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A Pursuit of Dreams in the Culinary World: Ajai Sharma’s Story

Proud author of ‘Culinary Epic of Jeddah’, Chef Ajai Sharma shares his story of never giving up on your dreams despite all the hurdles that come your way.



In a family of doctors and engineers, teachers and other “noble” professions, Ajai’s career choice of hotel management wasn’t up to par. Born in Meerut, UP, Ajai did his schooling in Kendriya Vidyalaya till 2007. His family shifted to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia after that. This is where he spent most of his childhood.

Ajai didn’t always dream of becoming a renowned chef. His childhood dream was becoming a cardio surgeon. It was in 2010, when he watched Master Chef India, that he was mesmerized by the chef’s coat and everything that comes along with it. And this was the beginning of his pursuit of dreams.

While Ajai had the full support of his parents, school and people around weren’t the best. His unconventional career choice led to people laughing at him. Not being very good academically, young Ajai ws asked to repeat 12th grade; people had given up on him. “Is ladke se kuch nahi hoga” (This boy will not be able to do anything.) were the words of his principal.

Sure, the words were demotivating, but his parents’ constant support helped him get through it. Soon his search for the best hotel management colleges began. Manipal seemed to be the best option and within four years, he attained his degree in Hotel Management from ITC Welcomgroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration.  

But months before graduating, Ajai Sharma had already reached some level of success with his viral video on ‘Badam Milk’ which has now become his trademark. His learning personality didn’t let the success get to his head and he continued his journey. Combining his passion for culinary art and travel, he soon published his debut book, ‘The Culinary Epic of Jeddah’ which explored the rich culture and history of the culinary world of Jeddah. The book was well-appreciated by the culinary community, including the experts.

He was supposed to join one of the best colleges – Culinary Institute of America in 2018. But after having his visa rejected multiple times, he had to wait till 2019. Despite all obstacles, he got in because he never gave up on his dreams. But the struggle continues. Working hard to get his associate degree in Culinary Arts Program, he was supposed to finish this by December’20. The pandemic has pushed it to 2021 with no certainty of when and how he’s going to complete his degree.

But he has a dream of becoming one of the top contributors in the culinary world; And on this journey of turning dreams into reality, Ajai Sharma continues to work hard and smart. A traveller by nature, Ajai Sharma has had the opportunity to work with popular brands like Hyatt, Taj Palace in Mumbai, Hilton etc. He is also now a proud host of a podcast show, ‘Bite in with Bawarchi’ that revolves around the hospitality industry featuring foodies, chefs and other people from the industry.  

All through his journey, he shares the lesson of following your dreams. It’s okay if you have to stand against people to do that, but with the right attitude – learning – one can achieve success. His two cents of advice for all young aspirants in the culinary industry is to be fearless in cooking. No work is minimal – be it something as simple as peeling potatoes or clearing trash. White reaching great heights is a magnificent feeling, jumping straight to it, isn’t the way to go. Taking each step slowly and smartly is important. Yes, it will take time, but you will have the knowledge and experience which no one can take from you. And Ajai Sharma’s journey till now proves this.  


Some Original Songs to Lift Your Spirits In this Pandemic Season

We bring you some uplifting original compositions which will definitely bring a smile to your face even during your dull days!




We all have our dull days when we need the motivation to just get off our beds. Days when everything just feels too difficult. The small moments of joy escape our appreciation. On days like this, good music is the way to go.

Soothing melodies combined with words that speak directly to your heart have the ability to flip your mood by 180-degrees. Sometimes, all you need is for someone to tell you that it’s going to be okay, no matter what. And then, remind you of the little things that bring you happiness, the little moments. There are so many original songs that will touch your hearts bringing you pure joy.

Here are some original songs for you, to simply remind you of what you already know – the importance and beauty of all the little moments of life.

Anupam Roy composed an original piece titled, “Manzil” which directly translates to destination. But the entire song revolves around the satisfaction of the journey. As he phrases it in the description of his YouTube video, “Where you end up is not that important but how you do it is.” He promotes kindness and love to all, through his words. The bright beats with soothing music and gleeful animation just adds to the entire aesthetic.

