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Paintings and Portraits Personifying Perfection

Presenting some emerging artists striving to carve their niche and bring about a revolution in art. Check out their paintings and portraits.



Paintings, Portraits, Art, Artist, Rangoli

Art is one of the most serene ways of channelising one’s energy and emotion. Paintings and portraits are a language capturing the likeness and character of humans, animals, ideas, places and the entire world. Art has different forms ranging from paintings, sketches, portraits and the like. Portraits have been a significant style of art since their inception and today, we bring to you the choicest artists with hands carving great marvels.

Paintings by Anoop Anu

Hailing from God’s own country Kerala, Anoop Anu is an amazing artist. Generally focusing on creating human portraits, Anoop has a noteworthy audience on Instagram and other social media platforms. Basically, he specifically specializes in pencil portrait art. His pen is mighty enough to bring out the actual expression of humans. 

Credits: Instagram (Anoop Anu)

Watercolor Paintings by Rakesh Suryavanshi

A watercolor art practitioner, Rakesh Suryavanshi is painting and portraying humans, objects and ideas exceptionally. Playing with different hues, he is successfully blending watercolor paintings with modern art techniques. He brings beauty, emotion, and meaning to the world through his unique expressions. His depiction of human expressions in his sketches is a work of brilliance and precision.

Credits: Instagram (Rakesh Suryavanshi)

Portraits by Sri Priyatham

A freelance illustrator, artist and visual development instructor, Sri Priyatham is a truly remarkable individual. His portraits are a perfect depiction of the characters of people and places. His work renders human emotions bold and bare. Also a TEDx speaker, Sri is an inspiration for young generation artists.

Credits: Instagram (Sri Priyatham)

Watercolor Paintings by Nakshdeep Singh

A confluentia of talent, Nakshdeep Singh is a photographer, watercolor artist, traveler and PhD scholar. From minutely painted monuments and mountains to conceptually made streets and markets, he has a hand to die for. He has the power to capture the essence of humanity and distill it into something tangible and lasting.

Credits: Instagram (Nakshdeep Singh)

Traditional Art by Vipul Haldankar

Putting forward a beautiful blend of traditional art and modern digital techniques, Vipul Haldankar is capturing the charm of Indian mythology. His paintings possess the texture of miniature paintings and the essence of ancient Indian culture. One can surely swear by the intricate patterns drawn by him.

Credits: Instagram (Vipul Haldankar)

Rangoli Art by Soumya RN Bisoi

Hailing from the land of Lord Jagannath – Odisha, Soumya is a self taught rangoli artist. Practicing the art since the last fifteen years, he has developed a proficiency to make complex designs. From making temples to the map of Odisha, he can play with rangoli colors to create flawless pieces of wonder.

Credits: Instagram (Soumya RN Bisoi)

Paintings by Dhruba Mazumdar

With an Instagram bio saying ‘Painting the Romanian landscape in different seasons.’, Dhruba Mazumdar is a brilliant artist. His canvas paintings portray the allure of seasons at their best. Coloring the snow white and the dried autumn leaves the apt yellow, his paintings bring out the virtue of seasons in its full appeal. Certainly you wouldn’t have seen the sky look prettier anywhere than his paintings.

Credits: Instagram (Dhruba Mazumdar)

Traditional Art by Iruvan Karunakaran

Bringing out the true soul and spirit of Indian culture and architecture Iruvan Karunakaran is a fabulous artist. His ability to render his creativity on the canvas can leave one in awe of his imagination. He extraordinarily unleashes the energy and beauty of Indian ghats and temples. The depiction of festivals in his creations is a thing beyond human fascination.

Credits: Instagram (Iruvan Karunakaran)

Art & Craft

Clay Artists To Complete Your Pinterest Look

Sustainability to cuteness, clay art has it all. Adding a rustic Kawaii charm to life, check out a curated list of talented clay artists.



Clay art, Tableware, trinket, Instagram artits, Small business, Indian artists, keychains, jewellery

Gone are the days when all clay was used for was to make pots and tableware. This is the era of making clay jewellery and trinkets. A generation that wears their past on their sleeves from crochet to Y2K fashion, it’s no wonder that they have brought clay art back in the most Gen Z way possible. From trinkets to pet tags to fridge magnets to bookmarks you name it and there’s something Kawaii made out of clay waiting to be adopted by you. We bring to you a curated list of some of the talented clay artists on Instagram to help you add an extra dose of Kawaii to your living space! 

