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Flute Covers To Unwind To

Stop, take a seat, plug in your headphones and start playing one of these flute covers and let it do the magic for you.



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With people getting more and more busy running after material happiness, the art of just sitting down and listening to a soulful melody is lost. Gone are the days when the entire village used to surround Lord Krishna while he played a tune to calm every soul walking on this earth. So, we bring to you a list of flute covers that are bound to help you relax whenever you feel stressed.

A. R. Rahman Flute Tribute by Parth Chandiramani

Growing up as an avid music lover who fell in love with just listening to music way before going ahead and mastering it, Parth Chandiramani pays tribute to the Indian music legend A. R. Rahman. Being influenced by him from a tender age, Chandiramani chooses two beautiful classics of Rahman, Roja Jaaneman and Yeh Haseen Waadiyan to capture the audience in a trance with his beautiful and articulate flute playing skills. Ensuring that this medley captures the true essence of the original song sung by the legend, he captures each inflexion of notes in the original song with grace and ease.

Credits- YouTube (Bryden-Parth Music)

Waves of The River by Swarnim Maharjan x Dharmendra Mali ft. Metronome Band

Capturing the childlike pitter-patter of the river rushing past the river banks in a hurry, Swarnim Maharjan immortalises these movements with the help of his flute. Starting off with a calm and mellow flow, the tune of the song changes as seconds pass by. First highlighting the childlike innocence and purity of the river before elaborating on the fickleness of the child of nature who happily rushes past each stream spreading joy and happiness to everything it crosses paths with. This cover is sure to make you imagine running down the hill as you follow the soft cackle of the river.

Credits- YouTube (Swarnim Maharjan)

Kishore Kumar Flute Medley by Bubai Nandy

Is it ever possible to find a perfect medley of some of the greatest classics sung by the legend Kishore Kumar that speaks to your soul on a divine level? Bubai Nandy’s flute cover medley will prove to you that it is indeed possible. Doing a medley of Chingari, Hume Tumse Pyaar Kitna, Rimjhim Gire Sawan, and Kuch to Log Kahenge, Nandy stuns you with his beautiful skills that bring each note of each song to life making you feel like you are listening to a more soulful version of the original song.

Credits- YouTube (Bubai Nandy Flute Official)

Mere Naina Saawan Badhon Flute Cover by Mani Tilak

An ever-green delight that will make you hum to its tune every time it starts playing. This flute cover by Mani Tilak is all you need when you feel like listening to this classic as a background accompaniment to your thoughts. Skillfully played and well captured, this cover keeps the essence of the original song alive while giving it a mellow touch.

Credits- YouTube (MANITILAK)

Varaha Roopam Flute Cover by Divyansh Shrivastava

Beautifully capturing the urgency and peacefulness in the flute cover of Varaha Roopam, Divyansh Shrivastava, manages to bring both order and chaos to his melodic arrangement. With his mastery over the flute, it comes as no surprise that his cover helps one feel as if they have achieved divine elevation. Leaving traces of goosebumps on your skin when you listen to this piece, this cover is sure to make you leave in a more spiritually awakened state than in the one you came in.

Credits- YouTube (Divyansh Shrivastava flutist)


A Song For A Mood

Confused about what song to play and how to set the mood for the day? Don’t worry because we’ve got you covered!



playlist, songs, mood, indie music, original composition

How often do you open Spotify or YouTube and give up because you just can’t find the right song to match your mood? It’s hard but hey once you find the right one you won’t be able to stop playing it on repeat. We understand your pain and we understand the joy that you experience and hence to make your life a whole lot easier we present to you a playlist that will surely evoke a lot of emotions.

Humne Bhi by The Western Ghats

With a catchy beat with soulful lyrics and melody, this song brings out a lot of emotion. Ranging from happy to nostalgic to a tab bit melancholy, this song is bound to bring a subconscious smile to your face. With vocals that will make any none morning person wake up with a peaceful smile, this song is for days when you just wish to vibe with a song in your room.

Credits: YouTube (The Western Ghats)

Mumkin Nahin by Khanabadosh

The feeling of heartbreak after a breakup is something almost everyone is familiar with. The change in environment and life in general that this particular phase brings is not something small. Some may try to hold onto that past in some way, through friendship or otherwise, but it’s not always possible or clean. Expressing the messy aftermath of a breakup where a couple decides to remain friends but doesn’t succeed in leaving it all behind, this song is a reminder that sometimes life moves on irrespective of whether we are ready or not. And although our past will hold a piece of us, it will only be a piece never the whole. It’s a song for days when you just can’t let go and keep up with the change.

