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Celebrating “Bindu” Nanubhai Desai- The Glam Queen of the 70s

We bring you the life story of the iconic yesteryear actress “Bindu” of the 70s who carved out her own identity in the 70s!




On the 17th of January, 1951, Bindu Nanubhai Desai was born to film producer Nanubhai Desai and Jyotsna. Over her four decades of work, she has worked in more than 160 films and received seven Filmfare nominations.

She was born in a small village in Valsad district, Gujrat. When she was barely thirteen years old, her father passed away. Thereafter, young Bindu had to take responsibility as she was the eldest of the 7 siblings.

Her acting career started in 1962 with “Anpadh” wherein she starred as Kiran. But her rise to fame began in 1969 with her roles in “Ittefaq” and “Do Raaste”. Not only were these films box-office hits, but Bindu also received her first Filmfare nominations for her performance! The cabaret dance number from Kati Patang (1970) became an important part of her persona.

Credits – YouTube (Rajshri)

Bindu received another Filmfare nomination in 1972 for Daastan. In 1973 for Abhimaan and in 74’ for the exceptional commercially successful films, Hawas and Imtihan. In fact, these 1974 nymphomaniac performances helped her carve out a specific role for herself in the industry. She became the Glam Queen of the 70s.

Her versatility in acting is prominent with sympathetic roles, cabaret dance numbers, antagonist roles. But the most popular is probably “Mona Darling” from the film Zanjeer. In 1976, she received her seventh Filmfare nomination for her character in Arjun Pandit.

Between 1977-1980, Bindu struggled a lot with her own personal life. Her excitement to become a mother and start a family with her husband, Champaklal Zaveri, was halted by a miscarriage. It broke them as it would do to anyone else. However, she did return and now was the unmerciful and cynical aunt or mother or mother-in-law.

Bindu was the definition of glam of the 70s!


Throwback Thursday: Remembering the Teen Superstar- Divya Bharti

Let us all hark back to the short but powerful reign of the ‘Saat-samundar girl’ on her 47th birth anniversary.



Divya Bharti

Known for her powerful performance on-screen and her beauty that reflected through her scintillating eyes, Divya Bharti Remains an icon even today as one of the most known faces of the Bollywood industry. Despite being an outsider in the industry her immense talent gave her a stupefying rise in the Indian filmdom.

One of the most popular personalities of the industry, Divya started getting offers since she was only 14. She started her acting career in the year 1990, at the age of 16 when she was casted in the movie ‘Bobbili Raja’ opposite Venkatesh. The movie is considered one of the hits of the 90s of the Tollywood. The late actress then was starred opposite big names like Chiranjeevi and Mohanbabu. Her Tollywood career also includes hits like Rowdy Alludu and Assembly Rowdy.

Divya stepped her foot in the Bollywood scene with her debut film ‘Vishwatma’ in the year 1992 at the age of just 16. She also bagged a filmfare award for the best debut actress for the movie. In a span of little over a year, she acted in an over dozen films which is an unbroken record hitherto. In her short but powerful acting career, she appeared in films like Shola aur Shabnam, Dil Aashna Hai, Vishwatma and Deewana.

The teen actress who was at the peak of her career lost her life due to head injuries; She fell from fifth floor balcony of her apartment in Mumbai. A star gone too soon but she left us with so many of her immaculate works. ‘Kshatriya’ was her last film which she witnessed releasing- she passed away a week after the release. Projects like ‘Rang’ and ‘Shatranj’ were released after her unfortunate demise.

Divya was truly the epitome of bold and beautiful talent on screen; her bright-eyed and bushy-tailed nature gained her a lot of fans. Her demise was an absolute shock to the fans of the Indian cinema and the actress herself.

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Santosh Anand: The Legendary Lyricist Of Yesteryears

Truly, one of the greatest lyricists of all times, we celebrate Santosh Anand through one of his most amazing songs.



Santosh Anand

“ज़िंदगी और कुछ भी नहीं, तेरी मेरी कहानी है |”

These words from the legendary song “Ek Pyar Ka Nagma Hai” underline the essence of love and life. But the irony of life is that Santosh Anand, the person who brought these beautiful words to life, is the one who is presently living life with just prized memories.

Santosh Anand, the legendary lyricist, was born in Bulandshahr, UP on 5th March 1939. He began his career under Kalyanji-Anandji in the film Purab Aur Paschim (1970). Throughout his career, he penned 109 songs for 26 films. Some of his superhits are “Aur Nahin Bas Aur Nahin” and “Main Na Bhoolunga” in the film Roti Kapada Aur Makaan; “Tera Saath Hai To” and “Megha Re Megha Re” in the film Pyaasa Sawan, “Mohabbat Hai Kya Cheez” and “Yeh Galiyan Yeh Chaubara”in the film Prem Rog. He won the Filmfare Awards for Best Lyricist in 1974 for “Main Na Bhoolunga” and 1983 for “Muhabbat Hai Kya Cheez”.

Truly, one of the greatest lyricists of all times, we celebrate him through one his most amazing song.

Credits: YouTube (Harsha BK)
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Aatmvishwas: A Musical Collaboration Between Amit Bhadana And Badshah

Mainstream Rapper Badshah and YouTuber Amit Badhana have put out the latter’s second music video and it’s huge!



Amit Bhadana

Known for his unique vine creation and being the first Indian Solo Youtuber to reach 20 Million Subscribers, Amit Bhadana has released his second Music Video in collaboration with the rapper, songwriter and producer Badshah. It hasn’t been long since Bhadana was gifted with the diamond YouTube button. His rise to fame was really organic as he started from the very bottom.

