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Kashmiriyat: United We Stand, Divided We Fall

Reminding us of our duties the short-film Kashmiriyat also invokes in us the sense of distinction between real freedom and instigation.'/




74 years ago on the day of the cessation of cruelties of the British Raj, it was 15th of August 1947, the day India gained Independence. Freedom for India meant not only the freedom from the British Raj. It was liberation of that “sone ki chidiya” from the fetters that never muttered their metallic presence. The sovereignty of the nation was transferred from the colonists to the people’s will and flapped it’s bruised wings to advance a celestial flight. The day was the harbinger of democracy and with it came to fruition the plethora of sacrifices. Never to forget the nation bleeding with bruises of loss, of fighters who fought for freedom and of citizens who followed their lead and sacrificed their lives to set the nation free. It indeed took it’s time healing and today every proud citizen can say that we as a nation have come a long way and there lies a yet longer way to go.

Kashmiriyat, short-film written and directed by Divyansh Pandit, explores the realms of freedom as we enjoy it today and also shows us the way we still have to travel. It portrays how foreign instigations might affect the peace. Set in Kashmir the film is about a young man indoctrinated by a Pakistani officer to build a bomb, for he had been shown a biased perspective of his Kashmiris being molested by Indian army in doubt of connections with terrorist organisations.

The short-film examines excellently the differences between freedom and a biased image reflected by instigtors of unattainable nature of freedom for select few. The diivide and rule techniques that the enemies employ in breaking the peace of our nation are well described in the film. With the energy that shields the nation on this day is the gusto of nation’s attained freedom and the love that enamours the nation is the fragrance of patriotic fervour watch out the short-film and analyse the half-truths that you’ve been often shown.

And let ignited be this lamp of freedom, no turmoil can flicker the flame of Independence for the citizens shall with their patriotism be the wick that illumines it.

Credits: YouTube (WildBuffaloesent)


Remembering the ‘Missile Man of India’: APJ Abdul Kalam On His 88th Birth Anniversary

While celebrating the birth anniversary of the Late Dr. APJ. Abdul Kalam, we remember his contributions towards our country.



Dr APJ Abdul Kalam

“Only the person who has the courage to lose sight of the shore can discover new oceans” – Late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

It is hard to encapsulate the life of such a vast and influential personality in any way that will do him justice, but if there is anything that the late Dr. Kalam has taught us; then it is to never give up without trying and so I’ll take you to the famous sea-touching town of Rameshwaram in Tamil Nadu.

Growing up in a joint family amidst a war-affected world meant that a young Kalam had to work hard as a newspaper-seller to supplement his family’s income but within the beauty of the shoreline and rich religious dialogue, he found a hunger for learning that would eventually lead him to the zenith of success.

The sky was the limit for him, both literally and figuratively as he dreamed of being a fighter pilot, a dream that he very closely missed out on. However, his love for aerospace wasn’t nullified a bit as he extended his services to DRDO (Defense Research and Development Organisation) and ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) where he oversaw the development of India’s first SLV(satellite launch vehicle).

Those who may not remember him in his role as a scientist might then remember his tenure as the president of our nation from 2002 to 2007. Often dubbed as the ‘people’s president’, APJ Abdul Kalam was one name which was almost unanimously supported to fill in the role of the President of India. Surely, that does not sound surprising to me, for he respected the
tenets of every religion and passionately believed in the spirit of the youth. As young students, we were introduced to him through his biography ‘Wings of fire’, which gave a sordid account of the integrity with which the Bharat Ratna-awardee led his life.

Be it a scientist, president, thinker, spiritualist, writer, brother or a son we all remember him in one way or the other but the effect is universal. He inspired us to be productive and aim high in whatever we do. In 2015 at the Indian Institute of Management, Shillong the late president suffered a cardiac arrest which ultimately resulted in his passing. The gravity of his
absence was felt by the entire world as it remembered a great mind and soul.

May his memory be with us forever.

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“Mission 1 Million Masks”: A Fundraising Campaign to Provide Masks For The Needy.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. In this great new age of information, people
from all spheres of life have come together to support this incredible initiative.



Mission 1 Million Masks

It is a widely noted fact that in any catastrophic situation, the rate of survival and optimum recovery depends on the first response. Logically, this makes absolute sense. The gravity of the situation should not be missed upon all of us. However, in a country with as many parallel dichotomies, there are many who live on the bare fringes of survival, and that begets their suffering. For the last six months, we’ve taken it to our hearts to ‘stay at home’, but what about those who don’t have any?

In such a scenario, a young startup called Creative Ideas, in conjunction with ‘Give India’ has achieved a great feat in providing masks to the less privileged and frontline workers while also supporting local businesses. Since the program’s inception in June of this year, they have raised 2 Lakh Rupees and provided Protection material to frontline workers, Slum- dwellers, senior citizen homes, daily wage earners and migrant workers.

The initiative has garnered support from many bureaucrats and famous personalities alike in hopes of spreading the word and helping not only the needy but our great nation. We, at The Talented Indian wholeheartedly support the campaign and urge every single reader to contribute in any way possible. The portal is your destination, the
organisation allows you to donate directly for the distribution of masks or purchase for yourself and your loved ones.

Lets flatten the curve together!

