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Short Films

The Tragedies of the Barren Lands: Watch ‘1869- When India Faced the Worst’

Watch the latest international award-winning short film based on India’s worst times of famine of 1869. Directed and written by Gaurav Mali.



“Water, water everywhere, nor any drop to drink”. Samuel Coleridge’s lines always caution us to save our valuable natural resources. Imagine what the world would be like if all the water on our home planet vanishes. Imagine if billions of people came fighting for a few gallons of water. Survival would become a competition and life would be in turmoil.

India has already witnessed a similar situation, not just once, but many times before in history. Under British rule, many parts of India were severely stricken with famine, lasting for even decades, in the 19th century. The short film, ‘1869’, is an apt depiction of one such severe famine that affected major parts of Rajasthan (then known as ‘Rajputana’) between 1868-1870. Around 1.5 million people lost their lives due to shortage of fodder and water while many migrated to the relief work arranged by the British in Ajmer. The conditions improved after the heavy monsoon by the end of 1869, but with it came an outbreak of malaria in the region due to heavy rainfall. As a relief, the conditions improved with the harvest of 1870. The film brings out the sheer reality of the calamity in a simple yet touching way.

Written and directed by Gaurav Prabhakar Mali and presented by The Raw Films, ‘1869-When India Faced the Worst’ is a historical-fiction, inspired by true events of the famine-stricken Rajputana. The well-written plot and commendable performance by the star caste brought laurels to the film. ‘1869’ was officially selected in 5 international film festivals and won The Next International Short Film Festival 2020 Award.

What makes ‘1869’ a must watch is the plot, well-threaded in emotions, struggles, tragedy and facts. Lachmi, a mother to-be and a wife, portrayed by Palak Kayath, and Makhan, portrayed by Raghav Gurjargour, brought their characters to life with their acting. Makhan, a helpless father to-be and a poor peasant of Rajputana, who chose to cover miles on foot in search of water, fodder and a good life rather than being a slave to the British and migrating to Ajmer. And his wife, Lachmi, came along with him as his shadow. The scorching sun of summer, barren lands as far as the eyes saw, a pregnant woman, a penny-less man with just a bottle of water. Where will their paths lead them to and will they both make it to the lands of ‘guava orchards and fresh water bodies’? The answers shall only be found in the film.

All in all, revisiting history compels us to think of the future and so does this short film. The film not only surfaces the distressing truths of the colonial government in past but also warns us to sustain our resources for the future. The resources on which the very existence of mankind is based. The film has simply reflected the conditions we all would be led into if we don’t stop taking the gifts of nature for granted. It’s not just today that we have to survive. Mankind has many generations to come.   

Credits: YouTube (The Raw Films)
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Short Films

Blending Humour, Horror and Nostalgia: Watch ‘Kandittund!’

The animated short film by Aditi Krishnadas, ‘Kandittund!’ (Seen It!) is winning hearts with its unique storytelling.




Short Film

Do stories ever tire you? No matter our age, we are all kids when it comes to stories. It becomes interesting if these stories contain myths, supernatural beings and ghosts. These stories become even more interesting when our grandparents narrate them. Studio Eeksaurus brings together all these elements in its recently released short film, ‘Kandittund!’ (Seen It!) by Aditi Krishnadas. This 12-minute long short film would give you a short film experience you have never had before. 

What Makes ‘Kandittund!’ Stand Apart

‘Kandittund!’ is a short film that redefines many aspects of this art. Short films, generally, try to convey a social message for the audience within their small time frame. But ‘Kandittund’ does not have a message or a moral at the end. It simply wants the audience to find the same delight we found as kids in the nonsensical stories we heard growing up. Another element that makes this film interesting is its hand-drawn animation that brings to life many supernatural beings popular in Kerala. ‘Kandittund!’ gives an adorable makeover to the supernatural creatures we have only heard of in stories.

What hooks you to ‘Kandittund!’ is the narration. The creative director of the film Suresh Eriyat and his father P N K Panicker are the voices we hear throughout the film. The film revolves around the regional tales narrated by Panicker about supernatural creatures like Eenam Pechi, Thendan, Kuttichaathan, Arukola and so on. Panicker’s narration is packed with vivid details of the creatures, the reason behind their existence and sometimes he even gives you pointers on how to escape if you happen to encounter one. The animation brings out the exaggerated details we find in such regional tales. 

The soundtrack of ‘Kandittu’ is yet another element that makes this movie one-of-a-kind. The sound design for the movie was done by the Oscar award winner Resul Pookutty. The local music, from traditional instruments like chenda, used in the film reminds us of our native villages, temples, ponds – the places which are closely associated with such tales. 

Kandittund! – A Worthy Watch

‘Kandittund’ is a film that everyone can enjoy. The nostalgia that this movie gifts us is perhaps the greatest takeaway from this movie. It will certainly take you back to your childhood when all these supernatural, horror stories made sense. You cannot watch this movie, without laughing out loud at least once, or at least not without a smile on your face. A yearning to go back to your childhood when all the nonsensical stories made a lot of sense. A yearning to go back in time when life was simpler. That is what ‘Kandittund’ leaves us with. 