With fame come loads of love, appreciation and of course, some hate as well. Amit seems to be addressing the said ‘hate’ in this video and also expresses gratitude towards his family and fans for their support. The visualization of the music video is a clear indication of him narrating that he has indeed, worked hard to reach here where he is today; He is seen pulling a human sized rock with a thick rope representing his hard work.

The lyrics, written by Badshah mention several names – the ones Amit is thankful to for their constant support and encouragement in his journey. The 6 minute long music video features visuals of Amit’s life and how closely he appreciates some people of his life.

The child shown in the video seems to be the child counterpart of Amit and also represents dedication. Present Day Amit who was seen pulling the rock meets the child and he helps him reach his destination; The child then also draws a Diamond YouTube button – signaling Amit achieving 20 Million subscribers with his sheer dedication and talent.

The visuals of the video have many hidden messages and can be interpreted in many other ways. However, one thing that remains true is the message that dedication can make you reach heights.

Check out the chills evoking video here.

Credits: YouTube (Amit Bhadana)

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Retelling The World’s Tale: A Portrait of Gulam Mohammed Sheikh

Meet Gulam Mohammed Sheikh, the legendary artist who has been telling stories about your world since the 60’s.



Gulam Sheikh

A celebrated painter, poet and art critic, Gulam Mohammed Sheikh, born in Surendranagar, Gujarat, has been an influential figure in the Indian contemporary art landscape for over 6 decades. As Chaitanya Sambrani proposes, Sheikh’s art style flows into a narrative sphere, taking on the responsibility of charting the world around him in a manner which lets the subject address that same world as their own. Sheikh’s projects, in essence, take, upon themselves, the idea that art is a medium for the masses to navigate what is around them. For him, art explains and makes sense of the world we live in.

With numerous teaching positions under his belt, including teaching art history in the Faculty of Fine Arts, Baroda, Sheikh has been consistently recognized internationally for his work and art style, being invited as a Visiting Artist at the Art Institute of Chicago, amongst others. For a figure who is so steeped in established education, it is interesting how Sheikh’s career actually began. In 1963, Sheikh, along with 11 emergent artists, began Group 1890, a collective of artists that meant to be the antithesis to, what they saw as, the banal art of the previous generation.  The members of Group 1890 embraced the values of modernism that hinted at the idea of change. The collective held a single exhibition in October of 1963 at the Lalit Kala Akademi, Rabindra Bhavan in New Delhi, India. To this day, that singular exhibition is the only existing record of the group’s exhibition history. 

Image result for group 1890
Credits: Google Images (Group 1890)

Sheikh’s work can be seen as a direct parallel to what Group 1890 intended to be, a medium for artistic storytelling, drawing from the country’s own rich cultural heritage and imbibing an ethos of modernity that runs intertwined with a socio-political intent. Indeed, a famous piece of his, titled ‘Speechless City’, is an artistic political commentary on the Emergency of 1975. The painting, made in the immediate wake of the Emergency, explores the consequences that may become a reality if a government is allowed to rid itself of its critics.

Image result for speechless city
Credits: Google Images (‘Speechless City’ by Gulam Mohammed Sheikh)

Awarded the Padmashri in 1983 and Padmabhushan in 2014 for his contributions in the field of art, Sheikh’s life and work can be categorically summarized by the idea of attempting to explain the ubiquitous experience of what it means to be human. There is a sense of magical realism to his work that grounds itself in the cultural and mythological heritage of India. Through all his work, spanning decades, Sheikh has managed to build a miniature world, one that contains his personal memories and the larger circumstances of the cosmos.

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This Valentine’s Day ‘Love Is In The Air’, But Don’t Forget Your Masks!

We wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day and bring to you a few inspiring artists, spreading love and joy on this holiday!



Valentine's Day

Over the years Valentine’s Day has been celebrated as a ritual, a religious day and a commercial holiday. But the truth is, you can celebrate it however you want! Today is all about celebrating love. Whether that is for your partner, friends, families or someone you admire, it is all about appreciating people.

Usually, on the 14th of February, people would be out at family gatherings or parties, dinner dates and movies, etc. This time Valentine’s Day is going to be a little different considering the ongoing pandemic. But don’t you worry, the pandemic doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy this day to the fullest. Virtual dates are the way to go! But if you do go out and meet people – don’t forget your masks and sanitisers.

Now, some love Valentine’s day and some love to hate it. Some people like elaborate gestures while some don’t care about it. Either way, you can celebrate the day (or not) in whatever way you please, for there are no rules.

The Artists!

And on that note, we bring you a few artists you can this Valentine’s day and appreciate their hard work as they spread love in the world.

Firstly we have Ashwani Machal covering Chand Se Parda Kijiye from the ’94 movie, ‘Aao Pyaar Karen’. His rendition of the song will put you in a trance! His voice blends with the music with perfection. And the videography just adds to it.

Credits: YouTube (Ashwani Machal)

Next, we have Drabin Chatterjee’s classical dance performance on the Bengali song, ‘Radha Tumi Sobetei Acho’. The melodic tune will pull on your heartstrings, and his choreography will hit you with a thousand emotions, all at once! His expressions are simply magical. You will have to click below and experience it for yourself because words aren’t enough to describe how spell-binding his Valentine’s Day dance cover is.

Credits: YouTube (Drabin Dance Official)

And lastly, on the 6th of February, 2021, Tape A Tale uploaded a video titled, ‘Love Story Ka Side Kick – Vanika Sangtani’. In this 7-minute-long video, Vanika takes us through a story spread out over the years. For a new perspective on love, this Valentine’s day, you can watch her talk about the time when a third person arrived in her love story. ‘The ending is unexpected’, will be my only hint for you! Watch the full video to uncover who was the side-kick in her tale of love and who was the hero!

Credits: YouTube (Tape A Tell)
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