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Sand Artist Rahul Arya In Exclusive Conversation with The Talented Indian



Rahul Arya, popular Sand Artist, winner of “Entertainment Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega” a Sony TV show and the Director & Founder of the Flying Rock Studio Pvt. Ltd, a production house for films, is one of the most Talented Indian. We present to you a candid interview of the star by Preetanjali Ray.


Ques: Your fans want to know more about the person behind the video “100 Years of Bollywood in 200 Seconds”, which was posted on our website. Since you come from a technical background, kindly tell us about your journey? What encouraged you to choose sand artistry as a career?

Rahul Arya: I am a Sand Artist and also the Director & Founder of the Flying Rock Studio Pvt. Ltd, a production house for films. I have done several TV shows & films & some 500+ Live shows globally. I have done my Engineering & Masters from IIT, Bombay.
My love for drawings was from my childhood, when we used to draw friendship day greetings for our friends. During childhood days, I used to love our first Alto car & enjoyed cleaning it. When car used to be filled with dust, which I scribbled on the windshield with fingers. That is how it all started.
I started doing professional Sand Arts since 2007. I achieved breakthrough, when I won ‘Entertainment Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega’, a SONY TV show.

Ques: After having such an illustrious academic records, how could you just let that go and choose the road, less travelled? How did your friends and family react to your decision?

Rahul Arya: I had to go through a difficult time to convince all my near and dear ones to allow me to give my 100% dedication to what I believe in; regardless of fear of success or failure. “When the loss is big, the success will be bigger” is the maxim, I believe in and uphold. One of my friends, Piyush Jain; encouraged me to pursue Art. I am thankful to those, who believed in me, when I was just another kid sitting on back benches.

Ques: From being an Engineer to a Sand artist, what/who was your inspiration that kept you going to reach, where you stand today?

Rahul Arya: My dad is my sole inspiration, whom I lost recently. My every story has a message, mostly how my dad used to see the world.
My inner voice asked me to opt for personal satisfaction first. During my school vacation, I always used to draw continuously. The inspiration comes, when one believes in oneself. When I won the TV show on SONY TV, which encouraged me to pursue my passion, which was not for money or fame. I enjoy myself telling stories through the Art. Although I am a Computer Engineer & IITian, I would love to be a drawing teacher in any primary school.

Rahul Profile Pic (1)

Ques: Why sand artist only?

Rahul Arya: It is the quality to mold and form into any shape and it has organic value as we all are made up of the sand & will eventually dissolve back into the sand.

Ques: ‘Rare is Here’ is another concept we see you propagating these days. What do you exactly mean by it and why call it ‘rare’ if its ‘here’?

Rahul Arya: It is a new venture; dedicated only to showcase unique art forms. People are thriving for out of the box ideas and thinking. We serve to search for rare artworks. You will see a lot more at our official website.

Ques: What was the idea behind naming your studio ‘Flying Rock’? What is its biggest achievement?

Rahul Arya: The earth is a flying rock in our galactic space. And so are all the planets & their moons, which are actually rocks flying in the Universe. It all came from that idea. Flying Rock Studio was credited in a full feature length Bollywood film in just 3 months of its inception.

Ques: What are your achievements in this field?

Rahul Arya: I have got several awards including Best Film from Carnegie, USA & from Film Division of India & few more. I was nominated twice as Most Innovative Artist & performed in Mr. Sachin Tendulkar’s retirement, Mr. Shah Rukh Khan’s Kidzania Launch, John Abraham, TV show, India’s Raw Star with Honey Singh & many more, which helped me in earning reputation.


Ques: What is Success, according to you?

Rahul Arya: “Success is, if one can make a better world before dying, than what it was, when one was born.”

Ques: What are the inspirations for your work?

Rahul Arya: I have always said and worked for what I believed in. In my Nepal Tribute video, I have asked people to donate, when I myself have donated. I have visited Nepal and felt the pains of the victims. It makes me feel proud and at the same time gives me a sense of responsibility that my message should convey both sides of the stories. My Peshawar Attack Tribute has got humongous success with lakhs of views. The people welcomed a small Sand Art Tribute with open arms; as titled “Indian Artist Tribute to Pakistan”.

Ques: What was your lowest point in life?

Rahul Arya: When I lost my father few months ago, it made me realize that money, fame and success should never be the ultimate goal.

Ques: Which are your most memorable moments?

Rahul Arya: When Sachin Tendulkar called me by my name. When your idol knows you by name there is nothing more important than this. I was born in when Sachin started playing for India. Also, when Shah Rukh Khan applauded me on my ‘Live Sand Art Tribute’.

