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Multilingual Mashups: Bringing Beautiful Melodies In Our Lives

The artists perform the multilingual mashups which bring the beautiful melodies in life.'/




Who doesn’t like a blend of new things in life? Just like the spices, a mix of things is aesthetically pleasing yet surprising. That’s how music fill the void in our lives. Ever wondered why mashups are so popular? It’s because it’s necessary to spice up things in life.

Mashups help you in experiences euphonious symphonies assorted with other beautiful melodies and compose one song that lets you travel through different worlds all at the same time. These mashups are filled with different languages shrouded in one song that will leave spectators in awe.

Nityashree has presents an audience-choice mashup that features different languages mixed in one song. This beautifully mesmerising melody will fill your heart with pleasure.

Credits: YouTube (GetNithyaFied)

Sharat Sinha, known for her euphonious love melodies, has surprised us with yet another song that features ten other songs each from a different language mixed into one.

Credits: YouTube (Sharat Sinha)

Sashi Yerichala has bestowed us with another multilingual mashup that involves 13 songs in thirteen different languages bringing out the diversity of our country.

Credits: YouTube( Alien Kettle Music)


To Being Wistful: Original Tracks From A Beautiful Yesterday

These four talented singers will have you wishing it was a cold gentle night and you were all huddled up with a mug of something warm.



Music Originals

At a time when everything seems so uncertain around us, it would do us all some good to sit back and be thankful for the people around us. And what better way to reflect on some of the most cherished moments in our life than with music? We bring you some beautiful original compositions by four talented singers that will truly captivate you. From lost love to the unending search for your other half, these tracks capture the side of us that we can only hope that someone, someday, will truly understand.

Girish Nakod’s collaboration with Harjas Harjaayi on the track ‘Fir Kabhi’ results in some pretty catchy hooks. There is a certain sense of familiarity with the way the song begins. It is hard to place but calls back to some of the popular tracks, from the early 2010s, where Hip Hop was prominently accompanied by pop influenced rhythms. ‘Fir Kabhi’ has Girish Nakod and Harjas Harjaayi singing and rapping about a past relationship and the inability to return back to a time where things were, for the most part, better.

Credit: YouTube (Girish Nakod)

Aditya Rikhari’s ‘Tu Rehti hai’ is an ode to the feeling of being completely lost in someone. ‘Tu Rehti Hai’ is a beautifully sung track, with an incredibly placed softness in its rhythm and tone that truly captures the gentle essence of what love can be like for some. Accompanied by a subtle acoustic backing and carefully arranged percussion beats, that only serve to help the lyrics, ‘Tu Rehti Hai’ is an effortless composition that is not only harmonious but is also well produced. There is a stylish flair to the subtlety of the entire production that is, indeed, only truly understood when listened to.

Credit: YouTube (Aditya Rikhari)

Harish Budhwani’s ‘Zinda’ is, perhaps, the most unique track on this list. Budhwani captures a beautiful story of search and longing in his lyrics that goes beyond the idea of love. More so, ‘Zinda’ is about the idea of true companionship and understanding that one looks for. It is about finding the ‘other half of you’. What’s more impressive is the fact that Budhwani uses nothing else but an acoustic guitar throughout the whole track. The true music lies in his voice and his voice alone. The vocal range in ‘Zinda’ is truly something magical. Give ‘Zinda’ a listen. Trust me, it is worth every second of your time.

Credit: YouTube (Harish Budhwani)

Raghav Chaitanya’s ‘Anjaana’ is, perhaps, the one track on this list that will resonate most with the millennial audience. With a truly captivating lyrical video, ‘Anjaana’ is about longing as well. However, unlike some of the other tracks on this list, the longing that Chaitanya sings about has a sense of unfulfillment about it. Chaitanya, through ‘Anjaana’, has managed to capture two oscillating emotions in his track, that of complete fulfillment and of a search forever left unfinished. ‘Anjaana’ will soothe you with how beautifully it is sung, but once you listen closer to the lyrics, it might just touch that feeling you have been trying so hard to hide. 

Credit: YouTube (Raghav Chaitanya)
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Ehsaas Band: When Passion and Hard Work Surpasses All Odds

Ehsaas Band, a group of four insanely talented musicians let us peek into their musical lives as they talk about their debut EP Baawre!



Ehsaas Band

Desire is an extremely complex emotion. Like a double-edged sword, desire drives some people to insanity, yet helps others conquer their deepest fears. Whether it be the desire to achieve something or the desire for someone, there’s no denying that it is a strong emotion. In fact, desire goes hand-in-hand with passion; just as complex and fanatical. Ehsaas Band explores several different narratives featuring this insanity of passion and desire in their new EP, ‘Baawre’.

Baawre is a Hindi term that literally translates to ‘insane’. But it is usually depicted with a positive glint; with a loving connotation. Like insanity in the creation of art, or making impulsive decisions to appease your heart, or simply someone crazy in love. So, no wonder, Ehsaas band decided to name their debut EP ‘Baawre’.

