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Raat Baaki Baat Baaki with Jackie Shroff and Divyansh Pandit

The narrative takes us on a warm and emotional ride, while leaving us with a beautiful message that life is too short to carry any form of baggage.



Raat Baaki Baat Baaki, Jackie Shroff, Divyansh Pandit, Wild Buffaloes Entertainment, Filmfare

As Mae West said, “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”

This spirit of being truly alive and living life to the fullest is beautifully embodied in the short film, Raat Baaki Baat Baaki.

Nominated at Filmfare awards 2019 under short film category, the film is directed by Divyansh Pandit and features Jackie Shroff, TV actor Shubhangi Latkar, Akshay Nalawade, Bhawsheel Singh Sahani, Semal Bhat and Rohit Lamba as co-stars.

Portraying the role of a businessman, Jacky dada mentors the four youngsters, struggling with distinct challenges in their lives. Their stories converge on a night when they come across a life-changing experience through some alcohol, some secrets and loads of fun.

Credits: Wild Buffaloes Entertainment

The narrative takes us on a warm and emotional ride, while leaving us with a beautiful message that life is too short to carry any form of baggage.


Mann Ki Aankhein: A Short Film Eliminating the Stigma of Mental Health in Rural Areas

This short film highlights the importance of mental health in rural areas through a story which will resonate with its viewers.



Maan Ki Aakhein

In many parts of our country – especially in rural areas – mental health and seeking professional help has been stigmatized. As the thought of ‘log kya kahenge?’ (what will people say), floods the minds of people, seeking help seems wrong. This thought prevents them from acknowledging the issue and seeking proper professional help.

“Ped hai toh, patjhad bhi hogi hi na,” which means if trees exist, leaves will fall. It essentially means that if we exist, we will have issues. It’s our job to seek help and get better. It’s a part of life.

The short film by Sumitra Bhave tries to normalize seeking help in times of need. Not only does it portray mental health awareness and its importance in rural areas, but also accurately delves into the obstacles that arise in the process.  

This Hindi film based on mental health is set in a small village near Satara. We follow our lead character Shanti as she walks us through the story of Kamala and Shashidhar. They are introduced in the very beginning as a happy couple going about their day. But Shanti takes us deep into one of the toughest times of their lives.

Touching on the subject of suicide and how it affects the patient as well as everyone around, the film illustrates how to get through such periods in our lives. Not only this, but within these 26 minutes the film also features domestic violence, anger issues, PTSD and Depression.

“Mann Ki Aankhein” is an accurate depiction of the stigma around mental health. But instead of simply focusing on this, the film gives realistic solutions to help people in rural areas.

To see Kamala and Shashidhar’s life-story and how they dealt with it in a healthy manner, click the link below!

Credits – YouTube (Vishay Khol)

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“Disconnected” Realities Connected Virtually

This film delves deep into the consequential realities of losing touch of the physical world to seek connection in the virtual world of social media.




I can’t be the only one who spends a significant amount of time on maintaining my Instagram feed. We spend too much time on how we present ourselves on the internet – it isn’t really our most authentic self now, is it? Most of the times, it’s an idealistic portrayal of our best selves. Something far from reality. But what happens when we start prioritizing this virtual world over our own physical lives? When external validation of strangers becomes more important than our loved ones. What others think of us starts to matter so much that our motivation for doing things changes. Instead of doing things because they will make you happy, you start doing things for the internet’s validation. We lose touch from the actuality. That is what this short film is about.

Detachment and loss of connection from your own family which then creates a barrier. And this barrier prompts irrational behaviour – like affairs. The root lies in seeking connection. Desires develop within you, simply because you’ve lost touch with the love you had.

Revolving around the life of one particular family, the short film explores this subject. “Disconnected” is a 21 min short film presented by the Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films, which hits you in the feels. Smoothly blending sentimental values with elements of suspense, the movie not only depicts a touching story but also uses technical aspects like appropriate camera angles and lighting to connect the audience the story.

The film opens with Parimal, the husband leaving for work. He tells his wife, Akanksha that he won’t be home for dinner and leaves. Akanksha lies in bed, texting another man. The story develops as she decides to meet him, lying to her family. Their daughter lies about inviting a few friends over and hosts a full-fledged party. Akanksha finds out that her husband lied about having overnight office meetings. The plot takes a turn when astounding truths are disclosed. How one interprets the story ahead depends on them. What the story revelations represent to you I couldn’t possibly say. So, go ahead, watch the film and find out for yourself.

The ending is going to be the best part.

