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Reminding Of Our Freedom On This Republic Day

Celebrating the proud occasion of 71st Republic Day, we bring to you few music covers of some very talented Indians. Happy Republic Day.



Republic Day

Let us all just take a deep breath. Let us for a moment, take time to breathe the air which is fragrant with the aroma freedom, the air for which many of our forefathers sacrificed their lives, and the air which many of them never did breathe in their lifetime. I am sure it starkly reminds us of the privilege of being born in a free nation. This Republic Day we bring you a reminder of this gift.

The Constitution is the essence and a culminated product of the efforts of all our freedom fighters. Its motives were lofty and noble, as Nehru stated, “The first task of this Assembly is to free India through a new constitution, to feed the starving people, and to clothe the naked masses, and to give every Indian the fullest opportunity to develop himself according to his capacity.” Celebrating this proud occasion, we bring to you few music covers of some very talented Indians.

Shasank Shekhar provides us with a beautiful cover titled “Sandese Aaata hai” which pays a sensational tribute to the Indian army and all those who fought and continue to fight to uphold the integrity of our nation. Twin Strings present a medley of inspiring Indian tunes which fill the nerves of every Indian with patriotic fervour, including songs like, ‘Haan yahi rasta hai tera’, ‘Kandhon se milte hain Kandhe’, ‘Vande Matram’ and many more. SAHEBA brings forward a melodious mashup of various patriotic songs sung with ardent passion and in the serene voices of Saheba, Pooja Giri, Puja Lucky Sharma. In her absolutely stunning voice, Varsha Tripathi sings various songs devoted to the aesthetics of our nation, to the struggles of our ancestors and their longing for freedom.

We wish you all a very Happy Republic Day!

Credits: YouTube (Shasank Sekhar Official)
Credits: YouTube (Varsha Tripathi)
Credits: YouTube (SAHEBA)
Credits: YouTube (Twin Strings)


Multilingual Mashups: Bringing Beautiful Melodies In Our Lives

The artists perform the multilingual mashups which bring the beautiful melodies in life.'/




Who doesn’t like a blend of new things in life? Just like the spices, a mix of things is aesthetically pleasing yet surprising. That’s how music fill the void in our lives. Ever wondered why mashups are so popular? It’s because it’s necessary to spice up things in life.

Mashups help you in experiences euphonious symphonies assorted with other beautiful melodies and compose one song that lets you travel through different worlds all at the same time. These mashups are filled with different languages shrouded in one song that will leave spectators in awe.

Nityashree has presents an audience-choice mashup that features different languages mixed in one song. This beautifully mesmerising melody will fill your heart with pleasure.

Credits: YouTube (GetNithyaFied)

Sharat Sinha, known for her euphonious love melodies, has surprised us with yet another song that features ten other songs each from a different language mixed into one.

Credits: YouTube (Sharat Sinha)

Sashi Yerichala has bestowed us with another multilingual mashup that involves 13 songs in thirteen different languages bringing out the diversity of our country.

Credits: YouTube( Alien Kettle Music)

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Euphonic Piano Covers That Will Take You To A Different World

Beautiful piano covers by talented artists including Shivang Mehta, Jubin Nautiyal, and Aakash Desai upload euphonic symphonies that will blow your mind.'/



Jubin Nautiyal

There’s nothing more soothing than the sound of the piano that tingles and mesmerises your ears as soon as it touches it. The piano covers just put you in a relaxing mode that takes you away from the prevailing stressful and uncomfortable environment of yours and hands you over to a peaceful and consolatory world.

These piano covers played by some of India’s most talented artists will transfer into just the place you wish to be in. The artists have played extremely well and recreated those graceful and miraculous old melodies of Bollywood that you used to hum on every time.

Shivang Mehta, who posts several pianos covers regularly released this new cover of the iconic melody of Bollywood “Kuch Na Kaho”. He has beautifully expressed the love people have for this song with a cute blend of his melodious and magical hands.

Credits: YouTube (Shivang Mehta)

Jubin Nautiyal, who sung one of the most beautiful love songs of Bollywood in recent times has uploaded another euphony of his own called “Chitthi” which is a piano cover that shows yet another talent he possesses apart from being a spectacular singer.

Credits: YouTube (Jubin Nautiyal)

Aakash Desai, in order to pay tribute to our beloved actor who recently left us Late Sushant Singh Rajput, has composed a beautiful symphony from his recent film “Chichore”.

