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Draupadi: An Awakening and Enthralling Monologue

A theatrical performance to capture the essence and tragedy of Draupadi’s life in light of a new beginning and repentance.




A quest for identity. Women all around the world are contained by multiple barriers and entanglements, trying to acquire their lost identity midst the forced layers, they are supposed to put up. Cracking of shells and emergence of voice with so much gravity. A solo performance of Draupadi’s Monologue leaves you baffled and dazzled. 

In Pratibha Ray’s Draupadi theatrical Monologue, Draupadi addresses Krishana and questions the humiliation and cruel injustice she had to bear. Imposing the question of being insulted and disparaged for the entire world to see. A complete contrast to esteemed Dharma clashed with the war of self-respect and Draupadi’s as a puppet in the bigger play. Diving into the in-depth identity of Draupadi is clouded by uncertain dilemmas. 

The portrayal of Draupadi is startling and shivering as she talks about the aftermath of the Kurukshetra war, her voice cold almost piercing as she narrates. The contrasting dilemma of Karma and Dharma engulfed everything leaving a deafening void. Regret, Mourning and Mortification are the only emotions drawing everyone. A voice full of rage, she imposes how everything is taken away from her as well from everyone with absolutely no benefit. Draupadi looks for victory, revenge for her humiliation but she ends up in a towering fury of mother’s loss of a son, a void impossible to fill again. The actor playing Draupadi portrays such intense intimate emotions of immense regret and the severity of revenge brings nothing but harm. Blood is vengeful and can satisfy no human, the delivery of lines is immaculate. 

Draupadi grieving for his lost son, Abhimanyu and in this process questioning the authority and consequences leading to untimely death is staggering, touching upon the lack of humanity and its foundation. The depiction of Bheem rubbing Dushasan blood as signifying revenge, the emotions of trauma and fear of more loss are portrayed in a petrified way by the actor almost unsettling. Draupadi’s monologue of what sin can Abhimanu’s death compensate for? Is awakening, the gravity of words and acting it out is wonderfully done, successfully making the audience entirely enthralled. 

The identity of a woman and her motherhood is shown with an intertwining of delicate sentiments through Draupadi’s voice. As a woman, often voices are unheard but when a woman musters the courage to speak, her voice echoes. Draupadi’s stance of asking Krishna, for one last time is laced with so much pain and remorse but with a discerning set of blessings for the entire world. The panning of the camera focusing in and out provides great emphasis as well to show elaborate facial expressions. 

The Looming red light and the spotlight on the actor create a dawning image, almost like a revelation. The words of Draupadi we always come across but this time a vision so authentic bearing emotions, makes you want to rethink the history. 

Credits: YouTube (Yatri Theatre)


Made for the Screens: Interview with Director Actor Manahar Kumar

An interview with actor-director, student Emmys winner, Manahar Kumar, and his journey with acting, writing and more



Manahar Kumar

It would still be an underestimation to say that Manahar Kumar doesn’t inhale films to their deepest cores to understand the beauty and creation of this art. While interviewing the exuberant writer, director, and actor, with innumerable accolades to his name, Manahar’s way of describing filmmaking struck us in awe. He has not only worked hard to create for himself the stage he is standing on today, but has unravelled the artistry of film and direction to new avenues. 

We offer you to ride this boat of the actor and co-founder of the production house, ‘UnTied Laces’, and Students Emmys Award Winner, Manahar Kumar’s inspirational and beautiful journey of films.   

Early Life

The professional English theatre in Chandigarh had its influences on a growing Manahar. Currently, he is pursuing his undergraduate degree from Manipal, South India. The pieces and parts of India built him, his senses, and his creative imagination, which he so fluently incorporates in his movies. Through the years, being a part of classics like The Mousetrap, Mother’s Day, The Night of January 16 and 12 Angry Jurors (Men), he got glimpses of the performing arts. As he says, films became an elixir for him. Films enriched him during his high school days when science studies exhausted him. 

Belonging from a family of teachers and educators, Manahar, too, was expected to follow the same line. However, just after 2 and a half weeks in engineering, Manahar took the decision to drop out. It definitely wasn’t in tune with his passions and desires. The question of pursuing a career in films and acting dismantled his family and friends a little. However, his family felt the burning flames in Manahar’s eyes for the path he wanted to pursue. Since then, they’ve had his back throughout. 

Filming and acting brought wings to his dreams, something to cherish and desire for. Through experiences in college, in street plays, the stage and shorts, Manahar devoted no less than 10,000 hours to the craft. While in the US, he invested time in observation, reading, and writing, creating scripts and acting in films.

It was not surprising that, with the ultimate belongingness that Manahar Kumar felt with films, he co-founded UnTied Laces, a production house, presenting works of a plethora of genres and crafts. 

