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When The Acting Skills Resound In The Wordless Film: ‘The Bypass’

The bone-chilling aura of the short film in the arid deserts, the story revolves around corruption, theft and violence.




The bone-chilling aura of the film in the arid deserts, the story revolves around corruption, theft and violence. The incredible acting skills made the hearts blow. The heart-wrenching story revolves around theft, corruption and violence featuring the stupendous actors Irrfan Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Sundar Dan Detha. The Bypass stands out as a story of the lane taken by the newlyweds that tragically ended their lives. The commingle of exceptional actors can make us blow with their acting skills. The 15-minute long film penned by Amit Kumar and produced by Asif Kapadia took us to the grim, arid, dark aisles of Rajasthan, where humanity is assassinated ruthlessly. The twitches and countenances framed the story, without the utterance of a word,  spoke magnanimously on social constraints. 

The actor whom we revere and remember the most, our favourite Late Irrfan Khan once again made us speechless with his incredible acting skills.  He impersonated the corrupt policeman unafflicted by the murder or theft, rather looking for the left-overs to steal. The skills of the incredible actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui captured our hearts as always. Sundar Dan Detha who played the character of the bandit, who couldn’t speak ironically was the only character who grunted in the film.  

The Bypass released in 2003, started with the newlyweds on their way to a lane that ended their lives. They were attacked by two bandits who used to loot and grab the money of passers-by killing them. The bride and groom met the same tragedy.  The further series of events that were mingled with corruption, theft and violence, mentioning them would be a spoiler. When the viewers assumed the policeman would investigate the case and penalise the brigands, he was corrupt looking for left-overs to grab. The way the watch of the groom changed hands, clearly showcased the ill wills of the residents of that lane. The atrocity of the residents that undergoes vengeance and avarice is terrifying. The cinematographic skills are applaudable, where one scene cuts past the other rousing curiosity and the lane deserts, dunes adding to the grim aura created. It is intriguing and filled with intricacies that unfold as the story furthers, hence no wonder that this film was screened at the Edinburgh Film Festival and Aubagne Film Festival. The cinematic splendour has outpoured the elements and laced the story. 

The wordless film, Bypass, without any dialogues, kept us glued to the incredible actors, whose eyes and countenances recount the story. Through this story, the director Amit Kumar, and the cinematographer Rajeev Ravi captured the grim element that gave us shivers down the spine.  To know the series of vengeance, avarice that followed, you will have to watch the film, no spoilers intended. 

[Credits: YouTube IRRFANCLUB]

Short Films

The Boy Who Slept in Class: A Hidden Reality

The short film The boy who slept in class portrays a sad hidden reality that many kids face in their day-to-day lives. Let’s take a closer look.



The Boy Who Slept In Class, film, kids, issue

Often when a child behaves differently than they usually do, many adults dismiss it as them being naughty. Only a few highly observant adults may be able to pay enough attention to figure out what went wrong. And it’s from these adults that we must take lessons from. Children don’t always lash out or are very overt about what they are going through. Sometimes they may hold it within them and not even realise it. And the only sign you may get that something is wrong could be as small as sleeping in class. The short film The Boy Who Slept in Class by Lavanya Naidu highlights just that.

The Boy Who Slept in Class: A Closer Look

The film starts off like a regular day in a school. From the size and make of the animated students, it is probably an elementary school. The Boy Who Slept in Class focuses on one particular boy among the plethora of kids that are present in the classroom. Unlike the usually chatty and highly energetic kids, this particular boy is pretty quiet with a gloomy cloud over his face. And just like every other adult around him, his teacher dismisses this sleepy behaviour as him being tardy or naughty. But it’s only when the film progresses that we see the bigger problem lying underneath. 

The fact that The Boy Who Slept in Class was devoid of any particular language gave more depth to it than taking it away. The lack of language is usually seen as something negative as it’s only through language that you can speak and voice out your opinions. However given the diversity in India when it comes to languages and the universality of the issue that was portrayed in the film The Boy Who Slept in Class, not specifying a particular language gave it more depth and made the film, The Boy Who Slept in Class all the more universal.

The usage of 2D animation added a layer of simplicity to the entire film. It ensured that the focus was not taken away from the issue which involved a rather verbally abusive household. And at the same time maintained the quality of the film. The 2D animation was further reminiscent of the old Disney movies and kids shows which makes it all the more relatable for the target audience, i.e., the kids. The film gives kids an outlet to the kids and helps them realise that they need not go through it all by themselves and that it is okay to ask for help and rather you should ask for help. 

The Boy Who Slept in Class also highlights the importance of a vigilante adult when such issues surrounding kids arise. It makes us realise the important role we play in the lives of kids. The film urges to not only to be vigilant about such issues but also to raise our voices and awareness against such issues to ensure the safety of kids in the long run.


The Boy Who Slept in Class could be any kid’s tale. And that’s the sole reason why it tugs at everyone’s heart. The realistic portrayal of such an issue in a kid-friendly animated manner makes it all the more heart-wrenching. The film is a must-watch for anyone looking to educate kids about being vocal when such issues prop up in their lives.  

