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Throwback Thursday With The Tabla Maestro: Zakir Hussain

Today, on Throwback Thursday, we celebrate the legendary tabla maestro, Zakir Hussain through some of his memorable performances.



Zakir Hussain

Indian classical music is believed to be one of the toughest and most challenging musical forms prevalent in the present-day world. It is very often related to ancient myths and has an element of spirituality associated with it. It is pious and holds a much more deeper meaning to it as compared to modern-day music. One of the master practitioners of Hindustani classical music is Ustad Zakir Hussain, the very famous tabla player who is also a composer, music producer and film actor.

Born to the famous tabla player Ustad Allah Rakha, he had an inclination towards music since the onset of his life and was considered a child prodigy when he gave his first performance at the age of seven. His mastery over this art, however, was attained by a lot of hard-work and commitment. As a child, he rehearsed with his father from 3:00 AM to 6:00 AM early morning. Pretty tough, isn’t it? He worked with other famous instrumentalists like sitar maestro Ravi Shankar and soon began his international tours with up to 150 concerts a year. He featured in the famous album “Planet Drum” wherein he had a chance to work with outstanding drummers from all over the world. The album won the prestigious Grammy Award twice, first for “Best World Music album” and “Best Contemporary World Music Album”. He has been honoured with awards of national importance like Padma Shree and Padma Bhushan for his remarkable work in the field of music.

Indians like Zakir Hussain manifest the beauties of Indian culture and heritage and play a key role in demonstrating it to the world. His truthfulness, loyalty and commitment towards his art makes him shine out as a great tabla artist, not just in India but around the globe.

Today, on Throwback Thursday, we celebrate this legendary tabla maestro through some of his memorable performances.

Credits: YouTube (Christophe Deghelt)
Credits: YouTube (DRUMMERWORLD EDUCATION by Bernhard Castiglioni)
Credits: YouTube (WildFilmsIndia)
Credits: YouTube (Sandeep Sagar)
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Serving The Community Is Saving The Humanity

It is said that the greatest service is the service of mankind. Here we bring to you the story of Parvati Bai and her selfless service.'/



Parvati Bai

This pandemic has been the harbinger of major upheavals in both of our professional and personal lives. These are the times that have literally spared none, be it the millionaires or simply a low earning peasant. In these times when we are witnessing the major loss of lives which humankind has seen in decades. And in these times, we are witnessing the revival of humanity, personifying itself in the form of people selflessly serving people.

Hindustan Ki Kahaaniyan brings forth the inspiring story of Parvati Bai, community organizer of the CRY Foundation, who has been supererogatory in her service for the people. She is responsible for distributing food supplies in a village 5 kms away from her home. Her dedication for her service is such that she walks this distance carrying the sack of supplies on her head be it rain, heat or anything. Despite of excusing the no transport availability she sought a way out to serve selflessly the people around her. Such altruistic acts and people are truly the saviors of humanity and ideals for fellow beings. Go check out the full story of this Superlady.
Credits: YouTube (Hindustan Ki Kahaaniyan)
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Rajveer Singh, the next Yuvraj Singh

Hindustan Ki Kahaaniyan bring to us the tremendously inspiring story of the upcoming cricketer Rajveer Singh.'/



Rajveer Singh

Have you ever questioned your existence due to failure? If yes, you will be able to relate perfectly to this individual whose story was embraced by Hindustan Ki Kahaani over their Instagram portal where they unfolded a tremendously inspiring story of Rajveer Singh, the NEXT YUVRAJ!

Yes, you read it right, As we all know Yuvraj Singh paved his way to the Indian cricket team through immense hard work, this individual’s hard work and talent were no less than Yuvraj Singh’s but hard work and luck sometimes don’t go well together.

Rajveer from Rajasthan, is a very well trained cricketer, coached by the legendary Himendra Surana at his Surana Cricket Academy. With such incredible training coach, he had climbed the first step to enter the team India. 

The impeccable hard work led him to scored the highest number of runs with an average of 120 at GDC A Division Tournament along with 18 wickets. Such immense hard work should have landed him in the team in the first go of the selection trials but his luck and lack of VIP contacts had him down the road and politics within the selectors dig him down the notch.

This incredibly hard-working and dynamic journey of Rajveer Singh serves as the perfect epitome of the fact that when you get stubborn as a mule for your dream,there’s nothing in the world that can stop you not even the storm of bullies and politics.

