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Set Your Heart Ablaze With These Dance Covers

Check out these amazing dance covers to the melodious tunes of the regional music by Riddhima Jilsu and AnuRagerZ.'/



Chellamma Dance Cover

Music sets in rhythm in the songs of our hearts and when it’s regional music the rhythms outside know the exact strings of heart to create the perfect melody inside. Accompanied with the tunes of music when dance plays it’s charm, the fun is multiplied. Regional music helps us connect more the small world that surrounds us and no wonder regional music is more emotive. The home like dialect of regional music accompanied by dance that fits it’s rhythms is surely a treat.

Here we are with some dance covers on regional music for you to enjoy the bliss of music in your own language.

The graceful dance cover to the tunes of song Vethikkalu Vellaripravu featuring Riddhima Jilsu is surely to give you a beautiful reprise. Poise of the dance performance is accompanies that of the song. The cinematography and editing of the dance video adds extra stars to the performance. Watch out the mesmerising performance and let your soul dance along.

Credits: YouTube (Rddhima Jilsu)

AnuRagerZ’s recent cover of the song Chellamma choreographed and danced by Anupriya also featuring Roshni Pradeep is filled with the energy that matches the energy upheld by the song. The performance starts with a smooth beginning complementing the song and moves energetically towards the end. Check out the dance cover below.

Credits: YouTube (AnuRagerZ)


The Journey Of A Thousand Pattering Feet: Vinayak Ghoshal

Teacher, dancer and the founder of ‘Natya Social’, Vinayak Ghoshal gives us a peek into a life fully lived and realised.



Vinayak Ghoshal

When we begin our conversation, he has just gotten done with a shoot. Still, he approaches our conversation with more energy and enthusiasm than I could ever give him credit for. Vinayak Ghoshal is, indeed, a rare individual, able to find happiness in the tiniest of things. He speaks eloquently, dances beautifully and, perhaps, most importantly, he teaches passionately. Founder of the celebrated ‘Natya Social’, Ghoshal has a wealth of experience behind him, things he has learnt and grown from, and he is, in point of fact, quite happy to share that with you.

Born in the bustling metropolis of Mumbai, Ghoshal reveals that dance was never more than a hobby, originally. Yes, it was something that he loved doing, sure, but he never truly saw it as his calling until much later in his life. Initially, having pursued a degree in Mass Media, he was deeply passionate about pursuing a career in the field of Journalism and Advertising. As he explains, when pursuing his bachelor’s degree, he felt especially drawn to the field of Advertising, realizing his interests lay in creating and conceptualizing content that was aimed towards the masses.

Credit: YouTube (Natya Social)

Parallel to this, Ghoshal, known for his choreography, owing to his lifelong passion for dance, was regularly engaged in teaching classes for students from his school. And while the pay wasn’t anything spectacular, as he, himself, says, it was enough to keep a college going kid happy. Even so, noticing his aptitude for instructing others in dance, the parents of his students regularly extended invitations for him to come and teach them a choreographed set during ceremonies and events. That, he explains, further supplemented his earnings when he was attending college.

When college got over, however, Ghoshal found himself faced with the need to find something fast. And, while he worked in a few places as an intern, he never found it to be rewarding enough. It was during his time, working as an intern, that he also discovered that he was dyslexic. Faced with the idea of not being able to work in the industry that he was so in love with, Ghoshal took up a job at Haptik. Soon enough, a friend of his brought a certain opportunity to his attention. An established director was putting up a musical in Delhi and needed an assistant choreographer to help with the dance routines in the play. Ghoshal jumped at this chance. After all, this was something he loved doing. 

“The director had told me that he would give me a job after the project and things would work out.”

Vinayak Ghoshal

However, when the musical was over, despite having been promised a continuing collaboration with the director, Ghoshal was dejected to realize that the ‘promised opportunity’ was never what he hoped it would be. He was told to look for work on his own and if there was any need for him, later, he would get a call. Ghoshal had left his job for this. 

Never one to sit still, Ghoshal took up a job at an international call centre, where he spent the next eight months, working diligently. It was only when he saw the movie, ‘Tamasha’, that he drew parallels between his life and what he had just seen. He wanted more, needed more from his life. Doing some self-searching, Ghoshal realised that he had been blind to something that was ever so apparent to him: All his life, he had been in love with dancing. His real journey began then.

