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15 Songs in One Beat | Bollywood Mashup by Kshitiz Verma



Kshitiz Verma, an upcoming musician, has expertise in making song covers. He has been into music since his very childhood. He has been really passionate about music. He has been a constant student of YouTube, where he learnt production. He has been producing music for projects for young artists in Delhi NCR. Apart from being a teacher, YouTube has also been a platform for him to showcase his talent. He has been uploading song covers on his YouTube channel to increase his outreach. He has also been performing in shows and cafes in Delhi NCR.

Recently he uploaded a Bollywood mash up on his YouTube channel, where he sang 15 songs in one beat. The idea behind the mash up was he wanted to try something different and unique. Firstly he composed a beat, and arranged all the tracks. The toughest part was to mix songs on the same scale. His song was really appreciated by people.

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Teri Yaad: A Soulful Lament By Jay Kadn

“Teri Yaad”, an original soulful single is the story of a heartbreak, beautifully sung by Jay Kadn.



Nothing compares to the pain which follows lost love. The memories and feelings fail to leave your conscience and even after years, they lurk around, no matter how hard one tries to get over it. “Teri Yaad” by Jay Kadn is a song whose protagonist goes through a heartbreak so strong that even after eight years he is unable to forget what he lost.

Filled with grief and repentance, the persona of the singer is unable to take his mind off the woman he loved. He regrets the mistakes he made and the way he treated her which negatively impacted their relationship and eventually led to the break up. The song portrays the painful emotions of nostalgia, remembrance, loss, anguish distress and remorse.

A soulful song with lyrics packed with emotions, it is beautifully sung in a melancholy yet soothing tone. We urge you all to definitely listen to this heartfelt song, link given below!

Credits: YouTube (Jay Kadn)
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A Sensational Addition To The Indian Rap Industry: Agsy

In an exchange with The Talented Indian, Agrita Dhawan, also known by her stage name Agsy, recollects her inspiring journey so far.




Do you know those moments when we just move our heads in synchronization with the beats and the lyrics fill us with an energetic vigour? Yes, that is the impact that rap music creates on us. Raps magically produce an enthusiastic flow in us, they’re like invigorated forms of poetry.

Today we bring forth an Indian rap-artist, going by the stage name Agsy, whose songs have won the hearts of many. Defying the stigma and social insecurities associated with Indian women in the rap industry, Agrita Dhawan stood against all odds to pursue her dreams. Descending from Faridabad, Agrita always knew she wanted to be a pop singer. Inspired by Disney superstars like Hannah Montana and Demi Lovato, she started writing pop songs and performed at various locations. While doing her graduation from DCAC Delhi University, she discovered her strong inclination towards rap music when she performed a rap sung by Nicki Minaj on a talent event held in her college. She was awed by the encouraging response she got from the audience and decided that rap was what she wanted to do.

Her parents had their hesitations when Agsy told them about her passion for raps and her desire to pursue it as her career. She even went on to do an MBA degree as her parents wanted her to have a “backup” plan. Luckily, she didn’t need any backups as her singing career skyrocketed from singing in cafes to performing on national television.

Off the many challenges that she faced in her chase, she recalls quitting her job for music as one of the hardest choices she ever made, however, success hardly comes easy, does it? Talking about her journey, Agrita advises young dreamers to “NEVER STOP!”. Quite an inspiring figure, we strongly recommend you all to check out her latest video titled “Sherni” and to acknowledge her amazing work.

Credits: YouTube (Agsy)
Credits: YouTube (Agsy)
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Intimacy Of Strings And Music Mastered By Instrumentalists

Through the melodious music flowing through the strings of the Sitar, we bring you some incredible performances of these sitar and veena instrumentalists.




Indian Classical Music is one of the richest and most vibrant discipline in the school of Music. Sitar and veena are common instruments used in Hindustani classical music and mastering the instrument is no easy feat. This segment is dedicated to gifted sitar and veena instrumentalists with a flair for producing soothing and melodious tunes from the strings of the sitar.

Veena Srivani portrays her outstanding skills as a veena instrumentalist when she plays to the tune of Breathless by Shankar Mahadevan. Her jovial expressions and rapid hand movements truly surprise her viewers. Antara Bhattacharya presents a mashup of two lovely songs Agar tum saath ho and Lal Ishq. The tune produced gently touches the hearts of the listeners and creates a beautiful reverie.