The Origin of Student Emmys Award Winning: Kya Dekh Raha hai? (What are you looking at?)

Manahar’s short documentary, ‘Kya Dekh Raha Hai? (What are you looking at?) fetched him a Student EMMYs Award and 9 International film festival selections. The origin of this documentary is honest, and a result of Manahar’s creativities and curiosity. 

What birthed this short documentary was the Winter of 2017, in the chilly city of Chandigarh, India. While parked in a crowded marketplace, Manahar could hear the cackling of empty alcohol bottles. Curious, he saw a group of poverty-stricken kids with huge white sacks, speaking to an old man in a car. It caught his attention, and questions arose: are they selling drugs? Are they forcefully a part of an underground gang? A couple of weeks later, in the same area, the same thing happened. Manahar drove back home and brought his DSLR and lava mic and started filming the kids. He asked questions from the kids and the truths which came out astonished him. He edited the film in 48 hours, but didn’t release it publicly yet. 

Fast forward a few months, he chose Savannah College of Art and Design for his Master of Fine Arts over his life-long dream of Stella Adler School of Acting in New York (which he got selected in. too).

Winter of 2018, in Atlanta, Georgia, he requested Prof. Quinlan O’rear to see the documentary. The professor liked it and said, “This is powerful stuff, Manahar. Are you happy with the edit?”. Manahar made the necessary changes, and got a submission request from his Professor for the Student Emmys Award. May 2018, the news visits him that Kya Dekh Raha Hai? is nominated! And no wonder, the award went to Manahar Kumar! 

Credits: Vimeo Manahar Kumar

Achievements and Beyond

During his time at SCAD, he also acted in pilots, thesis films, for SCAD and Columbia University, New York. In 2019, he created a successful crowdfunding campaign for his thesis film — Stardust. He was 1 of 10 finalists selected for the Film Impact Georgia Grant. His latest short documentary, ‘Badlaav Republic’ (Change Republic), currently in the festival circuit, won the “Best International Film” award at the Oregon Documentary Film Festival and “Best Documentary Award” at the Georgia Documentary Film Festival.

As a graduate student at SCAD, he also won the “Most likely to be a renowned actor” Ambassador’s Choice Award and was the lead in SCAD Atlanta’s Pilot Production – What Remains of Emily for which he won the, “Best Actor Award”. Speaking of What Remains of Emily, as Manahar Kumar says, the hours dedicated to writing, reading and observing, moulded in him a meditative cinematic transference, which led to this movie. 

Credits: Vimeo Manahar Kumar

Message for Aspiring Actors and Filmmakers

Manahar mentions this very beautiful, yet often ignored aspect of our lives, that the storytelling gene is ingrained in all of us, be it doctors or actors, and has been in us since from when we began cave painting. Sometimes, something as simple as a walk with nature can also be enlightening. 

Somewhere between acting in high school and balancing studies, he found the value of acting in his life. “It became synonymous with breathing”, Manahar says. Experiences, successes and failures make us grow as a person. During his masters, he let go of the film-goer hat and replaced it with the filmmaker hat. Courageously, Manahar decided to pursue his love for cinema on the front foot, simultaneously with acting on the back foot. He accomplished all, in his words, “with aggressive execution yet a calm gaze”.

Manahar realised the value of deep rest; and now perceived career as a marathon and not a sprint. He sincerely hopes that he’d be able to mentor filmmakers and artists of the coming generations. 

As a message to the aspiring artists, Manahar Kumar asks them, that irrespective of the talent being innate or acquired through hard work, your voice and intention must be clear and distinct, find the stories you would want to put in the vessel, and how deep you’re willing to go.

Further he adds, “Be dispassionate. Invest in deep rest. Allow your consciousness to run wild and solve puzzles surpassing time and memories. If Newton or Archimedes won’t have taken breaks, we won’t be studying their equations. No matter what demons you might’ve faced in the past or your aspirations for the future, the true gift of life lies in the present. As human beings, we have a habit of seeking patterns, be it in nature, people or habits, yet what is still hard for us to fathom is the subtle yet courageous act of letting go. With childish curiosity, we can delve deeper and restfully walk towards our vision and with relentless optimism when we truly begin to play and not ‘work’, you’re consciously here and now, that is when miracles flow. Just…keep breathing. Life is always on your side. You got this.” 

You can view all his work and projects here.

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Showing a Different Mirror of Art: Singer and Actor Sudheer Rikhari

Actor and Singer Sudheer Rikhari presents a new perspective of the seamless sphere of art through his passion and truthfulness for his work.