Credit: YouTube (Natya Social)

Throughout the conversation, I got the feeling that Vinayak Ghoshal is not the kind of person to do anything in a half-hearted manner. And, for once, I was right. Ghoshal threw himself into building the foundations of his craft without any reservations. He went on to enroll himself in dance classes, while simultaneously working as a dance instructor, himself, for school-going children. While searching for tracks to set his instructional routines to, he stumbled across the world of content creation around dance on YouTube. To be frank, as he admits, he never paid much attention to it then. It was only when one of his teachers wanted someone to help a certain creative team, for a choreographed set, that Ghoshal understood that there was a whole market revolving around choreography around Bollywood tracks. That creative team was ‘Team Naach’.

His experience with Sonal Devraj and Nicole Concessao of ‘Team Naach’, coupled with the constant urging on their part, emboldened Ghoshal to start his own YouTube channel. Working diligently to establish himself in the field of dance, he made it a point to only invite Sonal and Nicole to work with him on a video once he had crossed a certain threshold of followers on his channel. That is how ‘Natya Social’ actually began.

As Ghoshal dives into discussing his journey, he recalls the reception that his choreographed set for ‘Mitwa’ garnered. The response to that video was so positive that Ghoshal found the workshops that he held to be absolutely booked to capacity. ‘Mitwa’ holds a special place in his journey, with it being the first video, of the many to come as of then, to be met with the recognition that he, truly, deserved. 

Credit: YouTube (Natya Social)

Even so, Ghoshal believes that hanging on to the idea of a singular aspect of dance is not conducive. In fact, he believes that dance, as a creative art form, is consistently evolving. And this is especially important for him as a dance instructor. As of now, where the idea is to go for as large as an audience as possible, it becomes especially challenging to navigate a world where some pursue dance merely to garner a following. And, while that is never something that Ghoshal is hesitant to acknowledge and appreciate, keeping the idea of relevance and your intended audience is what he prioritizes.

Speaking about priorities and future goals, when asked about what his next steps are, Ghoshal surprises me with his response. Over the years, he has gone to build and set in stone, figuratively, of course, a world where he has been able to reach out to a massive audience, teaching and imparting his own knowledge and passion for dance as an art form. Now, as he reveals, he looks to start something new, hinting at a new channel for markedly different content. Don’t panic. Dance is an irreplaceable part of his life and I am sure he will not be able to bring himself to completely leave it behind.

“We are not sure about what we are going to do on that particular new channel. It can be anything.”

Vinayak Ghoshal

Ghoshal has had a tremendous journey, punctuated with highs and lows. He has persevered through it all, fighting against whatever was thrown at him. However, when asked about what he is especially proud of, he, bluntly, states that there is nothing he is proud of. Don’t get me wrong. He has accomplished a lot, from getting ‘Natya Social’ officially registered as a company to practically building an empire. However, as he goes on to explain ‘Everything is temporary’. Your successes and failures are, both, temporary. It is crucial that you look forward to the next experience while enjoying the process of it all.

If there is one thing that he would want you to take from this whole thing, it would, perhaps, be this. You see, he is not going to talk about consistent practice, perseverance or hard work. As he states, that is already an established notion. What he stresses on, however, is kindness and compassion. Be nice to those around you. At the end of it all, your journey won’t matter much if you look back and see that you have left a trail of people you have been unkind to. And, when he looks back, you can be absolutely positive that Vinayak Ghoshal will only see the smiles and laughter he has helped bring about.

Credit: YouTube (Natya Social)
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Dancers Whose Performances Are A Perfect Blend Of Enrapture and Talent

Check out these talented performers whose moves go beyond music and who use rhythm to deliver the message hidden.



Dance Covers

Dancing is art, a form of performing art. It involves language of expression of emotions through body movements and rhythm. Dancing opens several dialogues between the doer and the watcher. It isn’t merely about the body movements in accordance with music, it has more to it. The ability to narrate a story with the dance moves and express yourself freely are some of the many layers of the art of dancing.

Cover artists usually re-enact the moves of the original dance set, however, some also change them and add their own twist to it. Experimenting is also a side of the realm of dance covers; performing a classical form of dance – say Kathak – to the beats of modern K-pop music is not only intriguing but also a great fusion.