Credits – YouTube (Anupam Roy)

Our next artist with one of their upbeat original songs is actually an independent rock band named Raahie. On the 25th of July 2020, they uploaded a wholesome video for their song “Beparwaah Dil”, which I assure you, will melt your heart. The original music video clips of their fans and families – including adorable babies and old people – spending time together during this current panic. If happiness could be put in one video, it would be this.

Credits – YouTube (Raahie)
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A Poetic Revelation of Love: But We Didn’t Kiss by Jidnya Sujata

The love we find isn’t always what we expect it to be, is it? Take a look at Jidnya Sujata narrating a beautiful heart-breaking poetic tale as this realization dawns upon her.



Jindya Sujata

Stories have a major impact on us. Whether they are poetic narrations or movies, words have the ability to melt your insides. Maybe it’s the way we all unite under the same string of emotions.

Kopal Khanna, the founder of ‘Tape a Tale’ phrased it, “Stories and poems strike an emotional chord that’s unparalleled. Its immeasurable the positive impact words can on someone when they come from an honest place.”

If you ask me, I think poetry is the most impactful. In those 4-10 minutes, you go through a plethora of emotions. Yet, it makes sense. Now, love. Love is poetic. While poetry has the ability to make you cry, smile and laugh and all at the same time; poems on love makes your heart flutter, and your eyes well up as a single drop of tear slides down your cheek.

Maybe there’s so many poetries and stories on love, simply because we try so hard to understand it. But, we always fail. Yet, while it’s different for all of us, we empathize with each other’s stories.

Jidnya Sujata, starts her poetic tale of love by explaining the two types of love. While One that gives you strength and the other that transforms into our pride. She narrates the tale of falling in love, when she least expected it, with a man she never dreamt of being with. Yet it happened. And, she shared some of the best moments of her life. And then, she discovered a third type of love – a love that just happens. No questions asked.

As she says later, “Love is something that doesn’t need to be grand or extraordinary. And I feel love is something that doesn’t end. It just gets channelized differently- and that changes our expectations from it.”

Credits – YouTube (Tape A Tale)
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Love Poetry So Heart-Wrenching, You will Your Cry Your Heart Out

These poets put our feelings into words as they recite tales of unrequited love – the pain, the heartbreak and the acceptance – in their love poetry.



Love Poetry

Love Poetry on unrequited feelings is tormenting. Although, unrequited love is just pure agony, but it is also something we all go through in our lives. No matter the age, gender or sexual orientation – we all have fallen for someone and cried ourselves to sleep.

But you see, maybe they just don’t feel the same about you. Maybe earlier they did, and now they don’t. As much as you want to hate them for it, should you really? We can’t control our feelings. We don’t get to choose who we love. The best thing for us to do is simply accept the harsh realities and try to move on.

These love poems discussed below, revolve around this pain and its acceptance.

Our first poem is by Rohit Kishor (@rohit__kishor) titled, ‘Mai Isiliye Tumhe Message Nahin Karta’. In the span of a minute, Rohit narrates a tale of falling in love and having expectations from the other person. Only to be left disappointed when you start to realize you simply don’t hold the same value in their lives, as they did in yours.

Credit – YouTube (Untold Diary)

‘Bas Tumhari Aadat Nahi Lagni Chahiye thi’ is another hard-hitting piece by Abhash Jha (@abhash19). His love poetry is so resonating, it feels like he’s narrating your story. ‘Tum khud aaye aur apne aap chale bhi gaye,’ sums up the conceptualization behind this piece.

Credits – YouTube (Abhash Jha)

Our last poetic piece is called ‘Pyaar Hisson Mai Milega’ by Ashish Bagrecha. Unlike other poems, his love poetry is about telling the truth. He, through his words, encourages you to keep trying – accepting and giving love, no matter what. There’s something painfully wholesome about this poem. Reassuringly, he says you will find love, but always in pieces.