Ques: What is the first word that comes to your mind when you read the following-

Rahul Arya: Sand: Hand.
Design: Skills.
Achievements: Happiness.
Youth: Demand for the better world.
Nation: Needs lots of improvements.
Life: The time between; Sand to Human, Human to Sand.

Ques: What makes your day? What spoils it?

Rahul Arya: When I talk to my mom, and tease her for anything, it makes me smile. On the other hand, when someone mistreats a person working under him publicly annoys me.

Ques: If you were given one wish, what would it be?

Rahul Arya: I would hug my dad, and say I have always loved you.

Ques: How would you like to impact the society?

Rahul Arya: I do not want any artist to go through the difficulty of learning arts, I had been through. Hence, I am actively taking workshops & online tutorials for Sand Art from last 7 years. I try to give away whatever I can to the society through films or charity.

Ques: What is your ultimate dream?

Rahul Arya: Though, it is ambitious, but I want to have my own Art & Travel show. I’ll still continue directing ads.

Ques: What advice would you give to the budding generation, especially artists?

Rahul Arya: I like to write quotes. I will try to convey my message in the same manner.

“To be a STAR in ART, you need to ‘START’.”
“FAIL, and lose the fear of failure forever.”
“Sometimes, we have to unlearn to match up with the youth”.
“Your last failure, will not be your last failure.”

To know more about Rahul Arya, visit

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An Indian YouTuber with an Amazing Comic Timing : Rony Dasgupta



Rony Dasgupta at SpringBoard

Rony Dasgupta, from The Rawknee Show, is an Indian YouTube Content Creator from Mumbai. No roasting, but it is the amazing comic timing that differentiates him from others.

He makes videos with an aim to spread happiness and make people laugh. We had a quick rapid fire with him. Check out the video to find out his responses.

The Talented Indian recently had an opportunity to have a quick rapid fire with Rony Dasgupta. He gave pretty interesting reply to our questions. Click here for watching the full episode of Rapid Fire.

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Rapid Fire with The Trio That Redefined Vines : RealShit



RealShit, the famous trio, that make videos on topics that we come across daily. Piyush Bansal, Deepak Chauhan, and Shubham Gandhi are the 3 pillars of RealShit Vines. These three youngsters gave up conventional jobs and decided to do something different with their life despite the fact that they were enrolled in prestigious institutions like Delhi  College of Arts and Commerce (Delhi University), Amity University, and Kirorimal College (Delhi University) respectively.

Vines culture in India  is growing so rapidly that you see so many new viner coming up every day. The only thing that separates RealShit is the originality in their content. If you have to succeed then one has to be original and creative. Apart from that, of course, their hard work, dedication and patience played a key role in their success.

They always wanted an interesting and happening life, so they decided to do something different. The trio is highly inspired by Zaid Ali, as they used to love his videos and on 13th June, 2015 they decided to give it a shot.

Ever since then they never turned back and are making videos and entertaining the world. Recently, we got a chance to have a quick rapid fire with the trio. During the rapid fire they answered all the questions with interesting responses.

Click here to watch the interesting responses.

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Sejal Kumar : From being an SRCC Graduate to a successful YouTuber



Sejal Kumar, India’s leading fashion YouTuber blogger, has 3,15,000+ subscribers on YouTube handle. Born on 1st January 1995, Sejal Kumar is a 22-year old Delhi based YouTuber. Her mother, Dr. Anjali Kumar is a famous gynecologist, working with Artemis Hospital. Her father, Anil Kumar is a retired army major. Sejal Kumar has an older brother named Rohan. Since Sejal Kumar’s father is a retired army major, she got to travel a lot. She vividly remembers playing in waterfalls in Arunachal Pradesh with her brother during her childhood days.

She did her graduation in Economics Hons from SRCC. She started her YouTube channel during her second year at college. After completing her graduation she is now working full time on developing her brand.

Sejal Kumar has a habit of eating homemade food with Tomato Juice being her most favourite food. She is also an early sleeper and can’t stay up past 10 pm.

Sejal Kumar has won Miss Crossroads held at SRCC. She was also selected for the pageant campus princess 2016, sub pageant of Miss Diva, where she won the titles Miss Multimedia, Miss Rampwalk.

Sejal Kumar has done many has also been featured in many commercial ads. Some of the brands she has worked with are Airtel, Parachute, Roposo.

Sejal Kumar creates easy DIY tutorials for dressing up for YouTube and her latest video also includes funky hairstyles that you can try. An area which we find her excelling in is making DIY’s videos! She loves being on stage, likes to be have the limelight on her, and why not? When you are confident enough to start showcasing, there is no looking back. One may also find her dancing, acting and singing along with making YouTube videos!

Recently we had a quick rapid fire with Sejal Kumar. Click here to see how did Sejal Kumar respond to our questions.