The first performance cover, we have with us, is from Rohit Gijare on YouTube. It is performed by Rohit & Aaliya on the song ‘Saathiya’ by A.R.Rahman and Sonu Nigam. The couple dances to the beats of the modern pop music. Dressed in classical fits, they execute the performance filled with classical moves blended with some freestyle moves with ease. The performance is fun to watch and really reflects the dynamics of the couple well. With the facial expressions changing as the song demands and coordinating with that of the partner, the duo does a good job at the cover.

The choreography is made by the performers themselves and is executed perfectly in a lovely setting of a living room.

Credits: YouTube (Rohit Gijare)

Up next we have a cover on the song that a lot of us hold dear to our hearts; from a movie responsible for thousands of youngsters getting a Journalism degree. These dance moves on Kabira are made by Sachini Nipunsala and is performed by her along with Melony Anthony & Kushara Dissanayake. With nothing too complex of moves, the performance is really pleasing to watch. The choreography seems to be a fusion of freestyle moves with some Indian classical dance steps. The perfect synchronization and the sharply clean moves serve as a highlight for the cover.

Credits: YouTube (Sachini Nipunsala)

Lastly, we have Swetha Naidu dancing to the latest Tollywood viral hit ‘Saranga Dariya’ choreographed by Rajendra Raj. The set for the performance – a countryside scene – fits the mood of the song really well. Dressed in colorful ghaghra-choli, Swetha delivers the performance full of energy. The direction and videography highlights the dance moves at certain points really well – doing justice to the catchiness of the song and the choreography. Her movements are fast but elegant; with sharp yet pleasing facial expressions, Swetha expresses the bubbly fun side of herself greatly. You definitely don’t want to miss this one out!

Credits: YouTube (Dancing Divas)
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Dancing To A Single Beat: Aanchal and Antra Chandna

Two sisters and a shared passion for dance, Aanchal and Antra Chandna talk about their journey and touch upon making dreams come true.



Twin Me Not

Dance, more often than not, is an art form that can be incredibly demanding. It comes as a pleasant surprise, then, that Aanchal and Antra Chandna have not only pursued it with a driven passion but also managed to turn it into something that is more aligned to their own creative vision. As sisters and co-founders of the brand, ‘Twin Me Not’, they have created a shared world where dance is not only used as a form of entertaining their audience but also as a means to share their passion for the art form with others. In making the journey so far, one that they categorically define as completely unplanned, they have gone from being two people who just loved dancing to a duo that is helping spread some of that cheer around.

Born and raised all over the country, the Chandna Sisters fell in love with dance at an early age. Aanchal began her formal training in dance at the delicate age of 4, starting with Odissi and, then, following that up with training in Kathak and Latin dance forms as she grew older. Antra, on the other end, began with imitating her sister during her practice sessions. And, though she, too, attended dance classes, Antra learnt the art form in a manner that was more derived from watching her sister and her own exposure to the choreographed Bollywood sets. That said, both sisters have grown beautifully into accomplished dancers in their own right, complementing and blending each other’s knowledge and styles.

Credit: YouTube (Twinmenot)

When they actually decided to create a space for showcasing their own choreographed dance sets, the Chandna sisters were pretty clear about what they wanted out of it. For them, dance is a channel for their own enjoyment before anything else. The whole process behind their choreography is an organic one. Through the week, due to their own personal schedules, they bounce ideas off each other, working out the kinks in their choreography based on their own interest in songs and what they feel about it. The primary goal, as they state, is to ensure that the set looks aesthetically pleasing while having fun along the way.

As such, Aanchal conducts regular workshops and classes on dance. However, as a duo, due to their own professional commitments, moving into a sphere, that would have them instructing others in dance in a more structured format, is something that they are hesitant about. For them, the whole idea is to gradually evolve into content creation that involves a whole host of other things. For now, they, primarily, want to focus on dance as a medium for their content. 

Credit: YouTube (Twinmenot)

In their words, you sense an immense mutual respect for each other. Leaving aside the fact they are bound by familial ties, Aanchal and Antra consider each other to be not only a support system for each other, but also confidantes and partners, whether it is in a professional or creative space. There is, in both of them, a respect for the decisions of the other. No questions asked. It is, perhaps, a bond formed in recognition of not only how much they resemble each other but also in how much they differ.

