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Healing From The Corona Space Through ‘Bounce Back Bihar’ Initiative

Digital Commentary in partnership with RVCJ, Rusk Media, Bihari No. 1 and Magadhi Boys aims to create awareness about the corona pandemic through ‘Bounce Back Bihar’ initiative.



Bounce Back Bihar 02

Amidst these corona days where normal life has almost come to a standstill, celebrating the true spirit of life is the need of the hour. The moments of uncertainty and fear oftentimes translate into depression and despair, which if not dealt with at the right time can snowball into something very critical for the entire society.

A unique initiative ‘Bounce Back Bihar’ is launched to ward off those minutes of darkness from our lives. Aimed at creating awareness about the corona pandemic and to request people to stay indoors during the lockdown, the initiative is launched in the commonly spoken language and regional dialects of Bihar to gain maximum outreach among its audiences.

As a Digital Commentary initiative, it is presented in partnership with RVCJ Media, Rusk Media, Bihari No. 1 and Magadhi Boys and will continue from 1st May to 7th May.

We hope that the earth recovers from this tragedy and this initiative can be a part of that healing process.


Celebrating Parakram Diwas on Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose’s 125th Birth Anniversary

The Indian Freedom Struggle has given us eternal stories of hope, courage and patriotism. Netaji’s legacy is a unique and unyielding one.




Out of the many impactful things that Netaji  said, the lines he wrote to his brother perhaps stand apart as a true representation of his dedication, “Only on the soil of sacrifice and suffering can we raise our national edifice.” India will complete seventy-four years of freedom and sovereignty this year. But for a moment, I’d like for you dear reader, to think about all the lives that were willingly given for me to have made that statement. As we climb new rails of prosperity and growth only looking forward, it is natural to forget looking back. And that’s fine! Our ancestors gave their lives so that we may propel their country into a new age. 

Bose with Gandhi
A New Age

But on days like these, let’s look back. Let us imagine the decade which was the 1940s. The world has barely recovered from a massive economical crisis, a newer, deadlier war approaches and the spirit of nationalism spikes. We had enough, freedom was imminent. But one must realise that there are many means to an end. And there was none braver and bolder than Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose’s. 

Born to a well to do a family among 14 siblings, Netaji left a post in Civil Services to join the Indian National Congress, in which he also tenured as president. He soon formed a vision of attacking the colonisers instead of taking the pacifist route. For which he approached Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. The pavlovian response to hearing Netaji’s name is a mention of the “Indian National Army’. The INA had a one-of-its-kind women’s unit headed by Captain Lakshmi. 

Bose with Indian National Army 

Today the criticism of Netaji’s methods is very diverse and debated much upon, but if there is one thing we know for certain, then it would be the fact that big ambitions require big sacrifices fuelled by even greater passions. On this Parakram Diwas let’s emulate that as we dedicate our effort to the growth of our nation. 

1945: The Last Salute – Bose at Saigon Airport
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Celebrating “Bindu” Nanubhai Desai- The Glam Queen of the 70s

We bring you the life story of the iconic yesteryear actress “Bindu” of the 70s who carved out her own identity in the 70s!




On the 17th of January, 1951, Bindu Nanubhai Desai was born to film producer Nanubhai Desai and Jyotsna. Over her four decades of work, she has worked in more than 160 films and received seven Filmfare nominations.

She was born in a small village in Valsad district, Gujrat. When she was barely thirteen years old, her father passed away. Thereafter, young Bindu had to take responsibility as the was the eldest of the 7 siblings.

Her acting career started in 1962 with “Anpadh” wherein she starred as Kiran. But her rise to fame began in 1969 with her roles in “Ittefaq” and “Do Raaste”. Not only were these films box-office hits, but Bindu also received her first Filmfare nominations for her performance! The cabaret dance number from Kati Patang (1970) became an important part of her persona.

Credits – YouTube (Rajshri)

Bindu received another Filmfare nomination in 1972 for Daastan. In 1973 for Abhimaan and in 74’ for the exceptional commercially successful films, Hawas and Imtihan. In fact, these 1974 nymphomaniac performances helped her carve out a specific role for herself in the industry. She became the Glam Queen of the 70s.

Her versatility in acting is prominent with sympathetic roles, cabaret dance numbers, antagonist roles. But the most popular is probably “Mona Darling” from the film Zanjeer. In 1976, she received her seventh Filmfare nomination for her character in Arjun Pandit.

Between 1977-1980, Bindu struggled a lot with her own personal life. Her excitement to become a mother and start a family with her husband, Champaklal Zaveri, was halted by a miscarriage. It broke them as it would do to anyone else. However, she did return and now was the unmerciful and cynical aunt or mother or mother-in-law.

Bindu was the definition of glam of the 70s!

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Reminiscing O.P. Nayyar: The Ultimate Master of Rhythm in Hindi Film Songs

Ahead of his time with experimentation in music, Indian music composer O.P. Nayyar is known for some of the iconic melodies of the 50s and 60s in the Hindi Film Industry.



O P Nayyar

Known as the Rhythm King, O. P. Nayyar was a prominent music director in Bollywood’s Golden era.  He was known for his experimental style in music. Not only did he work with some of the iconic singers of his era, but also bagged the 1958 Filmfare Award for Best Music Director.

Omkar Prakash Nayyar is recognized for his unusual rhythmic creations. His melodies might defy the conventional rules of music of that era, but honestly, he was just ahead of his time. His songs had a rarity about them and people loved it. In fact, producers had to put his name in the banners for films.

