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Peeking into the Journey of Amravati Rapper 100RBH

Dive into the life of Saurabh Abyankar, or better known as the rapper 100RBH under Gully Gang, who has inspiring journey to his name




Rapping simply isn’t just speaking words as fast as possible on a given beat, and we have the Amravati Rapper, 100RBH, (also known as Saurabh Abhyankar) signed under Rapper DIVINE’S Label Gully Gang, here to prove that. As the title must have suggested, 100RBH is a rapper, hailing from the city of Amravati, Maharashtra. Rapping is that innate channel through which the young rapper has expressed his thoughts, ranging from personal to social and political. 

Saurabh Abhyankar is a rap artist, who through his rap, talks about issues relating to his community, which are sometimes also in his local Marathi language. Rap and music often become the best channels and platforms through which one can share stories and inspirations. Through a talk with the Gully Gang’s rapper, we got the opportunity of getting a greater knowledge of his profuse journey. 

Early life 

The city of Amravati and its people believe in the security of government jobs. Saurabh’s parents also tried to push him into the same lane. For them, art is not a viable option to pursue. However, Saurabh did not want to be moulded into this, and instead followed his heart. He’s the first person to follow arts as a career from his city, and this is one of the most courageous step he took. 

Since childhood, as 100RBH says, he was interested in dance and singing. You could often find Saurabh sneaking out to nearby Ganpati Mandal and dancing his heart out. On one of these sneak-outs, Saurabh came across a Marathi rapper. This rapper intrigued him to the point that he wanted to try it out, and he quite succeeded in it! 

He grew up with his hobbies as dance, singing and playing instruments. He completed his 12th grade and is currently pursuing polytechnic. An active performing rapper also pursuing his higher studies at the same time! 

Stepping into the Music Industry 

Saurabh Abhyankar entered the music industry as 100RBH. He presented his rap as a mirror to his thoughts, ideas, and feelings. When asked the question of the current trends of evolving music, Saurabh replied that music as an art form is an expression of oneself, and that is how he works, and will continue to work. It is no surprise that not only does he perform and produce music, but in return, music has also shaped him into ten fold the person who he is today. All of this has come forth through both the barriers he had to cross and also the comfortability he found in the same space. 

Saurabh says that he thoroughly enjoys the whole journey of performing and rapping. He is still on the stage of understanding music better to give out even better results. Placed against a few problems like the inability of the people of Amravati to understand rap as a genre was a difficult reality for him. This meant that performing amongst his own locals stood as impossible. He had to sell tickets on his own, which one could only imagine how tedious and futile a task was. 

Listening to an artist on an app or a streaming platform hides the process which goes behind this. It can make us oblivious to the fact that some people have risen from nothing to where they’re today. Saurabh retells us how even recording his music stood as a strenuous challenge as there were no studios or musical engineers present in his city. However, even under such situations, 100RBH’s released music was uncompromised and always promising, both lyrically and instrumentally. 

A Message by 100RBH for Aspiring Artists 

While talking about failures, Saurabh emphasises on the importance of failing and losing in the journey of achieving. Failure drives us to work harder and smarter, and motivates us to achieve our visions. 100RBH believes that everyone is an artist in their own ways and capabilities. As a message to all the aspiring artists, Saurabh says to focus on your art and, most importantly, enjoy it and trust the process, while giving your all into it to yield the rewards. 

Saurabh saw a dream of himself being a rapper, and he never once questioned his abilities to become one. Today, he is an earning musician, a rapper under Gully Gang, and his parents, who were otherwise hesitant and non-supportive of his decision, proudly tell the world that he is his son. 

Credits: YouTube GULLY GANG


Going Old School: Tuning in Some Iconic Indian Classical Music Covers

We’re bringing back the classical bollywood music of the 90s, an enigma of the Indian music culture, through these magical music covers.