Credits: YouTube (CGTantra)
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Short Films

One Idiot: Time To Follow The Idiot

One Idiot is a tale that needs to be revived to remind today’s youth about the importance of financial literacy. Let’s have a look at it.



One idiot, financial, youth, film, financial literacy, Bandhan Mutual Fund

India is a land where people still believe in saving for a rainy day. It’s still hard for people to fathom the thought of making the most to not worry about savings in the future apart from the traditional salary saving way. And you can’t blame them as the majority of Indian families unless they have a business of some sort don’t know much about stocks, mutual funds and different investment plans. So, it’s only quite natural that the youth of today’s generation is not very aware of this. This logic can be better understood when you think of awareness surrounding first aid or mental health. The reason why only a handful of youth are aware about the above two is because of the limited exposure they get regarding the same at home but also within their friend circle. The same logic follows the concept of financial literacy. Hence short films like One Idiot are a must-watch.

One Idiot: A Closer Look

An Amole Gupte film, One Idiot is a short film for anyone who is adulting or is already an adult. The film circles around the life of an idiot. Or more like an assumed idiot for he is smarter than half the population of India. But from the looks and the way he carries himself the same is not conveyed. It is only when one takes a closer look at his life that people realise that they truly know nothing compared to him. 

One Idiot is the tale of every common man in India who was looked down upon and told they could never pull it off. One Idiot is a reality check for today’s youth who still think saving money is the only way to survive in this world. Lastly, One Idiot is a wake-up call for every Indian who still invests in the most traditional way possible and hopes to get a return in threefolds. It is a story meant to call today’s youth out of the rock they are living in so that they can have a bigger, brighter and safer future tomorrow. All of this can be achieved by just making use of the facilities provided by the bank to maximise your financial gains.

One Idiot is a tale of financial literacy that is highly relevant in this day and age. The way the storyline is executed with catchy jingles and songs being played at intervals, makes the film all the more engaging and hard to forget. The progression of the narrative is pretty simple to follow, but the addition of real-life testimonials adds a shocking layer of reality to the whole plot and shakes us out of our fictional comfort bubble created by the film plot. The film is a perfect example of ‘never judge a book by its cover’.


One Idiot is bound to shake you out of your delulu and make you look for an actual solulu for your financial worries. Financial literacy is still not that well understood by people outside of the realm of commerce the testimonials presented in the film are a testament to that. Given that the film is almost 11 years old you might think that people might have improved in terms of financial literacy, and hence Return of One Idiot was released to give us a check. You can check the part 2 of the film by clicking here

Credits: YouTube (OneIdiotTheMovie)
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Short Films

Khatoon Ki Khidmat: A Funny Reality

A tale of reality with a lot of laughter. Khatoon Ki Khidmat is bound to make your day end with much joy and laughter.



Khatoon Ki Khidmat, humour, rural, women, film

Getting so used to having mass media in our house it’s almost impossible to imagine any house without it. But still, in many places in rural India, various forms of mass media are looked down upon or many people are not able to afford it. It’s only when we watch short films like Khatoon Ki Khidmat that we are made aware of this reality. But the director managed to showcase this reality with a ton of humour to make the pill a little less bitter.

Khatoon Ki Khidmat: A Closer Look

Khatoon Ki Khidmat is a tale of a small village in rural India and the struggles of the people living there. These struggles may seem small and irrelevant to someone who grew up in the city. But for the people living in rural India, this is a harsh reality. Throughout the film, it carries a humorous tone to it but the hidden message of how a woman is made to adjust in almost every situation regardless of which part of India she belongs to, be it rural or urban is very visible.

Being a woman you are always expected to understand and make space. Nobody ever teaches you to take space. In fact, if you do you are told to mind your business. Khatoon Ki Khidmat also carries a similar message but adds humour to soften this blow. The short film is a satire on the way rural India functions. It’s a perfect example of what happens when orthodox beliefs meet modernity. But sadly caught between the two are women.

The acting done by the actors in Khatoon Ki Khidmat is not bad but a little more work on the expressions especially on the part of the one who performed the role of the wife will add more charm to the overall scene. The comedic foil played by the male lead’s best friend in Khatoon Ki Khidmat is very well done. From dialogue delivery to expressions everything carried a hint of the comedic act put forth by Rajpal Yadav in popular Bollywood films.  


Khatoon Ki Khidmat overall is a good comedic piece that has all the elements of comedy. Though the duration might put off a few people, the plot is bound to keep you hooked on your seats. This short film is a must-watch for those who are looking for humour in the rural landscape that captures the reality of people, especially women. It’s hard to make such comedies in rural India but the makers of this short film managed to do just that in a good way. 

Caption: YouTube (LargeShortFilms)
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Short Films

“Noise – The Rickshawala”: A Short Film

Noise – The Rickshawala: A Tale of The Ripple Effect of Anger And An Insightful Commentary On The Human Condition'



Noise-The Rickshawala, Rickshawala, Anger, Short Film, Munna, Effects

“Noise – The Rickshawala” is directed by Sandhya Ram Mahindra. The short film is a thought-provoking tale of anger’s ripple effect on everyday life. This award-winning Hindi short, featuring Munna Lohar, Stuti Agarwal, Dinesh Sahdeo, R K Chhadd, and Anu Radha Pandit, has earned accolades like Best Indian Short Film at the Ooty International Short Film Festival 2021 and Best Director (Special Mention) at the Emerald Peacock Film Festival.