Sudheer Rikhari

Sudheer Rikhari is a singer and an actor. Brought up in Uttarakhand, Sudheer was surrounded by singing, music, speeches, and art throughout his school life. “I always wanted to sing”, Sudheer said during the interview. Even though the school’s culture naturally inclined him towards art, his small town couldn’t give him the exposure that he needed. Moving to Delhi, for his graduation and MA was just the beginning of his dreams. As he said, “Theatre was in my destiny and I happened to walk on that path.” 

The Beginning 

Sudheer’s college provided him the platform for theatre and acting. He narrated one of his memories from college theatre. He initially stepped into theatres as a singer. During one of his rehearsals, the director scolded the group for not performing with full enthusiasm, and asked the senior actors to play the roles in the correct way for the new ones to watch and learn. He asked the new ones to sit. Sudheer was amongst the new ones, and he headed to sit amongst them. The director however called out Sudheer and asked him to remain wherever he was since he was performing his part perfectly. The appreciation in such a small act meant a lot to him.

Since then, art has been an unlimited means of expression for him. Sudheer did not face any major opposition from his family. His male privilege was also one factor. He said that this privilege protected him from questions of ‘whys’ and ‘hows’, and that’s how he continued on the journey.

The Journey

Sudheer’s perspective towards art is very beautiful and distinct. It is through these lenses and steps that he has been continuing his journey. Sudheer’s enthusiasm for art is fuelled by his thirst for exploring his inner self. He is on the quest of getting the answers to all his questions and art happens to be the easiest medium through which he travels inside. On unmotivated days, he is reminded of the significance of art as a tool for personal growth. The socio-political scenarios of the world bring unrest in our daily and personal lives. For Sudheer, art becomes a weighty tool through which we can make himself truthful and righteous in this era of malice and hopelessness. 

He isn’t just inspired by Actors, but also the characters. Sometimes the actor gels so invariably with the character that it becomes a moment of the truest art. Therefore, while acting as well, Sudheer captures the essence of the character through its breadth. According to him, playing a character isn’t a mask that he wears, but is an act of exploring himself during the moments of acting. He searches for the truth and incorporates it in his acting, to bring the character in its rawest form.  

Sudheer has worked in many plays. One of his most memorable plays has been ‘Waiting for Godot’. The play was performed almost 15 years back, but to this day the characters and the dialogues still have an impact on him. The play ‘Kabir Khadha Bazaar Me’ also taught him a lot. Kabir, a revolutionary, brought truths to life and called out on vile acts, but with no hatred. This affected Sudheer deeply and so performing in the play became a life-changing experience for him. The intensity of these art forces is truly mesmerizing!

Message for Aspiring Artists

According to Sudheer, an artists’ life cannot be a struggle since they wake up every day to work on what they love the most. As an artist, Sudheer’s enjoyment and dedication for his work is his topmost priority, against which he doesn’t focus on anything. Although he did a few theatre related jobs but the jobs’ obligatory nature didn’t suit him.

So, for aspiring artists, Sudheer has two messages. The first one is to be truthful to one’s passion. Talent, skill, technique, all of it is secondary. In Sudheer’s words, “Talent gives us the platform but the dedication and courage to jump on that platform is in our hands”. Therefore, one should persistently, without dishonesty should work for their passion. The number of the audience should not affect us. Sudheer further says that art cannot be equated to a career. An artist is never free of work. There can never be enough stories, music, poetries, paintings. An artist is always in the pursuit of producing more with their minds brimmed with new ideas and thoughts. Therefore, all aspiring artists should be aware of this aim at all times.

Secondly, passion for art should always be on the foundation of truthfulness. Money and fame is only a byproduct of art. The heart should always be on the work. Like a river which creates its own course through its raw natural energy, with no mapping, similarly, if one is truthful to their work, they’ll find the right path too.

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A Masterclass of Theatre from the Alleyways of NSD: Kuldeep Singh

Actor and teacher at National School of Drama, Kuldeep Singh continues his theatre journey and learning more



Kuldeep Singh

Augusto Boal had rightly said, “We must all do theatre, to find out who we are, and to discover who we could become.” It is not just the craft that theatre teaches, but also some important life lessons. This was one of the key takeaways in our candid conversation with Kuldeep Singh, an actor and teacher at the National School of Drama.

Early Years

Born and raised on the road, Kuldeep Singh shares his life stories very candidly. Though he was born in Kanpur, with his father in the Indian Air Force, they were constantly moving all around the country. This gave him invaluable experience of living and meeting different people from all over India. Travelling has its upsides, but he felt that he lost friends along the road. Talking about his schooling, he recalls being in Kendriya Vidyalaya and having the best time of his life. He felt supported and comfortable in that environment. 