Lil flap Rhea (@lil.flap_)

Want to recreate your favourite anime characters? Or is an incense holder what you need? Lil flap Rhea has got you covered. Their clay work ranges from practical to pure cuteness. From cute clay trinkets and charms to clay jewellery like earrings and necklaces, everything is made with a lot of dedication and love! Plus they take custom orders too!

Credits: Instagram (@lil.flap_)
Credits: Instagram (@lil.flap_)

Wallfleur (@wallfleurthings)

Want to make something unique for your pet? Or looking for some unique fridge magnets or bookmarks? How about clay pet tags, fridge magnets and bookmarks? Wallfleur’s work in this department is a masterpiece. Done with perfection with a beautiful shine on all of them they are a perfect addition to your everyday aesthetic. And yes, they do take custom orders as well!

Credits: Instagram (@wallfleurthings)
Credits: Instagram (@wallfleurthings)

LittleMudDoor (@littlemuddoor)

Owning a 5-star rated Etsy gift shop, and claiming that they can re-create almost anything you send them a picture of, LittleMudDoor will act like your fairy godmother when you’re in a pickle and are unable to decide what to gift. But among all their re-creations it’s their clay work that stands out the most. Done with absolute perfection mixed with a whole lot of cuteness, their work will leave you in awe!

Credits: Instagram (@littlemuddoor)
Credits: Instagram (@littlemuddoor)

Lilac Boat (@lilacboatshop)

Spreading smiles around the world with one cute clay trinket at a time, Lilac Boat is your go-to page for days when you feel too sad to think that Ghibli characters are not present in real life. Their creations are bound to make your inner Ghibli-loving child dance with joy! From charms to desk pals to keychains let your inner Ghibli child out!

Credits: Instagram (@lilacboatshop)
Credits: Instagram (@lilacboatshop)

Moon Klin (@moonkiln)

Want a custom clay sculpture of your beloved pet? Then Moon Klin is your go-to place. Apart from having an adorable range of desk pals and clay jewellery pieces, their works are pieces of art that will elevate any home with warmth and love. Their aesthetic page is bound to brighten even the darkest of days.

Credits: Instagram (@moonkiln)
Credits: Instagram (@moonkiln)
Credits: Instagram (@moonkiln)

Clay art by Subhi (@myclaystories_)

Sharing her clay journey with the world, Subhi’s page screams Kawaii! Watch as her big and bright-eyed clay sculptures capture you in a trance making you want to adopt all of them right then and there. With expert craftsmanship and shiny finish one look and you will know that these creations are made with love.

Credits: Instagram (@myclaystories_)
Credits: Instagram (@myclaystories_)

Soulful Clay (@soulful_clay777)

Looking for some clay crockery items to add a rustic charm to your living space? Then look no further than Soulful Clay! From beautiful clay tableware to vases and incense holders each of their pieces is unique and is a testament to the expert craftsmanship of the creator. Detailed and vibrant they are bound to add a zest of life to your home. 

Credits: Instagram (@soulful_clay777)
Credits: Instagram (@soulful_clay777)

Do check out these pages for all your clay art needs!

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Art & Craft

Crochet Artists to Save The Day!

Discover the timeless art of crochet, now infused with a delightful dose of Kawaii! Explore our curated list of emerging crochet artists.



Instagram artists, Crochet, sustainable, art, Kawaii, cottagecore, aesthetic

Remember the time when anything knitted or crocheted was considered grandma-like? Well, guess what cottagecore has become an entire aesthetic on Pinterest! And the rage around crocheting is just growing each day. From cute amigurumi to crochet flowers to totes to tops, there’s nothing that the crochet world has not made 100 times more cuter and sustainable than it already was! We bring to you a curated list of crochet artists from Instagram to take care of all your crochet needs and add a speck of Kawaii to your life!

Abstrart Canvas (@abstrart.canvas)

Looking for some cute amigurumi? Or is a crochet bag what you have in mind? Abstrart Canvas has got you covered. From cute and cuddly amigurumi to chic and minimalist tote bags to cute bookmarks made with absolute perfection, their collection is bound to leave you in awe for more. Plus they accept custom orders too!