Giving the instrument an extraordinary Spanish touch, Sourabh Delvi creates music on the foot-tapping song Despacito. He does so with great success and creates a peppy atmosphere where one wants to jump up and dance to his amazing tune. Well, we all need an energizing music push every once a while, don’t we? This one is sure to get you back on your feet!

Playing on one of the most famous Bollywood songs ever sung Lag Ja Gale, Sunil Kant Saxena creates a peaceful atmosphere with his melodious music. Tranquillity seems to be flowing through the strings of the instrument and it makes the listeners sway along with it.

The brilliance of these artists is noteworthy, their command on the instrument not only surprises the audience but also creates an urge to listen to their music time and again. Presenting some of these mesmerising performances.

Credits: YouTube (Veena Srivani)
Credits: YouTube (Antara Bhattacharya)
Credits: YouTube (Sourabh Dehlvi)
Credits: YouTube (Sunil Kant Saxena)
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The Melodic Unplugged Version of Zara Sa By Kunal Bojewar

The iconic “Zara Si Dil Mein” from “Jannat” is reprised in the melodious voice of Kunal Bojewar. Composed by Pritam, it was originally sung by KK.



Zara Sa by Kunal Bojewar

Growing up, I’m sure most of us have had a close association with music, some special tunes bring with them exuberance of old memories while others change constantly according to our mood; from jovial to mellow, we have music suiting all our needs. We also develop consequent respect and admiration for the artists who fill our life with such melodies. Music in one way or the other plays a cardinal role in our lives.

Descending from Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, Kunal Bojewar brings to us his melodious music which touches the hearts of one and all. Recipient of various honorary music awards, Kunal acknowledges that music is his passion and his life. Trained in Indian classical and light Bollywood music, Kunal’s dedication to his music becomes evident through his words, “Music flows in my veins”. Well, that’s some commitment now, isn’t it?

A specimen of his talent as an accomplished singer would be his song cover of “Zara Sa”, originally from the movie “Jannat”. His beautiful voice touches the hearts of one and all as he sings to this tune composed by Pritam and written by Sayeed Quadri. The video, directed and shot by Horil Humad, produced by Mehardeep Malhotra and edited by Sushant Rout features Kunal as a solo performer. The cool ambience of the set up adds to the soothing effect created by Kunal’s voice on the listeners. He can be seen singing sensationally as he beautifully reproduces the melody of the song, complemented by Bhupesh Surti on the guitar.

Giving his commendable performance, Kunal manages to satisfy the dire need for music in our lives. His musical talents are outstanding and have gained wide appreciation from well- acclaimed musicians. Providing relaxation and calmness amid our busy schedules, his music and song covers are a must for our music playlists.

Credits: YouTube (Pehchan Music)
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“Nothing For Our Own”: An Original By Hanita Bhambri

In her debut EP “Nothing for our own”, Hanita Bhambri beautifully depicts the tale after the end of romance.



Hanita Bhambri

Marilyn Manson once said that “Music is the strongest form of magic.” It heals, spreads positivity, gives strength and makes life beautiful. Hanita Bhambri is one such artist who is creating magic with her music.


A “hopelessly lost and romantic” soul in her own words, Hanita is a young independent singer-songwriter from Delhi. She has recently launched her debut EP titled “Nothing for our own”, along with a music video about the end of a romance. Written and performed Hanita and starring Aisha Ahmed, the music gracefully depicts the painful face of love. The loss we face, the pain we endure, what we give to it and what’s left of us.

Credits: YouTube (Hanita Bhambri)

Influenced by Damien Rice and Ben Howard, her songs are “melancholic reflections about love and loneliness, which are inseparable at times and revolves around her personal experiences.” She beautifully paints the heartfelt stories through her songs, aspiring “to give hope to someone who has lost all sense of any.”

View this post on Instagram

I used to spend chances hoping you would change

A post shared by Hanita Bhambri (@hanitabhambri) on

Credits: Instagram (Hanita Bhambri)

With a hope to create a positive influence, Hanita brings honest, real and artistic expressions of the subtle nuances of life through her music. And she starts with it by hitting the road with her album, from 26th July to 11th August.

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