Credits: YouTube (Khanabadosh)

Tootay Unplugged by Ankur Tewari

Another song that deals with the theme of loss and the pain of moving on. A soothing vocal accompanied by heartful lyrics this song will soothe any unrest soul. It’s one of those rare beauties with such great lyrics that they will leave you gasping in awe. The metaphors that each line brings out are absolutely beautiful. It’s a song for days when you are at a loss of words for the loss you’re feeling within.

Credits: YouTube (Ankur Tewari)

Jaan Baaki by Shubham Kabra

A song that will make you bawl your eyes out with tears of sadness and love, this is a song that you just can’t stop appreciating. The way the music video switches between past and present help enhance your understanding of the lyrics. Two lovers bound together by one soul, and how lonely one becomes in the absence of another but still trudges forward in life is very beautifully portrayed in the video. Plug into your earphones and let the soothing vocals of Shubham Kabra and the hum-worthy melody of the song take you on a journey of cherishing true love.

Credits: YouTube (FFS.)

Tere saath by Choloman Chhondo

A song to dedicate your special someone, it’s a song that will surely remind them how special you truly are to them. An adorable song with a joyous melody, this song will make you dance in your room with joy and happiness. And if somebody dedicates it to you, you will most likely blush from head to toe with love.

Credits: YouTube (Choloman Chhondo)

Hope these songs evoke a range of emotions in you as they did in us when we curated this playlist for you.

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Musical Originals: Weaving Melodic Tapestries

Join us as we unveil a tapestry of original compositions that beckon you into uncharted musical territories.'



The world of music is a magical one in itself. Our contemporary and industrial compositions are wonderful to groove to and adding to them are our musical originals composed by independent artists. They intertwine notes like whispers of the heart and make melodies waltz. Original music composers emerge as an ode to the boundless creativity of human expression. Today we have with us a compilation consisting of a few such musical originals, let us take you on a symphonic journey that captures our shared human experience.

“Humne Bhi” by Rishi Kumar

Humne Bhi by Rishi Kumar is a melodic masterpiece that is an absolute joy to listen to. The artists’ tunes, instrumentals, and voices wonderfully complement each other. The lyrics are playful and mischievous at the same time very thoughtful. The intonations of the artist’s voices are to make a place in the heart of the audience, leaving them humming the tune all day long. Humne Bhi by Rishi Kumar is truly a soulful musical original.

Credits: YouTube ( Rishi Kumar )

“Baatein Purani” by Shubham Agrawal

Baatein Purani by Shubham Agrawal is melancholic melody. The music effortlessly takes the audience back to that one person, the one who got away. On the surface, the song is soft and calming, but upon hearing the lyrics carefully you will find yourself missing the person you’ve loved but arent together anymore. Baatein Purani by Shubham Agrawal is a beautiful musical original that leaves a lingering magic once you’ve heard it.

Credits: YouTube ( Shubham Agrawal )

“Dariya” by Vismay Patel

Dariya by Vismay Patel is an enchanting musical original. The music and lyrics resonate with the idea of finding yourself a moment and space in the chaos of daily life. The lyrics take the audience to a place they just want to claim as their own. The song is intricately crafted with giving the sense of being alone without being lonely, of just being still. Dariya by Vismay Patel is an adorable song sure to find its special corner in your heart.

Credits: YouTube ( Vismay Patel )

“Tu Jae Jahan” by Osho Jain ft Sanchi

Tu Jae Jahan by Osho Jain is a whimsical cute melody. The music is light and toe-tapping and gets the audience grooving. The lyrics are overflowing with the beauty and novelty of love. The song resonates with the theme of wanting to be where your lover is, of never wanting to spend a single moment apart. Tu Jae Jahan by Osho Jain is a light-hearted song that will have you singing along to every word once you hear it.

Credits: YouTube ( Osho Jain )

“Khaali Daraze” by Sarthak Bhardwaj feat. Kashish Arora

Khaali Daraze by Sarthak Bhardwaj is a soulful, heartwrenching, tear-jerking song that is so beautiful to listen to, it will render you speechless. The tunes and the lyrics are so well crafted and complement each other. The duet adds to the beauty of the song. The music brings out beautifully the duality of human emotions, how the one thing or person who brought a smile upon your face, can now, through mere memory jog up emotions of regret and reminiscence. Khaali Daraze by Sarthak Bharadwaj is such a raw and beautiful musical original which is sure to have the audience clenching their hearts in awe.