Nayyar was born in Lahore, pre-independent British India on the 16th of January in 1926. He wasn’t trained in music, simply fascinated by it. He left his home to pursue a career as a music composer and got his first break composing the background score for Kaneez (1949).

His unusual patterns were mostly included fusions of Punjabi spirit with influences from western music. In fact, you could listen to his song, “Aaiye Meherban Baithiye Jaanejaa” featuring Madhubala. The opening notes will prove Nayyar’s originality when it came to beat patterns.

Credits – YouTube (Rajshri)

But not just patterns, Nayyar also brought life into the music. “Pukarta Chal Hun Mai” gives nostalgia while “Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Jeena Yahan” will make you cry. Some of his other memorable songs include, “Isharon Isharon Mai” from Kashmir Ki Kali”, “Yeh Hai Bambai Meri Jaan” from CID, “Babuji Dheere Chalna” from Aar Paar.

While he did work with many notable singers from the Golden era of Bollywood, he never worked with Lata Mangeshkar. Rather his list of preferred singers included Geeta Dutt, Asha Bhosle and Mohammad Rafi.

Nayyar was truly a blessing to the Hindi Film Industry.

Credits – YouTube (Rajshri)
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Irrfan Khan: The Inspirational Life Story of A Rare Gem in the Film Industry

We bring you the story of sheer hard work, struggles and utter talent of the late unprecedented actor in the film industry, Irrfan Khan.



Irrfan Khan

“The day I become conventional, something inside me will die,” were the words of Irrfan Khan. And true to his words, he remains one of the finest actors in the industry, known for his talent. He had the ability to truly become the character he’s playing. He will never be your conventional Bollywood Star. For he was never a star, he was a genuine actor above all.

Sometimes we fail to acknowledge the truth of the film industry. Every expectation that actors and actresses have to achieve, set by society. The six-pack and attractive physique, the connections which have become a necessity to be successful – it’s all real. And something Irrfan Khan did not have. Yet he, a so-called supporting actor has delivered beyond brilliant performances for all the lead roles he’s played. And it is solely because of his talent and hard work, that he rose to stardom as he did.

Irrfan Khan was born into a Muslim family of Pathans in Rajasthan. In fact, his interest in acting sprouted under his maternal uncle’s influence who was a theatre artist. After completing his Masters in Jaipur, he enrolled himself into the National School of Drama despite his parents’ disapproval. His initial years in the industry were challenging. All through diploma films, television serial amongst other things, he has struggled in his life.

His first successful film was Maqbool in 2003. Next, his villainous role in ‘Haasil’ got him a Filmfare Award. In 2007, his role in ‘Life in A Metro’ was highly impressive. His next hits in Bollywood included Paan Singh Tomar, The Lunchbox, Piku and Hindi Medium. He is well-known even in the western industry having acted in international films like The Amazing Spider-Man, Life of Pi and Slumdog Millionaire.

Irrfan Khan will live on forever, for legends never die.

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Rewind 2020: Dances That Made Our Toes Tap and Hearts Flutter This Year

As this year wraps up its bearings and brings promises of a better one, we take a look back at the dances that made it worthwhile



REWIND 2020 Dance

Dance is perhaps the most natural expression known to mankind. It’s simple to understand and at the very least, simple to do too. Just let your body loose and the rhythm gods guide you to new realms of happiness. That is the simple essence of it. Just move and the rest will take care of itself. 

This year may not have given us many reasons to dance and celebrate, but we must be grateful. Grateful to be in a world which is so instantly connected and accessible. Many artists and performers have done their level best to bring themselves to us in our time of need. The events of this year will surely give many future students a hard time in their history exams, so we need to do our best to leave them with a worthy souvenir. And so, we proudly bring to you five dance performances that we simply couldn’t resist. 

1. O re piya- Naina Batra

Watching this gives the same feeling as that of peaceful meditation. The graceful Kathak moves of Naina Batra, Radhika Kalra and Juhi Mehta wonderfully captured each beat. Of course, to perform to such a well-known song is a challenge, but they aced it. It’s a true ode to the culture of India.

Credits: YouTube (Naina Batra)
2. Kannanule- Lavanya Tripathi and Umang Gupta

This dance cover stunningly employs clever photography and locations to highlight the moves of Lavanya Tripathi and Umang Gupta. The duo has been dancing for a long time and become pretty successful in the field. And the colours in this video only add to its charm! A must watch.

Credits: YouTube (Umang Gupta)
3. Illegal Weapon 2- Deepak Tulsyan

And now for a more modern and contemporary feel, we have these amazing children led by their teacher. This performance is one that is bound to get your feet tapping and the sheer talent in these performers is remarkable of course.

Credits: YouTube (Deepak Tulsyan)
4. 52 Gaj ka Daman- Kashika Sisodia

With over 12M+ views, this performance is as enthusiastic as the song it is based on. Kashika Sisodia lets herself go in the beats and lets the music guide her. It’s a fun watch for anybody who’s looking to add extra energy into their lives. 

Credits: YouTube (Kashika Sisodia )
5. Mona Kon Bakhor- Sumi Borah

This delightful performance marries tradition with modernity. The scenic beauty of both the landscape and the performer makes it an unforgettable experience. Dance is all about expression and she brings it in spades. Have fun!

Credits: YouTube (TARKIK BORAH)

That’s a wrap! Happy New Year to All! Here’s looking towards a better tomorrow. 

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