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Wishing Everybody A Very Happy Gandhi Jayanti! Let’s Make Today Memorable

Today on 2nd October, the celebration of the life of the father of our nation is conjoined with our rigour to work for a better tomorrow for all! Wishing you all a very happy Gandhi Jayanti.



Ganndhi Jayanti

It is in the nature of time to keep changing and uncover different truths in front of us. Each age brings with it a different evil and different set of skills to counter it. In this ever-changing passage of the ages, our ideals are what define us. Hence, it is not a surprise at all, that we find ourselves remembering the examples exhibited by the great lives that preceded us.

Mahatma Gandhi’s non-violent rebellion against the oppressive colonialism practised by the British has inspired many people all across the globe. Every year, on the 2nd of October, our independent nation celebrates and pays respect to the Mahatma and the legacy he left behind. This year has certainly been one which will be etched in history books to come. As the world crumbles at the wake of deadly diseases, racial injustices, sensational scandals and political upheavals, we must do our best to remember that we will make brighter days. After all, we are the descendants of those who fought hard without ever compromising on their virtues.

The United Nations General Assembly also recognises this day as the ‘International Day of Non-violence’. Certainly, there could have been no better year to remind us of the importance of compassion and unity. Perhaps the violence of today isn’t as explicit as it used to be during the raaj but it is vulnerable and conquerable! No matter how coercive our fears may be, a single ray of hope is enough to vanquish it. Isn’t that the essence of Gandhian philosophy? So long as we endure holding each other’s hands (sanitised of course), the enemy will bow before us and remember us for posterity.

Once again, wishing you a very Happy Gandhi Jayanti!

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Throwback Thursday: The Undying Glory Of S.D. Burman

Remembering the landmark name and celebrated virtuoso of the Indian music, an adept music composer and singer, S.D. Burman.'/



SD Burman

On this throwback Thursday we reillumine a name who was a maven in his work, Sachin Dev Burman. He was a musical prodigy with a royal lineage his mother being a princess of Manipur and his father a King of Tripura and was born in present day Bangladesh.

His initial work as a radio singer marked his journey with music, an inseparable companion of him and even death couldn’t do these lovers apart for his songs remain immortal in our memories. In those initial years he was more influenced by folk-lore of Bangladesh and his compositions chiefly reflected that influence and he has contributed for about 20 Bengali films as a music composer and several Bengali plays before that.

It was not earlier than 1933 that he made his musical debut in film industry with the film “Yahudi Ki Ladki”. However, it wasn’t a successful venture but fate waited with great designs for him. Film “Do Bhai’s” song “Mera sundar sapna beet gaya” opened the portal of recognition for Burman and since then there was no looking back. Bollywood industry was blessed with his contributions in around 89 films. In his career he has collaborated with great actors like Dev Anand, singers like Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle and Mohammed Rafi in giving evergreen and perennial songs like “Hum hai rahi pyaar ke”, “Aaj phir jeene ki tamanna hai”, “Haal kesa hai janab ka” and “Khoya khoya chand khula aasman”.

It was a grave and disheartening day when on 31st October 1975 we lost a beloved musical composer.

The attuned cadence of his songs makes his songs even popular in contemporary times and he still remains the unmatched singer and composer. His songs set a milestone and he’s often looked back as a pundit even by younger artists. S.D. Burman was a connoisseur of his times and is an inspiration for the younger artists of our times. And today, on his birth anniversary, some of these young artists bring us his classic creations in their melodious voices.

Credits: YouTube (Sharmistha Kolay)
Credits: YouTube (Film Crossfire)

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Exposure To Tribal Culture Through Dance Covers

We bring forth some unique dance covers on tribal music to give you a rest from regularity and an exposure to tribal culture.'/




Music has a ubiquitous tendency to sway your heart, your soul and your mind and make them dance along with the rhythm. Music feeds the vivacious zeal of happiness and tranquility and makes one surrender its senses to the attuned naturalistic playfulness of music. While giving you a break from regular music videos we bring to you some unique and one of their kind, music videos on tribal music.

Choreographed and performed by Shilpa Maskey and Dipson Ghale, the music video on the song “Bhanai”, originally by the band “Tribal Rain”, gives you a calming and peaceful experience. It expresses the moment when in our solitude music becomes our solicitor and all the dismay evaporates in the solicitude of that calmness. It is a beautiful depiction of soul and body, where body remains still but soul dances attached to the whimsical ribbons of music. The song is a beautiful companion in this portrayal of generation of ‘inner’ rhythm in reaction to the outer.

Credits: YouTube (ramuna pun)

The dance performance by Royal School of Dance Udalguri and directed by Jayanta Rabha on the song “Seni Seni Seniram” is peart and lively and would give you a vital boast for the day. The high-spirited performance by the dancers is appreciable and the performance translates the enthusiastic energy of the dancers without any breakage to the viewers. The vibrancy of tribal dance is also highlighted in the performance.

Credits: YouTube (Royal School Of Dance Udalguri)

The next cover which marks the end of the list today is a dance cover of an Odia tribal song “Parful” by Prashnajita Mohapatra. The performance gives us a realistic glimpse and feel of the Odia tribal dance. The ethnicity of the tribal sentiment is scrupulously maintained in the performance and in the setting of the performance as well. The performance also brings us culturally closer to the tribal dance of Odia.

Credits: YouTube (Prashnajita Mohapatra)

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