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Short Film Bittu: Life Isn’t Always Fair

In a world obsessed with perfection, it’s easy to forget oneself. “Bittu” reminds us how important it is to look past it to enjoy life.



Bittu, Short Film, Stutter

Perfection is what the world strives for. Perfection is what the world is obsessed with. But by following this obsession we often overlook the value of imperfections. We either focus too much on finding perfection in others that we totally forget ourselves and fail to see our own imperfections. Or we focus a lot on our imperfections and fail to see how perfect we may be in someone else’s eye. Living a fruitful life is all about being aware of these imperfections while at the same time not getting too lost in them. “Bittu” explores that and much more.

Bittu: At A Glimpse 

Written and directed by Shivang Shukla, “Bittu” tells the tale of a vivacious young woman Bittu. From the beginning monologue, you would get the impression that she probably never stops talking. But the reality is farther from that. Full of life and ever ready to take life by the horns, the one thing that prevents her from doing so is her speech defect. But although her stutter is just a part of who she is, the world doesn’t fail to remind her that it’s her entire identity.

Hoping to soon find a good match and marry, “Bittu” and her parents desperately try to search for a groom for her. But all efforts go in vain as nobody bothers batting another eye in her direction upon hearing her stutter. Throughout this, we see different sides of Bittu. We get to see how she is not one to face down and hide because sometimes her tongue fails her. She lives her life just the way she wants to. Dancing and learning different ways to express herself such as sign language. 

As the short film progresses we start to empathise with Bittu and her struggles and completely forget that others have their own battles too. And that’s exactly when one of Bittu’s earlier potential matches brings it to our attention. We are soon reminded that everyone has their own imperfections. And sometimes maybe these imperfections are what brought them together. But if we just focus on them we may lose out on living life altogether.


Complete with a beautiful storyline and cast and camerawork, this short film is for everyone who thought they will never fit in. Within just 20 mins the short film will make you think about life in a way that you probably would have never thought before. The message is simple yet the execution makes all the difference. For days when you are unable to look past your insecurities, give this a watch and maybe it will help.

Credits: YouTube (Natak Pictures)

Short Films

“Double Tick” – A Kannada Short Film

“Double Tick” Technology in Modern Relationships: Enhancing Connectivity or Creating Distances?'



We live in a digital age, technology has changed the way we interact with each other, including how to create and maintain romantic relationships. From online dating apps to virtual communication platforms, technology plays a significant role in connecting people worldwide. It has undoubtedly made communication easier, but it also brings new challenges to modern relationships.

A Closer Look At The Picture

The short film follows the effects of technology on relationships and how we communicate with our romantic love interests. The miscommunications, the social sources we can access to see if our messages have been delivered or seen, and technological glitches that cause chaos it subsequently causes.

“Double Tick” revolves around the plot of a Widower Man who has a soft spot for a woman and is dared to send her a sneaky video, the message gets delivered but she doesn’t respond. The widower assumes that she got offended, but he doesn’t know that her phone glitched and she didn’t receive it. When her son fixes it he sees the video link and subsequent apologies he sends and deletes it so that his mother doesn’t see it.

The story is very realistic in set up and everyone can relate to having those awkward moments of sending texts or memes and getting seen-zoned. Virtual Communication is a double-edged sword. Social media, texting, etc have become vital in our day-to-day life. These virtual communication methods ensure constant contact, bridging physical gaps. Yet over-reliance on digital communication can lead to misinterpretations and misunderstandings and conflicts.

The Take-Away

Technology has impacted the Intimacy and connectivity we share with people, it enhances and also erodes certain aspects of intimacy. We often always are just quick to jump to conclusions, in the film, had the man just spoken to the woman face-to-face, he could have avoided the anxiety and panic he had to endure. It is very important to strike a balance and mention our physical connections as well, and not just rely on social media. To foster such genuine emotional connections, people must also prioritize quality time without technological distractions.

Technology offers unmatched convenience and connectivity but also presents challenges that need careful navigation. Through this film we are reminded to be mindful of how we use technology, we must create healthier and more fulfilling connections with everyone in our lives not just our partners.

Credits: YouTube ( Articulture Studio )
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Short Films

“Love In Kalimpong”- A Short Film

“Love In Kalimpong” is not your usual story, it’s more. It is the pure love between a person and their passion-Muisc.'



Music is a universal expression of emotion, more than hearing music, one’s heart beats to the rhythm of music. But it’s not very often that we get to see that, be it in movies off scream lives. Love in Kalimpong is here to change that. Set in the hills of Kalimpong, India, the short film encapsulates the true essence of what it is to feel music in your soul. Music holds a deep and meaningful place in the lives of those with a hearing impairment, providing a means of emotional expression, fostering connection, empowering individuals, and enhancing their overall quality of life. It is a reminder that the language of music goes beyond auditory boundaries, touching the hearts and souls of all who embrace it.


