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White Soul: A Short Film On Entitlement Of Love And Happiness

Gently touching the topic of widow remarriage, this short film reminds us that everyone, irrespective of their pasts, has a right to happiness.



White Soul

Lynne Gentry once said, “It’s never too late to start over!” In a world where getting second chances in life is shrouded in the age-old traditions, rituals and customs, fighting for it is an act of freedom.

The short film “White Soul”, takes us down the lanes of the old customs for widows, where they are expected to leave the world. The film is set in the backdrop of Kashi /Varanasi, the holy city situated in Northern India, which attracts lakhs of people in search of salvation after death. It is the story of a helpless and hopeless young widow, who is waiting in an ashram to get rid of the cycle of birth and death and Vishal, who a journalist. The most unlikely love story buds from the moment when Vishal lays his eyes on this beautiful young girl. Eventually, when he falls in love, he realises the true purpose of her visit to Kashi. What will he do to get back his love?

Enacted by Mohsin Khan and Namita Pandey, the film is written, directed and produced by Sudhir Singh. Gently touching the topic of widow remarriage, this short film reminds us that everyone, irrespective of their pasts, has a right to happiness.

Credits: YouTube (Pocket Films – Indian Short Films)


Baatein: A Short Film Highlighting The Need To Talk

Baatein, a short film featuring the veteran actor Supriya Pilgaonkar, is a beautiful take on conversations which change one’s outlook towards life.



Baatein Short Film

Communication is essential to human existence. When we try to pent up our feelings and hide them inside us. When we don’t talk about our pain or discomfort. It eventually becomes toxic and unbearable. Teenage suicides often occur when teenagers or young adults are unable to express their frustration or state of distress by the channel of communication. The unsaid discomfort multiplies inside their minds until they can take it no more and decide to end their lives. Baatein, a short film by Adeeb Rais, talks about cases of teenage suicides and expresses the ardent need of communication.

The story starts with a young filmmaker visiting the house of Mrs Deshpande, a woman whose son Milind committed suicide. The filmmaker is introduced as a friend of Milind’s and they have a brief chat. Jeet talks about his own life and how he encountered a case of teenage suicide in his life too. It is emotionally stirring to imagine young boys taking their own lives. Jeet finally makes a confession which moves Mrs Deshpande. She is disturbed but this small incident makes her ponder overnight how important it is for teenagers to talk about their pain and their hurt.

It is directed by the Adeeb Rais and apart from him it also stars Sankalp Joshi, Shivani Raghuvanshi and the veteran actor Supriya Pilgaonkar. A vital message to parents as well as to the students, “Baatein” strongly advocates the need to just talk it out.

Credits: YouTube (Madmidaas Films)
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“Budh – The awakening”: A Short Film On Women Empower

“Budh”, a short film by Prashant Ingole and a recipient of various short film award selections, throws light on women journey in the modern society.




Through centuries, women have been struggling to secure a respectable position in the society. Subjected to various discriminations, violence, harassment, inequality and gender prejudices, women started raising their voices against these atrocities inflicted on them. However, one of the reasons why patriarchy sustained so long is because, while some women raised their voices against injustice, a vast majority of women never did. They sustained, and kept quiet, accepting their ‘unfortunate’ position, and in doing so, not only did they live miserable lives but also fuelled patriarchy.

“Budh”, a short film by Prashant Ingole and a recipient of various short film award selections, the movie throws light on women, who are otherwise worlds apart, but share a common life when seen through the filter of injustice and gender prejudice. It shows women in three different scenarios – a 19-year old Catholic girl Yvonne from a metropolitan city, 32-year old Zainab a Muslim house wife from Small city and Laxmi a Hindu widow from a Northern village of India. All of them are prey to various mental and physical harassments as a part of their womanhood. Domestic violence, forced physical involvement, disrespectful treatment, abuses and curses are shown in the film to highlight the misfortunate condition of the women. The film, however, portrays a very important message of women standing up for themselves and taking charge of their lives. It is only when women realize their worth, will the world start to change around them. Through a very realistic depiction of gender issues, the film conveys an important message for Indian women.

