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Dance Choreography of Halkat Jawani from Heroine by Anisha Babbar



Anisha Babbar, Heroine, Dance Choreography, Halkat Jawani, Dance

A healthcare consultant by profession and a passionate dancer/choreographer, Anisha Babbar was born and bred in a Bollywood fusion dance environment. She is influenced by elements of jazz, hip hop, bharatanatyam, contemporary, Indian folk, and modern Bollywood.

Her dance training involves 10 years as a young instructor and dancer at the Mona Khan Company. As a choreographer, she took off with her tenure as captain and lead of UC Berkeley Azaad from 2014-2015. Azaad went on to win several national championships and awards for Best Choreography and Best Female Dancer.

Anisha’s work includes events like the Super Bowl 50 halftime show, NBC’s America’s Got Talent, NBA halftime shows, and performing with Bollywood celebrities such as Shahrukh Khan and Shaan. Her videos have been featured by Nokia, and channel boasts over 5 million views.

She recently choreographed the song Halkat Jawani from Heroine.

Click here to watch the Dance Choreography by Anisha Babbar


Jainil Mehta’s Journey to Becoming a Master of Movement

From making living room routines to ‘The west side story’, we bring you the story of a man who
dreamed to dance and made it happen!



Jainil Mehta

Sometimes the right kind of music puppeteers our body into expressive movement and we allow ourselves to let loose in the ebbs and flows of living. That is the joy of dancing; to bare your soul and say all that you’ve wanted to say with just your body is an art often called sacred. 21-year old Jainil Mehta, a fine-arts student at the University of Southern California has mastered this movement from the age of five. He is one of those rare people who know their purpose in life from a very young age. If you think his story is rare, then his talent is truly the only one of his kind.

At 5 years old, a young Jainil knew that dancing was the only thing which made him ‘secure’. He spent his days dabbling his feet in all the pools of creativity; he sketched, he painted and he danced while maintaining a brilliant academic record. In eighth grade, his iron-clad passion was often mistaken for naivety but he remained absolutely true to himself and danced his way into success. Having trained professionally in RAD Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Hip Hop, Indian classical and Indian folk, he realised that the world of creativity is a vast ocean and he would have to reinvent himself wave-by-wave.

There is an abject sense of disapproval while pursuing arts, but somehow in the darkest of times we all turn to art for comfort, Jainil’s sense of self was so strong that he realised that his parents weren’t against the profession but were just concerned about the stability. This is where he tells us to not worry, as long as you are utterly devoted to your craft, amazing avenues will open up for you when you least expect them to!

But beware! The path to passions is gravelly, itchy and exhausting. Any field which requires a certain amount of self-expression presents a very unique predicament. It is the never-ending battle between self-expression and people-pleasing. Jainil too has borne the brunt of it; in the realm of social media, the balance between giving the people what they want while putting your heart on the platter is a precarious one. Jainil tells us to never give up creating. Even when the body takes a toll, or creative blocks emerge out of nowhere, one must never lose touch with the things that fuel us.

At the core of his passion, is a realistic motto of not only dreaming big but training hard and pushing the upper limit of your abilities. It is a well-known fact that it is difficult to earn a steady keep in the field of arts, that is why Metha says that it is important to keep doing something you have never done before and making yourself indispensable. After just a quick glance at his Instagram, one is left entranced and hungry for even more. I instantly felt myself correcting my posture and pointing my toes. In just 21 years, he has taught and learnt extensively, he is a true proponent of the fact that life should be large and not just long. “The journey from a student to a teacher is always a full circle,” he said. In his own words, keep doing what you love and rid yourself of what society may think of you. Keep dancing!

Credits: YouTube (Jainil Mehta)
Credits: YouTube (Angela Choudhary)
Credits: YouTube (Jainil Mehta)
Credits: YouTube (Dhruvi Shah Dance)
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Set Your Heart Ablaze With These Dance Covers

Check out these amazing dance covers to the melodious tunes of the regional music by Riddhima Jilsu and AnuRagerZ.'/



Chellamma Dance Cover

Music sets in rhythm in the songs of our hearts and when it’s regional music the rhythms outside know the exact strings of heart to create the perfect melody inside. Accompanied with the tunes of music when dance plays it’s charm, the fun is multiplied. Regional music helps us connect more the small world that surrounds us and no wonder regional music is more emotive. The home like dialect of regional music accompanied by dance that fits it’s rhythms is surely a treat.

Here we are with some dance covers on regional music for you to enjoy the bliss of music in your own language.

The graceful dance cover to the tunes of song Vethikkalu Vellaripravu featuring Riddhima Jilsu is surely to give you a beautiful reprise. Poise of the dance performance is accompanies that of the song. The cinematography and editing of the dance video adds extra stars to the performance. Watch out the mesmerising performance and let your soul dance along.