In the conversation, they reveal that, at the very beginning, they were not overly focused on being consistent in putting their content online. They harboured a passion for dance, of course, and intended to share that with others, however, both had conflicting schedules and other commitments. Then, the pandemic hit and every one shuttered themselves in. It was, then, that they, both, started working on creating more content, partly because that was the only recreation they had. Now, however, as things are gradually opening up, Aanchal and Antra assert that they have had to go that extra mile to be consistent. Shooting footage of their choreographed sets early in the morning or late at night, when the rest of the world is asleep, has become sort of a norm. Now, they juggle their own professional lives with their shared passion for dancing and creating content around it, not because they see it as an obligation but because it is something that they are motivated to do. Realizing the potential in what they hold in their hands, the Chandna sisters realise the extent of the effort they have to put in to make their shared passion move forward.

“We’ve reached a point where we go back to our basics, to why we started.”

Antra Chandna

This drive and persistent effort has been rewarded with due recognition, with their content being met with a positive reception. As stated earlier, this whole journey has been one that can be characterized by just being natural and organic in what they do, letting their work speak for itself. Even so, they consider their journey as one that has just begun. Backed by a strong support system, in their parents, they consider themselves fortunate to be pursuing something that they are passionate about and intend on making the leaps and strides that they have left in their journey.

Credit: YouTube (Twinmenot)

This same approach, the idea of just going through with it, is, perhaps, reflected in their own beginnings. At the very outset, there was no planned move or a strategic step to start a space where they showcase their choreographed sets. It was all just incidental. They began their own banner, ‘Twin Me Not’, as a creative outlet for their own selves. Looking back, Aanchal and Antra see the inception of their shared online presence as one of the biggest leaps of faith they have taken, all the while hoping that, in the coming days, they meet their upcoming challenges with the same courage.

“If you are passionate about something, that is not enough. You need to have a set of skills.”

Aanchal Chandna

It has, indeed, been a tremendous journey of consistent learning and growth for the Chandna sisters. To others, starting out in the fields that they are passionate about, they stress on the importance of just being completely true to yourself. Believing and knowing your own self while avoiding the myriad distractions that exist is, according to them, critical. Blending that bit with a practical note, they state that, to truly pursue something that one is passionate about, it is important to supplement your own passion with complementary skills. There is the need to have a certain familiarity with the tools that can help ease your path to success.

Sound advice, indeed. But, then again, who better to give it than two sisters who dance to their own beat?

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Take A Trip Down Memory Lane With These Dance Choreographies!

Here are some dance choreographies on iconic Bollywood songs of the 2000s to take you on a nostalgic tour!




Dance not only allows us to tell a story, but it also lets us express ourselves – our emotions, experiences, feelings, everything. The dance communicates feelings with an intensity that words can’t. Hence, to no one’s surprise, it takes years to master this art form. One must learn the gestures and movements, rhythm and beats. And while that is taxing on your body, original choreographies take skill and creativity alike. To take something you know and apply it to create something completely new is truly commendable.  

Today, we will visit the 2000s era of Bollywood songs. With songs from movies like Prince starring Vivek Oberoi and Ghajini starring Aamir Khan, these dancers take age-old songs and make them their own. In fact, they have blended their dance styles with these phenomenal songs to create something awe-inspiring!  

The Artist List

Firstly, we have a Mohan Pandey choreography on Behka Mai Behka, from the film Ghajini. Mohan Pandey, Charles Edward and Keval Salia give an incredible performance with perfect synchronization and entrancing footwork! Taking a classic crowd-favourite, they infused their own style and created something unique. Indeed, this dance choreography will truly change the way you remember this song, in the best way possible!

Credits – YouTube (Mohan Pandey)

Secondly, we have Himanshu Dulani’s choreography on the song Tere Liye, from the film Prince. Featuring Hardik Bhutani and Aashish Lama, the three of them give a new perspective to the song with this performance. Shot and edited by Gaurav Rawat, the videography is also at par with the choreography. In fact, these skilled dancers have done complete justice to this song. You simply cannot miss out!