Classical Music

Bollywood oldies are gold indeed! You will never grow out of Hemant Kumar’s depthful vocals (also remembered as the voice of gods), the nightingale voice of Lata Mangeshkar or the multi-dimensionality of Asha Bhosle. The classical Bollywood music of the 90s was not only melodious and deeply pleasantful to the soul but also carried with it equally beautiful lyrics. The Bollywood music of the mid and early 90s might have left us, and we may not get a fuller taste of it anymore, but the music has been kept alive by passionate and aspiring singers. So, to relive the gone moments, let’s listen to some of these classical Bollywood music covers: 

Jane Woh Kaise by Aditi Chakraborty

Jane Woh Kaise Log The is a timeless music by the great Hemanta Mukherjee, or commonly known as Hemant Kumar. A song about loss and longing, Jane Woh Kaise Log, has always maintained its grip on our hearts. Aditi Chakraborty adds magic to the song with her sincere and beautiful vocals. The music video, along with Aditi Chakraborty’s nightingale voice, is the perfect rendition of the classical Bollywood music. 

Credits: YouTube Aditi Chakraborty

Aaj Jaane ki Zidd Na Karo by Melissa Srivastava

Asha Bhosle’s singing career has been on and striving for almost eight decades. Her song Aaj Jaane Ki Zidd Na Karo is just one of many of her brilliant talents. Melissa Srivastava’s divine voice and singing pays a hundred percent justice to Asha Bhosle’s song. Melissa Srivastava sings and while also playing the guitar, making this music cover a must listen for all the classical Bollywood music enthusiasts. 

Credits: YouTube Melissa Srivastava

Khwaab Ho Tum Ya Koi Haqeeqat by Prasoon Verma

Kishore Kumar’s versatile vocals made him sing in a plethora of genres, and in different voices. Prasoon Verma delivers a reprised version of Kishore Da’s Khwaab Ho Tum Ya Koi Haqeeqat. The music cover is so raw and alluring, and reminds one of Kishore Da’s brilliancy. Prasoon Verma’s deep vocals do a complete justice to this song!

Credits: YouTube Prasoon Verma

Kahi Door Jab Din Dhal Jaye by Rahul Deshpande

Kahin Door Jab Din Dhal Jaye Song from the Anand album is voiced by the famous singer Mukesh. Rahul Deshpande delivers an unplugged version of this. Rahul Desphande mentions in his music cover that this was his first attempt at covering a song by Mukesh ji and what an astoundingly beautiful first attempt it was! The great Mukesh was truly the voice of the millennium. His contribution to classical Bollywood music is unmeasured. Rahul Deshpande’s music cover is one way to relive Mukesh’s songs. 

Listen to the melody here.

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These Melodies Can Absolutely Allure You

Creating opportunities does matter when it comes to talent and passion. Patience is the key towards a great career in art.



Music Covers

Music is addictive. And for one who sings, it’s like medicine. Their passion can only be met by singing. Here are some artists who create opportunities, follow passion and find their space in this competitive world. Age doesn’t matter; gender doesn’t, but talent and sincerity matters. The world has become quite receptive to artists of the ever-growing social media like YouTube.

Notes and Nostalgia by Advika

Gangubai Kathiawadi directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali has already been on the hitlist with beautiful songs. Entertainers from all parts of the country groove to the song Meri Jaan is now sung by Advika from a YouTube Channel called Notes and Nostalgia. With the high pitch notes and the husky voice, Advika totally nailed it. Her expressions are absolutely priceless. Her rendition of Halamati Habibo from the Beast movie is also great to watch. Advika sings Milne Hai Mujhse Aayi from Ashiqui 2 and captivates the viewers with utmost confidence.

Credits: YouTube Notes and Nostalgia

Shouvik Saha Official

One more artist attempting another song from the same movie Gangubai Kathiawadi. A song that was molded with Archana Gore’s songs, Huma Qureshi’s expressions- Shikhayat. Shouvik Saha is a singer, writer, composer music producer, and professional dance choreographer. He was top 32 in Super Singer Season 3. His magical voice takes the listener to a higher level. Aashiyan cover song from Barfi is one of his best.

Credits: YouTube Shouvik Sha Official

Alok Santhosh

When KGF Chapter 2 was released, it was a mark on the history of filmmaking. The craft was one of the masterpieces in the Indian commercial movie industry. The song Mehabooba is on the repeat list of many music lovers. Alok Santhosh is an upcoming singer who has beautifully sung the Malayalam version of this epic melody. The song is shot outdoors by Anand Ajesh Photography. Akhil Elapunkal perfectly does the background score. His voice is soothing and listening to it may let you find peace.