Get to Know the Ehsaas Band

This Ahmedabad-based band was formed in 2015 when college competitions and gigs at local restaurants brought these talented individuals together. Viral Patel is the lead vocalist. Raj Shah is the one responsible for all the remarkable guitar solos. Parth Bhavsar carries the weight of the drums on his shoulders. Together they have performed over 200 live shows all around India. In fact, they even bagged up some terrific features with the Rolling Stones, Red Indie Fm, Skill Box etc. Moreover, they’ve also performed for multiple regional channels and local FM Stations.

Believe it or not, despite all their struggles (financial, finding the right people for the band, mentally and physically strenuous tasks), they made their EP all on their own! Producing, Shooting, Promoting, as an indie band they had to manage it all by themselves. However, their faith in their work pushed them through. They believe in their art, their music, for they know at the core they are musicians through and through.

People, practice and persistence is the secret to their creative process. Truly, this is the reason they were able to work through the lockdown to create this work of art, Baawre. Even as the global distress laid grey clouds over our heads, their pursuit for passion shined through.

‘Baawre’ for Their Music

A collection of experimental music, the EP features five incredible tracks. Baawre, Ehsaas Band’s title track is all about self-discovery. It is like diving into our own minds and discovering our darkest desires and deepest fears. It questions the true purpose of oneself. Why not follow your dreams, do what your heart desires? What are we so afraid of? This track is about a man who gave in to his desires. He travels miles and miles, driven by nothing but passion. With no destination in sight, he is simply on a long journey of self-discovery.

Credits – YouTube (Ehsaas Band)

The next song on the EP, Kal Ki Yaadein is all about memories. This song deals with people fondly reminiscing the time that has passed. Instead of focusing on the miserable past, filled with regrets and grudges, it reminds us of all that we have learned, loved and discovered. Whether that be people and friendships, or passions and hobbies. Ehsaas Band puts our emotions into words with their incredible lyricism.

Credits – YouTube (Ehsaas Band)

Meri Haari is a heart-wrenching track about the loss of love. If you’ve ever been left by a lover who you believed was ‘the one’ you would know exactly what I mean. And if you haven’t, then this song will help you understand that tormenting emotion. Delving deep into the scars of our past loves, Ehsaas Band created a song that hits where it hurts. It translates the frustration, desperation, and shattering agony into a musical masterpiece (Can you tell this was a personal favourite?). The dark void that lives within us – for no one can take their place – is expressed incredibly by these talented musicians. Simply put, this song is painstakingly beautiful.

Credits – YouTube (Ehsaas Band)

The meticulous effort put into this EP is clear as day. The fact that this is their debut album is absolutely astounding! I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for the final two tracks! Ek Anjaani and Kal Ki Yaadein (Encore)! Keep your eyes and ears open for the new music this indie rock band is about to drop!

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ZelliX’s ‘Bas Ab Sukoon’: Come for the Beats, Stay for the Lyrics

With his latest original single, ZelliX creates a song bound to be a memorable track for his fans.




Some artists have a penchant for experimenting, and for drawing inspiration from their fanbase. ZelliX goes a step ahead with that in his new original single ‘Bas Ab Sukoon’. This song of romance and pretty melodies has left his fans mesmerised, and has also given them an extra reason to rejoice by making them a part of its creation. It’s a love song made out of the contribution of his loving followers. 

Written, produced, and performed by ZelliX, it was released on April 23. While the song is proof enough of his talents, his video of its behind-the-scenes creation also clearly reveals his amazing flair and ability of music and song-making. He sits down to not just create its beautiful melody, but also write the lyrics out of words suggested by his Instagram followers. 

This catchy and pleasant song by ZelliX seems like a successful quarantine project for a musician, and an even perfect quarantine track for his audience. With an ideal confluence of lyrics and music, the song is equal parts soulful and sweet. His listeners have surely enjoyed it as much as he enjoyed creating it! 

Go listen to it now and immerse yourself in the soothing words of a musician!

Credits: YouTube (ZelliX)

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Raj Pandit: Passing The Entirety of Your Vibe Checks

With years of experience of working in the music industry, Raj Pandit gives us a glimpse into his journey.



Raj Pandit

There is a lot to be said about making music. We could talk about the blood, sweat and tears that go into producing a track or, perhaps, we could touch on the creative maneuvering that is necessary when laying the beats to a song. Raj Pandit could tell you all about this. Behind him, lies 10 years of experience, time he spent working with the acclaimed duo, Salim and Sulaiman Merchant, honing his own craft. Even so, he asserts that he has just begun, and while that may be true considering the scope of the music industry, his journey, so far, is one worth taking a closer glance at.

Born and raised in Mumbai, Pandit spent his childhood immersed in music. His mother, a Kashmiri Folk singer, was, perhaps, his brush with music. Placed in an environment that made him naturally inclined towards music, he began learning to play the tabla at the age of 4, before going on to take up the piano when he was 9. Considering everything, Pandit knew, from an early age, that music was something he wanted to pursue. And, he did just that.