Credits: YouTube (LargeShortFilms)

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Haba Goba: A Short Film On Building Bonds During These Uncertain Times

Filled with special tea and cute moments, this latest short film from Terribly Tiny Tales will show you how to be close in a time of distancing.



Haba Goba

Surely, I am not the only one mortally scared of socialising once the world has normalised and the word ‘pandemic’ is reduced to an unsavoury aftertaste. As if communicating wasn’t scary enough already, the deadly dagger of disease hanging over hasn’t made things entirely easy for us. But the human spirit has never been stopped before and I doubt it ever will. We have always found a way to turn even the most tragic events into moments of intense bonding and passion.

And so we find ourselves sneaking a peek into the lives of Nandini(Ahem!) and Kush as they meet up for a date and see where the evening takes them in the tricky city of dreams. Their plans don’t seem to go all as they hoped, but would it turn into a thorn in their side or a cherishable moment of friendship and bonding? In just eleven minutes ,the narrative establishes interesting characters and chemistries. The way it deals with the touchy topic of the virus is also very comforting. As they galavant through conversations and revelations about each other, one of them ends up endearingly being called a ‘Haba Goba’. The rest I’m afraid you’ll have to figure out on your own. After all, stories are nothing without our unique sense of understanding them. Don’t forget to tell us how you liked them!

However, I will leave you with this one message of hope, if you’ve felt nervous or anxious in these ‘unprecedented times’, this short film will give you all the feels.

P.S. If you are a tea lover, you might enjoy this even more. Happy Watching!

Credits: YouTube (Terribly Tiny Tales)

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The Blue Helmet: Ignorance Isn’t A Bliss

“The Blue Helmet” is a short film reflecting the bluer side of ignorance.'/



The blue helmet

Is ignoring the measures meant for safety’s sake daring operation or is it abominable to yourself and to the society at large? “Blue Helmet is a short film that will portray the assuaged question in the most alarming way.

Mohanjeet Kalsi’s “The Blue Helmet” is the awarded winner at Acharya Tulsi Short Film Festival and semi-finalist at Los Angeles CineFest among multiple other appreciations. The short film with a humorous take, showcases an issue people rarely feel the need to throw light on in the magnanimity of ignorance: Road Safety . The film, albeit void of any dialogues and lingual interactions, exceptionally succeeds in its venture to make known the perennial theme present only through cinematography.

The film opens into a regular morning of a middle-aged lady living by herself, a middle class life. The lady is soon discovered with an evidently weird obsession with a “blue helmet”. This builds up the storyline for the innate theme established towards the end. The helmet seems to give her a sense of safety and comfort while she rummages through the chaotic streets of Mumbai, seemingly unaffected by the fact that people saw her as an object of mockery. But is it really an object of mockery? The short film alarmingly answers this question. Another question is whether the visage of delusional safety that the “helmet” gives her is sufficient or is it an object metaphorically symbolising and ardently urging the society for the urgent need of some change? However it is much later in the film that we are informed about the lady’s perspective on the helmet. And this shall be left for you to discover and ponder upon.

Credits: YouTube (Six Sigma Films)
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Chilgam: Transcending The Stereotypes

‘Chilgam’, a short film daring to transcend the communal stereotypes that blur the portrait of love.'/



Chilgam Short Film

In the times of degrading ethos and materialisation of pure feelings like love there remain the remnants which remind us of the valiant qualities of love. Qualities that know how to transcend the humane barriers that come in the way of attaining the abstract essence.

The barriers of gender, of communities, of religion, love transcends them all. But there remains the history as the witness of mortal injuries given by the protectors of these barriers to the ones who decide to transcend them and that forms a stereotype. That creates the terror in the hearts, terror that turns the valiant blood to water. Terror of being abolished by the society in some or the other way.

“Chilgam” is a short film that explores the same themes. The protagonists are the lovers who share the bond of love but are seperated by the dogmas of religious communities that are surrounded with stereotypical beliefs of not being allowed to get married by the community diversion. Can a religion of a person come in the way of choosing the one they love?

The harsh truth that is explored in the short film is that the terror created by the stereotypes prevails in both the lovers. They meet hiding from the society and boy is even ready to sacrifice his love in the name of maintaining the stereotypes and surrendering to it. You’re not only to find the religious stereotypes but altogether the stereotype of considering and comparing love with adultery. But will the elixir of love help them stand undeterred in the favour of their love in front of these communal stereotypes or will their story end in some tragedy? This is for you to find out.

Credits: YouTube (CineShorts Premiere)
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