Credits: Instagram (Hindustaan Ki Kahaaniyan)
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Neki Ki Gullak: Banking On The Noble Deeds Of Taufiq Bhai

Hindustan Ki Kahaniya narrates the inspiring story of community service by a Zari embroiderer, Taufiq Qureshi, amidst the atrocious days.'/



Taufiq Bhai

They say that no one’s well being is counted in the sinner world, but there are always few people who bring the best out in others. Kindness hasn’t lost its way, it’s there and people who prevail an epitome of empathy will surprise you with their kind deeds.

One such individual is Mohammed Taufiq Qureshi, who resides in Rasoonpura, Zila Unnao, Uttar Pradesh. He used to work in Bombay as a zari embroider, later due to the pandemic he shifted back to his village, considering the situation his villagers were in, he had to do something about it.

Taufiq Bhai’s kind attitude persuaded him to help the villagers to survive through these unfortunate circumstances and decided to put his savings into rescuing others through the prevailing pandemic and provide them with basic food and shelter. He pushed himself to as far as he could in order to save more and more families including his own.

The latest story of Hindustan ki Kahaaniyan symbolises the power of kindness that still exists in people and it is right when they say similarly to the way how a flower has the ability to spread its fragrance and still blossom, kind humans has ability to pleas others and save happiness for his family too.

Credits: Instagram (Hindustan Ki Kahaniyaan)
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Throwback Thursday On The Birth Anniversary of Sanjeev Kumar

Today, on Throwback Thursday we celebrate Sanjeev Kumar, one of the most beloved actors of the film industry.'/



Sanjeev Kumar

Rarely we come across an actor who creates such carve a place for themselves in the hearts of his fans in a short span of time. Sanjeev Kumar was one such actor. Had he been alive today, he would have been 82 years old, and would possibly be entertaining the world with his mesmerizing charm. He was an extremely popular actor known for bringing offbeat characters to life. With a debut role in ‘Hum Hindustani’, he became an effervescent actor nurturing into the legendary ‘Thakur’ of Bollywood.

He was indeed one of the most talented actors Bollywood has ever seen pass into oblivion at the age of 47. He has proven his mettle such that only few actors in the annals of cinema can match. His prolific and diverse acting was as captivating as one of the best we observed until now.

Born to a Gujrati family in Surat, his original name was Harihar Jethalal Jariwala popularly known as Haribhai. He started his career as a theatre actor in the Indian People’s Theatre Association. He was portrayed as a very bold actor known for taking up challenging roles to play. He won a National Film Award for best actor in 1971 for ‘Dastak’ and for ‘Koshish’ in 1973.

His aesthetically pleasing personality has won millions of hearts. Even after his death, to this day, our very beloved ‘Thakur’ still lives on in our hearts. He symbolised the beautiful moldiness of an actor into any character as provided ranging from romantic and family dramas to suspense thrillers. He was also seen to be playing the role of a father to Jaya Bhaduri in Gulzar’s Parichay while working with her a co-star in many celebrated films.

We have all witnessed his tremendous acting in Gulzar’s Angoor portraying everyday nuances into a funny and confusing life story of two doppelgangers. He proffered the essence to the iconic song of Bollywood ‘Thande Thande Paani Se Nahaana Chahie’.

Credits: YouTube (Venus)
Credits: YouTube (Gaane Sune Ansune)
Credits: YouTube (Gaane Sune Ansune)
Credits: YouTube (Rajshri)
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Rutuparna Panda: A Spectator Who Crossed The Boundaries To Be A Player

It began as a childhood leisure and it made her a champion. Lend your ears to hear the story of badminton player Rutuparna Panda.'/



Rutuparna Panda

Hindustan Ki Kahaaniyan shares the story of the badminton champion Rutuparna Panda who is the first badminton player to represent the state of Odisha. Her interest in Badminton was kindled in her childhood days when in leisure she joyously accompanied her father as a spectator as he played badminton with his friends. But soon she realized that she wanted to extend her relationship with badminton being a player rather than a mere spectator and since then she hasn’t looked back. She is currently training to represent India in the next Asian Games.

She extends her hearty and cordial regards to her father who from invoking her interest to giving her the former lessons of the sport to dropping her to a training centre 30 kms away has blessed her with his perpetual support. It is often said a child’s first heroes are its parents and so is with her.

Rutuparna shares some beautiful nostalgic moments of her journey and some heart-breaking memories from her blue days. Watch out to hear her amazing story and find out how she pranced out as a successful player despite of all the hurdles that came her way.

Credits: YouTube (Hindustan Ki Kahaaniyan)
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