When an Indie Band stumbles upon an excellent flute player while visiting Kalimpong. They are enchanted by her original composition on the flute, they are surprised when they learn that she has a hearing impairment. The band instantly wants to showcase her beautiful skills and invited her to play with them to which she hesitatingly agrees. The band’s guitarist Rishi offers to help her teach children with hearing impairment to dance to the rhythm of a song. After a disagreement with she refuses to play with them. Rishi then gives it a shot and convinced her to play finally but when he asks her if she’d like to play with them again she refuses stating that she prefers her silent mountains to be her audience.

The Deeper Meaning

Love In Kalimpong is a love story in its truest form. A girl in love with her music. Although she may not be able to hear the music, she can feel it in her soul, which is the beauty of this film. The message this film sends a beautiful message and gives us a new perspective on how each one of us experiences music, especially those who have a hearing impairment.

The film is a love story in its most innocent and purest form. It’s not your usual love story which is a refreshing take. The set-up of the movie is very simplistic and one can easily envision and live in the movie. That’s what adds to the beauty of the movie. The music experience for people with hearing impairments manifests through a different sensory prism, which has been portrayed beautifully in this movie.

They connect with music through vibrations, visual cues, and emotional vibrations. Feeling the beats and bass allows them to sense the music’s essence, enhancing their experience. Through sign language and expressive movements, they are further able to interpret the emotions conveyed in music which creates a deep connection to the art form.

Music fosters a sense of community and connection among those with hearing impairments. Participating in musical activities, like drumming, singing, and dancing, creates a shared experience that promotes bonding and understanding within the community. Additionally, as shown in the movie, collaborations promote inclusivity and bridge communication gaps.

Final Thoughts

Music played a therapeutic role in the life of Iris, the main lead, and gave her an avenue for self-expression and empowerment. Through this film, we were reminded of the universality of this art as it reminds us that music, in all its forms, has the power to go beyond limitations and unite humanity through a shared emotional language, one that doesn’t have to be spoken, but felt. Moreover, through this film, we learn to encourage a more diverse and accepting space and celebrate the triumph of the human spirit and the power of adaptation. We are reminded that music, like love, transcends the limitations of perception and is a universal language.

Credits: YouTube ( Zee Music Company )
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Short Films

Abhiyantriki – An Ode to a Life called Engineering

Believe engineering is all about falling for machines? Celebrate the National Engineers Day by watching the short film Abhiyantriki.



Abhiyantriki, Engineering, National Engineers Day

Abhiyantriki: An Ode to a Life Called Engineering is a captivating and thought-provoking short film that takes the viewers on a journey through the life of an engineering student. Directed by Vinayak Vyas in association with Toshan Lal, the film is a ten-minute long time-lapse video. Abhiyantriki takes you through the journey of an engineering student right from his arrival to his departure from college. The film explores the various aspects of an engineering student’s life, from the pressure to excel academically to the emotional toll that comes with pursuing a degree in a highly competitive field. 

The Beginning

The movie opens with a student coming to college with a bag full of dreams, excitement, responsibilities and a whole lot of mixed feelings. The student begins a new phase there. The film features students living a life less known to the ones who say “engineering college mein to paanch saal set hain.” professors, and professionals in the industry, providing a comprehensive and insightful look into the world of engineering. The film is footage of students working on projects, attending lectures, and participating in extracurricular activities, giving viewers a sense of their day-to-day life.

The Vows of Engineering Life

Henry Petroski, an American engineer and author specializing in failure analysis once said, “As engineers, we were going to be in a position to change the world – not just study it.” But no one ever told us that to learn to change the world one must go through a grueling life. Abhiyantriki not just puts forward gleamy but also gloomy phases of a prospective engineer’s life. Every student who was a part of Abhiyantriki’s cast had a different part to narrate.

The Glows of Engineering Life

Engineers create, curate and then celebrate, their life is all about adventure. The film Abhiyantriki succeeds in making the charm of engineering colleges evident. From late night chat sessions to beautifully bonded friendships, this life gives one an experience to last a lifetime. The cinematographers and photographers of Abhiyantriki are worth applause for this ten minute insight into every aspect of the voyage of engineering. 

One of the most compelling aspects of the film is the way it explores the intricacies of engineering life. From the adventures of hostel life and getting into relationships to the vows of semester exams and placements race, Abhiyantriki explores the Pandora box of engineering to the fullest. The film also touches on the horizon of the pressure to excel academically, combined with the stress of job prospects and the fear of failure. It highlights the importance of mental health and the need for support systems to help students navigate these challenges.

Overall, “Abhiyantriki: An Ode to a Life Called Engineering” is a well-made and insightful documentary that sheds light on the challenges and rewards of pursuing a degree in engineering. It is a must-watch for anyone considering a career in the field or interested in learning more about the experiences of students. So this National Engineers’ Day, on the birth anniversary of M Visvesvaraya, gear up for the perfect watch celebrating the role of engineers in our nation-building.