At a very early age, he was interested in music. He keenly recalls Pankaj Udas and his songs. When he started his academic career, Kuldeep Singh realized that he needed some creative relief. He realized that performing is his calling while playing the role of a soldier in a school play, “Murshidabad ka Nawab”. He got promoted to the front role due to his punctuality and his memorisation skills. Starting acting in the fifth grade, he understood his love for acting after winning a bhangra dance competition. After successfully putting up a play “Nasha” within 10 days, he continuously did plays in school and kept winning awards for them.

Passion for Theatre

When asked about his inspiration for pursuing acting as a career, Singh credits himself for pursuing his passion. He enjoyed and understood his passion in his school years and stuck to it. Having a grad degree in arts, he took a strong decision to do a master’s in theatre from Punjab University.

His key motivation is the reactions to his performances, from their smiles to the bliss in their eyes. It has also given him a different perspective in life and the ability to tackle all situations. Sharing an anecdote of this problem-solving behaviour, he remembers making an angry shopkeeper laugh after bargaining by promising to buy his stock no matter what.

He believes that every project begins with a struggle since he tries new experiences every time. He stresses that one should only make decisions that one can carry through life. What drives him forward is the experiencing of new thoughts. He realized that his passion lies in helping others move forward. Through his work at the National School of Drama, he could help others in finding their path.

He strongly believes in standing for what is correct no matter what. The purpose of his workshops is for the person to understand his potential in life. He quotes Albert Einstein, “If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales”.

Words of wisdom for the Aspiring Actors!

Singh’s message to aspiring actors is to not look for shortcuts in life. He pushes them to understand the basic foundations of acting, instead of just relying on their looks and spending their parents’ hard-earned money. The audience has changed their mindset and taste through the years. He believes this has increased all sorts of opportunities for aspiring artists.

When asked about his projects he feels that he has fallen in love with every project that he has done and enjoyed his time with his team. The plays that he has done like “Aazar Ka Khwab” and “Kitabon Me Hulchul” have been invited abroad and appreciated amongst the audiences alike. He is working on biographies these days on personalities like Alexander Graham Bell, Munshi Prem Chand, Shakespeare and others.

He believes that one can achieve anything one wants to. The only thing needed is that one stays a student for life. Based on this principle, he feels that he is still learning along the road. The words of his teacher that, you should not believe you know everything about everything, has helped him in keeping his spirit for learning. He stresses the fact that every person should have an artistic release. Hence, he strongly believes that theatre should be a must in schools for artistic release.

Along with helping him pursue his passion, the theatre has helped Singh in developing a different outlook on life and people. He believes that the world will be more beautiful if everyone becomes artistic. Let’s hope that his dream becomes a reality.

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Wishing Upon Shampoo Bottles And Mirrors: Tanya Singh

The incredibly talented Tanya Singh takes us through her journey in acting, the idea of being relatable and acting in bathrooms.



Tanya Singh

There is a lot to her body of work that is punctuated by her own approach to life. From choosing scripts, that have a lot more than meets the eye, to delivering wonderfully nuanced performances, Tanya Singh has, in every project she has worked on, left an indelible mark. An incredibly gifted actor, she has the ability to not only seamlessly flow into the mind of the character that she is playing, but also the exceptional gift for making the audience feel every whispered word that her character utters. Through our conversation, it becomes apparent that this, truly, is what she is meant to do.

Raised amid the warm summers of Kanpur, Singh has a very emotional bond with the city she spent her earliest years in. The manner in which she describes her childhood, surrounded by her closest friends and family, paints the picture of an individual who not only cherishes the thought of home but also holds a certain reverence for it. As a matter of fact, she recalls how, as a child, they would, often, take road trips to her maternal grandmother’s house. Incidentally, the 1973 film, ‘Garm Hava’, was shot in Singh’s grandmother’s residence.

As a child, Singh always felt drawn to theatrics, hilariously recalling how she would spend time lost in her own imagination, doing hair flips in front of a mirror. Coming from a family that placed an emphasis on education, Singh’s father, a doctor, always encouraged her to take her education seriously. And, while she did clear her entrance exams, there was always this other side of her that was drawn to the world of dramatics. What bolstered her fascination with this world was the fact that her maternal side of the family also had this same passion for the art of acting.

Credits: YouTube Hasley India

Initially stepping into the industry through modelling, Singh touches on how she actually got into acting. In point of fact, she recalls her first audition. Back in 2016, a friend of hers, former creative director at TVF, contacted her about a role on the eve of an audition. The part, in question, was for a mini web-series. Landing the role, Singh was, at the outset, a little hesitant about her own inexperience with acting. As she, herself, states, ‘Up until then, I had just been acting in bathrooms’. Her hesitation was unfounded, however, as she received the guidance she needed from the creative team for the web-series. Looking back, she counts that whole experience as the single bravest step she has taken in her journey. Fraught with her own uncertainty and a general sense of apprehensiveness about whether she was up to the task, Singh, in fact, persevered and sailed through it, and, quite wonderfully so.