Salim Sulaiman Live 2014 - Vancouver - Nov 1 2014, Raj Pan… | Flickr
Credit: Twitter (Raj Pandit)

However, mere passion and talent can, sometimes, fall short. Pandit states that he has been fortunate enough to be surrounded by the right kind of people. There is, as he says, a massive learning curve in a creative field. Being mentally prepared for that and spending enough time to hone his own grasp of the craft was of critical importance to him. Indeed, he has been working with Salim and Sulaiman Merchant for the last 10 years, collaborating on tracks and producing music. Not surprisingly, he considers the time he has spent with the renowned duo as one of the most important periods of growth in his life.

Even so, Pandit feels blessed to be able to pursue his passion for music in a professional sphere. Believing that taking leaps of faith, for the things one is passionate about, to be of crucial importance, he firmly maintains that, sometimes, just going for it opens up avenues that, otherwise, would not be possible.

Credit: YouTube (Salim Sulaiman)

Recently, Pandit just released his debut single, ‘Vibe’. Having spent years learning and perfecting his own style and voice, Pandit wanted to release his own independent track at a time that he considered right. While on a flight to Australia with the Merchant duo, he came up with the hook for the track. He immediately went on to record it in a voice note before building a basic groove on his phone. That, alone, excited him enough to come back and work on the track. Finally, after the lockdown eased up a little, Pandit decided to release the track, finishing working on it in a month.

“I realized how much more it takes to achieve a certain level when you’re on stage.”

Raj Pandit

It seems like a rosy life from the outside and understandably so. Pandit has been following his passion, managing to turn it into something that he pursues professionally and working with some of the most established figures in the music industry in the country. However, Pandit has had his own challenges, stumbling blocks he has had to overcome and grow from. Years ago, for instance, he recalls one of his initial concerts with Salim-Sulaiman, where he forgot the lyrics to an entire verse on stage, in spite of having spent time rehearsing it diligently. That, according to him, was one of the most embarrassing moments for him to be in. He understood, then, how much more it takes to reach a certain level on stage. He took that whole incident in stride, determined to work harder, not only for himself but, also, for his co-performers.

The one word that always stays with me is ‘patience’. It’s the one quality that we all need from time to time, while doing all the work.

Raj Pandit

For Pandit, his affinity for music is a natural blessing. Even so, he reaffirms how much time and persistent effort he has had to put in. Patience, as he says, is one of the most important things when it comes to pursuing something you are passionate about. Sticking to your own belief, while putting in the effort, is crucial to succeeding. And, that is advice derived from his own personal experience and journey. After all, Raj Pandit has spent the last 10 years learning and growing from those around him, while sticking to his own belief in himself.

It is an impressive path that he has walked and, judging from the reception to his debut, it is, undoubtedly, the one to success.

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Three Handpicked Gems Of Covers To Please Your Musicophile Heart

Meet your favourite songs in a completely new disguise and fall in love with these talented cover artists’ voice.




The amazing thing about good music is that it can make you fall in love with any of its form – regardless of the voice, language, genre – if your heart flutters when listening to it, it is for you! There have been times when music covers were so powerful that they were mistaken for being an original. Cover artists have this talent of reforming a song into a completely new persona. We bring you three gems in form of covers that we can’t get enough of!

Starting off with this heartfelt cover of ‘Aaj Jaane Ki Zidd Na Karo’ by Smriti Thakur. The original by Farida Khannum is sure a masterpiece but this cover is as beautiful! The cover is beautifully raw with just guitar strums for the instrumentals. You definitely do not want to miss out on this cover where she beautifully sings with her honey-like voice. Check it out here to make your day more soulful.

[Credits: YouTube(Smriti Thakur)]

Arijit Singh has given Bollywood countless masterpieces and Kalank title track is for sure one of them. We bring you a beautiful cover of the masterpiece by Rawnnie Majumder on YouTube. With perfect flow and stable voice, the cover sounds so much alike the original piece. The beauty of the cover lies in its resemblance to the original work. If you are a fan of acoustics, this cover is for you!

[Credits: YouTube(Rawnnie Majumder)]

Lastly, we have a treat for the Desimys – aka, the Desi lovers of BTS! The talented Aksh Baghla has done a Mashup of BTS’ youngest member Jungkook’s solo ‘Euphoria’ with Udit Narayan’s ‘Yeh Ladki Hai Allah’and we can’t get over it! It’s crazy how music knows no language and these multilingual mashups are not only masterpieces in themselves but also a treat for the music lovers. BTS is a name from the global music realm that isn’t foreign to anyone now and Udit Narayan is a legend himself. These two legendary names’ craft meet at the hands of another talented Musician – Aksh! With melodious rearrangements and a little of his own penned lyrics in Hindi, the output sounds like heaven! With a voice and talent like no other, he is indeed gifted!

[Credits: YouTube(Aksh Baghla)]

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