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The Melody of Love: Poetries to Mesmerize You

Love is a four letter word but carries the most weight, and these 3 poets spell its complexity, fragility and beauty in a string of words.




Poetry is a creative medium of language. It is a free expression of oneself. It is always a soulful experience to be able to converse with the poet through their handful of twisted words, finding meaning in the metaphors, rhythm, and sentiments portrayed. Love poetries swim in a wave of emotions. They are often a mix of intricate passions. Here are three poets, who with a blend of Hindi and Urdu words, present eloquent and heartfelt stanzas, the central theme being love and heartbreak. 

‘Kyu Woh Mera Hua Nahi’ by Gunjan Saini 

“Ankhon se behte hai ashq, jo alfaaz ban jaate hai, jaane kitne aashiqo k ishq kitaab ban jaate hai”. This is just a gist of Gunjan’s ocean of words. She intricately picks and puts together the perfect words to form the most poetic narrations. The profundity in the rhythm and the choice of her words to narrate the tale of an abandoned and unattainable love makes you want to relish every word. The poetry also attempts to convey how every broken and hopeless heart becomes both a poet and a reticent. While on the one hand, we strive to convert the complex feelings into a pool of words, but on the other hand, we fail to comprehend the inner conflicts and sorrows. 

Credits: YouTube UnErase Poetry

‘Usey Mera Hona Hoga’ by Krishna Singh 

Krishna is writing a letter, but it is not any ordinary letter. It is the most sweet filled letter you’ll ever read.

Human beings are made of little minute habits, attitudes, and gestures, which to some eyes go unnoticed, while others adore the same. From our food choices, to clothes, to walking for work, phone calls, our preferences, certain fragrances, travelling, memories, etc., all of this makes us who we are. Similarly, Krishna inputs every minute bittersweet experience and moment in her poetry. She heeds to the moments and things we might not consider important and paints them in a different light. She brings out the colourful, vibrant side of love. Her words make us appreciate every tiny speck of our existence in one poetic letter. 

My favourite lines from her poetry have to be this: ‘yeh khat use pohoche, jiske shirt ke bazu se sate sate meri saree ki kinaar khilkhilati’. Who would have thought to find intimacy in the concealed spaces of hanging clothes? 

Credits: YouTube Spill Poetry

‘Mujhe Tumse Aisa Ishq Hua Hai’ by Lovely Sharma 

Urdu words have calmness in them. Lovely adds even more serenity to Urdu with her soulful and brilliant bend of words. Her poetry will flow within your body. It is quite impossible to define love by one entity, or one word, or one season. Lovely justifies this by encapsulating varied aspects around this four letter word: Love.

Lovely compares and contrasts love with nature, universe, nights and days. She sees in love, a purity similar to loyalty and belief in one’s faith or religion. For her, love is also divine. The poem describes love as spiritual, exciting, and happy, like losses and victories. She compares it to games and the sweet wind during rains. She depicts love as an entity existing on the centre of transcending opposites, which blurs the distinction between these opposites. For instance, she conveys that love could be both like the daylight and the night stars. It could feel both like the lesson in loss and exciting victory in games. It could feel controlling, yet liberating. 

Credits: YouTube UnErase Poetry
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Of Writing and Recitation: Heartfelt Hindi Poetry Compositions

Have a look at these Hindi poetry recitations which ponder on thoughts of pervasive nature within original compositions.




Poems often give words to things of everyday existence. Patterns, feelings, and actions which are all-pervasive in society. But they do so with a newness of thought, where their words and how they string them together are what makes the compositions unique. Such is the writing of Sandeep Dwivedi and Savita Patil. Come, have a look at their poetry

Sandeep Dwivedi

Sandeep Dwivedi’s poem talks about the rush hours of life, where our own constructs of time drive our movement. Amidst this hustle, he points out the pattern of birds who don’t wait for the sun, they only recognise and work by the light of the day. And Sandeep points to this fact. That no matter what happens, birds will never follow humans into their changeable, volatile patterns of existence. Like a food for thought recited in under a minute’s time, his poem tries to say a lot in a few words. 