Credits: Instagram (@abstrart.canvas)
Credits: Instagram (@abstrart.canvas)
Credits: Instagram (@abstrart.canvas)

Yaapi Crochet (@yaapi._.crochet

Looking for some warm leg warmers? Or how about a beanie? From small crochet keychains to a full-sized adult sweater, Yaapi Crochet is your go-to for any crochet-related clothing accessories and tote bags. Their work is bound to leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy and a whole lot of Kawaii inside! And yes, they do take custom orders. 

Credits: Instagram (@yaapi._.crochet)
Credits: Instagram (@yaapi._.crochet

The Loop (@crochet_theloop_21)  

From cosy sweaters to trend-setting crocheted tops to beautiful crochet bandanas to chic tote bags, The Loop has it all. Making crochet a part of your everyday life with their work, The Loop is bound to make cottagecore your new aesthetic. Done with precision and a lot of cuteness their work is the very definition of sunshine!

Credits: Instagram (@crochet_theloop_21
Credits: Instagram (@crochet_theloop_21

Created With Love (@createdwithloveeee)

Tired of gifting flowers that die and fail to stand the test of time, unlike your love? How about crochet flowers? Not only are they sustainable and eternal but add a hint of warmth to themselves. Specialising in crochet flowers among others, Created With Love is bound to be your one-stop shop for all crochet gifts! Their flower works are on their way to changing the real rose as the symbol of love to the crochet version. With expert craftsmanship and dedicated workers, there’s no reason why the customers are anything but satisfied. 

Credits: Instagram (@createdwithloveeee)
Credits: Instagram (@createdwithloveeee)

With Love By Cleo (@withlovebycleo)

From tiny amigurumi to unique tote bags to beautiful flowers to hand warmers, With Love By Cleo has got you covered. Their bright and vibrant page is bound to make you splurge on these Kawaii goods. Their huge collection is a testament to the versatility that they possess towards their craft.

Credits: Instagram (@withlovebycleo)
Credits: Instagram (@withlovebycleo)
Credits: Instagram (@withlovebycleo)

Crochet Boutique Co. (@_crochetboutiqueco._)

Specialising in amigurumi and keychains, their works are on their way to becoming the next best cuddly companion. Cute and cuddly their amigurumi collection is every child’s dream come true. If Friends was shot in today’s day and age, we are sure one of these cute amigurumi must have taken the place of Joey’s beloved penguin Hugsy. And you guessed it right, they take custom orders as well!

Credits: Instagram (@_crochetboutiqueco._)
Credits: Instagram (@_crochetboutiqueco._)

Hues of Valley (@hues_ofvalley)

Believing in slow fashion and prioritising sustainability, Hues of Valley takes custom orders and ensures each piece of their creation gets their undivided attention. Specialising in crochet clothes and hair accessories, they have something for every aesthetic from spring fun to chich goth.

Credits: Instagram (@hues_ofvalley)
Credits: Instagram (@hues_ofvalley)

Bit of Everything (@b.o.e_bitofeverything)

Just as the name suggests they dabble in a bit of everything. From amigurumi to flower bouquets to tiny keychains to coasters, their collection touches upon it all, adding an extra dose of Kawaii to your everyday life. The best part they do take in custom orders as well!

Credits: Instagram (@b.o.e_bitofeverything)
Credits: Instagram (@b.o.e_bitofeverything)
Credits: Instagram (@b.o.e_bitofeverything)

Do check out these pages for all your crochet needs!

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Art & Craft

Lippan Art: Reviving Traditions To Cope With Today

Bringing to you some of the finest Lippan artists on Instagram who will for sure take you on a tranquil journey of Lippan art.



Lippan Art, ARt, Traditional Indian Art, Art & Craft, Lippan

Lippan art refers to the traditional craft of Kutch, Gujarat. It primarily uses mud or clay and mirror. The work not only adds beauty to the entire house but also keeps the house cool because of the cooling effects of the mud and the heat-reflecting property of the mirrors. Although mainly done by women of the Rabari community, recently it’s gaining much popularity among the masses. This surge in popularity could be attributed to the calmness the craft provides to the crafter in this stressful life. For those who are curious about this beautiful craft and for those who are already aware and are seeking more inspiration regarding this craft, we present to you our list of Lippan artists on Instagram that you need to check out right now.


Focusing on traditional Lippan art, Raj’s work mostly contains traditional Indian motifs like peacocks, flowers, etc. The use of suitable colour contrasts is what makes his page stand out from the crowd. Carefully crafted and beautifully designed, his work is sure to soothe any restless mind out there. Plus he offers workshops for Lippan art enthusiasts as well! 