Credits – YouTube (Creative Labs Surat)
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Short Films

Main Bhi: The #meetoo for Women Domestic Workers in India

Women domestic workers are an indispensable part of India, yet their rights are often not well-defined which leads to them facing a lot of issues in their profession. “Main Bhi” addresses one such issue of sexual harassment.



metoo movement, sexual harrasment, short documentary, domestic workers, short film

Women domestic workers form a big part of today’s India. They are the ones who ensure that you thrive at work and relax at home. But the sad reality is that they get very less in return for their immense contribution. It is them and their dedicated work that ensures feminism has enough space to grow and expand. It is because of them that today’s economy is actually thriving. Yet they are deprived of their basic rights. “Main Bhi” is a short documentary that explores this very thing and much more.

Main Bhi: At A Glimpse

Set in Delhi, with just over 12 minutes to spare “Main Bhi” explores the very serious but often overlooked issues faced by female domestic workers in India. Sadly even though the job that domestic workers do is crucial for the overall development of the country, they are still not given the status they deserve. They are not recognised by any legislation that India. And hence, are deprived of the basic rights that a worker is entitled to. Thus, leaving them vulnerable to exploitation.

“Main Bhi” explores the themes of sexual harassment and discrimination faced by female domestic workers in India. It documents the courage of 9 women domestic workers. Who came together to put forth a play that gave a voice to many voiceless women out there. Given how the #metoo movement was only popular in the virtual space their efforts to put up a play ensured that the movement is accessible for every woman in the world.  Irrespective of whether they have a social media account or not. 

Main Bhi: A Closer Look

Done with being ignored and treated unfairly, the women domestic workers decided to take matters into their own hands. And etched their experiences on a saree for the world to see. The initial expression that only covered a small part of the saree now covers an expanse of around 5m. After they presented it to the Government, they finally got a local committee for themselves in every district of Delhi. 

The experiences of the workers as they got into the role of the domestic workers who were harassed is something that will surely leave the audience feeling unsettled. In a world where their work is not even acknowledged and they are often treated as discarded goods, they manage to showcase their worth to the entire nation that slept on them for so long. 


With beautiful camerawork and good video editing, “Main Bhi” is a documentary which will surely make you understand how the job of #metoo is not over. And hence Main Bhi had to come to the forefront. #metoo though is a highly empowering movement and is still limited by the very fact that it exists only in the virtual sphere. But Main Bhi as a movement goes beyond that. Women domestic workers are an indispensable part of our lives in India, and this documentary highlights how they also deserve to be treated like any other human earnestly earning their keep.  

Credits: Vimeo (Ipshita Bhattacharyya)
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Short Films

MANDI: The Hidden Plight of Farmers

Ever imagined why the ones who ensure that we will always get food on our table live such frugal lives? Is it truly a choice? MANDI will answer that for you.



Farmer, exploitation, short film, agriculture, social reality

It is often said that we should always give due respect to the person that provides us with food. But the reality is far from the truth. With the high inflation and failing economy, it is often hard to look out for anyone else barring yourself. But that still isn’t an excuse to give up on humanity altogether. Toiling day in and day out, farmers are the true life provider. Without them, it will be impossible to sustain life in this world. “MANDI” explores the theme of exploitation that these life providers have to go through every day and yet they never give up on their duty.

MANDI: At A Glimpse

Based on true incidents, “MANDI” by Yashowardhan Mishra sheds life into the cruel world that farmers have to live in. In a world which will fail without their continuous help and support, they are continuously subjected to deprivation. As they toil through the heavy rain and scorching sun to provide for the entire world. They are hardly given genuine thanks. 

“MANDI” brings out this irony in today’s world where the provider of the world is not able to provide anything for himself or his family. The short film focuses on a small incident in the life of a farmer. That does end up hurting him in the long run. This particular incident is rather pretty common. But after being reduced to the status of beggars than the reflection of gods who feed the world at the hands of capitalism, the farmers accept their fate as it comes. 

Given that growing crops depends heavily on the condition of weather and other factors that are not always in the hands of the farmer. It might give an idea as to why farmers are so fatalistic in different aspects of their life. Lack of proper regulation and awareness might also be factors that lead to farmers adopting such a fatalistic attitude. “MANDI” beautifully portrays the plight of a farmer who is unable to provide even a toy helicopter to his son as he has to live on a very meagre salary. It highlights how that farmer has to go on and pay for the extra cost. When he should be the one being awarded for all his hard work. “MANDI” is sure to make you question the existing system that has reduced the value of such an important work.  


With just a little over 10 mins to share, “MANDI leaves a lasting impression on the viewers. All because of the simple yet realistic way in which it is executed. From the costume to the camerawork to the surrounding everything elevates the way this film is perceived. Subtle things such as the childlike wonder of the farmer’s kid and saving up a few bucks just to hold a puja that according to the farmer’s community will improve their luck, give us a sense of understanding from where the characters are coming from. 

The song that is sung in the beginning as the farmer starts his journey to the city and is continued in the end when the farmer is returning from the city, narrates the two different scenarios the farmer is in. The lyrics of the song ensure that the message of the film reaches the audience loud and clear. The visual evidence of the bill that substantiates the existence of such forms of cruelty, is bound to leave any viewer with chills.  

Credits: YouTube (Kunal Kamra)
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