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Short Films

Authentic Animated Short Films for a Feel-Good Factor

We bring you the uplifting power of authentic and original animated short films that promote positivity and well-being.



Short film

Movies tend to show a reflection of life. They through influence awaken masses from a slumber of fascade. Wonderful work of animations that will blow you mind with effort and the intentions they want to promote. Serving as a reminder to appreciate, acknowledge and acceptance these movies have some amazing simple storyline presented in the most authentic ways.

ONE – Midnight Kettle

A short film emphasises the essence of worth being determined not by societal standards but right time and place. Written and directed by Ketal Pal, the animated film shows a significant reality through the story of A One rupee coin navigating its way through a highly dominated monetary value system. In a world where the idea of worth is determined by its capacity is pedestaled. The raw emotions dwelling inside a mere coin’s head show a transition from a carefree character to an insecure coin who lacks and feels useless. Discovering a space in the arcade where the coin is genuinely appreciated and realises its worth unveils the facade everyone is blinded by like shown in the marketplace. The movie is a great reminder to acknowledge and accept oneself and not let otherworldly factors influence you. The creation of animation is done phenomenally almost humanising money and reflecting human society through it. With assurance, the movie promises every individual is special and it’s all about the right unfolding in life to meet the right people, belong to a community and give back to it through your potential.

Credits: YouTube Midnight Kettles

Hope, The Boat – Paper Boat

Hope, The Boat carries an essence of hope and aspiration that goes a long way beyond all the troubles. It is a story of a little boy dreaming to be on The Great Cruise who creates a paper boat whose journey is comforting and inspiring as it finally reaches its aspirations. The short film directed by Dhruv Sachdeva and Clifford Afonso is a delightful animation, light yet impactful. The visuals created are perfect and the humanising of the boat is amazing. The boat represents hope, a hope to dream and not live under the fear of being crushed or trashed. The symbolic way the apprehension and obstacles are presented through different natural factors as well as a promise of shelter throughout the bad days is wonderful to watch. The movie ends with the young boy making it to the cruise and all the paper boats following the cruise to their eventual destination. A lovely movie that is definitely worth your watch.

Credits: YouTube Paper Boat

Rewa Nainon Mei Rahe, Bombay Rose – Gitanjali Rao

Bombay Rose will completely captivate your heart and mind with its visuals and spectacular plot. A fascination and a trance that you enter while just watching the movie will leave you in awe. The music used that almost directs the movie, Rewa Nainon Mei Rahe by Cyli Khare sounds divine. A movie appealing to eyes shows the intricacies of love which remains unrequited.The constant subtle seamless transition between the two relams a street in Bombay and A nostalgic location centuries ago is what elevates the entire movies. The transitions are stunning and leaves a sudden impact with a lot of thoughts just rushing about the story. The entire animation is unbeliveable, the way details are taken care of and showing the sheer dedication put in producing this art. The movements throughout the movie and potrayal of emotions is what really catches your attention. The writer and director of the movie Gitanjali Rao and entire involvement of people have created a masterpiece.

Credits: YouTube (Gitanjali Rao)

Short Films

Taxi Driver: A Tale of Acknowledging Local Connoisseurs

Tathagata Singha’s 4-minute-long short film, Taxi Driver, is a light hearted fun tale that encapsulates the true essence of living.



Taxi Driver, Short Film, Tathagata Singha, Surendra Rajan, Technology

Technology has turned our lives around making us dependent on it. In the process of easing out of our lives, we’ve lost the charm of living in and with the moment. Tathagata Singha’s 4-minute-long short film, Taxi Driver, encapsulates the true essence of living. The essence is not restricted to internet or network availability but the essence that is gathered with years of life. 


The film opens with a couple directing the taxi driver (Surendra Rajan) to follow the digital map they were referring to. On the other hand, the taxi driver recommends another route which he knows better. This turns into a light-hearted conversation where both parties are confident about their references. The couple then follows up this conversation with a challenge for the taxi driver: they blindfold Surendra Rajan and task him with guessing the places they take him to. The film presents a contrast between the generations taking part in the movie. It serves as a commentary on the present youth and technology.