Credits: Instagram (@lippanart_by_raj)

RI•RAYS : Handmade Art by Riddhi & Ritu

If you are a fan of intricate designs that carry an air of subtlety then you should definitely check out this page. With over 237 posts of beautiful intricate Lippan art, this page will surely kick you out of your creative slump. The attention to detail in their work is truly admirable. From intertwining lotus vines to decorated elephants they have got it all. Plus they too offer workshops for Lippan art enthusiasts!

Credits: Instagram (@rirays_artistry)

Payal Bansal

“Embracing the traditional claywork”, Payal’s work truly highlights the essence of Lippan art. Taking on big projects, Payal ensures to give her 100% to all her work. Staying true to her bio of “Embracing the traditional claywork”, most of her work does involve traditional patterns and motifs. But adapting to the demands of her clients she has managed to use Lippan art to create clocks, mirrors, etc. as well. Thus, making Lippan art more accessible to the modern mass.

Credits: Instagram (@lippan_art_studio_payalbansal)

Priyanka Goyal Mittal

If you’re looking for someone to add a fun twist to traditional Lippan art, then you must visit Priyanka’s page. Taking the tradition and adding a fun twist to it, Priyanka’s works are unique in their own way. Her work ranges from traditional Lippan art to cartoon depictions of Hindu Gods to initials and other motifs. With a strong following of 83.3K followers, she is giving a new meaning to Lippan art with each twist. Plus he offers workshops for Lippan art enthusiasts as well!

Credits: Instagram (@mudndmirrors)

Do check out these Lippan artists for times when you need that inspiration boost or just a healthy rush of dopamine.

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Art & Craft

Profound Portraits by Prolific Artists

Giving a deeper insight into some intriguing portraits, here is a compilation of some prolific portrait artists.



Portrait Art, Artists, Portrait, Indian Artists

Portraits are the lens of the viewer into the artist’s mind. The expression of the portrait defines the artist’s beliefs about humans, animals and life. Since ages, portraits have been an important part of art. Be it modern art or traditional art, portraits have always been loved by the viewers. Here in this article, we talk about some prolific portrait artists changing the dimensions of life. 

Aritra Paul

A marvellous portrait artist, Aritra Paul believes art to be his refuge and strength. He is gifted with the ability to make portraits that speak. His pencil makes curves and strokes that intrigue the viewer and apparently make him feel the emotions. He is not only an artist but also an art educator. He conducts workshops and classes to guide people with a passion for art. His charcoal and graphite portraits are a thing to swear by. You are sure to delve deeper into the intensity of his drawings. To learn more about portrait painting from Aritra, you can visit his YouTube channel.

Credits: Instagram (aritrapaul_art)


Smiling babies, dancing girls, joyful families, that’s what Zanooff loves to depict in his portraits. A brilliant artist, Zanooff paints portraits that look like photographs. Using a combination of digital art techniques, pencil sketching, charcoal and graphite painting, he is curating wonders. He is an art educator and conducts workshops also. For a step by step guide into making portraits, you can learn from Zanooff.

Credits: Instagram (zanooff_art)

Sooraj Sudevan

Sooraj Sudevan, a self taught artist and designer hails from God’s own country – Kerala. From mythological characters to Bollywood stars, he draws everyone. Gods and Goddesses dominate his artworks along with still life and family portraits also carving their own niche. His works are dripping with serenity and passionate expression. He received acclamation by the master blaster MS Dhoni for making his portrait.For a deeper understanding of his work, check him out here

Credits: Instagram (sooraj_sudevan)

Dipankar Dhar

Popularising the new trend of realism, Dipankar Dhar is an artist and art educator. He sketches outdoor scenes and landscapes the moment he sees something worth capturing. His pencil and acrylic paintings perfectly portray human figures. He loves trying out new techniques and following the same he once painted MS Dhoni on an egg shell. Incorporating realism in his work, he draws half parts of objects and conjoins them with the pictures of their other half, and you for sure can’t make out the difference. Still life also forms a major part of his work. For learning more about his master classes and workshops, check him out on YouTube.

Credits: Instagram (artistic.dipankar)
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Art & Craft

The Artistic Revolution: A Catalyst for Social Transformation

From Expression to Impact, we witness the transformative potential of art in shaping a more just and compassionate world.'