Credits: YouTube Alok Santhosh

Unwind with Nimish

Nimish Shrivastava is an IIT graduate, entrepreneur, and co-founder of companies like Banyan Tree and Kuppa Tea. His busy schedule has never left him to leave his passion for singing. Creating a YouTube Channel in 2009 named Unwind with Nimish, it has released 7 videos till 2022. But his voice stands unique and wonderful. He has given tribute to Krishnakumar Kunnath Hum Rahe ha na rahe Kal. Meri Sanson Mein Basa Hai’s cover song by Nimish is beautiful and amazingly tender.

Credits: YouTube Unwind with Nimish
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Drummers Are Dreaming Heights Through Music

Brilliantly composed songs never go out of style, but can take a new one; this time featuring drums and drummers.




No talent can ever fade away. If it’s inside us, it can force us to nurture it. Sometimes, we get to have only one option but to plant it, grow it and reap fruits out of it. This gives us the best possible peace and satisfaction. Drum covers are now trending in YouTube to uplift the artists and it also gives us a chance to see such thriving talents. Many are in the nascent stages of forming music bands. With the right camera, editing equipment, and luring skills, more opportunities are waiting for our upcoming talents to enhance their own life, and by listening to them, ours too. Here are a few people who followed their passion and worked for it.

Jakestrum Drums

Ra One was a Hindi superhero movie starring Sharukh Khan and Kareena Kapoor. The song Bhare Naina from the movie was so impressively executed by Nandini Srikar. Now, this soothing melody is been sung by  Archisha and Kartik. The background score is pure drums played by Jakestrum Drums. This epic drum cover gives everyone goosebumps and they are watching it repeatedly. The camera angles shooting the visuals capture the beauty of playing the drum.

Credits: YouTube Jakestrum Drums

Dr. Drummer

Dr. Drummer has come up with a drum cover Bijlee Bijlee. The viewers have gone crazy over the cover song. Already, the original Punjabi album by Harrdy Sandhu and Palak Tiwari is a hit with many millions of viewers. Within 2 years, this YouTube Channel has received lots of subscribers and viewers. This channel aims to help drum beginners by giving tips, tutorials, and drum hacks. He began the journey of drumming due to an incident that happened during his school time. He wants to pursue a better life ahead following his passion.

Credits: YouTube Dr. Drummer

Parth Saini

Imran Hashmi is famous for his roles in all-time magical melodies of Bollywood. Adaat song from the Hindi album Kalyug sung by Atif Aslam is still in the hearts of 90s kids. The song has allured the kids to learn musical instruments. Now the outstanding drumming skills engaging with the cover song by Parth Saini are here to captivate the viewers. The brilliant beats take care of the song’s beauty. The views have gone crazy over this excellent drum cover of Adaat. His Shark Tank India music played on Piano is also a hit song on his part. He is also a music composer wanting to pursue the art of music.

Credits: YouTube Parth Saini

Tarun Donny

Gangubai Kathiawadi has already been on the chart of music and dance covers. The Hindi movie starring Alia Bhatt has great songs. YouTube has seen many showcasing their dance and music cover performances mostly winning the hearts of many viewers. Now, Tarun Donny has come up with the drum cover of Meri Jaan. More than the playing, one could see him enjoying the beats though.

Credits: YouTube Tarun Donny

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Update Your Playlists with these Soothing Original Musical Compositions

Check out these original musical compositions, of the most beautiful melodies, the perfect picks for your playlists



Original Music

Music is the food of the soul. Exploring Indie Music Artists has become a treasured activity, because there cannot ever be enough music. Taking a step away from mainstream music into the sphere of the lesser known musical compositions will expose you to a heavenly space. Music is often the second human language through which we’re best able to describe our feelings. Music is also like a pair of ears who listen to us, because oftentimes, they become our comfort zones, some melodies who understand us when no one does. 

