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Don’t Judge People on Skin Colour, Every Skin Glows : Sejal Kumar



Every Skin Glows : Sejal Kumar

Recently Sejal Kumar travelled to different cities in India and spoke to 6 gorgeous girls about what beautiful skin tone/color means to them and what their opinion on skin tone/color discrimination is. It was a week full of new experiences, conversations and thoughts. Skin colour discrimination is still so prevalent in our society but it is great to see these girls having such strong opinions against it and how they held their own against such norms!

Beauty of a dark skin can only be seen by a good soul. Judgments based on the skin tone is not just a mental problem but is also a larger social problem.

The change has to begin with an individual. One has to believe in their beauty irrespective of their skin tone. One is not the colour of their skin but instead the opinions they make and carry.

A comment on your skin tone does not tell as much about one’s physical attributes, as it tells about their mental and emotional attributes.

Click here to check out the complete video in collaboration with Clean and Clear as a part of the amazing campaign #EveryFaceIsBright .


Lose Your Fear Of Being Judged With The Podcast “Just Talk With Eddy”

Got confessions, thoughts to share or just need some support or advice without the fear of being judged? Just talk with Eddy is the right platform for you.'/




What if you’re left amidst the choir of horrifying sounds with no other audience than yourself, with no escape and no choice? Isn’t that similar to a situation when you bear your secrets alone, burying them in the deepest folds of your skin, a situation when you have no one to share your thoughts with and you crave for the echoes within your mind to be heard.

Spotify podcast “Just talk with Eddy” is an initiative with a similar thought line which provides a platform to share your thoughts anonymously and let the world hear the woes of your heart. The podcast is started by a young student Eha Dixit, who is currently pursuing MBBS from Lady Hardinge Medical College in Delhi.

The creator shares her motivation behind this initiative accrediting it to an incidence of her personal life where she created a fake profile to confess her thoughts to a friend. She says it made her feel ‘light’ and free from some kind of burden. This small incident motivated her to get to the rescue of others who might need someone to talk to. Oftentimes, all we need is to let those thoughts flow out in words, heard and immediately forgotten by the listener and that is when a fake disguise is opted for.

The increased depressive disorders aren’t under veil anymore and it is seen that having someone to share your thoughts with reduces stress level. In times like these such initiatives are worth appreciation and call of the moment. Living in a society which is less accepting and more judgmental is a tough task. People feel trapped in their own minds and audacity to share their thoughts to world doesn’t come easily. Just talk with Eddy provides you this audacity to share your thoughts with the world and invoke more acceptances in our society.

You can find her work on spotify!

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Throwback Thursday to The Best Actress of Her Time: Waheeda Rehman

On the birth anniversay of one of the the ledendary actress of her times, we bring you her story with some of her most iconic songs.'/



Waheeda Rehman

“I’ve never feared the future”

Beautifully and honestly she described herself in a line, the evergreen and incomparable Waheeda Rehman. 

There’s no one like her, she was the gem of her era. Born in 1938, she is one of the refined and classic actresses Bollywood has ever been exposed to. She was not just a good actress but a woman with integrity, she had conditions put before the director for her very first film by having to choose the outfit she wears and keep her name intact after all the suggestions for her to change her name to a more attractive one.

She was a trained Bharatnatyam dancer and used to perform at various shows when she caught the eye of a Telugu Film Director who ended up offering her a Telugu film to start off with. After her tremendous hard work and incredible performance in the film Girish Dutt, a popular Bollywood film director decided to offer her a role in a Hindi film.

Till the end of her time, even still, she considers Girish Dutt as her mentor not because he introduced her to the industry but also because she was able to follow a trustworthy path with him along the way of her success.

She began with performing item numbers in few of the Bollywood films, and then proceeded with few other roles in Tamil and Telugu industry and finally had her debut through a supporting role in CID 1956 directed by Raj Khosla. The success of that film led Girish Dutt to offer her a leading role of a prostitute in Pyaasa 1957. 