Social Transformation

Art plays a very vital role in society, going beyond boundaries and connecting to the hearts and minds of people. It has the power to mould public perceptions and ignite social change, playing a powerful role in communication, expression, and reflection on societal issues. With various examples, including renowned Indian artists and powerful art projects, in this article, we will explore the vital role of art in reflecting society, driving dialogue, raising awareness, promoting inclusivity, challenging stereotypes, influencing public opinion, and inspiring action.

A Mirror of Society

The long-standing question of “Does art imitate life or life imitate art” doesn’t have a definitive answer yet but it has sparked a lot of debates and opinions, out of which one thing is definite – Art is a mirror for society. Depicting the culture, lifestyle, values, and traditions of a certain era. Via numerous creative forms, artists reflect the objectives, beliefs, and woes of their generation, showing us a glimpse of the difficulties and simplicities of human life. Recognizing and learning about art gives us critical insights into our past, present and future.

Artists are motivated by their desire to put forth their opinions and experiences, as well as communicate their emotions and thoughts through their work. They pave the way for bringing to light societal challenges, questioning norms, and driving change through their art. One can experience the rawness of human emotions, the resilience of the human spirit, and the desire for a better world, all by immersing ourselves in art, which captures the multidimensional aspect of our lives.

An instrument for critical thought and debate

Art can start conversations and question accepted norms. It pushes one to discuss and think critically while reflecting on societal challenges. Furthermore, art highlights political and social concerns, like inequality, injustice, and critical global issues.

Art challenges comfort and pushes people to rethink their views and values by providing different perspectives and questioning the status quo. It brings up topics and discussions, that otherwise go unnoticed, among diverse groups and increases understanding among them.

In today’s world where we are more divided than ever, art plays the role of a unifying factor, bringing together people from various backgrounds to talk about important topics. It provides a space where diverse perspectives can coexist and collide, encouraging empathy and promoting healthy debates that can lead to greater understanding and holistic growth.

An example would be the Indian film “Pink” which sparked conversations on consent and gender equality, raising awareness and starting a long-overdue discussion on such sensitive subjects. With powerful storytelling and brilliant performances by renowned actors such as Amitabh Bachchan and Taapsee Pannu, the film shed light on societal norms and prejudices. It sparked debates on the topic of the importance of consent and the rights of women, encouraging a change in public perception and fostering a more inclusive and equal society.

Credits: YouTube (

A Vehicle for Social Change

Art draws our attention to social issues that usually go unnoticed. Visual arts like photography and street art have the power to grab attention and evoke emotions. Artists throughout history have used their creativity to address social issues, create awareness and injustices and advocate positive change. Be it through paintings, music, poetry, sculptures, or performance, art engages people on an emotional level, evoking empathy and a call to action.

Art challenges stereotypes and promotes inclusivity by breaking down boundaries and embracing diversity. For example, Theatre and performing arts have been vital in challenging caste-based discrimination in India. The play “Natak Company” started conversations and created an understanding which contributed to the fight against social inequality.

Art challenges stereotypes by bringing to light the beauty and complexity of human life that so often go unnoticed or misrepresented. It confronts preconceived notions and biases and prompts viewers to question their assumptions and broaden their perspectives. Art gives a dignified authentic voice to underrepresented communities and identities and fosters understanding and inclusivity.

The “Dabbawala” art project in India made use of lunchbox art to create awareness of child nutrition, spotlighting this crucial issue and igniting action. With vibrant and educational designs that depicted healthy and balanced meals. The art aimed to engage parents, educators, and communities in discussions on the importance of nutritious food for children. The project’s fusion of art and nutrition grabbed interest and dialogue, resulting in a promotion of healthier eating habits among children.

A tool for changing public opinion

Art shapes public perceptions and challenges mainstream narratives. It mobilizes individuals to become agents of social change. Art makes one question conventional ways of thinking and prompts people to adopt alternative perspectives. It confronts truths that are taboo or uncomfortable, exposes injustice, and brings to light the overlooked issues, which motivates individuals to critically think about their actions and beliefs. Art exhibitions, installations, and performances become a platform for public debate, raising awareness and encouraging people to converse on important social, political, and cultural topics.