Credits: YouTube (Studio Eeksaurus)

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Short Films

Colours of Curiosity

The interesting Malayalam short film ‘Ima’ presents a unique beginning of love and comfort.



Short film Ima

Sometimes we find it difficult to look beyond what’s on the surface and grasp a deeper meaning to what could be. This movie, Ima, is a sweet love story and our lesson on how to look beyond our inabilities and instead approach a realm of possibilities.

It begins with a sweet, curious-looking girl trying to find her way to her aunt’s home. She looks curious and fun loving by nature, someone who isn’t afraid of consequences. She tries to guide the taxi and lands at the wrong house, which she only finds out after knocking the door and encountering a stern looking man at the door. It is a rude encounter to say the least as he slams the door on her face. She later lands at her aunt’s place next door. Midhun R J Nilija, who plays the role of the girl, justifies the bubbly nature of her character by taking light of difficult situations making this film a worthwhile watch.

She discovers that the guy she encountered, who baffled her by not reacting to her beauty, is in fact a blind man played by Jebin Joseph living alone next door. This strikes her curiosity bone further as to why he has isolated himself and doesn’t interact with the world. The film revolves around them while we see the adamance in the female character trying to interact again.

Later in the film, we can see her intelligence by how she finds a way to enter his house, it will make you smile while her character’s charm takes over you. We can tell how there is a hostile atmosphere where having someone in the house makes him afraid. His acting leaves you curious to know more about his isolation while we see some deep-seated loneliness. She gets him to listen in a tactful manner further alluding to the fact that she is wilful by nature.

She discovers the fact that he is a painter, mesmerised by his work while she wonders why he adds no colour. We finally get to know more about his character through her, that gives us all the butterflies in your stomach moments. Finally, we can see the chemistry between the actors, investing us further into the story. This film packs a melodious song sequence that is a must-have in your playlist.

It leaves us longing for more. The actors made it feel as though we are living this story through them. The production team did a marvellous job at investing us emotionally so much that it gets difficult to take your eyes off the screen even for a second. This story restores hope for the hopeless that life can take a different turn at any moment.

Credits: YouTube (Mia Media)
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Short Films

Fill Your Heart and Live Your Life: Watch ‘Masala Steps’

‘Masala Steps’, directed by Rohit Gupta, will change your perspective on life and make you appreciate it a little better.




Masala Steps

Life often throws tantrums at us. Not new information to any of us. We have all had our share of bad days. You might wonder now about those bad days and how you got through those days. There might be something or someone who reminds us of why it’s good to be alive. ‘Masala Steps’ is a short film that touches our hearts on all the right spots. It reminds us of all the reasons we should not give up on life. 

Directed by Rohit Gupta, this award-winning short film discusses how life can sometimes offer us lemons that we cannot squeeze at all. ‘Masala Steps’ tells the story of Paresh, an investment advisor who has to deal with a big loss in the stock market business. This 21-minute long film captures the helplessness of a man who is in debt and has no clue about how to take his life forward. This also strains his relationship with his wife, Anuradha, who is oblivious to the fact that he is financially broke.

Food That Fills Your Heart and Life

Apart from the stellar performances from Vikram Kochhar, Krishna Bisht and Prakruti Mishra, another highlight of the movie is how Gupta interlaces food with life. You might want to grab a snack while you watch the movie. It will surely make your mouth water with all the delicious food on-screen. Food is a seemingly simple pleasure in life that we often fail to appreciate. So does Paresh. But the film shows how he appreciates it better when he regains his hold on life. 

The film does justice to its title – ‘Masala Steps – Story of Life and Relationships’. It beautifully touches upon both these aspects. The film focuses on the actions and thoughts of Paresh and primarily revolves around his outlook on life. While his grip on life weakens, it is a stranger’s words that help him strengthen his hold on life. Life is often like that, isn’t it? We never know who or what will offer us a helping hand in times of need! A ropewalker, Asif and his daughter, Asifa are characters who steal the show in the film. They happen to be the ones destined to share a piece of wisdom with Paresh, who is on the verge of suicide. The words of Asif make us appreciate this little gift called life that we are blessed with. 

Hope That ‘Masala Steps’ Instils In Us!

The fast-paced world we live in often equates happiness with money. In the rat race for money and all the material pleasures, we sometimes lose sight of our most prized possessions – our loved ones. ‘Masala Steps’ reminds us not to take the simple pleasures of life for granted. Though the movie touches upon sensitive topics like depression and suicide, it ends on an optimistic note that motivates anyone who watches the movie. It inspires you to look beyond a tiny step-down you have in life and urges you to get up when you fall. Watch ‘Masala Steps’ to appreciate life, a tad bit better!