Credits – YouTube (Himanshu Dulani)

Finally, we have Tajas Dhoke and Isphreet Dang with their original choreography on the classic song, Rangilo Maro Dholna. With incredible dance skills, they made the song their own whilst still remaining true to the original. It is truly incredible and you have to watch it!

Credits – YouTube (Dancefit Live)
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The Perfect Synchronization of Passion, Hard Work and Discipline: Rohit Jethwani Shares His Dance Journey

Follow Rohit Jethwani on his journey as a professional full-time dancer as he shares his struggles, experiences and inspirations.



Junior Jethu

Believe it or not, when Rohit Jethwani started dancing, he couldn’t move his hips from left to right! Yet, today he is paving his path to success as a phenomenal choreographer. He stands as a living example that with hard work, determination and consistency, one can achieve anything in the world.

How it All Started

Born and raised in Pune, Rohit Jethwani began his dancer journey relatively early. At the mere age of four, Rohit would dance to Bollywood bops in front of the television. His mother, a firm believer in learning outside the classroom, wanted him to be involved in various extra-curricular activities. From karate to horseback riding and roller skating to paragliding, Rohit signed up for almost everything. But dance stuck with him through the years.

At first, Rohit enrolled in a local dance institute in Pune. But by the age of nine, he was a part of the Shiamak Davar’s Institute of Performing Arts. With his consistent practise and determination, he went from not moving his hips to being selected in Shiamak’s Showkids. This allowed him to perform at over 30 shows!

Rohit Jethwani trained at the Academy for the next six years. Through this time, he learned various styles like Bollywood, Contemporary, Afro-jazz, Indo Jazz, to name a few. But as the time came for higher studies, Rohit had to discontinue his training.

Credits – YouTube (Junior Jethu)
Experiencing A Competitive Dance Team

With the set new goal of acquiring a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Southern California, Rohit moved to Los Angeles. But even as he continued to pursue his degree, his love for dance didn’t die down a bit. He joined the award-winning competitive Bollywood Dance Team of the University – USC Zeher.

USC Zeher was amongst the top 10 teams nationwide. Rohit Jethwani was on the team for three years. In fact, he was elected as the captain and male lead dancer in his last year. Training rigorously, especially during the competitive season, Rohit successfully managed to juggle between coursework and dance.

When asked how this experience was different from training at the academy, Rohit shares his learnings. He talks about how instead of being extremely individualistic with his dance, he had to work on synchronization with the rest of the team. This wasn’t about his performance, it was about the team’s performance, as a whole.

Being a part of this team helped him grow – not only as a dancer but as an individual. During Rohit Jethwani’s time as the captain and lead dancer, USC Zeher won several competitions. Moreover, Rohit left everyone stunned as he bagged up four “Best Male Lead” awards in one season!

Credits – YouTube (Junior Jethu)
The Decision to Pursue Dance

Being born into a business family where nobody has ever pursued a creative field, becoming a professional full-time dancer was never in the books for Rohit. Rohit admits that he always thought that dance was a passion he would enjoy up until graduation.

But things changed in February 2019, when Rohit Jethwani discovered the realm of social media. He started posting dance videos on Instagram and YouTube. And to his pleasant surprise, the first two videos he posted, went viral!

It was a humbling experience to receive so much love from people across the world, he tells us. The realization of the extent of impact his art had on people hit him.

At that moment, Rohit knew this is what he wanted to do. In April 2019, Rohit Jethwani quit his job and started conducting Bollywood Dance Workshops in Los Angeles.  

Learnings and Advice

“You need the discipline to reach your goals.”  

Rohit Jethwani

Through his training with the team of USC Zeher, Rohit admits to learning a number of lessons he intends on carrying forward. Not only did he improve his dance, he learned the importance of humility and discipline.

Learning is a part of the process. There is always something to improve on. And one needs to accept that regardless of your position in the field. Further he emphasizes on the importance of having a growth-based mindset.

Remember, passion isn’t enough. Hard work, determination and discipline will help you reach your goals.