The heart of this film is the rickshaw puller, Munna and Stuti, a young girl whose lives are unexpectedly altered by an unrelated couple’s argument. The film’s unique approach subtly delves into how a single instance of anger can set off a chain of events impacting those involved directly and indirectly. It is a classic example of the butterfly effect, which at its core is: A butterfly fluttering its wings 1000 miles away can end up causing a hurricane in a place it will never see in its lifetime. 

Munna Lohar’s portrayal of the hardworking rickshaw puller, caught in the middle of a couple’s dispute, is a standout. His character, a symbol of the resilience and dignity of society’s unsung heroes, brings to the forefront the daily battles of individuals often overlooked. Stuti Agarwal, as the young girl Stuti, beautifully captures the innocence and vulnerability of children exposed to adult conflicts. Her character’s journey underscores the unintended consequences of anger, disrupting the delicate world of a child.

The portrayal of the hardworking rickshaw puller Munna , caught in the crossfire of the couple’s dispute is a standout. His character brings to the forefront the daily lives of individuals often overlooked. The interconnectedness of human lives captured in this short film is truly commendable. The cinematography, with its stark yet beautiful visuals, reflects the harsh realities and fleeting moments of hope in the characters’ lives, drawing the audience into the film’s world and enhancing their viewing experience.

“Noise – The Rickshawala” mirrors societal anger management issues and its far-reaching consequences. The short film is a powerful reminder of the need for empathy, understanding and emotional control, a message that will resonate with the audience and provoke thoughtful reflection.

“Noise – The Rickshawala” is a must-watch for its compelling storytelling, strong performances and insightful commentary on the human condition. It illustrates how interconnected our lives are and how actions fueled by anger can have damaging ripple effects.

Watch the short film here:

Credits:YouTube( Six Sigma Films)
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Short Films

“In Defense Of Freedom”: Short-Film by Nandita Das

Before ‘Manto’, witness the journey ‘In Defense Of Freedom’ – a short film unravelling the untold tales preceding the cinematic masterpiece!'



In Defense Of Freedom, Short Film, Prequel, Manto, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Nandita Das

“In Defense Of Freedom” is a 6-minute short film directed by Nandita Das that is a thoughtful prequel to the well-known feature film “Manto” starring Nawazuddin Siddiqui. The film follows the journey of Manto, a renowned writer, as he navigates the complexities of a society that often rejects his work. In this prequel short film , Nawazuddin Siddiqui embodies the very essence of Manto with unparalleled conviction, adding another laurel to his cabinet of exemplary performances and portrayals. 

At its heart, “In Defense Of Freedom” is a commentary and exploration of societal dynamics, shedding light on the tendency of societies to conceal their flaws and contradictions by vilifying the people who dare to hold a mirror to them. The film rightfully explores the notion that it is not the art that is repulsive, it is merely a reflection of the society, the society that recoils in hostility when confronted with its own ugliness. The film’s social commentary is a powerful reminder of the importance of artistic expression in challenging societal norms and fostering meaningful discourse.

Through her direction, Nandita Das has made the film a thought-provoking commentary on the delicate interplay of art, criticism and societal norms. She calls viewers to introspect, urging them to engage in a dialogue with themselves about their place in this intricate fabric of society.

As the viewers are drawn closer into the world of Manto, they are forced to confront uncomfortable truths about society and their collaboration within it. Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s portrayal of Manto serves as a medium for this introspection in this short film.

In addition, “In Defense Of Freedom” is a testament to the power of storytelling as a tool for social commentary. Through Manto’s narrative, the short film goes beyond the confines of mere entertainment; it is an essential reminder of the importance of artistic expression in challenging societal norms and fostering meaningful discourse.

Every frame of this film is designed to allow the viewers to live in Manto’s world and see his perspectives, struggles and triumphs firsthand.

‘In Defense Of Freedom” may be short in terms of duration, but its impact is anything but short and fleeting. The film’s unique blend of compelling storytelling, powerful performances, and thought-provoking social commentary leaves a lasting impression. Its simple and clear-cut message stays in our minds long after Manto (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) walks away from the scene, leaving us with a lot to think about and a renewed appreciation for the power of storytelling. As a prequel to “Manto”, it sets the stage for the cinematic masterpiece, at the same time holding its own ground as a compelling work of art.

To Watch The Short Film Click On The Link Here

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Short Film, Mumbai, Police, Mumbai Police, Wild Buffaloes Entertainment, Karta Tu Dharta Tu
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Karta Tu Dharta Tu: A Heartfelt Ode to Mumbai Police

Harsh Beniwal, Rapid Fire
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Exclusive Rapid Fire With The Master of Vines: Harsh Beniwal

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Sejal Kumar : From being an SRCC Graduate to a successful YouTuber