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My Favourite Colours are the Colours of Women: International Women’s Day

On this year’s International Women’s Day, let us honour women spaces, the varied colours of their life, hardships, failures, love and rage



Women's Day

Clara Zetkin was a German advocate for women’s rights. She was the one to suggest that every year, a day be maintained for internationally recognising women’s fight for equality, and thus commenced the International Women’s Day on the 8th of March.

For centuries, women have been forced to live in a society that has considered them as second-class citizens. Women have been constantly trying to scrape out spaces for themselves in this unjust world run by opportunists and patriarchal minds. The society has tried to pit women against each other, they’ve not granted them equal wages, they’ve inflicted them to many violences, and the list can go on. The patriarchal society is very clever indeed. Imagine structuring such a deeply rooted institution where, if any catastrophe or any action for that matter were to take place, it’d affect women twice as compared to their male counterparts. Be it survival, be it parenting, earning, roaming outside at night, travelling alone, wearing clothes of one’s choice, everything is monitored keenly and objected on the pretext of their safety.

In the contemporary years, women have found in each other the true allyship. Women are becoming conscious of the systematic injustices they are subjected to. Notedly, this consciousness also sometimes comes through privilege. However, passing down this consciousness from one woman to another, we can certainly expand our rights and our space. 

Women are beautiful. Their love is valid, and so is their rage. Society has labelled us under stereotypical tags. Societal constructs like caste, religion, class, colour have placed us on planes unequal, up and down. Intersectionality is a major part of our identities. Dalit women, Muslim women, Poor women, Lower Caste women, Adivasi women, Domestic Worker women, disabled women, Transgender women, single parent women, Working women, stay at home women, women in STEM, etc., all of us need our own stand, and our own representation, because we go through some same, and other different degrees of oppressions and experiences. However, at the end of the day, women have women for each other. 

Be it the daily domestic violence, or war situations, or the deplorable Covid-19 situation, our love, strength and support go to each and every woman who crawled out of it with grit, and also to women who lost their spirit in the fight, and more to the woman still crawling. 

If possible, I’d have engraved the name of each one of my women, her life, her struggles, and her achievements. However, since that is not practically possible, here are some of the few women who have come forward, from different backgrounds, so that each woman could relate, be heard, and can be understood through them. Happy International Women’s Day!

Beena Pallical

Beena Pallical is a Dalit activist. Occupying several roles and leadership positions in both the state and central governments, Beena Pallical has been working towards gender equality and caste annihilation. Along with that, Beena Pallical’s groundwork is also focused on training and advising Adivasi and Dalit women to become financially independent. 

Credits: ScoopWhoop

Shah Bano

Shah Bano is a Muslim woman who fought for her rights in the courts, and stood as one of many women who are not only left astray by their husbands but also by the legal system. Shah Bano effortlessly fought for her rights in the court. She didn’t give up easily, and in the end, won the ruling in her favour. Shah Bano’s struggles stand as a punch to the orthodox society of India.

Soni Sori 

Soni Sori, a tribal activist, went through a tumultuous phase in her life. She was attacked with acid by men, and accused of being an intermediary to the Maoists. Before that, she was actively protesting against police brutality towards the tribal community in Chhattisgarh. Soni Sori went through heinous acts and sexual violence during her term in the jail. However, Soni’s spirit was too hard to be broken down. She didn’t stop voicing her rage towards the injustices. Throughout the world, Soni Sori has inspired her fellow Adivasi women to take a stand for themselves. 

Credits: Sabrang India

Anandibai Gopalrao Joshi 

We might have never heard of Anandibai Gopalrao Joshi. Well, she was the first Indian woman physician. Anandibai Gopalrao Joshi was also the first woman to have graduated with a two-year degree in Western Medicine in the United States, despite the social conditions of those days, like getting married at nine to a 29-year-old widower, or giving birth at the age of fourteen, and losing the child soon after. The death of her newborn inspired her to become a physician. Anandibai Gopalrao Joshi studied at the Women’s Medical College of Pennsylvania in 1886, which was also the first women’s medical programme worldwide.

Credits: Wikipedia

Dr. Aditi Pant 

Women in STEM have never found their rightful space because of men and their imagined superiority over intelligence and rationality, and claiming women as ill fit for the sciences. No wonder history has thousands of women who have gone uncredited for their discoveries in the sciences. So we bring to light Dr. Aditi Pant, who is just one of many women in STEM. Dr. Aditi Pant is known as the first Indian Woman to visit Antarctica in 1983 as a part of the Indian expedition to study geology and oceanography. Dr. Aditi Pant visited the frozen terrain along with another woman geologist, Sudipta Sengupta.

