative Reaction. This required him to take weekend classes in New York. He had to spend the weekdays working and studying and the weekends training. As part of Creative Reaction, he was able to showcase his talent to a wide audience. It was a boost to his confidence when the team choreographed by him won second place at World of Dance, New Jersey.

Talking about his founding influences, he mentions how dancer Matt Steffanina was a game-changer as he posted class videos on YouTube for free, which inspired him to take more classes and learn choreography. Dinita Clark and Kyle Clark, he said, have helped him realize that dance is not just a career, but a lifestyle. 

Credits: YouTube (Tanishq Joshi)

Embracing His Roots

The unique element in Joshi’s choreography style is the blending of Western dance with Bollywood songs. He did not plan to do this from the beginning of his dance journey. This happened out of his desire to own the culture he belongs to.

During his time in LA, he realized that what makes one unique is his/her self. This includes one’s “culture, background, country, family”, which Joshi very frankly admits were things he wanted to hide about himself. The stereotyping experiences, like being called “a good dancer for an Indian”, made him move further away from his identity during his freshman year.

Through his experiences of auditioning for multiple agencies and failing to get into any, he learned that it was not about skill, but about “type”. He shares how he was not picked up because he didn’t fit the “6”1, muscular, black” category. That is when he decided to truly own his “type” and started dancing to Bollywood songs. It was the dance that made him embrace himself and his identity as an Indian that he tried to conceal. He began to train heavily and took part in camps, classes and workshops all over New York, LA and Philadelphia. 

Credits: YouTube (Tanishq Joshi)

Making His Mark

During the pandemic, he started blending his dance with Bollywood tracks to come up with a style completely of his own.

This new fusion of Bollywood flavour with what Joshi calls a “LA/New York/ Philadelphia/ Atlanta style” of dance garnered him a lot of appreciation. Soon, Snowglobe Perspective and TMilly TV Studio picked him to train classes. Thus, making him the first South Asian to teach at these studios.

This is an accomplishment that opens gates for others who wish to venture into this field. He noted how there is a lack of Indian industry leaders (except for Shivani Bhagwan and Chaaya Kumar, who run B-Funk, which is a huge brand in the US) and Indian hip-hop role models to look up to. He describes the hard times he had to face trying to get noticed in the industry in the initial period and wishes that he had a community backing him up in his struggles instead of having to fight his battles alone. The truly great achievement of Joshi is the path he has paved for aspiring passionate dancers. He hopes that upcoming Indian dancers get a chance to move out to places like LA where they could get better training. 

What Tanishq wishes to pass on to someone who is starting in their field of passion is to be consistent and to graph their growth. He firmly believes in the mantra that if one puts hard work into something, results would gradually, but surely, follow. To the aspiring dancers, his advice is to take at least three classes in one day and stay consistent to see the results. Consistency, he believes, is the key to success in every field. 

A Word Of Advice

Dance, for Joshi, is something that plasters to mind and body. He also urges artists to not stop learning or exploring fields outside their niche. He calls on dancers to explore and experiment with different choreography, try out cinematography, sound production, lighting or any other aspect that could enhance their skills. 

From dance being a mere hobby to realizing it is his true calling, Tanishq Joshi has come a long way. At such a young age, he has been able to make his mark in the dance industry as well as be a trailblazer for young, upcoming artists. 

Credits: YouTube (Tanishq Joshi)

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