After, many successful movies, she had created her mark in the industry and initiated with her peak-era when she did numbers like “Chaudhvin ka Chaand” that got colossal appreciation by the international critics too and was the very first India’s official entry to Oscars. She was also nominated for the best-supporting actress for the film at Filmfare. After her long and incredible career in the film industry, 1974 was the year when she decided to get married to Shashi Rekh also known as Karanjit.

Her peak continued when she started to star against other superstars such as Dilip Kumar, Rajendra Kumar, Rajesh Khanna, Dharmendra etc. She has done incredible roles which have inspired quite a lot number of people and she kept doing so after so many years when she also appeared in iconic films like Rang de Basanti, Delhi 6, which are one of the best hit films of Bollywood and will always be remembered.

Credits: YouTube (Gaane Sune Ansune)
Credits: YouTube (Gaane Sune Ansune)
Credits: YouTube (Vishal Masih)
Credits: YouTube (HINDI GAANE)
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Recollecting Memorable Moments with Maa on This Mother’s Day

Today, on mother’s day, we bring you some fun and interesting videos which you can watch with your mother.



Mothers Day

“Life doesn’t come with a manual, it comes with a mother.” That is the true essence of the importance of what a mother holds in our lives. Numerous things have already been written and spoken about a mother’s love. There is nothing which we all already don’t know. So to keep it simple, if you have your maa around, just hug her and say that you love her.

Today, on mother’s day, we bring you some fun and interesting videos which you can watch with your mother.

The love of a mother is unconditional and without any expectations. The short film ‘Special Day’, featuring Sheeba Chaddha and Shantanu Maheshwari, portrays this beautiful emotion that mother is the foremost important person in life.

Credits: YouTube (Pocket Films – Indian Short Films)

Continuining that spirit of unconditional love, Tunvey Gogia recollects and shares one of the most beautiful memories of her mother through her story ‘Ek Gudiya’.

Credits: YouTube (Live By FnP Media)

In this competitive business of showbizz where every company and individual is competing each other with almost similar content, like everytime Parag Vijra has come up with something different yet again with Mother’s Day special ‘Meri Maa’ dedicated to all those mothers who have sacrificed their Sons for the Nation. The song is emotionally penned down and Sung by a new talent Ishan Sahni. 

Credits: YouTube (Rahul Sahni Productions)

Mohammed Sadriwala’s story ‘Maa Tujhe Salaam’ reminds us of the most precious gift of life – our mother. Her love remains the same irrespective of every other factor. That is the purest form of unconditional love.

Credits: YouTube (Mohammed Sadriwala)

Sainee Raj in her poetic performance, Maa Ke Haath Ka Khaana, shares a heartwarming story of a relationship between a child and mother through food.

Credits: YouTube (UnErase Poetry)

Yet another beautiful poetic performance by Harish Prajapati describing the love of a son for his maa.

Credits: YouTube (Aachman Records)

Sejal Kumar in her Mother’s Day collab with her mom brings us a super fun video showcasing some of her favorites from her mom’s saree collection.

Credits: YouTube (Sejal Kumar)

Ankush Bahuguna along with his mother Manju Bahuguna brings us a very light-hearted funny video showing the different kinds of moms out there.

Credits: YouTube (Ankush Bahuguna)
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Throwback Thursday With The Legendary Dada Saheb Phalke

Dada Saheb Phalke is remembered as a pioneer of Indian cinema and his cinematic work as milestones in cinematic history of India.'/



Dada Saheb Phalke

Dada Saheb Phalke, aka Dhundiraj Govind Phalke, was motion picture director and is memorized for directing India’s first motion film Raja Harishchandra. It was the first full-length Indian film released in 1913, based on the fable of king Harishchandra. Other critically acclaimed works of Phalke include Mohini Bhasmasur (1913), Satyavan Savitri (1914), Lanka Dahan (1917), Shri Krishna Janma (1918) and Kaliya Mardan (1919).

He honed his skills in all dimensions, pursued a one-year course in drawing, learnt oil painting and water colour painting. He tried his hands in a course of architecture and modelling. He bought a camera and began developing his photography skills. In Kala Bhawan he worked under the name of “Shri Phalke’s Engraving and Photo Printing” and later decided to become an official photographer. Those were the times when the nation was under British Raj, and financial instability was prevalent and he was amongst the one of few educated Indians. During those times people were superstitious and were sceptical about getting photographs clicked, so he adopted magic tricks to attract people.