The Taxi Driver: Having Faith in Your Instincts and Lived Experiences

Both the opposite personalities that Tathagata Singha portrays highlight the stark difference that one can find in the two generations. While one is always taking a leap of faith and managing to live to the fullest, the other is constantly worried about the predominant availability. Although the internet and digital maps have made life easier, it does not have to demand absolute thoughtlessness. 

Alongside this, we as a youth trust technology blindly. Interestingly, the taxi driver trusts his instincts blindly. What’s even more interesting to the viewers is that his instincts were not only correct but also delightful. They make you smile with him and live in his moment, walk the streets he describes and crave the crispy jalebis he sweetly describes. 

The taxi driver’s knowledge of the city is not limited to the number of streets and kilometres. He serves as a more knowledgeable version of Bombay’s map. With his years of driving and living in the city, he is aware of the city’s history and culture. This culture resides in him and guides his path across the city.

The film is about acknowledging the talent that locals around us have acquired over the years. The true connoisseurs who live with us are far more informed about the itty-bitty of their surroundings than any new-age digital creation. In the process of evolving into modernity every day, we should not forget the loving hearts who have brought us this far. 

Credits: Radio City India
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Short Films

TAMAS: Are You Ready To Accept Me?

Accepting change can be harder than you think. And who can understand it better than the members of the LGBTQ+ community? TAMAS brings to light one such tale.



LGBTQ+ community, Short documentary, short film, social cause, gender identity, TAMAS, queer

Change is the only constant in life is an age-old saying. But just because it is the only constant doesn’t mean it is any easier just like life. Any change is hard to process so imagine one that requires you to question your entire existence the way you know it. An everyday struggle for anyone who is part of the LGBTQ+ community. A struggle that can only be resolved with acceptance. A sort of acceptance that only comes with knowledge. Sadly, not everyone in our society is privy to this knowledge. TAMAS: From Ritika To Ritwik captures this beautifully in their short documentary film.

TAMAS: A Closer Look

Directed by Rajkishore Mohapatra, TAMAS is a short documentary film of about 13 minutes, following the journey of Ritika to Ritwik. With pride marches and queer affirmative therapy, you might think that our society is finally taking a step towards understanding the members of the LGBTQ+ community. And that is exactly when TAMAS throws the bucket of ice-cold water of reality on your face.

What stands out the most in the film is that it’s not the typical film showing a queer person navigating their way through life while the entire society including their parents throw stones at them. Sure, there was a phase where Ritika’s (now Ritwik) parents found it hard to accept such a change. But they never put any change above their child. And by doing so they showed the entire world how it’s both the person figuring out their sexual orientation and their guardians can navigate this change together and not give up on each other.  

The brilliant camerawork beautifully captured the struggles and pain that Ritika (now Ritwik) endured while they were still figuring out their true identity. From using various imageries like footsteps slowly making their way into the sea to a small child crying in agony to a burning landscape in the background with a constant tensed flute melody playing in the back through it all, Mohapatra managed to capture each mood and emotion without a glitch. The best part about the entire film is how it manages to move you with so many emotions without even showing the faces of any of the people featured in the documentary. This clearly shows the beauty of the director’s clear planning and precise execution. 


Going through your entire life as someone, only to realise that it’s not truly you, is not something one can easily digest and move on from. Even in 2023, where information is available at the tips of our fingers, many people like Ritwik are still struggling with their identity because of a lack of awareness about the LGBTQ+ community. By being one of the youngest people in the state of Odisha to undergo a gender change surgery, Ritwik becomes a source of inspiration for many such struggling youth. And through his tale captured in TAMAS he is sure to inspire many more.