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The Master of Vines : Harsh Beniwal in an Exclusive Rapid Fire with The Talented Indian



Harsh Beniwal is a Delhi based Actor and Viner, who is known as one of the fastest growing viners in India. He was born and brought up in New Delhi.

21-year-old Harsh Beniwal is a Delhi resident. He was studying to do his Bachelors in Computer Applications but quit mid-way for a career in the entertainment industry. Harsh is extremely active on social media and regularly uploads videos. He is clearly a hit with youngsters.

Harsh in his early days joined a dance society there and found his passion. He always dreamt of doing big in Bollywood and loved to be called as a filmy guy.

Soon Dubsmash came in his life and he tried a couple of things over to make him popular over the social media sites. This helped him to discover his latent talent in a big way. Soon Harsh Beniwal emerged out to become the best viners which are known to one and all. Harsh is a true foodie in himself apart from being a fitness freak which makes him regular at the gyms.

With all his forthcoming projects, he is keen to continue doing his vining things to stay connected with the lovely audience. He is a dog lover and wishes continue to do things on his own to emerge out as ace actor one day.

Click here to find out how he answered the questions asked by Sumedha in a quick rapid fire with him.

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In Conversation with One the of BBC’s 100 Most Inspiring Women : Kanika Tekriwal



Today we have with us Ms Kanika Tekriwal. When we start describing her, she is the founder of JetSetGo, The New Face of Private Aviation. She has also been featured in the Forbes 30 Under 30  and BBC’s 100 Most Inspiring Women.

392960_10151920160230160_2071328074_n(Source: Facebook)

Ques)           First of all, how do you feel to be amongst the BBC’s 100 Most Inspiring Women?
Response)   The journey has been nothing short of amazing. I’ve been blessed to have had an excellent year with BBC 100 women and Forbes 30 under 30 Asia. The milestones, achieved in life, keep one very much motivated in moving forward, take greater challenges and achieve. They helped me restore faith in myself when I was in doubt or low. This, I believe, is still the beginning of the journey. There is a long long way to go and achieve, put Indian Aviation on the world map and disrupt.

380613_10151441554610160_1627864019_n(Source: Facebook)

Ques)          What is the JetSetGo all about?
Response)   As the Uber of the skies and an aggregation platform, JetSetGo provides Indian customers for the charter planes for the first time the choice, transparency and flexibility to book a private jet online on web as well as on mobile platforms. Extending the experience from the ease of the customized online booking process, JetSetGo, then, provides superior unmatched level of services at every customer touch point through the journey process on the ground at both the departure and the arrival airports and on board, based on the purpose and choice of the customers be it business or leisure charter. For single leg trips, through its online demand aggregation model, it maximizes the chance for sale of empty travel legs to other customers, thereby adding value to original leg customer by giving a credit against original charter cost and for the empty leg traveler a charter at a more attractive price point. In addition, unlike the current pricing practice, where a customer is charged for a minimum charter cost, irrespective of the actual journey time, JetSetGo pricing for customers is for actual time, flown from Point A to B.

40798_10150269946745160_3275792_n(Source: Facebook)

Ques)          Surely, the journey to the top is not easy. You might have had to go through some of the really tough times in your life, where many people would simply give up. Could you please elaborate about the hardships you had been through the journey to the top?

Response)   I wouldn’t say I have faced any difficulties as such, but yes there have been very minor challenges, because I had to work in a male dominated industry. Initially, it took time for the people to take me seriously for the business I am carrying. Sometimes, when I am assertive, I am considered arrogant, whereas a man being more assertive than me is considered passionate. But, these are very non consequential things as such.

(Source: Facebook)

Ques)             What made you so determined that helped you in winning over the struggles?
Response)   Use every “No” as a stepping stone to success and turn every “No” into a “Yes” through your journey.”


Ques)             Realizing the problems of any industry is one thing, but taking an initiative to make things better is totally different. What was the driving force that motivated you to turn your idea into reality?
Response)   It took a lot of perseverance to actually keep going in the early days. Someone once told me “India – business aviation, you guys won’t be able to do anything” I took it upon me from that day to put India Business aviation on the world map and every time something does not work in my favor, I simply revisit the goal and carry on.

241665_10150625790980160_2172603_o(Source: Facebook)

Ques)             During the initial stages, could you ever imagine how such an idea could be implemented in our country, where the concept of charter flight is totally unique?
Response)   Yes – I always knew this would work in India.

Ques)             You have proved the maxim ‘The sky is the limit’ true and you are a living example of it. What is the next on your agenda?

Response)   World domination 🙂

The Talented Indian takes immense pleasure in wishing Ms Kanika Tekriwal good luck for her future endeavors.

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