He also worked under archaeological survey of India but owing to the unsatisfied job he resigned and in collaboration with a friend started his own printing press “Phalke Engraving and Printing Works” but even that didn’t work out well. Its an intriguing fact to note how success paved its way through failures and all the input required was perseverance.

The inspiration behind the first Indian motion film is another film “The Life of Christ”. Phalke studied the existing films of the time and decided to make an Indigenous film, its interesting to know that it was around the same time when ‘Swadeshi Movement’ was spreading. In 1912 he ventured London, gathered the skills and knowledge of filmmaking and returned and opened his company “Phalke Films Company”. And in a year released an Indian film for Indian audience with Indianness.

He was a legendary, after the crossing the threshold he never turned back. Lanka Dahan was a blockbuster. He helped Indians hold their ancient culture close to hearts. In the times of theatre the female roles were played by males and it was a taboo for women to act but brought about a revolutionary change and casted a female actor in his film Mohini Bhasmasur.

His name is remembered as a pioneer of Indian cinema and his cinematic work as milestones in cinematic history of India. Today, on Throwback Thursday, we express or gratitude for his endeavours that are the foundation of Bollywood.

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Throwback Thursday With The Legendary Kishore Kumar

Winner of eight Filmfare awards, Kishore Kumar is a legendary singer who craved his out way into the hearts of every Indian with his evergreen melodies.'/



Kishore Kumar

Nestled in every heart since the very beginning of his journey, he won many hearts and sang immortal songs. He added souls to his music and marked his essence over the ‘Golden Era’. This legendary singer had a very facile entry into the industry due to his elder brother, who was an accomplished Bollywood actor. 

Being born in a Bengali family, Kishore sang many songs in different languages including Bengali, Hindi, Marathi, Assamese, Gujarati, Kannada, Bhojpuri, Malayalam and Oriya.  He had also won eight Filmfare awards for his undying startled voice.

His beautiful transformation from a debut actor to becoming a playback singer, actor, music director, lyricist, writer, director, producer and screenwriter bevelled in a drop of a dime. He is none other than KISHORE KUMAR, originally known as Abbas Kumar Ganguly, brother of the very talented Ashok Kumar with whom he commenced his career as a filmstar, starring in a tiny role with his brother as the lead in ‘Shibani’ (1946).

In the wake of his manoeuvre of becoming a singer, soon it started to reflect in his acting journey due to which he scored 16 flop films out of the 22 during 1946 and 1955. With his successful talent of adopting yodelling in his songs, which became essential after the hits like ‘Tum bin jaaon Kahan’, ‘Zindagi Ek Safar hai suhana’, ‘Chala jata hoon’, his voice began touching souls.

His acting and singing journey took another huge leap when in 1968 he worked with Rahul Dev Barman covering the soundtrack of the film Padosan. That movie featured one of the most evergreen songs that still embrace limelight every now and then such as “Mere Saamne Wali Khidki Mein” and “Kehna Hai.”

Beginning from the 1970s and throughout 1980s he made beautiful melodies for most of the superstars including Dharmendra, Amitabh Bacchan, Jitendra, Sanjeev Kumar etc while breaking an unbeatable record for featuring into a singer-actor combination with Rajesh Khanna beating the score of 245 songs.

Addressing his personal life, he was lucky enough to marry the most beautiful woman of the time named ‘Madhubala’ but due to the knocking doors of death, their marriage ended when she died in 1969.

None of the other singers as observed under the existing industry has achieved such remarkable limelight in their music journey. The time has arrived when in order to extract their career, the new singers have started to compose remakes of Kishore Kumar songs with an eye to paying tribute as well as shaping their career trying to be even the tiniest part of him.

Truly, one of the greatest musical genii of all times, we celebrate him through some of his most amazing songs.

Credits: YouTube (Bollywood Classics)
Credits: YouTube (Rajshri)
Credits: YouTube (Rajshri)
Credits: YouTube (Gaane Sune Ansune)
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