Street art played a vital role in India’s “Jal Satyagraha” movement. It rallied support to preserve water resources and question the status quo. By transforming public spaces into canvases with vibrant and powerful visuals. The art captures the heart of the flight and was a form of protest, stimulating public participation, and raising awareness. Street art created a space for marginalised voices to express the concerns of their communities affected by water scarcity and pollution. It created a sense of solidarity among activists and was instrumental in gathering support and shaping the narrative of the “Jal Satyagraha” campaign.

A means of empowerment and inspiration

Art inspires individuals and communities by providing the marginalised a space to speak their story. It empowers people by giving them a platform for self-expression and representing those who are underrepresented. Artists inspire people to embrace their realities and celebrate their originality by owning their distinctive identities and experiences. Art provides a sense of identity, cultural pride, and belonging. It gives a forum for healthy debates and stories, in doing so developing social relationships and promoting empathy.

The “Graffiti Girls” was a crucial initiative in the empowerment of women via street art. They provide a platform for female artists to express themselves in a predominantly male-dominated field. The project challenged gender stereotypes and gave opportunities for women to show their talent. With their art, these women reclaimed public spaces, sending messages of empowerment and inspiring others.


Art has diverse forms and serves as a powerful force in shaping public perceptions and driving social change. Art creates discussions, raises awareness, promotes inclusion and challenges the effect of stereotypes on public perception. Through films like “Pink” and projects such as “Jal Satyagraha” and “Graffiti Girls”. Art is a vehicle for social change and pushes people to take action. It questions norms and prompts critical thinking. We get different viewpoints and deep understandings of different cultures, societal challenges, and identities. When we engage and participate in art, we are actively contributing to fostering a more compassionate, sensitive, and inclusive society.

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The Pregnant King, Devdutt Pattanaik, Book review, Mahabharata, Social issues, gender issues, LGBTQA+ literature
Editor's Pick5 months ago

The Pregnant King: An Ancient Tale of the Greyness of Humanity

Mandala art, Indian art, De-stress, Instagram artists,
Art & Craft5 months ago

Mandala Artists To Help You De-stress

Kesarbai Kerkar, Singer, Hindustani classical music, Indian music, artist, female classical singer
Editor's Pick5 months ago

Surashri Kesarbai Kerkar: The Voice That Echoed In Space

Poojitha Cholleti, Muskan Ahuja, Rashmi Singh, Nish, Vrisha, Fashion Illustrations, Fashion
Art & Craft5 months ago

Fashion Illustrators To Ignite Your Inner Manish Malhotra

Tabla Maestro
Editor's Pick5 months ago

Pandit Samta Prasad: Reviving the Rhythm of The Tabla Maestro

Editor's Pick4 months ago

‘Wise and Otherwise – A Salute to Life’ by Sudha Murty

Sikandar Alam, Odia singer, musician, Indian artist, Indian singer, Ollywood
Editor's Pick4 months ago

Sikandar Alam: The Salabega of Modern Odisha

The Broken Table, Short Film
Short Films4 months ago

The Broken Table: A Story of Flaws, Love and Conflicts

musicologist, Indian music, Hindustani classical music, Indian Classical Music
Editor's Pick4 months ago

Pandit Vishnu Narayan Bhatkhande: The Indian Musicologist

Chhapaak, Deepika Padukone, Documentary, Social Experiment, Social cause, Acid Attack
Short Films6 months ago

“Won’t Buy Won’t Sell”: A Deep Dive into the Sale of Acid in India

Art & Craft5 months ago

Young Artists : Carrying a Legacy with a Twist!

Music6 months ago

Soulful Sonatas: Experiencing the Magic and Beauty of Music

Parinde, short film, friendship
Short Films5 months ago

Parinda: A sentimental short film.

Ankit Kawatra
Business Corner4 years ago

The Inspiring Journey Of Feeding India’s Ankit Kawatra

The Untold
Short Films4 years ago

“The Untold” Words In A Love Story Of Two Best Friends

Whistling Woods International, Doliyaan, Preksha Agarwal, Trimala Adhikari, Seema Azmi
Short Films4 years ago

A Whistling Woods International Production: Doliyaan

Raat Baaki Baat Baaki, Jackie Shroff, Divyansh Pandit, Wild Buffaloes Entertainment, Filmfare
Short Films5 years ago

Raat Baaki Baat Baaki with Jackie Shroff and Divyansh Pandit

Ami Mishra, Mohammed Rafi, Ehsaan Tera, Unplugged Cover, Anchal Singh
Entertainment5 years ago