Credits: YouTube (Rddhima Jilsu)

AnuRagerZ’s recent cover of the song Chellamma choreographed and danced by Anupriya also featuring Roshni Pradeep is filled with the energy that matches the energy upheld by the song. The performance starts with a smooth beginning complementing the song and moves energetically towards the end. Check out the dance cover below.

Credits: YouTube (AnuRagerZ)

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Astonishing Dance Covers To Keep You Entertained

Appreciate these worth million applauds efforts of dance artists to keep their audience engaged and entertained in these depressing times and shower your love over them.'/



Dance Covers

During these times when everything is at rest and everyday seems like a holiday for most of us leisure activities are getting dissolved and boring as well. Today, we bring to you these amazing dance covers by graceful artists which will keep you entertained while staying at home. Remember an artist never takes a break.

Manpreet Toor is a well-known dance artist and trainer with uniquely beautiful dance. She organizes online dance workshops on various dance genres. A dance enthusiast must give these online workshops a try during these times. Also check out her latest Palki dance workshop glimpse below.

Credits: Instagram (Manpreet Toor)

Ananya is a budding dance artist with plethora of talent. Her recent upload on dance cover of “Barso re megha” invokes grace. The energetic yet delicate dance performance is a fusion of classical dance with a Bollywood song. If you’re an admirer of fusion dance click the below and check out Ananya’s video.

Credits: Instagram (Ananya)

For some dance, apart from being an art, is a sort of therapy for achieving inner calm, Kalpita Kachroo is one such artist. Her recent dance cover on the song “In Lamho Ke daaman mein” incites a similar sense of tranquility with her peace attaining and soothing performance.

Credits: Instagram (Kalpita Kachroo)

Last in this list is Pooja and Aparna’s dance cover on the song “Ranjhana”. The zestful performance of these enthusiastic and talented dancers is worth your time. The vivacious performance would keep you entertained and make your heart and body sway along with it.

Credits: Instagram (Pooja and Aparna)
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Dance Covers on Ghungroo, Radha Kaise Na Jale And A Tribute to Saroj Khan

These dance covers will take you on a choreographic ride, have some fun with these and enjoy the creativity with the talented artists of India.'/




Here we present you the most gracefully mesmerizing dance covers that will refresh your day and mind. These artists put an immense amount of effort to carry out such beautiful choreography.

It is needless to mention that these dance covers leave the spectators in awe with their creativity, there’s nothing that could ever limit the creativity they reflect through these covers.

The famous and popular ‘Ghungroo’ song that featured Hrithik Roshan and his beautiful moves that he always mesmerises us with was presented by Noor Afshan with her own blend of creativity.

Credits: YouTube (Noor Afshan)

The beautiful melody that we enjoyed several times on different occasions was ‘Radha Kaise Na Jale’. It’s being presented by one of the most popular YouTube channels known as the Bollymadras Team, and the dancers bestowed a beautiful dance cover with full grace.

Credits: YouTube (Bollymadras)

In view of Saroj Khan who summoned a few weeks ago, Ritika Viswanath initiated a tribute to her through presenting her choreography in Saroj Khan’s iconic choreographies like ‘Ek Do Teen’ that featured Madhuri Dixit and several other songs that marks the essence of Saroj Khan all over the industry.

Credits: YouTube (Ritika Viswanath)
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Dance Covers That Will Make You Hop Till You Drop

These few dance covers will make you dance and pop on your floor. Iconic songs and entertaining covers, what else do you need?'/



Sonali Bhaduria

We have all been dancing on the beats of life for a long time, and we haven’t stopped ever since, struggling through our ups and downs were just like a few dance moves that were hard to learn. A series of dance covers that will have you hop on your toes in minutes could be a fun get together with you and your family in this time of the pandemic. 

Live to dance with Sonali, a complete entertainment package channel has uploaded yet another video of her dance cover dressed in a beautiful Punjabi suit.

Credits: YouTube (Live to Dance with Sonali)

Giti Gaur, another dance lover and professional has amazed us another video of her beautiful dance cover to the iconic song ‘Maar Daala’.

Credits: YouTube (Giti Gaur)

Piyush Gurbhele with his exceptional dance skills uploaded a dance cover of the very famous song by Honey Singh ‘Brown Rang’.

Credits: YouTube (Piyush Gurbhele)

Sweven & the Amigos have surprised us with a dance cover of Muqubla from Street Dancer and their shocking dance moves will get you hopping on the floor for sure.

Credits: YouTube (Sweven and the Amigos)
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