Credits – YouTube (UnErase Poetry)
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Putting The Indie In Indian: Some Calming Original Compositions For Your Perfect Chill Session

From the realm of YouTube, we bring you some incredibly unique compositions by artists who will live rent-free in your hearts and brains.



Anuv Jain

As much as artists require an audience, I wouldn’t be wrong in saying that all of us need art in our life perhaps just as desperately. This unique year is gently nearing towards its dusk, but the global panic was certainly relieved by many different permutations of art coming together. The realm of Original Compositions was definitely one of them. More and more fresh voices are taking the centre stage as we go through a paradigm shift in how we view art as a whole. This wave has inundated India in the most beautiful way possible, leaving us with a tidal rise in Indian acoustic and indie music

So many people are boldly incorporating instruments such as the ukulele and animations into their work. The limit of creativity is now limitless.
So let us cut to the chase and present you with three masterful compositions that might just find a permanent place in your playlists.

On July 30th, Anuv Jain released a song called ‘Alag Aasman’. Combining his soulful voice with eye-catching graphics and the Ukulele, he has certainly created a masterpiece. And that is clearly reflected by it getting 1M+ views! The song is an ode to the strength and commitment of couples who stay far apart.

Credits: Anuv Jain

A few months ago, on the 25th of September, artist Ashu Shukla released a single called ‘Phir se Shuru’. With a fluid voice and deeply touching lyrics, the song is about ‘reinitiation of love’. It’s all about finding the emotional strength to start over and give in all you have to the one that you love. 

Credits: Ashu Shukla

And of course, last but not least, we have Dil Lagana by Girish Nakod featuring Kaprila. Released on the 20th of May, this song is a contemporary and fresh booster for all those who yearn for somebody they do not know yet. Using stunning animations and graphics, this is another one for the books.

Credits: Girish Nakod

Happy Listening!

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Mandala: A Soulful Venture into the Art of Self-Expression and Enlightenment

We learn a little bit about what is mandala art and its benefits. We also get to meet some phenomenal artists practicing this art form!



Mandala Cover

The word mandala translates to ‘circles’ or ‘centre’. Filled with circular patterns and geometrical lines, it’s the intricacy and detail work that brings life to this art form. The centre is usually represented as the beginning in the form of a dot. Lines and circles are drawn in patterns around this dot.

When our minds get chaotic, mandalas are a great solution. When our own we cannot figure things out, this art form helps. Creating mandalas helps us find some order in life. The symbolization and meanings of a mandala are very vast. In fact, mandala itself is like an object of meditation. While in the Buddhist tradition, mandalas symbolize enlightenment, the Hindu tradition focuses more on the self-realization.  

Mandala lets us tell our story – mental, emotional and spiritual – of wellbeing. There are many different types of mandalas. All have their own specific characteristics. It’s about symbolizing elements from your life and understanding the connection between all living things – inner and outer realities. It allows us to understand our own path, where we stand, our thoughts.

Mandala Art is actually a huge part of art therapy. Creating mandalas is both symbolic and therapeutic. Also, mandalas help reduce stress, anxiety and depression. Both painting and colouring mandalas will give you a sense of calm. It’ll almost transport you to a place so peaceful that you have the insights to focus on yourself.

There are many talented artists who create their own unique mandala designs. Meghna (@meghnamandalas) makes her own digital mandala paintings. She also takes custom orders.

Credits: Instagram (meghnamandalas)
Credits: Instagram (meghnamandalas)

Kriti Singhal (@amandalastory) creates original hand-drawn mandalas. The detailing in her work is simply awe-inspiring.

Credits: Instagram (amandalastory)
Credits: Instagram (amandalastory)

Lastly, Chetna Singla (@mandalasbychetna) is another creative artist making her own original prints. Chetna also takes one on one classes in case any of you wants to learn!

Credits: Instagram (mandalasbychetna)
Credits: Instagram (mandalasbychetna)
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