Credits: YouTube (Aakash Desai)

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Sanjana Devarajan Gives Some Soothing Music to Heal Thy Soul

Today we bring to you the original music in the voice of Sanjana that will let your soul dance its best moves.'/



Sanjana Devarajan

I cannot imagine the blankness in the life if the dramatic effect of music is eliminated from it. Music sets the emotion of a situation and emotions give life to them. Music then turns out to be the elixir of liveliness and epoch of soul’s freedom. The evergreen beauty of our favorite Bollywood movies would seem like a withered leaf if it is secluded from the melodious rhythms of songs. Quoting Shakespeare, “If music be the food of love, play on.”

Fête de la Musique or the World Music Day celebrates the essence of music in our lives with outdoor performances of both learning and established musicians. Reverentially, the celebration shifts indoors this year and we gladly present a rising artist Sanjana Devarajan with the first original song of her upcoming extended play record “MOOD” to be released on this day.

Sanjana is a 21-year-old singer and songwriter living in Mumbai. Her music is naturally mellow, deep and soothing, setting great expectations for her latest song “Lemonade”. Lemonade is the first song of her 4-track extended play record “MOOD”. Plug in your earphones and get ready for a soothing musical “MOOD” ride today.

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The Violin That Touches Souls: Talented Musicians Presenting Covers

The very talented and melodious musicians compose covers of the old Hindi Bollywood music and upload it at their YouTube channel for the world to tune in.'/




If music is life then violin is its soul, that is the beauty of a violin, it beautifies the melody with its strings and changes lives with its tunes. Several musicians initiate and compose tunes of their own and few compose the instrumental remakes of the songs made by Kishore Kumar, Kumar Sanu in their times. 

Even for Albert Einstein violin was the love of his life and he acquired immense pleasure in playing it ever since he was small. The strings of the instrument automatically connect with the person playing it and help them form deep and harmonic melodies.

Similarly, these few very talented individuals composed these beautiful melodies and uploaded them for the world to tune in. These are remakes for the old Hindi Bollywood songs and will provide you with an incredibly beautiful symphonious time of your life.

Binesh Babu, a successful musician composed an instrumental remake of Humaari Adhuri Kahaani from the iconic Bollywood film starring Imraan Hashmi and Vidya Balan.

Credits: YouTube (Binesh Babu)

The very beautiful and melodious Kushmita KC uploaded an instrumental violin cover for ‘Tujhe Kitna Chahne Lage’ from the film Kabir Singh who received immense appreciation from the audience for its incredible songs.

Credits: YouTube (Kushmita KC)

Rupa Revathi, who is very famous uploaded yet another violin cover with Sumesh Anand and Soubin Shahir along with Vishnu Vijay of Araadhike from the movie Ambili written and directed by Johnpaul George.

Credits: YouTube (Roopa Revathi)

Sandeep Thakur, who is popular for his marvellous melodies, pays tribute to the deceased Rishi Kapoor with his favourite and most popular songs of his time and remakes their violin cover with a blend of his own.

Credits: YouTube ( Sandeep Thakur Violinist)
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Immensely Talented Singers Present Heart-Touching Music Covers

During these days of quarantine, we bring to you some singers who have been delighting their audience with fresh music, songs & covers.



Music covers

These quarantine days can get pretty boring and dull at times; however you can revive your days with a dash of heart-touching music. We bring to you some upcoming singers who have been delighting their audience with fresh music, songs & covers.

Sagar Lalwani is a talented singer who can be seen giving a beautiful performance on the song “Bhula Dunga”, originally sung by Darshan Raval, on his YouTube channel. He often mesmerizes his audience with Bollywood and Punjabi music, both online and also performs live at various events and concerts.

Credits: YouTube (Sagar Lalwani)

Ravneet Kaur is a one of the fast-rising musicians, gifted with a beautiful voice & a flair for playing the guitar. Her cover on “Kalla Sohna Hai” by Neha Kakkar is a delight to the ears. With over 8 thousand subscribers, she regularly posts soul-stirring mashups & covers in Punjabi and Hindi, on YouTube.

Credits: YouTube (Ravneet Kaur)

Kanika Malhotra is a musician who captivates her audience with her melodious covers. You can catch her on her Youtube channel performing amazing covers on various songs, one of them being “Lae Dooba”. She gives an entertaining performance, singing effortlessly. She performs in multiple languages, and produces enchanting music videos to keep her viewer absolutely dazzled.

Credits: YouTube (Kanika Malhotra)

Shruthika Shetty is a gifted singer, who has recently started posted singing videos on Instagram page. Her songs range from Kannada performances to Lata Mangeshkar’s classics. Her cover of the iconic song “Lag Ja Gale” is absolutely beautiful and highly pleasing. She is a budding singer with a wonderful voice and a growing audience.

Credits: Instagram (Shruthika Shetty)
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