Credits: YouTube ( Sarthak Bhardwaj – Topic )

We hope you enjoyed this little compilation of original musicals.

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Beyond the Mainstream: Spotlight on Indie Musical Artists

Where Creativity and Authenticity Take Center Stage. These indie musicians redefine the boundaries of music.'



Indie Musicians, music, Tanmaya Bhatnagar

Indie musicians embrace the do-it-yourself ethos and take control of the artistic direction, production, and promotion. They provide vitality to the musical landscape, reinforcing the power of artistic independence. Their autonomy allows them to explore a wide range of genres and experiment with sounds, resulting in a rich tapestry of musical expressions. Indie musicians invite us on a journey that broadens our perspective and opens us to new possibilities. Tune into our compilation and explore the depths of indie music.

Raaz Tera Mera by Akanksha Sethi

“Raaz Tera Mera” by Akanksha Sethi is a melodious song with soft light tunes. The lyrics speak of friendship and the unique unbreakable bond between two close friends. From their late-night conversations to their memories that are etched in time forever. The song takes us to the safe space that we only share with our closest friends, a room away from harsh reality, where we can be oblivious to our adversities for a bit, a place we share and long to return to at all times.

Credits: YouTube ( Akanksha Sethi )

Kya Hai Darr by Vasuda Sharma

“Kya Hai Darr” by Vasuda Sharma is an energetic upbeat song with tunes that make you groove. The lyrics speak of taking charge of our thoughts and actions, if we take control of our lives we can overcome any obstacle without any fear. The song reinforces the notion of not being held back by fear, we are the only ones in control of our lives and experiences and nothing should hold us back from them.

Credits: YouTube ( Vasuda Sharma Official )

We Made Us by Vaani Bhasin

“We Made Us” by Vaani Bhasin is a soft and light song. The lyrics are simple and straight from the heart. The song resounds with authenticity and the beauty of vulnerability and emotions. It’s a delightful refreshing melody that sings about love, focusing on the little details, especially of falling in love. Hearing the song makes one feel warm and brings a smile to our face.

Credits: YouTube ( Vaani Bhasin )

Rijhaaun by Ustavi Jha

“Rijhaaun” by Utsavi Jha is a soothing song with a jazzy tune. The lyrics are well-crafted and talk about the healing power of love. The song also sings about gratitude towards the people who heal us and look out for us and about how we can reciprocate and give back to them. The music is catchy and will have you grooving to the tunes. With its jazzy beats and meaningful words, this composition is a wave of fusion and creativity.

Credits: YouTube (Utsavi Jha )

Tum Mujhe Jaante Ho by Trishita Recs

“Tum Mujhe Jaante Ho” by Trishita Recs is a peppy instrumental song. The lyrics are catchy, a testament to the unconditional, healing, genuine bonds we make, and are rare to come across. The song sings for us the feeling of being understood and loved by people who know you inside out, the good and the bad, whether you show it or not, they know what’s going on just by looking at you. The composition is an ode to the bonds that have stood the test of time, distance and adversities.

Credits: YouTube ( Trishita Recs )

Wherever I Go I’d Like To Be All I Need by Tanmaya Bhatnagar

“Wherever I Go I’d Like To Be All I Need” by Tanmaya Bhatnagar is a light and airy song. The lyrics are melancholy and filled with a sense of being alone, enjoying the loneliness and longing for company. Although lyrics are simple, they have a much deeper meaning and will strike a cord directly in the hearts of the listeners. The composition is wonderfully crafted and well-paced.

Credits: YouTube ( Tanmaya Bhatnagar )

Indie musicians are set apart by their dedication to honest storytelling. Their lyrics explore personal experiences, social commentary, and introspective reflections. They take on themes like love, loss, identity, and societal issues, forming a connection with listeners and an emotional level.

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Akanksha Grover: A Rare Musical Gem in Today’s Hustle Bustle

Discover the inspiring story of Akanksha Grover and how she defies the challenges of pursuing her passion in an exclusive interview.



Akanksha Grover, Music, Ghazal, Baithaks, Artist Interview, Akanksha Grover Interview

In a world where everyone is busy with becoming first, it is hard to find someone who slows down on purpose. Someone who marches to the beat of their own drums. Someone who knows the true value of working on themselves. People like these are often considered odd and the society often tries to persuade them to join the rat race. For society, these rare anomalies create inferiority among the rest. And hence society crushes them without realising that these rare anomalies are truly gems that make life worth living. They add beauty to life inspiring and invigorating us to march ahead. These rare gems are none other than artists of this world. And one such rare gem is up-and-coming singer Akanksha Grover.

