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‘Tere Mere’ Female Cover by a Young Singer from Haryana, Saloni Rai



Tere Mere by Saloni Rai

Tere Mere’, a romantic number from Raja Krishna Menon’s directorial project has released and it fully lives up to the expectations that one would have from the Malik brothers — Armaan and Amaal.

While Amaal, being the composer, sets the stage just right, Armaan does the singer’s job by owning the same stage. The duo deliver an evocative, magical number which strikes you due to its sheer simplicity. As you savour the sound of Armaan’s voice and start getting used to it, the dholak grabs your attention, and the result is an unpretentious musical experience.

Recently Saloni Rai, a young and dynamic singer from Haryana, made the female cover of the amazing song ‘Tere Mere’. Saloni is very passionate about music and her overwhelming love for music gives her the inner strength to never give up never get down.

Watch the full song here:



Musical Compositions With A Desi Twist: Indian Classical Instruments

Indian classical instruments and instrumental music is an enrapturing category of music, one you should definitely not miss out on!



music instrumentals, music, pasoori

Music is created through so many mediums and instruments. Music is truly the culmination of the artistic endeavours in their truest forms. Musical instruments form the basis of any song. They’re the harmony to the singer’s harmonisation. They’re the very pipeline of inventiveness, creativity, and finesse. When it comes to Indian classical instruments, it is truly another phenomenon, another dimension! The grace, poise, and intricate sinew of Indian musical instruments are truly enchanting. On that note, we present to you some beautiful instrumental covers.

Pasoori x Cheap Thrills – V Minor

The Kerala Based Band, V Minor, consisting of seven members, are mastering musical instruments, adding the perfect balance of desi twist to their mashups. They mix and master English songs with Bollywood music, all of that with the fusion of the Indian instruments like the tabla, harmonium, mridangam, etc. V Minor deliver a beguiling and head bobbing remix of the songs ‘Pasoori’ and ‘Cheap Thrills.’ The band has its own element and flavour which makes the remix an another aura of distinct originality.

Credits – YouTube V Minor

An Indian Tribute To Imagine Dragons’ Believer – Tushar Lall

Indian music and Indian classical instruments are truly an enigma of their own. Intricate and complex, yet so alluring and enchanting, is the Hindustani music that it leaves us all beguile. Imagine Dragons, as we all know, is a globally famous band which has released some much loved music. Tushar Lall, along with his team, highlights the intricacy and wonders of the Indian classical instruments like the Sitar, the Tabla, the Sarangi and the Harmonium, in their own rendition of Imagine Dragons’ song, ‘Believer’.

Credits – YouTube Corning® Gorilla® Glass

Jashn-E-Bahaara x Muzhumadhi – Mahesh Raghvan

Mahesh Raghvan takes full opportunity to deliver a fervent and heartfelt instrumental cover of his favourite composition of A.R. Rahman’s: Jashn-E-Bahaara, remixing it with kollywood music, Muzhumadhi. The twist in this phenomenal cover is that Mahesh Raghvan plays the instruments digitally, and the control he has over the rhythms! There are numerous instrumental elements in the cover which will tickle your ears in the best possible ways.

Credits – YouTube Mahesh Raghvan

Kesariya of Brahmāstra – Divyansh Shrivastava

Divyansh Shrivastava, truly the man of one weapon, needs only the flute to completely enrapture his audience. Standing against a beautiful lake side, Divyansh plays a melodic cover of the song ‘Kesariya’ with his flute. Flute, which is known to be an extremely difficult instrument to master and play seems like a piece of cake in his hands. The soulful passion and the mastery over the flute can be felt through the screens. Divyansh Shrivastava is a dexterous flute artist, one you must check out!

Credits – YouTube Divyansh Shrivastava Flutist
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Original Compositions With Tales Similar To Yours

We bring you artists with strong vocal and composition abilities who have the potential to make a significant impact in the music industry.



Music covers, Osho Jain, Pulkit Jain

The inspiration to create never ends. The perfect syncing of words and music creates a masterpiece often leaving people in awe. Exhibiting great talent, this list of musical geniuses with their original musical composition is a treat to the ears. Presenting their own stories through genuine lyrical compositions with their gifted vocals, the songs they put out hit close to home. These underrated artists continue to share a part of their lives which often ends up being feelings and experiences we have all shared. Creative forces are working at their best to make you feel emotions from the past ranging from nostalgia to a lover.

Pulkit Jain – Koi Na Koi

A raw beautifully composed piece by Pulkit Jain is mesmerizing to hear. The vocals are emphasised in a way that captures the essence of the song aptly. The retro vibe in the video and song will soothe your indie taste. A love song about finding someone and the beauty in it is depicted through soothing vocals and light supporting background instruments. The music video is directed goes well with the music and has its own aspects of stories to narrate. Pulkit simple love song is a piece to appreciate the unbelievable sides of love.