Shivangi Agrawal 

A queer and a disabled woman, Shivangi Agrawal, is part of the Delhi Queer Pride organising committee. She worked to make the Queer Pride inclusive of persons with disabilities by installing stages which could be accessible for wheelchair users. She is also a gender activist.


This International Women’s Day, let us recognise the comfort, recognition and strength these spaces by women have provided us. In this world of men, let women’s spaces rise and groom, or more specifically, womxn spaces!



Relating The History Of India With Hindustani Music

Tracing the history behind the classical Hindustani music, its different genres and what made it as we know it today.'



Hindustani Music

Born out of the womb of ancient culture of India, Hindustani music or Sastriya Sangeet is one of the classical musical genres of India. Undoubtedly, the origins lie majorly in the ancient texts like Natya Shastra Sama Veda and Rig Veda. You might have seen the culturally woven people getting lost in the pleasure of raag, taal and swara of Sastriya Sangeet and its time knowing what lies in the origins of its pleasure.

Hindustani music is the classical music of the northern part of India. Before 12th century, Carnatic music and Hindustani music didn’t conjecture any demarcation. But after the invasions from foreign rulers, the Mughals, the influence of Persian music was seen in the music of the northern part. This influence bifurcated the routes of Carnatic and Hindustani music. Notable composer of Hindustani music of ancient India is the highly admired and hugely applauded Tansen. Tansen was highly respected for his dhrupad and raga compositions as well as for his vocal performances.

Another result of invasive influence was the further cleavage of Hindustani music into Dhrupad, Khyal, Tarana, Tappa, Thumri and Ghazal. Dhrupad is attributed as the original form which is sung is brajbhasha and carries the thematic relevance of spirituality and devotion. Khyal originated with the amalgamation of Sufi music and has an emblazoned diction. Tarana is basically Farsi poetry, Tappa developed out of the inspiration from Punjab, Thumri is regional to Uttar Pradesh and Ghazal is the Urdu language poetry.
The musical instruments are employed according to the sub-genre. Veena, sitar, tabla and sarod are few of the instruments that are widely used. Although this form of classical music is a result of the foreign influences but it carries the essence of the historical account of India. As it turns out, some changes and alterations aren’t painful until we keep in remembrance the origins as well.

Here are few Hindustani music videos you might give your ears a treat with.

Credits – YouTube darbarfestival
Credits – YouTube S M Hassan Raju
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Mehmood, A Comedy Genius And His Timeless Legacy

Mehmood, A name instantly takes you back to nostalgic Bollywood movies dominating the industry with his stock character traits.



Mehmood, Throwback thursday, Mehmood comedian, Comedy

Mehmood has been a household known for dominating the comedic element of almost 300 Hindi films and more. An actor whose legacy remains so captivating leaving the audience rolling with laughter. His onscreen presence was so appealing and desired by audiences that he was the choicest actor of his time. So much so that his presence appeared as a necessity for all the movies in making in the 1940s and 1950s. Today, on his birth anniversary, we celebrate his unforgettable legacy and his contribution left behind this legendary actor, singer, director, producer and entertainer.

Early Life!

Mehmood Ali was born in 1932 and was prepared to be known as India’s national comedian with his four decades of contribution to Indian cinema. Influenced by his dad, Mehmood started his acting career as a child. Working in movies like Kismet(1943) and Parvarish(1958). His first small break was C.I.D released in 1956 while his breakthrough movie was Sasural in 1961. He initially started with smaller roles but as time passed, he proceeded to bigger roles. His acting laced with his authentic style of imitation, attire, timing, dialogue delivery and attire made his acting highlight of the movie, a cast demanded solely to bankroll the movie.

A series of popular movies with diverse roles ranging from Kashmiri houseboat, and Tamalian Masterji to Triple roles of generation of the family in movies like Bhoot Bangla(1965), Arzoo(1965), Padosan(1968), Hajmoi(1970), Bombay to Goa(1972) and Do Phool(1973). Giving legendary performances like Ek Chatur Naar Karke Sringar from the movie Padosan. He crafted his unique kind of style. 