Credits: YouTube (Rajkishore Mohapatra)
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Short Films

SEHER: Short Film Depicting Urban Lonliness

TRIGGER WARNING: Suicide Ideation and Themes are explored and featured in the short film. “Seher” – A Ray of Hope in Urban Loneliness'



Urban Loneliness, Mental Health , Indian Short Film

“Seher”, an Indian Short film directed by Raunak Sunil Madne, delicately captures the intricacies of urban loneliness and mental health through the lens of a chance phone call. Mehek Mehra and Gaurav Alugh play the central characters in this Slice-of-Life drama, bringing to life a story that resonates deeply with its audience.

The narrative revolves around a heartbroken man who finds himself submerged in a sea of intrusive thoughts and despair. His days blend into nights, each moment a struggle against the weight of his emotions. However, an unexpected call from a long-lost friend serves as a beacon of light in his darkened world.

A Closer Look

The story starts around a man who is battling the depths of despair, each moment a struggle against the weight of his emotions. The loneliness weighing him down to the verge of taking his own life, when in the nick of time, an unexpected phone call from a long-lost friend pulls him back. A simple conversation, an impromptu heart-to-heart, becomes a lifeline for both long-lost friends as they navigate their struggles, accomplishments, and sorrows with each other and give each other hope to witness a new dawn in their lives.

The film explores the theme of urban loneliness, a pervasive issue in today’s fast-paced world. In the bustling metropolis, amidst the chaos of everyday life, people often find themselves isolated, and disconnected from the world around them. Through “Seher” we are shown the silent battles fought behind closed doors, in the silence of nights amidst city lights, where smiles mask the pain and laughter covers the tears.

Mental Health takes the spotlight as the film delicately navigates the labyrinth of the human mind. The protagonist’s struggle with intrusive thoughts and emotional turmoil is showcased with sensitivity and care. The importance of reaching out is emphasized through this film . The transformative power of human connection is the heart of “Seher.”

Mehek Mehra and Gaurav Alugh deliver compelling performances as they draw viewers into the intimate world of their shared struggles and triumphs. The cinematography captures the urban landscape, contrasting the vibrant energy of the city with the protagonist’s inner turmoil. Each frame is infused with emotion, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the protagonist’s journey of self-discovery and healing.

The Takeaway 

“Seher” is a heartfelt exploration of urban loneliness and mental health, wrapped in a narrative of hope and resilience. Through its evocative storytelling and powerful performances, the film reminds us of the transformative power of human connection. In a world where loneliness and despair often reign supreme, “Seher” is a ray of sunshine lighting the path toward healing and redemption.

Credits: YouTube (Gaurav Alugh)
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Short Films

Daud: A Story of Hope and Resilience 

Daud is a 10 minutes short film directed, written and produced by Nihar Palwe. It is a story full of hope and determination.



Daud, Short Film, Nihar Palwe, Anud Singh Dhaka, Prit Kamani, Adith Anande

Nihar Palwe’s ten-minutes short film starring Anud Singh Dhaka is a tale of a son’s deep desire to fulfill an unfinished dream. Daud is a live-action/animation hybrid short film centered around the power and hope that memories carry. The energetic background music and the changing visuals maintain the eagerness in the viewers. Moreover, the innovative animation hybrid style keeps the viewers connected with the character and delves between the lines of reality and fiction.


Reeling from a first-person perspective as a story of the self, Prit Kamani narrates a day in the life of the protagonist. The short film presents a backdrop to the spirited, ambitious and adventurous journey that follows soon. The unnamed protagonist is a troubled character with internal traumas rooted in the dark events of his childhood. He considers himself a curse to the family. This is because he lost his mother during his birth, whom his father refers to as the light of the house. 

The protagonist’s father serves as a foil to the protagonist himself. The father is driven by determination, energy and hope. He wakes up with a goal and continues to try everything to accomplish it. This is unlike his son who is spending his life in guilt and the suffering that comes along. The father who was a storyteller throughout his life ensured his characters would stumble, falter and even fall over. But, they would always get up and run again even if they had to limp for it.