Credits: YouTube (Six Sigma Films)

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Short Films

Take the Reins of your Life: Watch ‘It’s a Kammal Story’

Written and directed by Sivan Ceepee, ‘It’s a Kammal Story’ raises some relevant questions that lie at the heart of our society.




Short Film

Even in the 21st century, we live in a society where women need “permission”. They need permission from the men in their households. To do what they want, to wear what they want, to go where they want and the list goes on. They also need to “convince” the family, neighbours, their extended family, in simple words, the society. We seek the approval of society in everything we do or we intend to do. It is against this background that Sivan Ceepee comes up with a refreshing take on this very relevant subject in his short film ‘It’s a Kammal Story’. 

‘Kammal’ and Freedom

This 13 minutes long short film holds a mirror against the society we live in, which questions us for all the choices we make. ‘It’s a Kammal Story’ revolves around two central female characters who have different perspectives on life and the world. If you think this movie depicts the good girl-bad girl stereotype, you are wrong. Instead of pitting one against the other, Ceepee successfully depicts the differences in their outlooks and thoughts. One of the girls comes from a family that pampers her to the extent that she hopes they will even find her a job, a groom and arrange a big fat Indian wedding for her. The second girl comes from a middle-class family where she gets to make her own decisions in all aspects of her life, even piercing her ears. 

Ear piercing ceremony holds significance in the Hindu tradition. It is a ritual performed when the baby is a few months old. Thus the baby does not have a say in it. We live in a society where decisions are made for us by others, whether we want it or not. Especially for women.’It’s a Kammal Story’ plays around with this thought.”It’s a Kammal Story’ humorously tackles the questions society raises. It also implicitly tells us that you do not have to change or “fit” into society to follow your dreams. You can stand apart, embrace your uniqueness and still pursue your passion  

Worthy Watch

Through the words from her father, which the second girl quotes the movie attempts to talk to the young generation of girls growing up. Although many movies have tried doing the same, this “advice to young women” often comes across as a bit boring and repetitive. That is where ‘It’s a Kammal Story’ triumphs. The movie drives home the message it intended to convey through the stellar performances of Arya Parvathi and late Anjana Shajan. With a light strain of humour running through the movie, it gives the audience some food for thought. If you have plans to relish the success cooked for you by your parents, this movie is for you. It stresses the sweetness of the victories that we have fought for, with our hard work, dedication and perseverance. You would not regret watching ‘It’s a Kammal Story’. It would be 13 minutes well-spent! 

Credits: YouTube (Team Jango Space)
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Short Films

Looking Beyond the Appearances: Watch ‘Batti’

‘Batti’, a short film with the firm message to take off the blindfold of stereotypes from our eyes and look beyond people’s appearances.



Short Film

Appearances are often deceiving. What we see is not always true, but the way we perceive the world around us depends on our ethos. How often and quick do we judge people with their appearances and create a background in our minds, even without knowing them a bit! And I might just say, our own mindsets are the reasons why some typical stereotypes and prejudices exist in our society. And I know, you would agree, too.

Realizing the similar causes and effects, the short film ‘Batti’, directed by Akshay Sarjerao Danavale, has conveyed not to judge people merely by their appearances and their way of living. The theme of the film, ‘Don’t Judge’, is what we need to break the shackles of stereotypes, wrong judgements and prejudices for the choices we willingly make and for some situations that don’t give us choices to choose from.

What’s special about the Film?

With the spectacular performance of the young lead actor of the film, Om Kanojiya as Batti, the film depicts real-life practices in a heart-touching way. Batti, a young boy who makes a living by selling books in the crowded locals of Mumbai along with his companion who sells ‘special kinds of balloons’, struggles to survive each day. Would a boy, who sells books to earn a square meal each day, know how to read them too? Many would make up their minds that he wouldn’t be able to read a single word from those books. And that, for Batti, one book amounts to just a few bills in hand.

Upon being asked the same question by a traveler in the local, being forced to read one word from the book that he enthusiastically sells, with all the eyes turned to him all at once, will Batti be able to prove the stranger wrong by reading from the book? Does he really know how to read? The stranger’s judgement about Batti and his work raises many questions that can only be sought in the short film.

‘Batti’ was nominated in five film festivals, including the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Film Festival 2019 for the Best Child Actor category and 8th Mumbai Short Film Festival 2019. The film also succeeded to win the Golden Gateway award at the Mumbai Film Festival 2019.

“Don’t judge people for the choices they make when you don’t know the options they has to choose from.”

Don’t judge people for the choices they make when you don’t know the options they had to choose from”. The line in itself is the apt abstract of what the film wants to convey. We often say not to judge a book by its cover, but only a few know how to prove it through actions. A smiling face doesn’t always depict a person’s happiness. A person who speaks well not necessarily carry similar intentions with him. Every individual has his own story to tell. Judging a person without being aware of his story is neither fair nor humane. The very motto of the film, ‘Don’t Judge’, makes it a must-watch and will compel every individual to rethink their thoughts and actions.

Credits: YouTube (ContentkaKeeda)
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