Mehmood’s work as a director in Bhoot Bangla introduced Indian cinema to a new genre of movies inclining horror-comedy. He also directed Kunwara Baap(1974) which dealt with the basic ailments of the time diverting focus toward the grassroots-level problems. Mehmood has won several Filmfare Awards for the best supporting role and best performance in a comic role. Atma(1966) was his first Filmfare for a comic role. With his years of delivery and skills, he bagged all the awards he was nominated for. In his zenith year, his popularity had absolutely no limit.

But his talent did not stop there. He also had an eye for emerging artists and recognised their potential to a great extent. He played an important role in introducing actors like Amitabh Bachchan to commercial cinema space and gave a break to musical artists like Rajesh Roshan and Chhote Nawab through his produced films. 

Mehmood’s legacy towards Indian cinema and comedy is prominent with an impact to influence a generation of emerging actors to experiment and maximise their potential. A hysterical man with the calibre to make the viewers experience joy through his execution of acting skills through the authentic alternation to the existing norm. 

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Vistas of Bharat : Indian Culture

Rabindra Sangeet Melodiocious Covers To Elevate Your Day

Lend your ears to these musical arists bringing Rabindra Sangeet live for us. Popular Bengali composition to percieve the essence of lyrics.



Rabindra Sangeet

Rabindra Sangeet, a collaboration of Tagore’s unreal lyricism and paired with some beautiful vocals makes you enter a state of bliss. Bengali songs carry so much essence of what the song tries to convey and the artist never fails to portray what exactly is supposed to be delivered. A set of extremely talented artists covering Rabindra Sangeet in their own ways. A beautiful tribute to Tagore to cherish the legacy he has left behind for generations to be grateful and proud of. A little recollection of Tagore’s lyrics as we sit back, and watch the artists showcasing a beautiful synchronisation. Covers making a point, that music is for all regardless of any barriers. 

Ami Tomaro Shonge Bedhechi – Raj Barman

The rhythm just delicately sways you away. A melody so pleasing to ears apart from that the accompanied by Raj Barman’s vocal and Bengali lyrics just manage to make your day. The ambience created throughout the video beautifully complements the music. And the lyrics by Rabindra leave you enthralled with so much grace, Barman’s cover only adds more to this already existent blissful song. 

Credits : YouTube Raj Barman

Tumi Robe Nirobe – Sanam

Tumi Robe Nirobe, originally sung by Indrani Sen. The entire vocal and instruments team have done a spectacular job doing justice to this song. The feeling of longing dripped out with every word uttered. A cheerful outlook for lasting hope and a magical delightful night. The videography with nature around and the artist completely invested in the song creates an environment to cherish and reflect. Sanam Puri gives an amazing performance while singing, and truly bringing the song to life. 

Credits: YouTube Sanam

Tribute To Tagore, Medley – TagoreCovers

A medley made to bless your ears, a collaborative performance by Avik Deb, Adrina Jamilee, Nashroh Naziat, Sharad Protiti and Shuvanon Rajit. The melding of all different voices into a wave, crystal clear and transparent as if the melody and lyrics completely engulf you. A collaboration bringing out the essence of the music as well as a perfect way to offer a tribute to Tagore. This tribute is a perfect honour and appreciation of the rooted art in our culture. The delivery of the song and lyrics generates an empathy where you feel the essence of the song and its lyricism. 

Credits: YouTube TagoreCovers

Jagorane Jay Bibhabori – Debolinaa Nandy

Jagorane Jay Bibhabori covered by Debolinaa Nandy sways you away with her phenomenal voice. Her pronunciation and vocals will make you listen to this cover over and again. The beauty of Rabindra sangeet makes you realise the talent and authenticity so pure rooted in our culture. Debolinaa’s voice paired up with varied instruments like flute, guitar and keyboard does a spectacular job backing her vocals as well as a perfect musical element complimenting Debolinaa’s voice. The use of the flute just makes the entire performance, one you’ll never forget. The sweetness of love flows easily when Bibhabori makes this song her own.

Credits: YouTube Debolinaa Nandy
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Reliving Ashokamitran’s Legacy And Influence On Tamil Literature

This Throwback Thursday, we celebrate the legendary writer Ashokamitran and his legacy on Tamil literature.