If you look at some of the work she has done, you see an artist who has a distinct sense of what movies and shows should be able to touch upon. Commenting on her short film, ‘Chhodh Pakad’, Singh explores how films that depict tiny slices of life have a very special place. Scripts that allow for someone to relate to what is actually on screen evoke a certain sense of emotional attachment from the audience. And, as she says, roles such as these are something that she gravitates towards. 

Credit: YouTube (Natak Pictures)

Speaking of roles and performances, when asked about what her perfect role would be like, Singh remarks on wanting to play a strong female character, someone who has an untethered sense of identity and is, possibly, engaged in her own political power play. This doesn’t come as a surprise. Singh, having grown up around strong, independent women, has always had an idea of what it truly means to be someone you look up to. You only need to hear the way she lovingly describes her mother and grandmother to understand this.

Exploring the changing nature of the industry and the way content is being consumed, Singh dives into how there will always be a balance between the bigger budget feature films and the smaller independent films. Even back in the day, there was the space for more independent films to succeed. The successes of movies such as ‘Bheja Fry’ and ‘Khosla Ka Ghosla’ provided such a strong foundational base for how the subject matter of films is being chosen today. Today, content, really, is king. Now, as she goes on to explain, the idea of being able to relate and the untethered manner in which content is being distributed through multiple platforms provides such a massive scope for all genres of films and shows to flourish and reach their intended audiences.

Singh has had a remarkable beginning to her career. Indeed, as she talks about her first short film, ‘Unarranged’, she recalls the massively positive reaction that it garnered. ‘Unarranged’ came at a time when the idea of social networking and the impact of online circulation for content was beginning to gain traction. In just a week of it’s release, ‘Unarranged’ had racked up over eight lakh views. That whole experience made her realise that this was something that she had a legitimate shot at. If she went on to prove herself a little more, things would fall in place. And, that is exactly what happened.

Credit: YouTube (Natak Pictures)

Even so, Singh asserts that she had never envisioned that she would be taking up acting as a profession. She imagined her life would be completely different, with her taking up a more conventional job and pursuing a career that she studied for. What is actually pretty wild is the fact that she was actually meant to take up a position at a company she had been hired by, just days before her first audition. She chose to carve out her own path and that has made all the difference.

“That was the decision I had to make, do I want to step into acting or do I lead a normal corporate life.”

Tanya Singh

Commenting on how accessible everything is these days, Singh states that it has become a lot easier for someone to chase something they are passionate about. With the availability of so many platforms, it is crucial to start exploring and putting your work out there so that others can see it.  The one caveat that she stresses on, however, is the need to finish your education. That, she says, takes a backseat for some when they set out to pursue something that they are passionate about. That may prove detrimental in the long run. Coming from a background that has stressed the importance of education in her life, Singh is grateful and counts herself fortunate that she chose to finish her education before she set out on her journey to pursue acting. And, from the looks of it, Tanya Singh’s journey ahead is shaping up to be a beautiful one.

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Flashing Lights and Cameras: A Conversation With Dinesh Mohan

An actor and a model, Dinesh Mohan talks about his journey so far and the philosophy with which he has circumvented his challenges.



Dinesh Mohan

With a mellow lilt in his voice and a certain ease, that can only come with being self-assured, Dinesh Mohan speaks candidly about himself. There is a sort of simplicity in the way he describes his experiences and opinions. Perhaps, it is a simplicity born out of the approach he takes in his life or maybe it is just a desire to be straightforward. Whatever the case may be, it is refreshing to hear him walk you through the circumstances and the experiences he has had so far.

Spending his childhood in the unrelenting summers of Rohtak, Mohan grew up in a conventional Indian family, whiling away the time painting, reading and taking trips with his parents. It is interesting to see how he took his first step in the modelling industry. At a certain point, he decided to engage with his life in a manner that was more wholesome and beneficial to his own well-being. What followed was a major transformation, one that was, decidedly, for himself and his own happiness. What he did not realize was that everyone around him had noticed the change in him. A neighbour, impressed with his renewed appearance, posted a photograph of him online. It was then that the offers from modelling agencies flew in.

50-ാം വയസിൽ മോഡൽ, കുറച്ചത് 50 കിലോ; അതിശയിപ്പിക്കുന്ന ജീവിതകഥ-Dinesh mohan  Lost 50 Kgs became a model in his 50s
Credit: Instagram (Dinesh Mohan)

His first assignment was from a modelling agency in Delhi for a still photograph campaign. Initially nervous about it, Mohan was pleasantly surprised at the ease with which he grew into it. Faced with flashing lights and all eyes being on him, he found, in himself, a quiet confidence and reassurance. It was then that he realized that this just might be something he could pursue seriously. Later, after a successful taste of what the modelling industry had to offer, he, upon the suggestion of an acquaintance, decided to branch out to acting, beginning, yet, another chapter in his life.