Credits – YouTube (Junior Jethu)
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Ami Mishra, Mohammed Rafi, Ehsaan Tera, Unplugged Cover, Anchal Singh

Ehsaan Tera : Unplugged Cover by Ami Mishra Ft. Anchal Singh

Plus Minus, Baba Harbajan Singh, Bhuvan Bam, Divya Dutta, Sikhya Entertainment
SHORT FILMS3 years ago

Plus Minus: A Tribute To The Unsung Hero Major Harbhajan Singh

Mashaal, The Forgotten Soldiers,The Jokers' Project, Manisha Swarnkar, Independence Day
MUSIC3 years ago

Mashaal : The Forgotten Soldiers By The Jokers’ Project Ft. Manisha Swarnkar

Bhuvan Bam, Safar, Single, Original, Bhuvan Bam Safar, Artist, BB Ki Vines

Safar : An Original Single by Bhuvan Bam Portraying Story of an Artist

Navaldeep Singh, The Red Typewriter, Short Film, Love Story, Touching Story
SHORT FILMS3 years ago

The Red Typewriter : A Touching Love Story by Navaldeep Singh

Dilbaro, Saloni Rai, Cover, Raazi, Alia Bhatt
MUSIC3 years ago

‘Dilbaro’ From ‘Raazi Mellifluously Sung by Saloni Rai

Meri Maa, Musical, Short Film, Tarannum Mallik, Abhinay, Mother's Day
SHORT FILMS3 years ago

‘Meri Maa’ : A Musical Short Film Ft. Tarannum & Abhinay

Meri Maa ki Beti, Niharika Mishra, Poetry, Maa
POETRY3 years ago

‘Meri Maa Ki Beti’ : A Poetic Portrayal by Niharika Mishra

Call Center Ke Call Boy Ki Kahani, Rakesh Tiwari, Tafreeh Peshkash, Poetry
POETRY3 years ago

‘Call Center Ke Call Boy Ki Kahani’ by Rakesh Tiwari

Kajender Srivastava, Jawaab, Poetry, Poem
POETRY3 years ago

‘Jawaab’ : A Poetic Awakening by Kajender Srivastava

Tribute to Avicii, Indian Dancers, Avicii, Amit K Samania, Prakrati Kushwaha
DANCE3 years ago

Tribute to Avicii By Indian Dancers Amit K Samania & Prakrati Kushwaha

Varun Agarwal, Million Dollar Company, Anu Aunty

From Failing in Engineering to Co-Founding a Million-Dollar Company : Varun Agarwal

Dum Dum Dumroo, Sanaya Irani, Anil Charanjeett, Akash Goila
SHORT FILMS3 years ago

Dum Dum Dumroo : Think Before You Judge

Manpreet Toor's Laung Laachi
DANCE3 years ago

Manpreet Toor’s Magnificent Dance on “Laung Laachi” is Mesmerizing

MUSIC3 years ago

Mashup of ‘Treat You Better’ & ‘Mann Bharrya’ in Melodious Voice of Semal and Bharti

Aksh Baghla
MUSIC3 years ago

Dil Diyan Gallan in Euphonious Voice of Akash Baghla

Ankit Kholia

Reminiscing Classics In Ankit Kholia’s Mellifluous Voice

Sang Hoon Tere

Sang Hoon Tere : Bhuvan Bam’s Original Single

Aranya Johar
POETRY3 years ago

“Why be biased to complexions?” Aranya Johar Questions the Society

MUSIC3 years ago

Acoustic Version of Tere Mere Song by Dhvani Bhanushali

SHORT FILMS3 years ago

Tere Jaisa Yaar Kahan : A Tale of Two Best Friends

MUSIC3 years ago

“Naino Se”: An Orginal Composition by Pushpendra Barman

Tere Mere by Saloni Rai
MUSIC3 years ago

‘Tere Mere’ Female Cover by a Young Singer from Haryana, Saloni Rai

Every Skin Glows : Sejal Kumar
EDITOR'S PICK3 years ago

Don’t Judge People on Skin Colour, Every Skin Glows : Sejal Kumar

Knox Artiste
MUSIC4 years ago

14 Songs on 1 Beat Ft. Knox Artiste

EDITOR'S PICK4 years ago

De Taali Nehraji Ft Ashish Nehra: Breakfast With Champions

POETRY4 years ago

To India: With Love by Aranya Johar


Shiamak Davar’s Choreography of Despacito Ft. Justin Bieber