Ashokamitran, Writer

Ashokamitra’s work is heavily influenced and inspired by the awakening of colonial India towards independence. The Sahitya Akademi winner depicted the subjugated section of society. Stories webbed to familiarise the often unseen and ignored realities of life. Ashokamitran’s vigour to visualise and vocalise the triviality differentiates his writing from other writers, a reflection of his own identity and position that largely influenced him to determine his spectacular course of success. A collision of the conservative and progressive chains of thought tends to create literature when consumed stirs a spiral of opinion alive and available through the medium of translation and adaptation.

He produced more than two hundred stories, nine novellas and fifteen novels. Ashokamitran’s path of writing emerged as a mechanism of writing unheard words of people, stemming from his own personal experience working in the film industry. His contribution to Tamil literature is vividly noticeable, creating the creation of 1960s onward a subtle clear expression. A nationwide view through a regional voice.

His Journey!

Jagadisa Thygarajan, before his transition into Ashokamitran, was born in Secunderabad on 22nd September 1931. He moved to Chennai in 1952 after his father’s death. In 1953, he published his first novel, Anbin Parisu( Gift of Love). The Gemini Studios owned by film director S.S.Vasan is a trustable foundation for his writing career, where he managed and worked for a decade in public relations instead of his interest in a screenplay. Starting from writing a set of columns for the Illustrated Weekly Of India later turned into his book, ‘My years with boss.’ He became a full-time writer in 1973,  working to navigate middle-class predicament with complex exterior social churning post independence. 

His Works!

Ashokamitran, writing creates a pattern of common people engaged in social political and economical contexts. A modernist experiment and including aspects that were looked over especially as a medium voicing the women. Stories inclusive and ranging, people hailing from all backgrounds some struggling with necessities, a perspective of an underbelly, the film industry and its dynamics, and his past life experiences. His famous novels Karsintha Nizhalgal(Starcrossed), and Manasarovar were based on the film industry showing casing a view distanced from glamour. Ottran(Mole) is a penned experience about his time in the United States. Thanneer(Water) dealing with the Chennai water crisis.Appavin Snehidar(My father’s friend) the work that got him Sahitya Akademi Award. He passed away on 23rd March 2017, dedicated to his work. His last novel was in India in 1948.

The simplicity is evident in Ashokamitran’s writing forces you to widen the lenses to humanise a little more. The predicament and inequality prevalent decades back still continues and therefore makes his text extremely relevant to current times. As we remember him and recollect his work, the remarkable impact to change the course of Tamil literature and through translation making it widely available is remarkable.  

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Folk Songs That Kindle Domestic Felicity

We have all grown up listening to folk tales and folk songs. Let’s know more about the folk songs that filled joy in our childhood.'



Folk Music, Folk Songs

Folk songs are as eminent as classical songs when we talk about the culture of a nation. They are what cascade from the heart of a layman, not professionally trained singers. Folk songs form the warm blanket that preserves the regional culture and thus is different and, in opinion, more important than the representative culture of a nation.

The Bhajans, which are devotional songs dedicated to either to a deity or to spirituality, are inherited from the Vedic era. Kirtans have the same themes as Bhajans, but they’re more narrative. The tradition of folk songs is not new but dates back to 1500 BC. Amongst the earliest forms of folk songs are the Pandavanis dating back to the times of Mahabharat. Owing to the vast culture of India, the list of varieties of folk songs is never-ending. Every state preserves its culture. Within a state, every district preserves it and why not say every house has a folk culture too? However, we will try mentioning all the major folk songs.

Borgeets of Assam are a collection of lyrical songs. Moreover, Borgeets also have religious themes and are even a part of monastery rituals. Bihugeet of Assam are the songs presented in the Bihu festival of the state. Lavani is a very popular folk tradition of Maharashtra. Known for its powerful rhythm, Lavani is most often performed to the beats of Dholki. Similarly, Mahiya is the folk tradition of Punjab, Bhavgeet of Karnataka, Kummi Patu from Tamil Nadu and Tamang Selo is that of Nepal. The Bauls of Bengal were the mystic heterogenous sect of singers that influenced many people during the 18th and 19th century.

Like there are regional dialects, similarly, there are regional songs. Just like talking to a person in a regional dialect exhilarates us, similarly, folk songs keep us exhilarated by letting us enjoy our idiosyncrasies despite of the common origin.

Here are some mesmerizing songs that might give you a peek into the diversified culture of India.

Credits – YouTube Times Music Assamese
Credits – YouTube USP TV
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