Credits: YouTube Pulkit Jain

Osho Jain- Usko Sab Pata Hai

Osho presents a slow nostalgic song that manages to bring back significant triviality that makes life worth living. His vocals and the gravity of the clever spectacular lyricism with every single line are commendable. Osho’s song is a narration of life that brings back nostalgia with gentle strumming in the background. The aesthetics of the music video is a mirror reflection of dim home-like spaces in the afternoon where we all find ourselves. The lyrics will definitely leave you awestruck and you will be left wanting more from this musician. ‘An ode to my childhood’, is how Osho aptly describes this song.

Credits: YouTube Osho Jain

Akanksha Dhyani- Marigold

Marigold, a song collaboratively performed by Akanksha and Vivasvan is a lovely composition. A story of an old lover, their vocals entirely lure you into their world. This short creation by them is a perfect sync of vocals and rhythm. The voices of the vocalists blend fluently which is extremely appealing to the ears. The instruments just set the right mood resonating with the energy that the song wants to deliver. The lyrics and the nonchalant vibe of the song will get you swaying and jamming. Marigold is a fun song to go down memory lane or dedicate to someone.

Credits: YouTube VocalExpressions Akanksha Dhyani

Saahel – Zariya

Saahel as an artist brings a variety mixture of melody, rhythm and beats in his songs. Capturing the listener’s attention in an instant, the beats are groovy and will get you hooked on exploring other new genres of music. Lyrics leave an impact and are easy to sing along with the upbeat background. The music video for the song Zariya is a visual representing his future aspiration and promising potential. Saahel music production and creativity evidently show there is so much more to look forward to in the coming days.

Credits: YouTube Saheel
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Musical Cover To Grace Your Ears

Emerging artists with personal creative inputs produce musical art with a perfect melodious and lyrical mixture.



Musical Covers

We have a diverse variety of music catering for our taste as we want. The multitude of music produced just increases daily. We have a set of emerging musical artists who have taken it upon themselves to present their version of existing music. They present us with a beautiful alternative to listening to just for a change by making a few alterations. Evoking the feels of all songs and accentuating their lyrics and melody significance collaboratively.

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain – Dikshant

Dikshant produces a remake of a classic evergreen song ‘Bade Achhe Lagte Hein’ with his own modulation to it. He manages to capture the essence of the song as well by the addition of his version, delivering a song that completely melts your heart. The Lofi version melds so well the original piece, giving listeners a chance to hear a reverbed and slowed song. The emphasis on the lyrics lets you embrace the beauty of melody and captivates the emotions. The edited compilation from the movie ‘Hasse To Phase’ shows a story Dikshant want to convey through the video.

Credits: YouTube Dikshant

Zara Zara – Melissa Srivastava

‘Zara Zara’, a cover by Melissa is done spectacularly where she does not fail to showcase her vocals. She sings with such passion hitting all the notes and variations which will leave you enthralled. Accompanied by her strumming the guitar, she presents raw vocals which make you appreciate the lyrical and melodious essence of the song. Melissa’s presentation on alteration in the songs and evoking emotions of what the song represents. Artists like Melissa truly represent the potential that exists in so much capacity in the country which needs to be acknowledged and appreciated in today’s time.

Credits: YouTube Melissa Srivastava

Dekha Hazaro Dafa Aapko – Tanishka Bahl

‘Dekha Hazaro Dafa Aapko’ covered by Tanishka with her acoustic voice paired with her playing piano is a sight to watch. The talent that her sheer voice holds and the ability to make the song her entire own is a treat to our ears. She brings a nostalgia of being in love or just reflecting on all the memories you shared with someone. What’s beautiful about Tanishka is the way she portrays her emotions through words which you find dripping when she sings.

Credits: YouTube Tanishka Bahi

Issaq Tera – Akansha Dhyani

The cover by Akansha is a commendable music piece that provides you with serenity and the enchanting lyrical and melodious beauty of the song. ‘Issaq Tera’, has always been a song cherished and Akansha completely with her vocals takes us back in time to appreciate this music and its composition again. The video plays with Akansha near the banks of Ganga giving the songs such a devotional essence. The visual looking at her sing from her heart, getting everything technically right with supporting instruments. The cover by Dhyani is worth a listen to dive into the beauty of classic music. The empathy evoked in the coming together of lyrics and music is soulful.

Credits: YouTube VocalExpressions – Akanksha Dhyani
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Music All Around: Original Compositions For Your Playlist

Looking for new artists and original music compositions? We’ve you covered! Here are some soulful musical compositions you must check out!



Music, Covers, Saahel, Sagar Verma, Shubham Kabra, Dikshant

Creativity and the creation of art never ceases. All of us are involved in some or the other creative pursuits, our own little inventions. When it comes to music, creativity knows no bounds. Behind every song we listen to are the lyrics, the music and melody composition, its production and arrangement. Indeed, music becomes one of the many cherished creative aspirations.

With streaming apps, the music consumption has significantly increased and become easier over the years. The year-end anticipation of campaigns like ‘Spotify Wrapped’ have further proved how music has come to rule our regular lives, in all its highs and lows. For people, who’re always on a lookout for new music and new artists, here are some you’d certainly love!