Akanksha Grover: Her Journey

Born in Faridabad, Akanksha’s interest in music was sparked when she started attending Satsangs and Kirtans with her mother. There she would watch her mother sing and soon enough music started feeling like home to her. But for young Akanksha, the real fire for music began to burn brightly inside her once her brother started getting formally trained in music. At the tender age of 3-4 years, she was enamoured by the power of music and first started learning by observing her brother getting trained. Later on, when his brother decided to stop his musical training, she requested her parents to let her continue. And that’s how her lifelong bond with music started.

Blessed with parents who understood the true value of art, Akanksha had a great support system growing up. But that doesn’t mean life was devoid of any hurdles for this talented singer. Choosing to stick to Ghazals over commercialised genres of singing, means it won’t be that easy for her to make a name for her in this cut-throat ever-changing Indian music scene. So having a financial burden is not uncommon for her. Yet she never loses her determination for her soul lies in singing. 

Following her parents’ advice she decided to give the normal 9-5 job as a music teacher at a school a shot. But she soon realised that was not the life for her. And she literally ran for the hills! She refused to bend to the whims of society and continued her riyaz (practice) and improved herself day by day. Her diagnosis of Celiac disease, the covid lockdown followed by a depressive state only reinforced her decision to run for the hills. The hills rejuvenated her and gave us the melodious Akanksha Grover we know today.

Credits: YouTube (Akanksha Grover)

From Panicking To Thriving On Stage

Given that Akanksha is not a big people person, her state of pure anxiety before going live on stage is highly relatable to many of us. But just like Meena from the movie “Sing” all Grover needs is to start singing and then the world around her vanishes into oblivion. All that exists is her voice, the musical notes and the beautiful lyrics that surround her. 

Quoting Smt. Shashwati Mandal (who is also her guru), Kishori Amonkar, Pandit Ulhas Kashalkar, Shobha Gurtu, Prithvi Gandharv and Pratibha Singh Baghel as her musical inspiration, just highlights her golden taste in music. Being a Ghazal singer it is hard to break out in the modern musical scene of India. And that’s where the growing popularity of Baithaks and social media comes to the rescue.

Baithaks: A Charm of Old India

Thanking social media enormously for her success, Akanksha is not one to shy away from showing gratitude to social media for helping her grow so much. Baithaks, or mehfils, are formal venues where indoor recreational activities are entertained. These activities can range from singing to reciting poetries to dancing. They were a huge part of the Indian culture. They were popular for letting the artist take centre stage as listeners conversed among themselves and enjoyed art at its finest. Over time these soon became a part of history. But are now getting revived with emerging Ghazal singers hosting them for their fans. Akanksha Grover and others are at the forefront of this revival.

In order to make today’s audience understand the charm of baithaks and mehfils, Akanksha does her best by fusing both traditions with modernity. By using certain Western instruments in her baithaks now and then followed by an explanation behind the meaning of her song, she ensures her audience feels her music as much as she does when she sings it. By far her memorable baithak has to be the one in Mumbai that she recently hosted. The lovely songs requested by the audience just stole her heart.

Credits: YouTube (Akanksha Grover)

A Message For Aspiring Artists & A Remedy For Bad Days

As a free bird who just wishes to sing to her heart’s content, and not compete or get dragged into the rat race, some days can be hard for Akanksha Grover. And that’s when all she does is drive around while blasting her favourite music. This inspires her to record something great like the piece she is listening to. It may not work for everybody but you will only know when you try it!

As a lover of music, there is nothing more disheartening for Grover than to watch young talented artists just copy the work of previous artists. She hopes that today’s artists will take the time to learn the musical notes and svaras. And listen to those old brilliant compositions but produce something of their own for the audience. Her message to aspiring artists is that she hopes they don’t get demotivated by others’ success and focus on themselves as that’s when they truly start improving and things start happening for them.

As Akanksha tirelessly works towards composing; Ghazals and Nazams some by brilliant shayars and some of her original work she prays that she never has to stop singing, for singing is her safe haven in this bustling world.

Credits: YouTube (Akanksha Grover)
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Music Videos To Lighten Up Your Day

Prepare to be enchanted by a collection of magnificent melodies that will illuminate your day with their breathtaking artistry.