Credit: YouTube (Humara Movie)
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Sepia: A Short Film By Archit Kumar On Photographic Connection

Sepia, a short film, starring Aparshakti Khurana and Sapna Pabbi is a very realistic portrayal of the ups and downs couples face in their relationship.




Sepia, a short film by Archit Kumar, starring Aparshakti Khurana and Sapna Pabbi is a very realistic portrayal of the ups and downs couples face in their relationship. More often than not, there are dissents on various subjects which cause turbulent nights, perhaps even days. It seems like the world has ended and minds are made up to give it all up. Giving up is easy, isn’t it? What’s hard is to stay, work on it and make a relationship successful. The movie gives its viewers an important insight into modern day relationships and puts forward the thought of not giving up on a relationship and trying to make it work. The film also hints towards the very Indian belief of superstitions, fate and luck. It juxtaposes together the modern rational beliefs along with the ancient superstitious beliefs, and the couple’s way of dealing with their differences. It is made interesting by adding slight hints on the heroine’s past and a couple of her photographs, the same photographs which provide the movie with an enthralling end.

A very acute depiction of how the most trivial matters can cause great disturbances, the movie successfully encapsulates, and advises on, modern day relationships. Beautifully written and very well enacted, it’s surely a great addition to your watchlist.

Credits: YouTube (Large Short Films)
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‘Connected’: A Short Film Starring Vir Das And Saba Azad

Connected, a Humara Movie presentation, is a beautiful short film that captures a different form of divine love and connection.




The world today is changing at a fast pace. With one task after the other and the free time occupied with phones and tablets, there’s often very little or no time for soul searching. “Connected”, a short film directed by Aman Dahiya is a film wherein a writer ventures out to find the essence of his being and accidentally comes across his soulmate.

Starring Vir Das and Saba Azad, the film talks about a certain magnetism, something that one rarely feels but when one does, it just clicks. Vir stumbles across Saba when he’s in Goa and they feel a certain attraction towards each other, something they’ve never felt before. They spend some quality time together near the calm and tranquil sea, the rhythmic tides creating a peaceful aura. Both of them feel instantly connected and Vir wonders if Saba feels the same way. The chemistry between them reminds the audience of a higher love – the feeling of being soulfully one with someone; the exhilaration of discovering the existence of a person who completes your being. Love defies the barriers of distance and uncertainty- a fact one can conclude after watching this short film.

Beautifully written, the film captures a different form of divine love and connection- a sort of a rare event when one is overcome by a certain sense on surety when and doesn’t hesitate to say, “This is the one.”

Credits: YouTube (HumaraMovie)
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Hickey: A Short Film About Embracing The Marks Of Love

Hickey, a short film, talks about the journey of how one can fall in love with things in life that once used to be elements of embarrassment.




Very often in life, we are forced to make decisions against our will. A paradigmatic example of that, in Indian society, would be choosing a life partner. Parents, on numerous occasions, pressurise or compel their children to choose a partner which suits their needs- same caste or religion, reputed family, riches and bungalows, etcetera. It would be a rare luxury to have parents who consider the attributes of love, comfort and familiarity before burdening down their children with marital expectations.   “Hickey”, a short film by Pradeep Sarkar, not only highlights the torture one goes through when being compelled for marriage, but also the anxiety involved in hiding an ongoing relationship with the person one loves.

The protagonist of the film is a female of 27 who is persistently nagged by her parents to choose a ‘suitable’ man and get married. Already in a relationship, Savitri is unable to confess her love for her boyfriend before her parents, a hesitation most of us face. She has nightmares of her parents forcing her to marry and is on meds for her anxiety issues, a subsequent resultant of consistent concealment and lies. The story takes an interesting turn when one day, Savitri notices a hickey on her neck. Her world collapses and she takes every possible measure to hide the hickey from her parents, from the society and from everyone in general. Constantly shamed and embarrassed by the love mark given to her by her boyfriend, she faces an unexpected series of events, until one day, she stops hiding it and confronts her mother head on.

Written considering Indian nuances and expectations, skilfully portraying realism and the challenges faced by an unmarried Indian woman at 27, one wonders what led to this unforeseen change. What gave her the confidence to embrace her choices? To get your answers, click on the link below to find out!

Credits: YouTube (WildBuffaloesent)

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