Even so, his journey, so far, has not been one without doubts. At the beginning, excited after his first assignment, when Mohan wanted to share the news with those around him, concerns were raised about his age and the fickle nature of the industry he was diving into. However, for him, this whole journey has not been about proving anything to anybody else. This was, completely, for him and about taking the opportunities that presented themselves to him. This same thought, of seizing opportunities, is one that he practices in his habits and his life. From approaching fitness, in a manner that is holistic and emphasizes a focus on mental well-being, to diving headfirst into the challenges that presented themselves in his line of work, Mohan realizes the importance of taking chances and embracing them completely. Fun fact, at times he dances and jumps around wildly to get himself warmed up before training. 

“The biggest gym that exists is in your mind.”

Dinesh Mohan

There is little Mohan won’t try but he will try them in his own way. In his words, you sense a personal drive. Modelling and acting are a part of his life, not the entirety of it. There is a professional drive, of course, a desire to work and perfect himself in his own craft. However, there is the undeniable feeling that his professional aspirations are intrinsically tied to his personal drive to just live his life better each day, embracing and enjoying it wholly. Indeed, he considers his weight loss a turning point in his life, a big leap of faith that has led to other positive changes in his life.

“I was standing at the edge of a hill, blindfolded, and I decided to jump. And, I guess I landed in the right place.”

Dinesh Mohan

Consequently, he puts a lot of emphasis on constantly working and polishing latent skills and abilities. That is a general truth, he says, about human life. From a personal example, he relates that idea to his acting career. Recognizing one’s own shortcomings and constantly evolving in one’s endeavours is critical to becoming better progressively. With this thought, he urges anybody pursuing their dreams to seize opportunities, regardless of how outlandish things may seem initially. Mulling things over, second guessing presented opportunities constantly would not be conducive in the larger scheme of things. After all, it is upon one’s own hands that the opportunity lies. And, Dinesh Mohan has firmly grasped the ones in his.

Credit: Instagram (Dinesh Mohan)
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Throwback Thursday: Jyotirao Phule, The Indian Social Reformer Who Challenged The Caste System

Autism , Autism Awareness Month , Neurodiversity, Neurotypicals, Awareness
Editor's Pick1 month ago

Autism Acceptance Month: The Importance of Neurodiversity

Health Psychology, World Health Day, Lifestyle, Stress, Biopsychosocial Model
Editor's Pick1 month ago

Health Psychology: Nurturing Mind and Body

Gunta, Tejas Sonawane, Mumbai, short film, city
Short Films1 month ago

Reviewing Gunta: A Story of Dreams, Aspirations and Comfort

Manonmaniyam P . Sundarnar, Sundarnar, Manonmaniam, Tamil, Tamil Literature
Editor's Pick1 month ago

Remembering Manonmaniyam P. Sundaram

Digital Consumption, Device, Social Media, Digital Media, Parents
Editor's Pick1 month ago

The Device- Digital Consumption in Children

writings, appreciate, understand, hating, written works, assessment
Editor's Pick2 months ago

Tips to Appreciate Writings that You Hate

Ram Kumar, Artistic, Abstract, Art, Painting
Art & Craft2 months ago

Unveiling the Abstract Realms: Ram Kumar

Geeta Dutt, Singer, Guru Dutt, Melody Queen
Editor's Pick6 months ago

Geeta Dutt: The Melody Queen of India

BATTI, Social awareness, Short Films
Short Films5 months ago

“BATTI” – Award Winning Short Film

Clay art, Tableware, trinket, Instagram artits, Small business, Indian artists, keychains, jewellery
Art & Craft6 months ago

Clay Artists To Complete Your Pinterest Look

Not My Fault, short film
Short Films6 months ago

Not My Fault: It’s A Dress, Not A Yes

Megha Rao, Kamakshi Anand, Aaditya Pandey, Akif Kichloo
Poetry5 months ago

Young Instagram Poets To Feed Your Daily Mundane 

Aranmula Kannadi, Mirror, Metal mirror, Kerala, Indian culture, Indian heritage
Vistas of Bharat : Indian Culture4 months ago

Aranmula Kannadi: Your True Reflection

Mahabharata, Draupadi, Panchali, Pratibha Ray, odia writer, Yajnaseni, Panchali, Pandavas, kauravs
Editor's Pick6 months ago

