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‘Amar Kahaani’ by Niharika Mishra Ft. Swwapnil Joshi

“Amar Kahani”, highlights some of those real heroes, who gave the supreme sacrifice while defending our motherland.



Amar Kahaani, Niharika Mishra, Swwapnil Joshi, Republic Day, Patriotism

The story of patriotism did not culminate on 15th August 1947, but a new chapter of endless courage and determination of our brave soldiers began with our Independence. The poem “Amar Kahani”, highlights some of those real heroes, who gave the supreme sacrifice while defending our motherland.

Amar Kahaani by Niharika Mishra Ft. Swwapnil Joshi

Composed by Niharika Mishra and performed by her, along with Swwapnil Joshi, “Amar Kahani” tells the immortal story of sacrifice, heroism and outstanding service to the nation, of the twenty-one Param Vir Chakra awardees. Right from the partition of 1947 to the Kargil War of 1999 to the 70th Republic Day, we salute every brave soldier of India.

The Talented Indian Community pays homage to all the martyred soldiers and wishes you all a very happy Republic Day.

Jai Hind.


A Poetic Unravelling Of The Mysteries Of Life

Painting the various facets of life through poetic performances “Sukoon ki Talash Mai” by Pallavi Mahajan and “Zindagi” by Sambhav Jha



Life Poetry

The greatest philosophers and thinkers have tried to unravel the mystery of life. Many works in literature aim at defining life but during the same process, we realize that life does not have one definition. The meaning it embodies differs for all, and the poems in this segment describe life and its many attributes.

Pallavi Mahajan’s “Sukoon ki Talash Mai” talks about the search for contentment and relief in one’s life. With short and crisp lines, she describes a man’s pursuit of contentment and how he achieves it. The journey of finding satisfaction through materialistic achievements and possessions leaves the man disappointed. Eventually, he discovers the true essence of contentment that it is not external but purely internal. Written in Hindi, the poem touches an important subject and throws light on its attainment.

“Zindagi” a poem on life, written by Sambhav Jha and Aarohi Singh tries to describe life through various day to day encounters. According to the writers, life encompasses everything between our first breath and our last smile- the love we feel, the challenges we face, sleepless nights, exciting nights, our achievements and our downfalls. The poem gives an important message of living life to the fullest and reminds the listeners of the inevitability of death.

It is always a wonderful experience to see life from the eyes of others. Click on the links below to discover new perspectives and outlooks. Who knows it may surprise you!

Credit: YouTube (STAGE)
Credit: YouTube (The Roadside Artist)
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Ishq Dosti Ek Sath: A Rakesh Tiwari’s Take On Love And Friendship

In this latest poetic performance “Ishq Dosti Ek Sath”, Rakesh Tiwari explains the complex and mysterious relationship between love and friendship.



Rakesh Tiwari

If we dig deep into the philosophy of human existence, we will find that love and friendship are the essence of humanity. These forces drive us, govern our actions, and we seek them all our lives. However, can love and friendship move hand in hand? Rakesh Tiwari’s “Ishq Dosti Ek Sath” beautifully strives to explain the complex and mysterious relationship between Love and Friendship. Both Love and Friendship are personified in the poem and their contrasting qualities are skillfully explained by the poet through a small tale.

The poem begins with a very interesting notion, when one fine day, Love and Friendship decide to cease their distances, patching their long historical gulfs and move together. The tale describes their journey through poetic lines and their experiences together. Love, however, overpowers friendship and their existence together comes to an end. As all things are destined to cease, so do all these incidents of Love and Friendship. Finally, one day, their paths cross again and Love asks Friendship why it never stays where Love decides to reside. Friendship smiles and replies saying that Love’s legacy begins where Friendship’s ends; Love is wild and fierce and reckless, Friendship, on the other hand, is rational and not so carefree. Friendship goes on to assure love that it will not be forgotten, that it existed before Love and it would continue to exist after Love. Hence from that day onwards, Love and Friendship take to their own paths and never meet again.