Here are some beautiful original musical compositions

Kahaani (Duet) – When Chai Met Toast feat. Pavithra Chari 

Kahaani is an original musical composition by the Kochi band ‘When Chai Met Toast’ featuring Pavithra Chari. Kahaani will bring you both heartfelt and heartbreaking feelings. A song on the harsh realities of love, lyricist Ankur Tewari, has brought the spotlight to the bitter acceptance one has to make when love doesn’t fall into your favor. The melodies accompanied by the soothing voices will engulf you and make you experience a raw pleasure. 

Credits: YouTube When Chai Met Toast

Dhalti Rahe – Twin Strings 

Twin Strings is a four member band. Dhalti Rahe is one of their many original musical compositions. Dhalti Rahe is a sweet and charming song about the very first butterflies you feel while falling in love with someone. Very precisely and honestly, the lyrics and the melody of the song do justice to the very first sparks one experiences in love. Listening to this original by Twin Strings will have you smiling and happy in an instant. 

Credits: YouTube Twin Strings

Tu Jaanda Ae – Madhur Sharma

For Punjabi songs enthusiasts, Tu Jaanda Ae is like a treasure offered by Madhur Sharma. Accompanied by his floating and smooth voice, the song and music is a breath of fresh air. Tu Jaanda Ae is a beautiful expression of love presented through this hypnotizing musical composition. The heartwarming lyrics are penned by Sagar.

Credits: YouTube Madhur Sharma

Meri Baaton Mein Tu – Anuv Jain

Anuv Jain is everyone’s favourite singer-songwriter. Anuv Jain’s 8th single, ‘Meri Baaton Mein Tu’ is a song dripped in the pains of a naïve heartbreak. Meri Baaton Mein Tu is a song 10 years in the making. Anuv Jain has great artistry over song writing. He uses deep imagery and the perfect words to spell out the incomprehensible feelings into distinct recognisable pictures. Anuv Jain’s melodious voice is like the perfect puzzle piece to his songwriting and musical compositions. Meri Baaton Mein Tu will truly mesmerize you!

Credits: YouTube Anuv Jain
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Some Songs Never Fail To Impress The Listeners

Cover Songs by JalRaj, Madhur Sharma, and Neha Barua are here to enchant viewers with their beautiful performances.




Arijit Singh has always been the idol of many music lovers. His voice is soothing and also somewhat brings a kind of refreshment to our ears. His song Chhod Diya from the movie Bazaar starring Saif Ali Khan, released in 2018, has now got the voice of JalRaj. The two independent songwriters and musicians Jalaj and Rajat, popularly called JalRaj, use their divine voices to sing Chhod Diya winning many hearts. With millions of subscribers, JalRaj has never failed to impress the audience This time his voice gracefully radiates the emotions of the song that is to let go of the love.

Credits: YouTube JalRaj Official

Sufi songs are heart-touching and help us find peace and dissolve us in bliss. Qawwali is a kind of Sufi devotional music. Referred to as Shehenshah-e-Qawwali (the Kings of Kings of Qawwali) Ustad Nusrat Ali Khan is one of the greatest Qawwali singers. Kehna Galat Galat and Ye Jo Halka Halka Suroor Hai are epic Sufi songs by this legend. This has been recovered by Madhur Sharma and his team with Acoustic Guitar played by Britto KC, Harmonium by Chirag Soni, Tabla by Adil Khan, Dholak by Pulkeet Kakkad, and Bass by Swapnil Tare. The background gives a historical and devotional experience. There is always a curing nature in Sufi music. Madhur Sharma efficiently transfers the peace in it to the viewers. The mesmerizing voice of Madhur and the chorus by the team plunges every viewer into deep emotions filled with serenity and harmony.

Credits: YouTube Madhur Sharma

Neha Barua has come up with yet another cover song Kahaani, from the movie Laal Singh Chaddha -a movie to be released on 11th August 2022 BY Amir Khan Productions. Sung by Mohan Kannan the song and considered the heart and soul of the movie, has become popular already. The female version is been tried by Neha. The cover song arrived within just 4 days. Her beautiful expressions also let us feel the emotions behind the song. It asks about life and its interpretations by Man. For anyone who wants to feel the ‘freedom without any strings attached, the lyrics are going to be one for that.

Credits: YouTube Neha Barua

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