Credit: YouTube (Kavi Sandeep Dwivedi)

Savita Patil 

Savita Patil reads her composition of a poem that is told from the perspective of parents. Late adulthood is an experience of loneliness, the time during which the need to have a support system is greatly enhanced. It is then when many parents look towards their children. Savita narrates their side of the tale, of when instead of finding love and regard, they are left to care for themselves on their own. Her poem is that of grievances, the realistic and emotional, of the neglect that people find greeting them in their old age. 

Credit: YouTube (Kavita by SAVITA PATIL)

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Awareness in Expression: Spoken-word Poetry on Mental Health

Listen to these spoken-word performances that reveal those aspects of mental health problems that are misunderstood by society at large.




Amidst the many problems that people with mental health issues have to deal with, there is the manner in which society understands and responds to it. A large part of that reaction is based on ignorance or invalidation of the problem itself. Which is why it becomes important to talk about mental health disorders and the ways in which they manifest. And one of the most reachable ways in which this can be done in this culture of the world-wide-web, is through the process of making and sharing creative works of art. So, we bring to you pieces of spoken word poetry that narrate the many nuances of anxiety and depression. You might see yourself in those experiences, or recognise somebody else you know in them. Either way, we hope these words in all their truths and emotions would help make some impact! 

Alice In Anxiety Land – Sainee Raj ft Samuel

Sainee Raj is here to give voice and words to that “life’s dreadful theme song” of anxiety. She delves into the fright and spiralling of an anxious mind, as Samuel offers a background of sweet guitar notes. Together they express the day-to-day experience of living with anxiety, which ends up being comforting in not just its relatability, but also in the heartwarming hope that it leaves behind. This is a piece created and recited with care, also offering an understanding to those who are yet to accept that this anxiety, “this thing is real in the head”. 

Credits: YouTube (UnErase Poetry)

Dear Non Depressed Friend – Ishmeet Nagpal ft. Hasan

“There is a reason it is called an illness, no it is no jest” says Ishmeet laying the true nature of Depression bare. 

When the understanding of mental health issues is often dipped in ignorance, the responses of help towards it end up doing more harm than good. Ishmeet Nagpal addresses the things that go wrong, even in the good intentions of people who try to help fix their friend suffering from depression. Just like any other physical illness, depression too calls for professional care. It is only support that Ishmeet asks for from the non-depressed friend. Not futile advice or comparisons that are meant to guilt-trip one into living life. “Help me by being my shoulder to lean, help me by giving the silence I need” as she says. Her recitation is sure to hit home to many and is worth being heard by those who want to be there for people dealing with depression but aren’t sure how to. 

Credits: YouTube (UnErase Poetry)

We Are All Gifted – Amandeep Singh ft. Hasan 

Amandeep Singh in his poetry of truths and metaphors, narrates a story that reminds of the very powerful possibility of recovery. The stigmatization around mental health issues pushes people into not revealing their experiences to anyone, let alone seek help for them. Amandeep Singh in this piece, takes out hope from his personal life to give to others. He reiterates the importance of scratching emotional wounds in depth- of sharing what you’re going through, in order to begin healing. ‘We are all gifted,” he says, gifted with the power of healing ourselves. Amandeep’s story is a reminder that it’s okay to ask for help and support to uncover and use that power present in us. 

Credits: YouTube (UnErase Poetry)
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Lovely Sharma on the Craft of Writing and Performing Poetry

In conversation with Lovely Sharma, a spoken word artist, on life, writing and the intent of her performances.



Lovely Sharma

A half-hour interaction with Lovely Sharma felt like a sweet story-telling session of its own, as she talked about her life and her poetry. Hearing her speak in an ever so pleasant voice, it felt like the conversation should have happened over a cup of tea. Listening to her felt both warm and familiar, as she moved on from telling me about how she used to scribble couplets and poems when she was young, to the incident that led her to enter the platform of spoken-word. It was nice because of the clarity she showed about what she does and wants to do as a performer-poet. And it’d be illuminating for anyone struggling to find the intentions of why they should create content, in whatever form may it be. 