As the story progresses, events occur that leave the protagonist with more self-guilt. It only confirms him to believe he’s a curse to the family. However, the father really created characters who would get up from the ground, wobble and one day finally run.

Between the lines of Daud, A Short Film

It is common for us to give up on dreams and fall into the pit of self-hatred. While things can be deeply traumatic, unfair and difficult to accept, it is equally unfair to lose hope. Instead, the answer to such situations is to embrace the memories and lessons rooted in our past. Use them as stepping stones toward a better future. The film takes a turn as the protagonist starts cherishing memories that serve as a beacon of inspiration, urging the son to confront his own demons and break free from the shackles of guilt.

As the protagonist deals with the weight of his supposed curse, he discovers that his father’s stories are not just tales of fictional characters overcoming obstacles. The father’s own battles were metaphors, and he intended to pass down a legacy of resilience. In realizing this, the son begins to reinterpret his life as a narrative filled with potential for redemption.

The short film, Daud directed by Nihar Palwe concludes with a powerful message that even in the face of rough times, the power of resilience, and hope can transform our narratives and propel us towards a future where we run, not from our past, but towards a brighter and more fulfilling tomorrow. 

Credits: Desi Cut Productions
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Short Films

“Black And White”- A Silent Short Film

In a world inundated with noise, Black & White is a testament to the power of simplicity and the universality of the human experience.'



Silent Short Film, Black and White.

In the hustle and bustle of our daily fast-paced life, a silent short film is a breath of fresh air. “Black And White” unfolds with grace in just two minutes. With its enchanting instrumental soundtrack setting the tone, the film takes us on a mesmerizing journey through a monochrome lens, giving us a peek into the lives of ordinary people in their quaint town. The film thrives in simplicity, allowing the audience to connect with the subtle beauty of everyday existence.

The beauty of “Black And White” lies in its naturalism. The absence of dialogue doesn’t hinder the storytelling; on the contrary, it highlights the visual poetry that unfolds on screen. From the opening frame, the film immerses viewers in the rhythm of life, capturing the moments that might otherwise be lost to us. The choice of monochrome cinematography adds a timeless quality, amplifying the universal aspects of the human experience.

As the beautiful instrumental music begins, the camera takes us on a quiet journey through the town, observing the inhabitants in their daily routines. Men and women gracefully go about their work, their faces etched with stories only known to them. The film serves the purpose of a silent observer, a witness to the flow of life that transcends language.

One of the standout scenes features a child finding joy in the simplest of things, playing with wet cement while his parents toil away at a construction site. This moment captures the innocence and resilience of youth contrary to the backdrop of adult responsibilities. The cinematography captures the child’s unbridled enthusiasm and curiosity, creating a touching tableau that lingers in the viewer’s mind long after the film ends.

The keen eye and masterful framing by the cinematographer masterfully make “Black And White” into a visual treat. Each shot is meticulously composed, transforming mundane activities into compelling visual narratives. The film successfully conveys a sense of intimacy, inviting the audience to empathize with the characters as they navigate through their lives. It is a testament to the director’s ability to find beauty in the ordinary, turning fleeting moments into lasting impressions.

The instrumental music complements the visual narrative effortlessly. The subtle nuances and melodic tones enhance the emotional impact of the scenes. It serves as a silent companion to the characters, guiding the audience through the highs and lows of their experience. The music is an integral part of the storytelling, creating a sensory experience that transcends the limitations of traditional dialogue-driven narratives.

Spanning for a mere two minutes “Black And White” is a masterpiece of concise storytelling. It skillfully captures the essence of life, celebrating the mundane and extraordinary in equal measure. The film leaves a lasting impression without overstaying its welcome. It serves as a gentle reminder that beauty resides in the every day waiting for those who pause and observe.

In a world inundated with noise, this silent short film is a quiet revelation, a testament to the power of simplicity and the universality of the human experience.

Credits: YouTube( myPOVfilms)
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