Shor Hai Teri Khamoshi Mein – Sagar Verma

Sagar Verma has over 300 original compositions written and composed up until now! ‘Shor Hai Teri Khamoshi Mein’ is one of them, which was born during the first lockdown in the 2020 pandemic. The song is a beautiful reflection of Sagar’s raw thoughts during the lockdown, a time of many difficulties for all of us. The solitude and the distance made Sagar miss someone he doesn’t even know anymore. The honest music will make you ponder and muse over many synonymous feelings.

Credits – YouTube Sagarvermamusic

Zariya – Saahel

Saahel started his music journey with song covers to making his own music. His most recent release, ‘Zariya’ is a beguiling composition of what love and longingness feels like. Saahel has penned thoughtful and intense lyrics to give words to feelings which are often left unsaid. ‘Zariya’ speaks of the myriad of conflicting yet sure emotions, of fears and longingness, of companionship and the comfort we find in the other person.

Credits – YouTube Saahel

Aankhon Se Batana – Dikshant

‘Aankhon Se Batana’ recites the sweet love between two people, especially as they near their marriage. Dikshant wanted to make a song on the beautiful anticipation blooming between the about-to-be married couple. ‘Aankhon Se Batana’ is a simple yet equally profound emotion and the entire song is spun around this similar sentiment and intensity. Dikshant lends his beautiful vocals to this everlasting song, since ‘love’ will forever remain universal.

Credits – YouTube Dikshant

Yeh Shaam – Shubham Kabra

‘Yeh Shaam’ is a song which will heal you in testing times. The song is as calm, tranquil and as pacified as an evening. Shubham Kabra draws a poetic analogy between a person and evening. With his serene vocals, the acoustic song becomes even more sincere and genuine. Isn’t it absolutely riveting to witness the myriad ways of creations that each artist revels in? There can never be enough music and never enough creations.

Credits – YouTube Shubham Kabra
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Songs for the Soul

A song a day keeps one happier every day. Often times it’s in songs that we find a comfort that even the best specialist can’t provide.



Songs for the soul, music, anuv jain

Singing is an art form that requires a lot of hard work and discipline to master. A perfectly trained voice can make even heaven cry and smile at its whim. The value that music and singing add to one’s life cannot go unnoticed. From helping you cry your pain away to being there to add the perfect soundtrack when you’re smiling the brightest, a song is there for you through it all. Though it is challenging to master singing, beginning this long journey is a must for any aspiring singer and what better way to do so than by trying to embody the very singer you are inspired by? 

Let’s look at a few artists who are giving their all to hone their melodious voices to perfection.

O Mere Dil Ke Chain- Cover by Jayant Joshi

Immortalised by the legendary voice of Kishore Kumar, this song is the OG song of love. If you’re a Bollywood fan there’s no doubt that the tune of this song is already ringing in your ears as soon as you read the title. Living up to the standards set by the legend himself is unimaginable but many modern artists have tried their level best. Among these many, the cover by Jayant Joshi stands out the most. By using an acoustic guitar that draws the audience’s attention more to his beautiful voice he manages to capture them by creating the same feel as the original but with a new voice. Perfect for a day when you just wish to take a really long drive while humming to a familiar song. 

Credits: YouTube (JayantJoshiMusic)

Alag Aasmaan- Cover by Pancham Sharma

A comforting and soothing song by Anuv Jain, it will surely make you feel like the main lead who is walking down the pavement with the sun and sunflowers out to greet you. The relaxing cover of this song by Pancham Sharma just gave it the extra layer of tranquillity that it didn’t know it needed. Accompanied by his steady voice and smooth runs Sharma managed to maintain the flow of the entire song without going off-key even once. The transition from the low notes to the high notes is also executed pretty well. It’s a perfect song to hum to when you’re walking on the beach by the shore with the sea breeze washing away your worries while a cone of your favourite ice cream makes the world seem a little more bearable than yesterday.

Credits: YouTube (Pancham Sharma)

Kabira- Cover by Aashee Dhiman

Originally sung by Rekha Bhardwaj and Tochi Raina, this song makes one weep and smile at the same time. However, the cover by Aashee Dhiman does just the opposite. Accompanied by her mesmerising voice Dhiman gives a brighter and lighter tone to this song which makes one feel more hopeful. Hitting each note perfectly and adding more graceful runs she makes it all the more soulful. Perfect for a day when you’re walking and exploring a new part of a city.

Credits: YouTube (Aashee Dhiman)

Tum Se Hi- Cover by Soham

A song etched in the memory of every 2000s Bollywood-loving kid and brought to life by none other than the king of soulful songs Mohit Chauhan is a song that fills one with nostalgia and happiness as one imagines Geet and Aditya finally making their way back to each other. Though the bar is set high many young artists of today have managed to reach it, and among them one such artist is Soham. Accompanied by a voice that is so similar to Chauhan that it makes the audience wonder if it’s not Mohit Chauhan himself. Such a deep and comforting voice serves as the perfect company for stargazing. The only issue we have with the cover is… that it’s too short!

Credits: YouTube (soham)

As new singers try to amaze us with their increasing mastery over this art called singing every day, it is we who can ensure that they get the spotlight their talent deserves by encouraging them through comments and likes. So, make sure to check them out!    

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