Music, music videos

Music is so powerful that it can manipulate emotions in a person. From evoking calmness to raging fury, music can make or break your mood. Add a video to the music and the emotions become all the more powerful. A good music video ensures that the beauty of each line in the lyrics is magnified. We bring to you a selection of beautiful music videos that do just that. These songs will calm you or make you feel nostalgic or fill you with enthusiasm but there will never be a dull moment in this playlist.

Play by Mali

We often come across songs dedicated to mothers or fathers but a bond that is often forgotten is the one shared with grandparents. While our parents always have to be uptight to keep us on the right path, our grandparents ensure that not all the fun is lost in our world. From getting us that candy that we so desired but Muma denied, to helping us keep track of the world cup scores during our exams, they ensure that we don’t forget living. A soothing voice accompanied by a simple tune, “Play” by Mali brings to light this beautiful bond that one shares with one’s grandparents. Carrying a tone of nostalgia the lyrics speak to one’s heart. As the singer in the music video passes through the different moments she spent with her grandfather in her mind, we can’t help but do the same in our heads. Urging her grandfather to play the tune one last time for everyone, this song leaves a mark in every listener’s ear.

Credits: YouTube (MaliManojMusic)

Believe by When Chai Met Toast

It’s often easy to give up hope and let time run its course. But it’s much harder to hold on to what you believe when the entire world is telling you to give up. Everyone comes across a certain time in life when they know they are on the right track, but the whole world fails to see how. A song for these warriors, “Believe” is for everyone who refuses to stop believing. With a simple yet beautiful melody accompanied by powerful lyrics, this song acts like an umbrella for those being forced to doubt themselves. The lyrics are beautifully captured in a simple tale of a mother and daughter and their shared love for dancing that didn’t end even with the sad demise of the former. The end of the video will surely bring happy tears to your eyes. As the music builds up towards the end it is sure to leave us, listeners, with a feeling of glory and victory and a wave of enthusiasm to keep us marching forward.   

Credits: YouTube (When Chai Met Toast)

Prarthaney/ Prayer by Praveen Alva

We are always told God is our ultimate saviour. In every religion, there exists a passage or a story or a verse about how when the world descended to chaos, God came down from heaven to save humanity. “Prarthaney/ Prayer” by Praveen Alva is a plea for help in the form of a song from a common man to his saviour, God. Directed by Luke Sydney and shot entirely with the help of drones, the music video takes a bird’s eye view, to showcase what it would probably look like if God was looking at this common man’s plea for help. A simple and sweet song composed in the Tulu language which is one of the oldest Dravidian languages, this song is sure to put your ears at peace. It’s a soulful song that is shot in many tranquil and aesthetic environments that will even make heaven hum with serenity.

Credits: YouTube (Luke Sydney)

Underscore by KAVYA

Often times we try to hold onto things that we are better off letting go of. The process is tough but it’s something that needs to be done in order to move forward and grow. “Underscore” by KAVYA focuses on something similar in a very innovative yet simple way. A soothing tune with a music video focusing on a girl desperately trying to hold on to some beautiful pastel-coloured balloons brings out the concept of letting go really well. The pastel shades of the balloons highlight the innocence and naivety that the girl possesses initially. As the girl struggles and finally lets go of her balloon realising how futile it is for her to hold on to it, the message becomes all the more clear for the audience. This beautiful melody is sure to calm your nerves.

Credits: YouTube (KAVYA)

Hope this beautiful playlist made your day as much as it made ours!

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Vistas of Bharat : Indian Culture4 months ago

Indian Street Food: A Legacy

Beohar Rammanohar Sinha, TBT
Editor's Pick4 months ago

Beohar Rammanohar Sinha: Illustrator of the Indian Constitution

Ankit Kawatra
Business Corner4 years ago

The Inspiring Journey Of Feeding India’s Ankit Kawatra

The Untold
Short Films4 years ago

“The Untold” Words In A Love Story Of Two Best Friends

Whistling Woods International, Doliyaan, Preksha Agarwal, Trimala Adhikari, Seema Azmi
Short Films4 years ago

A Whistling Woods International Production: Doliyaan

Raat Baaki Baat Baaki, Jackie Shroff, Divyansh Pandit, Wild Buffaloes Entertainment, Filmfare
Short Films4 years ago