She goes back to her first performance of September 2019, when after a friend’s persuasion she decided to take half a day off from her office, and go perform at an open-mic. Her plan was to attend the gig and leave immediately after her turn, already convinced in her mind that this was going to be her first and last performance. And even the number of applause and appreciation she received after, was not enough to convince her that her poetry could lead to something more.

Cut to a month or so later, the video of her performance went viral, garnering more than half a million views. She tells me that her face and voice were new, not just for the viewers alone but to her as well, because she couldn’t recognise herself as a performer. She couldn’t believe that so many people would want to listen to her. 

Credits: YouTube (Lovely Sharma)

When on stage, she mentions, she doesn’t like to look at people, wanting her performance to not be influenced by their reactions. However, their responses have served a larger purpose to her in making her continue doing what she does. She has been writing poetry since 8th grade. Her pens and diaries were her constants, as she used to write for herself and her satisfaction. But it only was after realising that people drew the same connection from it as she does from her work, that she felt like this was something that she had been waiting for all along. She very beautifully expressed that everything is secondary now, the smiles and tears of those listening to her and her words is what matters. 

Jo zindagi ne seekha diya, ya logon ki kahaniyon se aa gaya” (From what life teaches, or what comes from the stories of others), she attributes as the source of her poems. She writes about life and how she observes it. Perhaps this is why people build a connection with her words. Talking about that, she says her writing’s purpose for her audience is to help them get back up in life. “Ya toh vo sambhalna seekh jate hai, ya chalna seekh jaate hain, ya fir thaharna seekh jaate hain” (either they learn to carry themselves, to walk ahead or to take a stop, a break) is how she sums it up. 

She draws her motivation from her past. When she looks back on her life, she says that she was living in the shoes of others too much, causing her to forget who she was. Her lessons from that is what keeps her going. A desire to become better than she was yesterday, and the hope to be better in her future than she is today. 

Credits: YouTube (Lovely Sharma)

Another driving force for her has obviously been the love and acknowledgment that she has received from the people. She remembers one particular piece of her at this instance, written from the perspective of a martyr’s wife, called ‘Kaash’. She recounts the responses that she received for it. How an army man wrote to her, and how families of martyred soldiers, who had lost their loved ones, felt that they could remember them in what she spoke. A touching reiteration of the value some words can hold in the life of others.

Talking about her own family, she says that even after taking the very bold step of quitting her job to pursue spoken word, they still support her. Even as there were people in her life who considered open-mics as nothing better than ‘tamashas’ or ‘mehfils’. But she continues to write and perform. And she also points out, how the pandemic and lockdown have positively helped in the growth of her online presence. In response to the question of online hate and criticism, she very simply puts, “[their] opinion is not who I am”.

She also sees the difference between reading poetry and performing it as a major feature that makes stories worth listening to. We end the conversation after she gives her creative insight on how one should follow their passion for writing. You should have love and a sense of purity for your work, she says. It is better to focus on the quality of your content than running after appreciation. Be the first judge of your creation, and aim to add value to it. 

Finally she asserts, write not to impress, not to earn, not for followers but primarily for yourself, and all else will follow.

Credits: YouTube (Lovely Sharma)
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Some ‘Sher o Shayari’ for the Tender and Emotional

For the readers of Shayaris, we bring to you some young poets on Instagram worth checking out to set afire your love for Urdu poetry.



Hindi Poetry

Urdu has charmed people with its beauty for ages. Even the non-speakers of the language have been familiar with the enchanting magic of its words and expressions– from Ghalib to Gulzar, everyone has read and sung their beautiful nazms and lyrics.

Reading poetry is both a shared and unique experience. They are words that enunciate feelings and are rooted in life and everything else that makes it. When you read a poem, you find your own truth in it, but also a calm comfort that tells you that you are not alone, that other people too are finding their own realities in it just as you are. And Shayaris remains an immensely popular form, for both the readers and writers of Urdu poetry, for this very reason. Its inspiration is drawn from life, love and hurt, beauty and romance, success and failures. Experiences that are universal to all, and yet unique to whoever experiences them.

So, we bring for the lovers of Shayaris, and for those who want to begin immersing themselves in it, some emerging writers to check out and follow. 