Ehsaan Tera : Unplugged Cover by Ami Mishra Ft. Anchal Singh

Plus Minus, Baba Harbajan Singh, Bhuvan Bam, Divya Dutta, Sikhya Entertainment
Short Films5 years ago

Plus Minus: A Tribute To The Unsung Hero Major Harbhajan Singh

Mashaal, The Forgotten Soldiers,The Jokers' Project, Manisha Swarnkar, Independence Day
Music5 years ago

Mashaal : The Forgotten Soldiers By The Jokers’ Project Ft. Manisha Swarnkar

Bhuvan Bam, Safar, Single, Original, Bhuvan Bam Safar, Artist, BB Ki Vines
Entertainment5 years ago

Safar : An Original Single by Bhuvan Bam Portraying Story of an Artist

Navaldeep Singh, The Red Typewriter, Short Film, Love Story, Touching Story
Short Films6 years ago

The Red Typewriter : A Touching Love Story by Navaldeep Singh

Dilbaro, Saloni Rai, Cover, Raazi, Alia Bhatt
Music6 years ago

‘Dilbaro’ From ‘Raazi Mellifluously Sung by Saloni Rai

Meri Maa, Musical, Short Film, Tarannum Mallik, Abhinay, Mother's Day
Short Films6 years ago

‘Meri Maa’ : A Musical Short Film Ft. Tarannum & Abhinay

Meri Maa ki Beti, Niharika Mishra, Poetry, Maa
Poetry6 years ago

‘Meri Maa Ki Beti’ : A Poetic Portrayal by Niharika Mishra

Call Center Ke Call Boy Ki Kahani, Rakesh Tiwari, Tafreeh Peshkash, Poetry
Poetry6 years ago

‘Call Center Ke Call Boy Ki Kahani’ by Rakesh Tiwari

Kajender Srivastava, Jawaab, Poetry, Poem
Poetry6 years ago

‘Jawaab’ : A Poetic Awakening by Kajender Srivastava

Tribute to Avicii, Indian Dancers, Avicii, Amit K Samania, Prakrati Kushwaha
Dance6 years ago

Tribute to Avicii By Indian Dancers Amit K Samania & Prakrati Kushwaha

Varun Agarwal, Million Dollar Company, Anu Aunty
Business Corner6 years ago

From Failing in Engineering to Co-Founding a Million-Dollar Company : Varun Agarwal

Dum Dum Dumroo, Sanaya Irani, Anil Charanjeett, Akash Goila
Short Films6 years ago

Dum Dum Dumroo : Think Before You Judge

Manpreet Toor's Laung Laachi
Dance6 years ago

Manpreet Toor’s Magnificent Dance on “Laung Laachi” is Mesmerizing

Music6 years ago

Mashup of ‘Treat You Better’ & ‘Mann Bharrya’ in Melodious Voice of Semal and Bharti

Ankit Kholia
Entertainment6 years ago

Reminiscing Classics In Ankit Kholia’s Mellifluous Voice

Sang Hoon Tere
Entertainment6 years ago

Sang Hoon Tere : Bhuvan Bam’s Original Single

Aranya Johar
Poetry6 years ago

“Why be biased to complexions?” Aranya Johar Questions the Society

Music6 years ago

Acoustic Version of Tere Mere Song by Dhvani Bhanushali

Short Films6 years ago

Tere Jaisa Yaar Kahan : A Tale of Two Best Friends

Music6 years ago

“Naino Se”: An Orginal Composition by Pushpendra Barman

Tere Mere by Saloni Rai
Music6 years ago

‘Tere Mere’ Female Cover by a Young Singer from Haryana, Saloni Rai

Every Skin Glows : Sejal Kumar
Editor's Pick6 years ago

Don’t Judge People on Skin Colour, Every Skin Glows : Sejal Kumar

Knox Artiste
Music6 years ago

14 Songs on 1 Beat Ft. Knox Artiste

Editor's Pick6 years ago

De Taali Nehraji Ft Ashish Nehra: Breakfast With Champions

Poetry6 years ago

To India: With Love by Aranya Johar

Entertainment6 years ago

Shiamak Davar’s Choreography of Despacito Ft. Justin Bieber

Rony Dasgupta at SpringBoard
Interviews6 years ago

An Indian YouTuber with an Amazing Comic Timing : Rony Dasgupta