This mesmerizing piece goes onto conclude that love and friendship are like two sides of a coin, both continue to exist but, never together. Diving deep into the philosophies of Love and Friendship, the poet gives us an insight into the complexities of human relationships and the enigmatic relationship between the two social pillars of humanity.

Credits: YouTube (Rhyming Rakesh Tiwari)
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Nivala: A Mohammad Sadriwala Presentation On World Food Day

On this World Food Day, Mohammed Sadriwala touches the very important topic of food wastage, in his latest poetic performance, ‘Nivala’.



According to United Nations Development Programme, up to 40% of the food produced in India is wasted. About 21 million tonnes of wheat are wasted in India and 50% of all food across the world meets the same fate.

Wait what? Yes, you heard it right. 50% of all the food produced globally is wasted across the world

Painting this heartbreak reality of the world through the colours of poetry, Mohammed Hatim Sadriwala presents his latest urdu poem, ‘Nivala’. On this World Food Day, let his wise words stir our human sensibilities to not waste food. Let the change begin from your plate.

Credits: Youtube (Mohammed Sadriwala)
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Naaz Hai: Motivational Standup Poetry By Rajat Lakhina

In times of darkness and failure, just one person stands strong with us. Rajat Lakhina’s latest poetry “Naaz Hai” celebrates that one person.



Rajat Lakhina

Life can get tough at times. All of us have been through that dark phase of life, where we doubt our potential and actions. In those times, words of encouragement create the magic we need in life. Very few people stand by us in those time and one should be proud of such people.

Rajat Lakhina’s latest poetry “Naaz Hai” is a motivational poem that celebrates that person who always sails with us through our tough times. Dedicating this poem to each one of us who has gone through a low phase in their life. Times where darkness surrounds us and nothing seems to be falling in place, just one person stands strong with us. Honoring that person through this poem, we salute every person who keeps fighting until the end of the line.

Rajat Lakhina’s presentation “Naaz Hai”.

Credits: YouTube (Fannkaar)
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“Jungle Jungle Aag Lagi Thi”: Heartfelt Poetry by Rakesh Tiwari

Through his poem “Jungle Jungle Aag Lagi Thi”, Rakesh Tiwari kindles the urgent issue of climate change in a very subtle way.



Rakesh Tiwari

Burning Amazon rainforest, melting glaciers, flooded cities, severe droughts and many more incidents, have just become mere headlines. Instead of panicking, we simply glance them away in our newspapers. 

Rakesh Tiwari, in his poetry “Jungle Jungle Aag Lagi Thi”, puts forward the most inevitable question that, “Are we even aware of the damage we’ve caused to Nature?” In tune with the beloved theme of Mowgli, he highlights the massive fires in Brazil’s Amazonian Rainforest. Ranging from the floods in Kerala and Uttarakhand to deforestation in Aarey forests in Mumbai to disappearing glaciers in Greenland, he explains the havoc that we are creating.

Rakesh is a poet, storyteller, author, TEDx speaker and a BPO professional. He draws experiences from life and weaves them with emotion into beautiful, heartfelt poetry. With over four million views on his stories and poems across channels, now he has come up with his own channel “Rhyming Rakesh Tiwari”.

Through the poem “Jungle Jungle Aag Lagi Thi”, Rakesh kindles the urgent issue of climate change in a very subtle way.  

Credits: YouTube (Rhyming Rakesh Tiwari)
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POETRY2 years ago

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MUSIC2 years ago

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SHORT FILMS2 years ago

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MUSIC2 years ago

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Tere Mere by Saloni Rai
MUSIC2 years ago

‘Tere Mere’ Female Cover by a Young Singer from Haryana, Saloni Rai

MUSIC2 years ago

Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Cover by Kunal Bojewar Ft. Shetroublemaker