Unveiling Draupadi’s Untold Saga: Yajnaseni Book Review

Standup, Comedy, Bassi, Shreya Priyam Roy, Sangeeta Reddy
Standup5 months ago

Hilarious Stand-Up Shows for A Guaranteed Laughter

Indian parents, proud parents, half cake, birthday cake, financhial inequality
Short Films4 months ago

Half Cake: Every Dream Matters

Ganeshprasad Sridharan, thinkschool, quality education, indian education
Interviews3 months ago

Ganeshprasad Sridharan: Indian Education Redefined

Social evils, social prejudice, class divide, caste divide, short film, education, YouTube
Short Films5 months ago

Chi Chi (Dirty): Turning a Blind Eye to Social Prejudices by Choice

Combat of shadows, book review
Editor's Pick5 months ago

“Combat of Shadows” by Manohar Malgonkar

Self Love, toxicity, judging oneself
Editor's Pick6 months ago

Adjusting the Lamp Called Life To Love Yourself A Little More 

Clay art, small business, jewellery, Instagram, Charms, clay artist
Art & Craft5 months ago

Clay Artists For That Perfect Insta Glam or Kawaii Charm

Buddhadeb Bosu: Modernist Bengali Poet and Author
Editor's Pick6 months ago

Throwback Thursday: Buddhadeb Bosu – Modernist Bengali Poet and Author

Indian Actor, Pradeep Kumar
Editor's Pick4 months ago

Remembering Pradeep Kumar – The Iconic Actor of Indian Cinema

Raj Kapoor, Indian Cinema
Editor's Pick5 months ago

Raj Kapoor: The Revolutionary of Indian Cinema

Telegu writer, TBT, Vedam Venkataraya Sastry, Sanskrit writer, Poet, Indian artist, traditionalist
Editor's Pick5 months ago

Vedam Venkataraya Sastry: A True Traditionalist

Remixes and Mashups of 2023
Rewind5 months ago

Rewinding the Beats : Remixes and Mashups of 2023

Ramapada Chowdhury, Bengali Literature, Bengali, Literature
Editor's Pick5 months ago

Throwback Thursday: Ramapada Chowdhury, The Voice of Bengali Literature

Sangam Literature, Tamil literature, Indian literature, three sangams, indigenous, endemic, literature, Indian History
Vistas of Bharat : Indian Culture3 months ago

Exploring The Golden Age of Tamil Literature: The Sangam Period

Dancer, Bharatnatyam, Abhinayam, Journey, Second Chance, Indian dancer
Editor's Pick5 months ago

Kalanidhi Narayanan: Give Yourself A Second Chance

2024, Happy New Year, resolutions
Editor's Pick5 months ago

Cheers to 2024: New Year, Mindful You

Anant Ladha, Interview, Content Creator, Invest Aaj For kal, Finfluencer, Financial Literacy, Finance
Interviews3 months ago

Anant Ladha: A Man With A Mission

Fashion Trends, Fashion, Rewind 2023
Rewind5 months ago

Rewind 2023: Fashion Trends That Defined India

Book Review, TTI Bookshelf, Padmavati, Kamla Das
Editor's Pick5 months ago

Padmavati, The Harlot and Other Stories by Kamala Das

Lakshadweep, Maldives, Island
Editor's Pick4 months ago

Lakshadweep – An Artistic Tapestry with Island Elegance

Ram Mandir, Nagara Style, Architecture
Editor's Pick4 months ago

Ram Mandir of Ayodhya – A Splendour of Nagara Architecture

Indian Christmas, Jerry Pinto , Madhulika Liddle
Editor's Pick5 months ago

“Indian Christmas”: An Anthology of Celebrations

India 2023, Rewind 2023, Rewind
Rewind5 months ago

Rewind 2023: India 2023

Retelling of Indian Epics, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Rewind
Rewind5 months ago

Rewind 2023: Retelling of Indian Epics – Forgotten POVs

Book Review, Nirad C chaudhuri
Editor's Pick4 months ago

The Autobiography of an Unknown Indian by Nirad C. Chaudhuri

Ankit Kawatra
Business Corner5 years ago

The Inspiring Journey Of Feeding India’s Ankit Kawatra

The Untold
Short Films5 years ago

“The Untold” Words In A Love Story Of Two Best Friends

Whistling Woods International, Doliyaan, Preksha Agarwal, Trimala Adhikari, Seema Azmi
Short Films5 years ago

A Whistling Woods International Production: Doliyaan

Raat Baaki Baat Baaki, Jackie Shroff, Divyansh Pandit, Wild Buffaloes Entertainment, Filmfare
Short Films5 years ago

Raat Baaki Baat Baaki with Jackie Shroff and Divyansh Pandit

Ami Mishra, Mohammed Rafi, Ehsaan Tera, Unplugged Cover, Anchal Singh
Entertainment5 years ago