Raat Baaki Baat Baaki with Jackie Shroff and Divyansh Pandit

Ami Mishra, Mohammed Rafi, Ehsaan Tera, Unplugged Cover, Anchal Singh
Entertainment5 years ago

Ehsaan Tera : Unplugged Cover by Ami Mishra Ft. Anchal Singh

Plus Minus, Baba Harbajan Singh, Bhuvan Bam, Divya Dutta, Sikhya Entertainment
Short Films5 years ago

Plus Minus: A Tribute To The Unsung Hero Major Harbhajan Singh

Mashaal, The Forgotten Soldiers,The Jokers' Project, Manisha Swarnkar, Independence Day
Music5 years ago

Mashaal : The Forgotten Soldiers By The Jokers’ Project Ft. Manisha Swarnkar

Bhuvan Bam, Safar, Single, Original, Bhuvan Bam Safar, Artist, BB Ki Vines
Entertainment5 years ago

Safar : An Original Single by Bhuvan Bam Portraying Story of an Artist

Navaldeep Singh, The Red Typewriter, Short Film, Love Story, Touching Story
Short Films5 years ago

The Red Typewriter : A Touching Love Story by Navaldeep Singh

Dilbaro, Saloni Rai, Cover, Raazi, Alia Bhatt
Music5 years ago

‘Dilbaro’ From ‘Raazi Mellifluously Sung by Saloni Rai

Meri Maa, Musical, Short Film, Tarannum Mallik, Abhinay, Mother's Day
Short Films5 years ago

‘Meri Maa’ : A Musical Short Film Ft. Tarannum & Abhinay

Meri Maa ki Beti, Niharika Mishra, Poetry, Maa
Poetry5 years ago

‘Meri Maa Ki Beti’ : A Poetic Portrayal by Niharika Mishra

Call Center Ke Call Boy Ki Kahani, Rakesh Tiwari, Tafreeh Peshkash, Poetry
Poetry5 years ago

‘Call Center Ke Call Boy Ki Kahani’ by Rakesh Tiwari

Kajender Srivastava, Jawaab, Poetry, Poem
Poetry5 years ago

‘Jawaab’ : A Poetic Awakening by Kajender Srivastava

Tribute to Avicii, Indian Dancers, Avicii, Amit K Samania, Prakrati Kushwaha
Dance5 years ago

Tribute to Avicii By Indian Dancers Amit K Samania & Prakrati Kushwaha

Varun Agarwal, Million Dollar Company, Anu Aunty
Business Corner5 years ago

From Failing in Engineering to Co-Founding a Million-Dollar Company : Varun Agarwal

Dum Dum Dumroo, Sanaya Irani, Anil Charanjeett, Akash Goila
Short Films5 years ago

Dum Dum Dumroo : Think Before You Judge

Manpreet Toor's Laung Laachi
Dance5 years ago

Manpreet Toor’s Magnificent Dance on “Laung Laachi” is Mesmerizing

Music6 years ago

Mashup of ‘Treat You Better’ & ‘Mann Bharrya’ in Melodious Voice of Semal and Bharti

Ankit Kholia
Entertainment6 years ago

Reminiscing Classics In Ankit Kholia’s Mellifluous Voice

Sang Hoon Tere
Entertainment6 years ago

Sang Hoon Tere : Bhuvan Bam’s Original Single

Aranya Johar
Poetry6 years ago

“Why be biased to complexions?” Aranya Johar Questions the Society

Music6 years ago

Acoustic Version of Tere Mere Song by Dhvani Bhanushali

Short Films6 years ago

Tere Jaisa Yaar Kahan : A Tale of Two Best Friends

Music6 years ago

“Naino Se”: An Orginal Composition by Pushpendra Barman

Tere Mere by Saloni Rai
Music6 years ago

‘Tere Mere’ Female Cover by a Young Singer from Haryana, Saloni Rai

Every Skin Glows : Sejal Kumar
Editor's Pick6 years ago

Don’t Judge People on Skin Colour, Every Skin Glows : Sejal Kumar

Knox Artiste
Music6 years ago

14 Songs on 1 Beat Ft. Knox Artiste

Editor's Pick6 years ago

De Taali Nehraji Ft Ashish Nehra: Breakfast With Champions

Poetry6 years ago

To India: With Love by Aranya Johar

Entertainment6 years ago

Shiamak Davar’s Choreography of Despacito Ft. Justin Bieber

Rony Dasgupta at SpringBoard
Interviews6 years ago

An Indian YouTuber with an Amazing Comic Timing : Rony Dasgupta