Sameer Oberoi translates the complexities that burden everyday life. He writes of ‘Shor shraabe ki zindagi’, full of convoluted connections, emotions, and communications. He drops truth dipped in the lyricism that is inherent to Urdu words, words like ‘jazbaat’. Where he distills the value of words, of the heavy meaning that hides behind everything that is said or unsaid. His unsaid direction in it being– to carefully say the things you do, to carefully listen to the things you hear. 

Credits: Instagram (Sameer Oberoi)
Credits: Instagram (Sameer Oberoi)

Tushar Mehrotra @doalfaaz pens down the often spoken, often felt, side of loving and losing someone. Of living with the space that is hollowed out by the lost, and with the realisation that it is never returning back. Of heartbreaks that leave a longing behind, to be loved in the way that you love another. Reminds one of Gulzar when he said, “kabhi to chaunk ke dekhe koi hamara taraf, kisi ki aankh men ham ko bhi intizar dikhe” (I wish to see someone look at me in surprise, with a longing in their eyes.)

Credits: Instagram (Tushar Mehrotra)
Credits: Instagram (Tushar Mehrotra)

Raghav Bhutani too writes of love, separation, and betrayal. His words flow to a beloved, and from lessons that life and love have brought upon. And he too writes in clarity the truths that sum up living. In just a few words he writes how some emotions get trapped in translations. How sometimes they don’t find the right expression and sometimes the right understanding. His words and emotions, however, do both for his audience. 

Credits: Instagram (Raghav Bhutani)
Credits: Instagram (Raghav Bhutani)

Another page,, dedicated to the famous lyricist Rahat Indori, captures the essence of life’s stories, in a way, explaining that they are all ultimately the influences of what the heart feels, wants, and sees. Because life is full of feelings, and these feelings don’t require a declaration in big words but are found in the little things hidden in simple actions and simple words. 

Credits: Instagram (Rahat Ki Yadein)
Credits: Instagram (Rahat Ki Yadein)

The words of these poets lend voice to what a lot of people may feel but can never find the right expressions for it. Maybe that is why they have a lot of following because, at the end of the day, everybody is trying to find themselves, their experiences, and feelings in art. And that ultimately, is the purpose of any such work– amateur or not, high-brow or not– which is to make people feel things. And the popularity of these writers is proof enough that their work is serving that purpose to their audiences.

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These Hindi Poetic Performances Will Put Your Emotions Into Words!

We bring you some incredible Hindi poetic performances that will phrase your unfathomable emotions into simple words!




Emotions can be overwhelming. And it is never easy to communicate them. The words you know just don’t seem enough. Not just your vocabulary, but syntax of the language seems to limit you. Today, we will introduce you to some phenomenal poets who will awe you with their charm and Hindi poetic performances.

Anubhav Agarwal

Firstly, we have an admired poet amongst the common people, Anubhav Agrawal. Handling the Instagram account @iwritewhatyoufeel, Anubhav is known for his relatable poetry. While his poetry is deep, conveying a plethora of emotions and stories, it’s easy to understand. Anubhav Agarwal uses common every-day language in his poems. However, his poetry sounds beautiful.

His poem titled, ‘Wo Badla Nahi, Bas Benaqaab Hua’ expresses the tragedy of betrayal. Surely, you must know that the pain of being betrayed by someone you trust with all your life is agonizing. In this minute-long poem, Anubhav Agarwal successfully —- the roller-coaster of emotions that one goes through during such circumstances. In fact, his poetry is tragic, hurt, inflamed, yet entrancing.

Credits – YouTube (Anubhav Agarwal)
Rohit Kishor

Next, Rohit Kishor will mesmerize you with his ability of expressing complex emotions in the everyday Hindi language. On 18th March 2021, he uploaded a Hindi poetic video titled, ‘A True Relationship’ to his YouTube channel, Untold Diary.

The title does describe the poem the best. While this poem is based on the ideal relationship all hopeless romantics, chase; it isn’t unrealistic. It describes what we all should expect from a relationship, from love. Truly, the Hindi poetic performance as a whole is enchanting.  

Credits – YouTube (Untold Diary)
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