Ehsaan Tera : Unplugged Cover by Ami Mishra Ft. Anchal Singh

Plus Minus, Baba Harbajan Singh, Bhuvan Bam, Divya Dutta, Sikhya Entertainment
Short Films6 years ago

Plus Minus: A Tribute To The Unsung Hero Major Harbhajan Singh

Mashaal, The Forgotten Soldiers,The Jokers' Project, Manisha Swarnkar, Independence Day
Music6 years ago

Mashaal : The Forgotten Soldiers By The Jokers’ Project Ft. Manisha Swarnkar

Bhuvan Bam, Safar, Single, Original, Bhuvan Bam Safar, Artist, BB Ki Vines
Entertainment6 years ago

Safar: An Original by Bhuvan Bam Portraying Story of an Artist

Navaldeep Singh, The Red Typewriter, Short Film, Love Story, Touching Story
Short Films6 years ago

The Red Typewriter : A Touching Love Story by Navaldeep Singh

Dilbaro, Saloni Rai, Cover, Raazi, Alia Bhatt
Music6 years ago

‘Dilbaro’ From ‘Raazi Mellifluously Sung by Saloni Rai

Meri Maa, Musical, Short Film, Tarannum Mallik, Abhinay, Mother's Day
Short Films6 years ago

‘Meri Maa’ : A Musical Short Film Ft. Tarannum & Abhinay

Meri Maa ki Beti, Niharika Mishra, Poetry, Maa
Poetry6 years ago

‘Meri Maa Ki Beti’ : A Poetic Portrayal by Niharika Mishra

Call Center Ke Call Boy Ki Kahani, Rakesh Tiwari, Tafreeh Peshkash, Poetry
Poetry6 years ago

‘Call Center Ke Call Boy Ki Kahani’ by Rakesh Tiwari

Kajender Srivastava, Jawaab, Poetry, Poem
Poetry6 years ago

‘Jawaab’ : A Poetic Awakening by Kajender Srivastava

Tribute to Avicii, Indian Dancers, Avicii, Amit K Samania, Prakrati Kushwaha
Dance6 years ago

Tribute to Avicii By Indian Dancers Amit & Prakrati

Music6 years ago

Mashup of ‘Treat You Better’ & ‘Mann Bharrya’ by Semal and Bharti

Ankit Kholia
Entertainment6 years ago

Reminiscing Classics In Ankit Kholia’s Mellifluous Voice

Sang Hoon Tere, Bhuvan Bam, Bhuvan, BB Ki Vines
Entertainment6 years ago

Sang Hoon Tere : Bhuvan Bam’s Original Single

Aranya Johar, Spoken Word, Performance, Brown Girl
Poetry6 years ago

“Why be biased to complexions?” Aranya Johar Questions

Music6 years ago

Acoustic Version of Tere Mere Song by Dhvani Bhanushali

Tere Jaisa Yaar Kahan, Short Film
Short Films6 years ago

Tere Jaisa Yaar Kahan : A Tale of Two Best Friends

Music6 years ago

“Naino Se”: An Orginal Composition by Pushpendra Barman

Knox Artiste
Music7 years ago

14 Songs on 1 Beat Ft. Knox Artiste

Aranya Johar, India, Social change, women empowerment, poet
Poetry7 years ago

Aranya Johar: A Voice for Change in India – ‘To India: With Love’

Rony Dasgupta at SpringBoard
Interviews7 years ago

The Comic Genius: Rony Dasgupta from The Rawknee Show

Harshwardhan Zala, Entrepreneur, Drones
Business Corner7 years ago

A 14 Year Old’s Journey to Making Drones : Harshwardhan Zala

Kshitiz Verma, musician, Bollywood, Mashup, singer
Music7 years ago

15 Songs in One Beat: Bollywood Mashup by Kshitiz Verma

RealShit, Rapid Fire, YouTube Creator, Interview, Piyush Bansal, Deepak Chauhan, Shubham Gandhi
Interviews7 years ago

Exclusive Rapid Fire With The Trio That Redefined Vines : RealShit

Yahya Bootwala, Yahya, Bootwala, Love, Poetry, Spill Poetry
Poetry7 years ago

Making Sense Of The Age-Old Question of What Is Love?

Short Film, Mumbai, Police, Mumbai Police, Wild Buffaloes Entertainment, Karta Tu Dharta Tu
Short Films7 years ago

Karta Tu Dharta Tu: A Heartfelt Ode to Mumbai Police

Harsh Beniwal, Rapid Fire
Interviews7 years ago

Exclusive Rapid Fire With The Master of Vines: Harsh Beniwal

Sejal Kumar, Sejal, SRCC, Fashion, Influencer
Interviews7 years ago

Sejal Kumar : From being an SRCC Graduate to a successful YouTuber